Video: Sneak Peek clip of True Blood Ep 511 #Sunset ‘Jason Stackhouse: Vampire?’

By jody on Aug 17 2012 | 48 Comments »

511 Sunset1 100x134 videos and promos season 5 videos and promos videos spoilers season 5 ryan kwanten true blood cast jessica jason stackhouse ep 11 sunset bill compton HBO/True Blood has released 2 new sneak peeks of this week’s episode ‘Sunset.’ This one is about Jason and is named ‘Jason Stackhouse: Vampire?’ Only watch if you don’t want to be spoiled!

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48 Responses to “Video: Sneak Peek clip of True Blood Ep 511 #Sunset ‘Jason Stackhouse: Vampire?’”

  1. lily says:

    F*ck ! I want to punch Bill so bad… How long this Lilith crap is going to last ? I was ok with Bill turning bad but now it’s just ridiculous.
    Am I the only one who think that nothing changed with the AVL storyline since the beginning of the season (ok a lot of things happened but I mean, everything was very predictable and everything happened in their HQ). I feel like we are at the same point…

    • Cyn says:

      I agree. I’m tired of the Lilith crap. Don’t get me wrong, I love True Blood and Bill, Eric, Alcide, ect, but I’m really disappointed in the political crap. I just want good old vampire/were stories and it’s just gone in a whole other direction that I’m not happy with. I love the books and I was pretty pleased with last season (except the non shower scene we were expecting), but this season is as bad as the manad season which I didn’t like either. This is my favorite show and I hate saying I’m disappointed, but I am, makes me sad. I’m not even excited about Sunday nights anymore. I didn’t get to watch this weeks episode til Wednesday and even then, I only watched in hopes it was better. I’m probably gonna get bashed by all the Truebies, Im sorry, but the show was so amazing before the political/Lilith crap.

    • Diane says:

      I agree w/you too. I’ve been on other websites that also agree. This whole Lilith thing is Boring. I mean really does anyone believe the Vampires have their own bible and were the first. What did they do until human’s were created? Bill, really the chosen one. Alan Ball must be drinking some of Lilith’s blood. No seriously, where else would he come up w/this story line that is going on too too long. Not to make light of the subject but darn Eric has kept his clothes on for most of this season. That’s a waste.

  2. st says:

    LOL i kind of feel like that too. Like every episode has just been the same gloom and doom kind of scenario with little to no relief. LIke the only thing last week that had me feeling better with regard to the authority and this Lillith storyline was Russell going ape.

    After I watched this I was kind of upset with Jessica’s reaction. I need to see more obviously but like wtf Jess. Your maker who you loved and who you thought loved the human race just totally did a 180 on you and told you that the person you care about doesn’t mean shit. She should’ve blown up in his face or at least flinched away when he put his hands on her face. Jessica snap your maker the eff out of it! Im tired of this crap! The only thing that will make me feel a little bit better is if Salami gets offed this episode. Like i don’t even care how just kill her lol she is the one that started this whole thing

    • eloradannen says:

      I was kinda disappointed in Jessica’s reaction too. I mean she doesn’t usually have any problem saying what she thinks, but then maybe we just didn’t all of it and her real reaction comes later.

      As far as turning Jason into a vamp….omg please…no.

  3. Marlene Emmett says:

    What has happened to William Thomas Compton’s promise and thanks to JASON after
    he saved Jessica in Season 4 when she almost met the SUN???
    And now “All humans are nothing more than Food to us”
    Bill was so happy to have Jessica alive back then~ and now he doesn’t even love
    or care what happens to Sookie~ HE’s drinken too much of Salome’s blood.
    And if you’ve seen one of the other videos then you’ll know that it seems that
    Which has turned out to be a MAJOR LIE~He can be sentenced to
    The Final Death for TREASON, just like Benedict Arnold another Traitor.

    • Biilswoman says:

      it was not Bill who said that Russel was gone. It was Authority…. Why, WHY did not Eric kill Russel ???? WHY???

      • danielik says:

        Because of Russel´s fans, this storyline and in the hospital Bill didn´t want it, because he is so young for true death as he said.

      • cr says:

        Because AB didn’t want him dead?

      • eloradannen says:

        Bilswoman, my friend, we have been through this already. Bill was there. So if you say Eric misled the authority, then you would have to say Bill did also.

        Bill had a full year as King of Louisiana to do something about Russell. Why didn’t he?

        • Biilswoman says:

          Because it was Eric`s responsibility to kill Russel. Bill was Eric `s minions then, he did not have anything to say, he was just obeying orders and get slap from Sookie ,again, that everything was his fault …

          The probleme is ” didn`t say” the probleme is ” didn`t kill. “

          • Biilswoman says:

            The probleme is NOt…. sorry..

          • cr says:

            Well, he was QSA’s minion as well. And Nan’s. Not just Eric’s. And considering that he then encased Eric in concrete if was Bill really worried Russell coming back he’d have made sure Russell was goo before the concrete set.
            And to repeat again Russell isn’t dead because AB didn’t want him dead at that point. Part of the storyline and everything.

          • eloradannen says:

            Biilswoman. . You can’t use the excuse that Bill was the minion of Eric when he actually tried to end Eric that night. And this is the same night that Bill became the King of Louisiana..something Bill and Nan had been plotting for awhile.

            So while Eric probably did make the wrong decison, Bill has to take his share of the blame also.

            He had all the power of being King and a whole year to end Rusell.

        • hdgcat says:

          Because that would mean telling Nan/Ta that Eric lied to them, and Bill didn’t tell them either.
          We’ve seen that vampires take their hierarchy very seriously. And they had no way to know that a member of TA would go dig him up.

          In the end, this was all Eric’s fault. He chose to be impatient and go after Russell’s progeny when he probably could have done something more subtle to him later. His impatience and desire to avenge a 1000yr old wrong has pretty much trashed the entire agenda that the vampires were trying to accomplish worldwide. And look how many humans and vampires are dying now?

          • cr says:

            “His impatience and desire to avenge a 1000yr old wrong has pretty much trashed the entire agenda that the vampires were trying to accomplish worldwide”
            Oh, I’m pretty sure that if Russell had actually been dead post tv newscaster despining Salome and Nora would have found a way. And Russell being ‘alive’ and even more ornery just makes it that much easier.

          • eloradannen says:

            hdgcat…look how many humans and vampires are dying now?? And how is that all Eric’s fault??

            It was not Eric’s fault the TB factories were bombed. It was not Eric’s decision to lift the ban on public drinking. It wasn’t Eric who wanted to bring Russell back to kill Roman. It wasn’t Eric who decided there should be 30 new vampires in an area.

            Yes, Eric didn’t kill Russell. But what has happened since then have to fall on Bill’s shoulders and the rest of the AVL. Bill has to take his share of the blame.

      • tblover says:

        Bill could have Russell as well after he put Eric in the cement, he had every opportunity to do so. He could have staked him then and there. Fans wanted to see Russell again though and he makes the perfect foe and adversary. Bill was just as responsible for NOT killing Russell as Eric. He knew what kind of threat Russell was to Sookie and if he was as concerned about it as he told Sookie he was, then he would have ended him.

        • eloradannen says:

          Yes, and he told Sookie he ended Russell. Another lie. I imagine Eric will somehow get the blame for that too….lol.

          • Laffyneric says:

            Yip pretty much El, like I said. Bill will never be held accountable for his actions.

            • tblover says:

              He is never held responsible for his actions. It is always someone or something else’s fault. This season it is the blood Lilith’s fault because it is a drug and he did not choose it. An addict is still responsible for the things they did under a drug. Anyway, the blood is a hallucinate and like any drug, you have to be open to it and have some belief in the first place.

  4. Rikita says:

    If it does go through, here’s an itty suggestion…
    In the books, Jason was made half were-panther, what if he’s made half-vampire.
    I know this sounds stupid, but it was rattling around my head since I heard of this.
    As for the whole Bill stuff, all I can say is NOOO! I’m sure he’s faking it, right? Right? Oh, I dunno.

  5. Rockeuz says:

    Seriously season 5 is bull****!!! Me too im tired to Lilith crap… All season speak of Lilith, but no action, no mystery and nothing interesting is going on with Bill and Eric. is asleep. I’m really disappointed this season. I hope that next year will be better with more action. More fairies and more werewolves please!

  6. cr says:

    We’re never going to be happy, are we?

    Too much love triangle
    Not enough love triangle (and other romances)
    Not enough vamps and their politics
    Too much vamp politics
    Too much weres
    Not enough weres
    Too many storylines
    What are they doing to my favorite character!?

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!


    • hdgcat says:


      IT never ends.

    • sabrina says:

      It totally never ends…

      Yeah there’s a lot of crazy shit going on this season, but there is also some snoozy bits like the AVL since the sanguanistas came out.

      All I can say is at least this season is better than last season which was, although I feel bad saying it as a real fan, craptastic.

      Personally, I see the show as one of the best on the air (if not the best) and I am just about to boo hoo since in a few weeks, it’ll be over for far to long. I say they try to double the number of episodes – not gonna happen but I am already dreading the wait.

  7. kris says:

    “Too much love triangle
    Not enough love triangle (and other romances)
    Not enough vamps and their politics
    Too much vamp politics
    Too much weres
    Not enough weres
    Too many storylines
    What are they doing to my favorite character!?

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!”

    I agree with you CR, but Jesus, Bill and Eric have spent like 90% of the season in that one freaking room!!

    • cr says:

      What, you don’t like talks on education reform? :)

    • hdgcat says:

      Blame GOT for taking all of HBO’s $$$. It costs $$ to build sets and they had to build several for TA alone.

      This is why they need to end the tv show and just take this show to the movie level , so they’ll have the proper budget to do decent vampire storylines. The liimited budget makes this look like a B movie. TA feels more like a play or run of the mill soap right now.

    • eloradannen says:

      well, I would agree that they could have gotten out of that room more. And that was one boring room to look at…lol. All we had was that bowl thing that no one knew what it was.

  8. fairybelle says:

    Jessica is probably just freaked out with everything and everyone in The Authority. She’s probably playing her reactions around Bill safe because she knows he’s not the same anymore. A wise decision, never know what Bill might do if she blows up in his face. As far as suggesting to turn Jason, she’s probably just saying that in hopes that Bill will let her out of headquarters and go to Bon Temps…. ya never know though.

    • Logic says:

      Yep totally agree, poor Jess is probably just being very careful. I hope her and Eric have a nice heart to heart and Eric reveals he’s playing along too!

  9. Joanna "Teahead" says:

    Bill, you idiot. :-/

  10. Jessica says:

    O.k. Bill is officially a jerk! Just when I started to like him . . .

  11. Laffyneric says:

    Lmao, this is just to funny. Don’t worry guys, Bill Is the chosen one, the hero the king etc etc, he will come of this Lillith high and be the hero again. Wash rinse repeat.

    • Liz79 says:

      Up he is all of the above. Kudos on calling it right once again because the wash cycle is probably coming up just like you said.

    • jasmine says:

      I agree. I would give a MILLION bucks for bill to say those same words that he told jessica right in front of sookie. But then again, what is the use. Sookie suffers from amnesia in every season.

      • Jessica says:

        ”Sookie suffers from amnesia in every season” Haha, how true! Well said.

      • Laffyneric says:

        So true,maybe she need to zap herself with her microwave fingers to remember like she did Eric.

      • Danni says:

        And she couldn’t even blame her amnesia on a lot of time going by because for her all 5 seasons happened in what a few months? I know there was a time jump, but for everyone but her.

        That’s one reason why I find her “relationships” pretty meaningless, she literally goes from one guy to the next in a matter of days… or well, she was with Bill the longest for about a month or so right? :p

        • eloradannen says:

          I would agree that there is something wrong with her memories. Maybe the effects of the blood?? Hopefully she is coming out of it now…but it seems everytime she starts then she is dosed again with blood.

          • Laffyneric says:

            I think ever since season 1 when she had her first taste of vamp blood she has never been the same.

            • sabrina says:

              Um…let’s face it – Sookie has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. Why is anyone surprised that she keeps making the same stupid mistakes and forgetting stuff.

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