Video: True Blood Finale #SaveYourself Bonus Scene

By jody on Aug 26 2012 | 30 Comments »

Bonus Scene 300x300 videos spoilers season 6 season 5 ep 12 save yourself HBO/True Blood uploded the bonus scene! So here it is…Tell us what you think!


30 Responses to “Video: True Blood Finale #SaveYourself Bonus Scene”

  1. hdgcat says:


    I can’t wait 9 months, are they crazy?!!


  2. Bonnie says:

    Really? We have to wait until May??

  3. Kelly says:

    WTH!! They better not even think about making Eric responsible for Sookie’s parents deaths! I wonder if Warlow was Godric? Or someone Godric turned? It’s going to be a looooong nine months. :/

  4. jody says:

    So Nora knows Warlow…interesting. And she’s never been around a fairy…

    • eloradannen says:

      Jody…I think Warlow is going to be someone we know from the books. So he is going to be a vampire. That is why Nora knows him.

      • Logic says:

        Maybe everyone at the Authority knows Warlow?? He could be ancient or part of the European Vampire Authority maybe… Wow I hope Jason snaps out of his I hate Vampire trance.

        • hdgcat says:

          That’s what I thought. They’ve been running around asking Fae about Warlow, but it didn’t occur to them to ask a vampire …of course the vampires have had their own issues to deal with too…LOL!

    • hdgcat says:

      Well, Nora said she’d dreamed about the smell, so maybe she’s been around a fairy before but was in her daysleep or something.

  5. Logic says:

    Also did Pam get introduced to Nora?? I would have liked to have see Pam’s reaction about her being Eric’s sister…

    • ccoppe says:

      They know each other. In the midst of all the “let’s save Bill/Pam” pandemonium, Nora made some snarky comment about Pam being “just a prostitute” to Eric.

      • Logic says:

        Yeah Nora knew Pam but Eric said Pam never knew about Nora. I just cant tell when they had time to explain it to her seeing as Eric never saw Pam till they said hello at the elevator and Tara didnt know until they returned to Fangtasia.

        • ccoppe says:

          I had to go back and look at the episode. You’re right. Pam didn’t acknowledge Nora when she petted Eric after her rescue. Once they were in the elevator (bonus scene) I didn’t see or hear anything that leads me to think Pam knows she has an “Aunt Nora”.

          However, Tara should know who Nora is. Eric told Nora that “She’s family, so be nice”, while Tara was in the room. With that vamp super-sonic hearing, there’s no way Tara didn’t hear that.

          Pam is going to hit the roof when she finds out she is the last to know about Auntie N.

          • Logic says:

            Yeah thats what I thought, they kind of washed over that. I was curious to see how she did react because I would expect she’d be upset as she thought Eric told her everything… we’ll see next season i guess :)

            Oh and yes I loved when Eric called Tara family awww :) so sweet! I love that clan!!

          • TBObsessed says:

            I got the impression that Pam and Nora knew of each other, but perhaps they’ve never met. Or they met briefly and didn’t care for each other. When Tara told Pam that Eric and Nora were disabling the security system, Pam didn’t say, “WTF is Nora??”

            • Logic says:

              They definately didnt know each other. Pam always knew Eric had someone in the Authority so she may assume thats her but definately didnt know she was his sister….

              The only way she would know is if Jessica told Pam while they were locked up…

  6. Maggie Dunn says:


  7. adischen says:

    In my opinion this season stories were the worst of all 5 seasons. Maybe it’s better that Allan is gone now cause his writing seems not beeing very enthusiastic at last but just predictable. Sorry to say that although the actors were amazing. Love Rosalyn & Russel RIP.

  8. Leif says:

    Nora is a political genius – vampire style.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of the vampires in the hierarchy have heard of Warlow, who I do think is vampire or maybe Demon like Mr. Cataliades (SSN)
    However, Eric who avoids politics and religion may not know who Warlow is.

    • Rebecca says:


      Excellent point about Mr. Cataliades. I hadn’t thought of that, but in the books he was a lawyer / demon right? It could be we get to meet a variation of him.

    • hdgcat says:

      That would make sense. If Eric has stayed in his little corner minding his store , then he may not have heard about him.

      BTW, WTF with all that cash stashed in the hole ? So is Eric abandoning Fangtasia? Running for it?

      And this may sound like a peeve, but you don’t store cash like that , NOT in a basement for goodness sake. it would be all moldly, mouse eaten by now..geez…..I guess someone decided it would look good on tv.

  9. Stuch says:

    I loved the Evil Bill this season FINALLY breaking out of his Soft shell. Lilith was NOT seen enough in my opinion. UUUUUGGGGHHHH Hate that we have to wait till May 2013 for season 6. Sooooo Much to talk about…..

  10. kate says:

    Warlow is a vamp, watch more closely people!!!

    • cr says:

      One reason I didn’t believe that Warlow was a vamp is that the Fae are known to lie. So no reason to take their statement about Warlow on face value.

  11. vicki sanders says:

    Yes Warlow is a vampire I think. I thought last nights finale was so good! Very exciting… so glad Eric got to kill Russell!!!

  12. Amyishot4bill says:

    I really think Warlow was banished by the fairies, like they tried to do with russel. No way is Eric Warlow.

  13. Lydia says:

    Here is some background on the last name Warlow:

    This is an English surname of medieval origins. There are three possible origins for this unusual surname which is recorded in spellings as varied as Whorlow, Warrilow, Warlow, Warlowe, Werrilow, Warlaw and Warlawe. The first is locational from either a now ‘lost’ ancient British (Welsh) site which translates as “The look out hill” from the pre 7th century word weard, meaning to watch, and hlaw, a hill, or from the village of Wardlow in Derbyshire which has the same translation. The second possible origin is occupational, and a corruption of the French phrase “Ward-de-Robe”, and as such describing a keeper of a high nobles chamber, and an office of considerable rank in ancient times. In this respect the modern surname cpould also be locational for one who lived at “The Wardrobe”, once an area of the city of London near to the Tower of London. Early examples of the surname recoring taken from surviving church registers of the the city of London include William Warlaw baptised at St. Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on November 12th 1651, and Martha Warrillow christened at St. Botolphs without Aldgate, London on February 1st.

    I like “The Watcher” slant. Perhaps it is a Mr. Cataliades-like person. This person/vamp has been watching??

  14. VoniVodka says:

    Perhaps Eric told Pam about Nora when he released her. I have to go back to see. But I do think they at least know of each other. Because Pam is quick to say “WTF is that bitch?” lol.

    I want to know why Jason is seeing his parents every time he gets zapped by fairy light? The first time was after he was zapped out of Hot Wings. And the second time their dad came into the a dream and said “You don’t have to be afraid of Vampires. The only thing to fear is….” dream over! Hmmm…what was his dad trying to tell him? And how does Nora know Warlow? Why does the name Warlow bring people into a panic? Why do people die as soon as they are about to give information on Warlow? I haven’t even seen his face…but I can’t stand Warlow already!!! Mr. Cataliades wasn’t really a bad demon though…right? I stopped reading the sixth book during the season. I didn’t want to get confused. But fron what I read he was friendly and helpful…hmm…

  15. Anja says:

    That final sucks!
    Hate that Bill is the bad guy, hate the silly four babys of Andy, hate that Russel is dead, Pam and Tara suck totally.
    The only good thing : Jason
    To me true blood is dead. RIP

    • Danni says:

      Anja, maybe you’re jumping the gun? Bill may be evil, but we don’t know that 100%. Maybe he’s just really freaking scared and upset, kinda like when Tara woke up as a vampire, she was pretty crazy too. I know this is way different in a lot of respects. But I don’t think Bill is going to be evil at least not forever.

      Also, like others have commented on, those four babys may play a part in saving Bill somehow. I doubt it was just a random occurrence.

      I agree I’ll miss Russell, but I kind of compare him dying to tv shows. A lot of them overstay their welcome. I think it’s best to go out while people love it rather than the last thing they remember is how tired and awful it was. No matter how much we love Russell, he needed to die and it needed to be by Eric’s hand. I felt we got some closure for Eric in that way. If he hadn’t been killed by Eric he probably would’ve been killed by Billith or in some other fashion next season.

      Pam and Tara, I don’t think totally suck, but I would’ve preferred them to stick with the whole mother/daughter dynamic than hooking up; but I guess either way makes sense since they are vamps.

      It’s interesting that you think the only good thing was Jason when his character is arguably on the path to becoming pretty awful. I hope things are resolved for him quickly next season or we may see him facing off against Sookie and that’s going to be hard to watch. Kinda like when he slapped her in one of the earlier seasons.

      I think if viewers don’t look a bit deeper into the story and characters it could be easy to say it sucks or it’s awful. But the more I think about it, the more I feel they left a lot of good and bad options open for characters in the end.

      Having said all of that, I’m not saying your opinions are wrong. It’s just that after one or two episodes this season I was really furious with how I thought things would play out, but quite a few posters here opened my eyes and made me think of things I hadn’t before and I’m glad they did because I would’ve really missed out on a great season. Knee-jerk reactions aren’t always the best thing.

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