Video: Inside the Episode (512) – True Blood Season 5 Finale #SaveYourself

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Well, it’s finally here. The season 5 finale of True Blood aired tonight. The episode was written by Alan Ball and directed by Michael Lehmann. This is Alan’s last year as True Blood showrunner (Mark Hudis will be taking over next year), but we’re not sure if that means Alan will or will not be writing any more episodes.

So what did you think? Did it leave you wanting more? Let the 9-month wait for season 6 begin!

Ep. 60: Inside the Episode

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157 Responses to “Video: Inside the Episode (512) – True Blood Season 5 Finale #SaveYourself”

  1. Laffyneric says:

    Lmfao lol lmao lmfao……never saw any show as crappy as this.

    • ccoppe says:

      Trolling, my dear?

    • mb says:

      I thought it f&cking great. Lots happening to all the guys, Sam, Alcide, Jason, Eric, Andy.
      Bills my favorite story.
      Bill can predict what everyones planning. He can outthink the best of them.
      I was impressed how he outsmarted Salome. 2000 years old and she had no clue.
      Bill didnt even try to attack Sookie, like a real sanguist would, just push her away with words like he’s done before.
      Bill blew me away with this ultimate transformation, never saw that coming.

      Waiting till next season and whats to become of Bill will be the longest wait ever.

      • Danni says:

        I wish I could “like” your comment as you put my thought into words perfectly!

      • Ray says:

        People (or vampires) like Salomé are very easy to predict actually. Like Bill told her in his ‘finishing her off’ speech, she is one hell of a narcissistic vamp. She was so full of herself, thinking/believing she’s the best and smartest, not seeing how one dimensional she really was. It happens in real life too. Those ones are just too easy to predict.

  2. TB_Fetish says:

    HOLY SH*T!!!!

  3. eloradannen says:

    My only hope is that Sookie now has her eyes wide open. Hopefully now she will remember things as they really are.

  4. Zoe says:

    Wow Laffyneric, please do share these fantastic shows you are watching? I was blown away by this last episode and am more excited for next season then I have been after as season finale in years.

    • Laffyneric says:

      Good for you Zoe that you though it was all that.

    • ccoppe says:

      I think this season has been brilliant.

      There are so many threads from the first season that the writers weaved throughout this season. The scene with Jason (communing with mom and dad) and Sookie; then Eric, Nora and Tara were mirror-imaging Bill’s first “date” with Sookie. And, of course, Bill’s last word’s of the episode were from S1.

      C’mon, you all had to know Bill wasn’t going to remain some cookie-cutter Emo hero during the entire run of this show. I am so glad he has sharp edges now.

      • Danni says:

        I think perhaps people aren’t upset that Bill is evil, but his body the Bill they’ve come to know in love just met the truth death even if something that looks likes him was reborn moments later. I’m not sure there’s any coming back from that. I mean, there is always the possibility that there’s some magic or something Sookie can do to save him in a manner of speaking… but what he’s evolved into, I don’t think the old Bill will be coming back.

        • Amyishot4bill says:

          I think u r right :(

          • Danni says:

            Well, I’m glad to say after reading the newest Q&A with AB that I was wrong! It’s just weird to think that it’s Bill, but like an “Evil?” clone? I don’t know, it’s just weird to me. Even knowing he still has the memories and what not… it’s Bill…but it’s not. lol But I’m glad for that little tid bit at least. I think knowing that much helps with the shock of it all!

            • Ray says:

              In season 6, Bill might get a visit from his maker’s ghost ‘Loreena), telling him how proud she is of him, now he has become exactly how she envisioned him to be. That might be some sort of an eye opener to him. A crack here and there, and there might be room for Bill to come to his senses. When that happens, he might be the one that saves Sookie from Warlow, making things more even again.

    • ccoppe says:

      Zoe, just want to make it clear — I agree wholeheartedly with you.

  5. Lola says:

    It was very, very good :) I’m so exited for next season :)

  6. Jessica says:

    Ickkkk. Really Bill? Really?

  7. Linda says:

    As a fan of Bill for the past 5 seasons, I’m devastated by this finale. I think season 5 is probably the last for me unless I hear some positive spoiler during the hiatus.

    • st says:

      I actually don’t even know what just happened. Is Bill dead? Cause if he is officially the new bad guy for good my heart is broken.

      • Linda says:

        @st, I don’t know what happened either but it looks like he might be the new bad guy for next year. But anything could happen.

      • hdgcat says:

        I’m having Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vadar vibes myself. Fear and anger lead to the Dark Side……

        Sookie was able to see Bilith, so is he a spirit now? Or not?

        Bill drank all the Kool-aid, now he IS the Kool-aid, what does he do now? Lilith wasn’t able to do anything beyond convincing other vampires to do her will , but she was worshipped for thousands of years to get to that point.

        Too many questions.

        • amyishot4bill says:

          I am so confused.

        • eloradannen says:

          Its hard to guess what he is right now. Is he a spirit or is he a demon or is he Lilith’s child? I don’t even know how to guess.

          I know if you look at the story of Lilith, she is considered demon by some, I know she is not a god, but someone who was thrown out of Eden. But who knows if any of this applies to TB? I am just realizing they probably didn’t tell us enough about her…other thant she is the first vampire and wants vampires to rule the world. So it is hard to guess.

          My impression was that the real Bill died…we saw his goo…and then reborn again as whatever he is.

  8. Zoe says:

    Maybe next season is his redemption by over-coming the evil inside him. Who knows, it should be interesting none the less.

  9. Jessica says:

    Looks to me like he was reborn to be the “new” Lilith. I have been saying for weeks I hate the way this season is going, and now the finale only made it worse lol. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  10. Katrina says:

    Not like me to insta-react, but: holy sh*t! Episode would rank high if only for Eric’s “Oh, sweetie …” to Jason. This is exactly how I address Jason!

    Gutsy move re: Bill. I believe the groundwork had been laid.

    Team Players, let’s be kind to one another in the comments to come.

  11. Jackie says:

    Well I never been a fan of Bill. That mostly came from the books and then in the show it got worse. I mean he’s not the good guy you were presented with in the beginning. That’s how it’s supposed to be. No offense to any team Bill fans. His character in the books redeemed himself in the last two books, but he wasn’t ever meant to be the good guy or the main love interest for Sookie. The “good one” was always Eric even though he can be ruthless and can be bad. He was the one that was the “better” of the two. And I had thought they were gonna go in a different direction than the books. And actually make Bill a better man than in the books. But turns out they didn’t. And though I always been hardcore Team Eric based on the books and some scenes in the show, I sort of liked that I liked show Bill better. And now I am a little surprised Bill went that far. He was bad in the books. Definitely not likeable but I don’t think Charlaine ever made him EVIL. He was just a selfish asshole in the books, but not really a dark character. So this sort of scares me to be honest. But Linda just because Bill is like this now doesn’t mean you should give up on the show. Maybe they’ll bring your man back from the dark side next year. I won’t be saying “I told you so” to all the Team Bill fans as a Team Eric fan because that’s obnoxious and I really do hope your guy turns around next season. I been seeing some of the really rude comments from my “Team” to yours on tumblr and think it’s one thing to get caught up in the fun of the “teams” thing and tease each other, but it’s another to rub it in someone’s face when their fave character goes into a direction they don’t like. So I hope the show gives you something to look forward to next year Linda. Definitely a shocking finale.

    • hdgcat says:

      Book Bill is a pretty nice guy . He did some stuff no one liked, but he had pressing reasons too, it wasn’t like he chose to be horrible to Sookie. And Eric went ot of his way to make her hurt as badly as possible so she wouldn’t see Bill clearly. It’s now taken 4-7 books for the smoke to clear and Sookie to realize that Bill isn’t a bad guy.

      Eric was an *sshole from the beginning , but he was also charming, lively and funny which is why so many were snowballed by him. Now, he’s under stress and we’re getting to see what was under the shiny blond coating. And it’s not pretty.

      I don’t expect vampires to excercise human values , in fact , to me it’s surprising when they do. *shrug*

      Now the TB versions have been nutty and unstable. But this is a campy soap , so I’m going with it even though it’s unbelievable that a 1000yr old vampire would be as stupid as TB Eric has been on more htan one occasion. But, it’s a show so I just roll with it.

      IMO, the book vampire versions would kick the *ss of the TB versions without breaking a fingernail.

      • Laffyneric says:


      • Meeee says:

        About the books, I don’t know how you can say “Book Bill is a pretty nice guy” and Eric’s not. That’s a very narrow POV and one not shared by a lot of book readers IMO. Her relationship with Bill was built on lies, then he betrayed her and lied some more, then he raped her. Sookie says it best in the books when she says she should have cut and run when she found out Bill killed Uncle Bartlett. The only thing “good” he’s done is try to retrieve her from Things 1 and 2 and step in front of her during the fae war. You notice he never hits on her when Eric’s present, right? He wouldn’t dare.

        I’m excited about the last book regardless of who the HEA is, but if you think Bill has any chance whatsoever in the books, you are doomed to disappointment.

        • hdgcat says:

          You’re using falsehoods to support your argument, and conveniently forgetting every nice thing Bill has ever done for her but whatever. I said Eric is an *sshole becuase he is. I love him and he’s a fabulous character, but he is what he is…..and hsi creator said she wrote him as an *sshole. *sshole does not equate with evil, even though Eric has done bad things. I don’t think Eric is evil. And I dont’ think Bill is either.

          anyway, back to True Blood…..

          • eloradannen says:

            well I never thought Bill in the books was evil either. He did bad things to Sookie but I never felt that there was underlying reasons for it. He was just a jerk. So yes I think AB did make Bill more bad than CH ever did.

            That is why I never understood why Bill fans took up for AB so much. He has really laid the evil on Bill and yes, it may be entertaining, but still if you like the character, it has to be hard to take.

            And back to True Blood….lol.

            • cr says:

              Oh, TB definitely veered from the book in terms of Bill. Which they really had to, because otherwise Bill would be working on his vamp database and that’s about it.

          • KC says:

            I didn’t bring up the subject of the books, another poster did. I don’t think there are any “falsehoods” in my post but if you will clarify, I am happy to explain my position. I never said Eric had never been an ass, because he has. But I don’t see that Bill was ever that good to Sookie, especially as her BF. Like I said, I give him credit for trying to save her from Things 1 and 2, and for stepping in front of her when the fairies come through the door, but I’m sorry, that’s pretty much all I see. What do you think I have missed?

        • Laffyneric says:

          No wonder Bill never is held accountable for his actions , there will be lots of people to excuse it.

          • Comptonian says:

            And that is exactly how I feel about Eric and the way Eric’s dark side is not discussed (unless it’s to blame the writers for not understanding him). This season is all about making Eric look like a hero, so enjoy it. But don’t pretend that everything we saw him do or heard about him in earlier episodes has been forgotten by everybody.

            • Laffyneric says:

              Oh oh, I think I struck a cord, my bad. Yes Eric is an Evil manipulative bastard, he was so mean to Sookie. And so was Bill, which was even worst cause he slept with her knowing how much he was deceiving her. He ask her to marry him knowing all that. Am yeah sure Eric is the evil one….snicker.

              • eloradannen says:

                Laffy…yes he is so bad and … We have been wrong all these Praise Lilith!

              • Comptonian says:

                I didn’t call him names or say he’s evil. What I said was that Eric’s fans excuse or explain or ignore things too.

  12. christina says:

    Love this show as always!!! That was the best episode.
    Loooooove ERic in this one. funny as always and hot too :)
    Awww bill…. i was hoping but hes gone on to the dark side

    Andy with 4 babies.. wtf? lol
    Pam and Tara?? mmmmmmm not sure yet haha
    Hope Jason can just be happy for once.. its getting kinda depressing.

    Soooooo excited for next season…. its gonna be a gooooooder!

  13. Amyishot4bill says:

    I guess I don’t know what to think. Where can they go from here? I fell in love with Bill in season one, and I know he is not perfect and has done a lot of shitty things, but this? It’s just too much for me right now….

    • hdgcat says:

      Well, he’s not a spirit like Lilith was cuz Sookie could see him….so it depends on WHAT he is …..there’s a lot of possibilities here.

  14. jody says:

    I’m very happy with the finale. Lots of great Eric moments. So glad that Jason/Sam/Terry weren’t killed (even though Terry wasn’t in the finale). Glad Andy isn’t stuck with Maurella, but then again, he’s got 4 half fae daughters.

    Jane Bodehouse! Lafayette was funny serving up those drinks with the girls.

    I am bummed that Russell had to go, but glad that Eric got to fulfill his 1000 year promise to his father/himself.

    Rambo Jason is always a good thing.

    • hdgcat says:

      I thought Jason was hallucinating his parents, but in the extended clip , they told him how many vampires were waiting upstairs for them, so they’re real spirits I think. They want revenge on Warlowe and all vampires….are they the real spirits? Were Jason and Sookie’s parents really like this or are they some type of manifestation?

      Anyone else havea ny ideas on this?

      • eloradannen says:

        I can’t figure out about the parents either, but I know they were giving him some bad advice in that elevator. Wow, can you imagine what would have happened to him if he had ended the whole Northmand clan plus Jessica?

        He don’t need advice like that.

        • hdgcat says:

          Yeah, cuz Eric would have known immedidately if Pam was killed. Jason wouldn’t have made it back to Bon Temps, no matter how Sookie felt about it. Eric wouldn’t be as easy to kill as those Red shirted…oh wait…..Authority guards ……watching Jason with them was like watching a shooting gallery with the little ducks going by…..LOL!

      • KerriLynn says:

        hdgcat, Jason’s parents were telling him how many he already killed, that’s why they were saying they were so proud. I don’t think they’re real though, I really think there’s something wrong with Jason. He’s no medium like lafayette, so it has to be his imagination or something.

        • hdgcat says:

          Thanks, that makes more sense.

          This has been coming for Jason for a while…in season 1 he told Amy how guilty he felt about his parents getting killed, like it was his fault. Now, he finds out a vampire is involved which , combined with the guilt he’s felt for so many years is a BAD combination.

      • ccoppe says:

        Do you have a link to the extended clip you’re talking about?

  15. st says:

    I thought about it for a little while after the mindfuck wore off. I kind of think that this makes Bill even more awesome. Think about it….this leaves so many doors open for his character, whereas if Eric and Sookie just saved him right there it would’ve been kind of predictable and it wouldnt of even changed what Bill had already done. Seriously guys, Bill is now the most powerful vampire that the world has ever seen and I kind of think it is awesome. Also, how cool would it be if this was the set up for him ultimately being the one to kill Warlow? Bill is literally strong enough to do whatever he wants (good or bad remains to be seen).
    I’m sorry but I still feel like literally anything can happen regarding him. If anything this finale just opened the door for more questions regarding him. Like Alan Ball said in inside the episode: What will his new powers be? Can he even speak? Is the old Bill that we know truly dead? Maybe Bill uses his new status for good in the end instead of evil? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I went from being shocked and upset to actually super excited.

    • hdgcat says:

      the worst part will be waiting until next year. *sigh*

    • st says:

      Also the scene where sookie tried to talk him out of it just showed how brainwashed he really was (is?). Reciting bible lines? Really? Sookie basically said that he was the vampire for her before he blew up slash didnt really, and Bill said that Vampires turn on the ones they love the most. So I know this sounds crazy but I am still a Bill/Sookie supporter. SORRY IM NOT SORRY lol

      • hdgcat says:

        Notice that Bill didn’t tell her she was wrong?

        She was getting to him which is why he started doing bible quotes.

        He let his fear get to him, and he wanted to feel the relief of having no regrets, or worries , typical cult…..and her love can’t reach himm becuase he doesn’t love himself.

        You can find this in any self help book you pick up .

    • amyishot4bill says:

      I hope you are right!!! I mean I am excited for SM and I think he is a wonderful actor. He really shined in this episode. I think most of us Bill shippers are just mourning Bill as we know him LOL. It is going to be a change. But you are exactly right, what would have happened if Eric and Sook had of stopped Bill? Would they all go out for a drink after and just be friends……doubt it. And the fact that Sookie could see him is good, this is just all so overwhelming and confusing and ugh I just don’t know. I want Bill to shine because he is why I watch this show. I love all the other characters (including Eric) but I just fell in love with Bill from the start. I want his character to evolve and be awesome, but I would prefer him not be a screaming/psycho beast lol…..oh this 9 months are gonna SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mb says:

      You are right, Bills character has been and will continue to be incredible. He is in a constant state of evolution which is what makes his story impressive.
      Sometimes to take a step forward you have to take two steps back.

      Im hoping he will find his way back to his humanity eventually, but until then this is a ride worth taking. Bills cliffhangers are the best.

      • sabrina says:

        Ruminating on it for a while…

        This really is the only way it was gonna end. Whoever said that if Eric and Sookie saved Bill, that would be a dead end. Eric could have taken Bill ot before he had a chance to drink Lilith’s blood but he didn’t. I am pretty sire Eric and Sookie will continue to be close.

        Bill was going to kill Sam. No doubt about that.

        Bill’s character has always been duplicitous. He was sent by Sophie Ann to seek out Sookie – he had ample time to tell her that without breaking her heart. He was all in to the mainstreaming movement since he was promised power if he did (even though he was already not killing his victims). He enjoyed being the king. In season 3 He fucked Lorena and pledged his allegiance to Russell to “save” Sookie.

        This is just another incarnation of Bill – but I hope he is not all gooey all the time.

        He is now the singular authority now.

  16. Lola says:

    Bill is gone. He died and was reborn as Lilith. There is nothing that can be called “Sookie – Bill”.

    • amyishot4bill says:

      time will tell I guess. I love Bill/SM so I will keep watching. I don’t need Sookie and Bill to be together in the end. I have no fantasy’s about that happening. anywho, this show never has happy endings. I will always believe what they had was real. It was full of a lot of lies and decet, but it was real. Love hurts sometimes. But it is still love.

      • st says:

        I think its premature to say that Bill and Sookie no longer exist in any form to be honest. We as viewers have no idea where this show is going in season 6 and beyond…especially after that last scene. I think more of the more passionate fans are already dead set on what they think they saw and what they think will happen based solely on a couple of ending seconds. Seconds during which we were supposed to literally have no idea what was going on. It is a perfect set up for the next season and it makes things a hell of a lot more interesting. Just my opinion though :)

    • hdgcat says:

      Well, right now he’s Bilith.

  17. st says:

    I think that still remains to be seen. Is it just Lillith in Bill’s body? Or is it Bill –just as a boss? So many storylines could come from this.

  18. st says:

    I mean yeah but he also rose out of a blood pool which no one even thought possible…. I think the whole point of the scene from a viewers standpoint was to just be like WTF just happened. I mean yeah he rose and screamed like Lillith but he also just downed an entire vial of trippy ancient blood seconds before. IDK I just feel like there may be more to this whole thing. I may be crazy though.

  19. sabrina says:

    Well, Eric has proclaimed Sookie as his, Bill is outta his mind and is now some creepy god-knows-what, Pam and Tara are into each others, and Jess has been tossed away again.
    Some of the most creative vamp killings s far.
    Loved Marella’s birthing the little ones and now Andy had to deal with 4 half fairies?
    Luna is probably dead, Alcide had to fight fire with fire to become pack master but so glad – and loved seeing a V overdose.
    I wonder about the nasty stuff Bill said to Sookie about their past.

    Great finale.

    • Amyishot4bill says:

      I did feel really bad for Jess. She went from wanting to keep Jason at arms length to falling for him….and now he’s not interested :( crap he shot her in the head!!!

    • mb says:

      I think the nasty stuff Bill said to Sookie is Bill once again pushing her away like he did in Season3 on the phone with Lorena listening in.

  20. Logic says:

    Even if this season has been hit and miss for me, that finale just completely made it all ok…. Loved every minute. Loved how Eric and Sookie both embraced in loss as they thought Bill was dead, that was really sweet and sincere… I am so excited about Bill and his new direction. Cant wait to see what thats all about next season…

    Special mention goes out to Sam for exploding Rosalyn! Priceless!!!!

    Oh and Eric said Please LOL

  21. Harpyie.Selena says:

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this …. it started so nice with Eric killing Russell. Why did Nora allow Newlin to escape?
    Could’ve waived Maurella and her delivery though, was that really necessary?
    Sam killing Rosalyn by ripping her apart from the inside out felt a tad ridiculous, same as Bill’s resurrection. And that’s where I’m not sure if I’m going to tune in next year, I totally expect a fight between Bill and Eric. and since Bill’s now “blessed” with a sort of power that allows him to come back from the true death ….. do I want to know?

    • eloradannen says:

      Harpyie.Selena…I don’t look at Bill as being “blessed” at this point. For me to think that, I would have to buy into the whole Lilith is good…praise Lilith thing…. and believe me I don’t. So I don’t think this is a good thing for Bill.

      • Amyishot4bill says:

        I am excited for his character but no I don’t think it is a good thing at all lol

        • mb says:

          Bill again will have to fight harder like he always has in the past.
          Salome thought Bill had doubts. Deep down, I think Bill really does, but this was something for him to hold onto and believe in when there was nothing else. But it will be shattered too, once he can break free of this. If with this transformation comes great power, I hope he can retain that and use it for good.

      • hdgcat says:

        Stephen Moyer did an amazing job with this. You could tell Bill was afraid when all this started happening. LIke Salome said, he still had doubts. And you could tell he’s thinking” what have i done?”

  22. EdTBFan says:

    I liked this episode a lot. I like the show now more than I have since Season 1-3.

    I tire of people whining about “but its like not the book.” No its not, and I don’t want it to be.

    For record, what you saw, for those confused, was Bill being reborn. This is a common theme actually.

    Death and rebirth are common in these sorts of stories- whether its the Biblical Jesus being reborn or any number of other religions.

    The only real question to me- is what came back?

    I doubt its just Lilith. That would be boring. So I am guessing that its some combination of the two.

    I am also glad that they are starting to deal with the fact that the vampires on this show are kind of evil. Strike kind of. They re evil. No matter how sweet them seem, they are all killers.

    I think it was an interesting juxtaposition to see Alcide talk about that to his pack. That vampires represent nihilism because on this show, they actually do. It will be interesting to see if they finally decide to explore the deeper themes rather than trying to remake the books.

    I had hoped this is where they were going with the witches in season 4. But due to Bill Condon’s writing, I think he refused to just let the story go a little dark versus light.

    I said that I was going to bail on the show if it were as bad as Season 4. While I love witches, the concept, the shows execution was disappointing. I am still hoping Lafayette will be something more than comic relief of the minstrel variety that they have been playing him, and I think now that Condon is gone, that may be possible, and that hopefully will mean exploring witch craft in a more interesting way.

    Anyway the ending left me exited for next year. I don’t think a show like this can work where we ignore the moral dimensions of what we are watching these monsters, and that’s what they are, and what they are doing.

    Although Jason is crazy now, I am glad he had that conversation with Sookie, pointing out that she sees what she want to see.

    I think that’s really an on the nose conversation with the fans because they have seen what they want to see- With Eric, With Bill, with the vampires.

    I hope the telegraphing that I see with Season 6 is right. I hope they go there with a battle between life and nihilism. That would make the prior story lines all the more interesting to revisit.

    • hdgcat says:

      Do you think Jason’s comments to Sookie are in conjunction with Bill’s to Sookie about her light being a handicap?

      • EdTBFan says:

        I think it is a theme that will be explored next season: Life versus nihilism. Bill is clearly nihilism. So is Jason.

        If the writers are smart than Bill Condon has been with the show (Sorry I loved his work on Six Feet Under but found him lazy here) its a theme they will explore.

        People often complain the show has too many stories. It does, but the reason why they don’t work isn’t because of too many stories, or too many characters. Its because there isn’t a theme or context or thesis behind the entire story that builds together towards something.

        Its been my view for a while you could retain 90 percent of what the show has been, and if you had stuck in a theme or a story that carries through, the shock jock appeal of the show would have risen from good Sunday night fare to a great show.

        Condon never seemed interested in a great show. Just shock. It his right as writer to do what he wants. But this show is aging. You can’t keep a show like this going through shock alone. Nor can it work through Team Bill v Team Eric. That kind of stuff is great for a movie series, but not a TV show. It gets old.

        Look, I am a Sci Fi and Horror geek. So, I am not sure if this is permitted, but let me compare this to a show that barely anyone watches right now: Alphas.

        That show is just getting better and better because they are willing to explore larger trends. The cast is smaller so that easier to do, but with a show like True Blood, even with a cast of this size, you can do it. That’s if you want to do it.

        So I think Jason and Bill’s comments are the same comment: Life is not worth it. The pain isn’t worth it.

        That’s nihilism. That’s the same theme.

        i find that fascinating. Both human and vampire arriving at the same dark theme.

        The real issue then becomes how Sookie deals with those themes and the other charcters with her. They can still have shock and sex and have the theme too. Her “light” she may decide is worth it even if it causes a lot of pain.

        • hdgcat says:

          Well, I saw a lot of parallels with different characters and things they’ve gone through. Lilith is kind of the vampire version of the Manead from season 2. And I’ve seen a lot of parallel between Bill and Andy . one used drugs to subdue his fear that his life is nothing and he’s worthless, the other has used religion, but with the same ending.

          You make good points though and although I enjoy this show on a lot of levels, I’ve felt it could have been better in some ways, but then, that’s true of any show isn’t it?

          THe last time I got into a show this deeply was when Farscape was still on the air. I was devastated when Syfy channel just axed it with no warning. People watched the show and thought it was silly with puppet characters etc, but some of those puppets had pretty deep storylines ….most creative thing I’ve ever seen.

          the issue with this show is it needs to be grounded at some point or it’s just people running around like idiots…..So, the fact that we’re running out of humans is not good and the fact that they try to force storylines for charaacter who really should be side characters, doesn’t work for me. *shrug*

          • EdTBFan says:

            I agree. The last show that truly moved me with Battlestar Galatica

            People complain about the religious themes of True Blood, but when done right, those themes can tell a great story.

            Same with a show like Homeland, etc.

            Its all in how its done.

            Agree about side characters. Could have done without the Lafayette non-story this season even if his minstrel show was kind of funny.

        • Mela81 says:

          Brilliant thoughts on the nihilism vs life. This makes me look forward to Season 6 like nothing else has so far.

    • Meeee says:

      “I am also glad that they are starting to deal with the fact that the vampires on this show are kind of evil. Strike kind of. They re evil. No matter how sweet them seem, they are all killers.”

      I don’t think that can possibly be the message. It would sure kill the diversity and tolerance to minorities message;) Eddy and Jessica don’t seem to me to be “killers” even though at least Jessica has accidently killed. Some of the vampires are killers now and all of the vampires pre-revelation were killers because they had to be to survive. They are evolving and adapting to their circumstances, at least some of them are. I think that what they will become is still unresolved.

      • EdTBFan says:

        I am speaking of the that people are fond of going for- Bill and Eric

        Godric shows they can evolve

        The problem is they haven’t done much of that

  23. EdTBFan says:

    Also, I saw this somewhere: The interesting thing about this show is that while were suppose to hate the witches in season 4, the truth is we ended up rooting for them because the vampires were not nice people. I think that’s true now. I feel like the show is finally striking that balance of these are creatures that go bump in the night. No matter how romantic they may seem. So, I want to see more of that. I want to see more of the problems that being a vampire brings to the world. I love the idea that the US military has been preparing for this.I want to see more of that to. I guess I don’t find vampires per see romantic. I liked the sex and nihilism, but i knew that was what I was watching. Now, I wo uld like a rebalancing, and I believe Bilith is that chance.

  24. jenne says:

    They killed my fave character and couldn’t be bothered to give him a decent goodbye here, they barely mentioned him. Stephen has always been so good about the show – he deserved better.

  25. hdgcat says:

    BTW, is it just me or were Bilith’s teeth/fangs oddly WHITE ?? They didn’t look like that before I don’t think.

  26. laputain says:

    Dear TB, it was fun while it lasted, and once upon a time you were truly great, but now the Fonz has already jumped the shark several times and is kicking back having a beer. I hope Mr Moyer can wriggle out of his contract and be a nice stay at home Dad, it would be way more dignified than this shite. Sincerely, Ex Fan.

  27. hdgcat says:

    How they handle next season is going to make or break. It’s either going to work or not. Turning a character into a godlike one is a very dangerous move storywriting wise.

    Eppy 1 of next season might have some big ratings numbers though as people check it out just to see how it gets handled.

  28. Biilswoman says:

    R.I.P. Bill Compton. a vampire that I fell in love with the first episode, series 1.
    I can not believe it’s true. My Bill is dead ….
    Alan how could you do this to us?
    Alan you are one .. hrldkn, hlksisen, hlkdkjrhena, lkdoehaf. …..
    Ok, now I feel better …

    Who wants Billith? Not me…

    • cr says:

      But that Bill never really existed, not really, not in TB. There have been lots of hints over the seasons that TB Bill wasn’t as ‘good’ as presented or viewed. As pointed out in some of the other comments, maybe TB is heading back to the ‘bad’ vampires who really do represent death. Sexy and handsome/beautiful death, yes, but still death.

      • Biilswoman says:

        He existed, my dear. He did.
        Or are you talking about Eric Fuc…ng Northman?? I would be sooo happy if Allan made him Ericlilth. Why Bill???

        • eloradannen says:

          Biilswoman, cr is right, there were many, many hints at least since season 2 that Bill was not the vampire you thought he was. And now AB has confirmed that Bill was not the good guy and Eric was not the villain.

          So stand by your man dear…or you can join the Viking whorde!

          • Biilwomen says:

            El, my friend … as you can see, I mourn my vampire that I’ve fallen in love in episode 1.
            That does not mean I’m lost understanding of and want to switch camps and move to the Viking hordes … lol …
            I’m a one vampire woman and one man woman .. lol …

            • eloradannen says:

              Biilwomen, my friend. I admire your loyalty. Just hold on, something will happen…maybe Sookie will zap the Lilith out of him…lol.

          • Amyishot4bill says:

            I think what AB said was no shock at all. We know Bill is not a ‘good guy’. I think he has the potential to be, as does Eric. That is why these two are so captivating. It’s their struggle that is a big part of this show

          • hdgcat says:

            This is the thing that aggravates me , is you have posters making a simplistic explanation of Bill. “See! he was evil all along!”

            UM, no he wasn’t. That’s the point. Anyone can be sucked into evil if someone trips the right triggers to their character and weaknesses. Bill had them, we all knew that. He hated being a vampire and he hated himself. People who hate themselves often turn out ot be destructive in some way.

            Bill’s speech at the end about being afraid that God had forsaken him was powerful and tragic …..he was desperate to eliminate the despair he felt. This is typical of what cults do and many religions try to do …….then you end up with suburban upper class teenager girls stabbing a pregnant woman a bunch of times (the manson murders) …..his belief in Lilith was filling something in Bill that had been empty for a long time, nothing could fill it , not even Sookie.

            That’s the tragedy. and if you’re running around saying Bill was a villain all along then you’re missing a major theme that AB has been putting into every season on this show.

            • ccoppe says:

              Incredibly insightful, hdgcat.

              I think Bill began his accepting his true vampire self — and Lilith — when he and Eric had their brief but telling “Evolving” Q&A.

            • amyishot4bill says:

              totally agree hdgcat!

            • KC says:

              I think TB Bill’s vampire life has been shown as pretty “evil”. The couple in Chicago, not that they were the best people in the world, but Bill seemed to be having a very good time killing the girl, and he and Lorena are having sex in her blood right next to her as she’s dying. That’s pretty evil. Bill draining Pam’s employees in San Francisco – that seems pretty evil too. Bill procuring the stripper to Russel and Lorena – that seems evil to me too. Bill watching while Sookie’s being beaten to the point of death, the night after she has apparently saved his life, so that he can get his blood into her, to me is the very definition of evil. All along, we’ve been shown glimpses of a Bill who was a villain. He may have changed, but I don’t see a lot of evidence of it. Villains usually are the folks who hate themselves because they “Do Bad Things” but they can’t seem to help themselves. This is just my opinion about fiction though, I’m not going to get all bent out of shape about it.

              • Amyishot4bill says:

                I guess it’s just a matter of opinion, Bill has done some evil things, but I just can’t say he has been evil all along. I am pretty sure all the other vamps have done similar things in their lifetime. Just a guess. It was evident IMO that he wanted to change, to be better, but he was not very successful lol. I just don’t imagine that any other vamp would have done things different. I remember Pam talking about her and Eric back in the day, and she said they did a lot of killing & f*cking lol

        • cr says:

          But not really, he didn’t. He was never totally ‘good’, as Eric was never totally ‘bad.’

          TB and AB could have gone either way. But from a fictional character point of view, they weren’t going to stay the same as initially perceived. For AB and the other TB writers, that’s waaaay too boring.

          Do I think Bill was ‘always evil’? Nope. The character was written in such a way that if TB decided to back off of the seasons-long story arc to this point they could do so quite easily . That they chose not to makes it that much more interesting for next season-what is he now? Can he come back from the ‘dark side’, etc.

          As hdgcat points out, Bill’s behavior this season has been rather cult-like, so next season we get to see if deprogramming him works.

          • Logic says:

            Just wanting to touch on the Evil Vs Good discussion;

            The TB writers have always said EVERYONE has light and dark in them. It depends on each characters individual journey and experience which helps mould them. I think they’ve perfectly set up Bill to go down this road, his maker was a psycho bitch so he didnt have a good role model as such to learn from and he has always kind of been a loner searching for something bigger than him. He never had any family loyalty like Eric did with Godric and his growing clan. I think thats the difference and why it could have only been Bill to really discover this new found “calling”

            I do believe by the end of it all Bill will see the “light” but I think its going to be a fun journey to get there…

            • hdgcat says:

              I also think there’s some wider messages here: that anyone can become evil under the right circumstances , especially when god is utilized to control people, get them to stop thinking, and when god is used to take advantage of those who are vulnerable.

              We see this throughout human history over and over.

              As Pam said , the bad thing about being immortal is watching people do the same stupid sh*t over and over, now to find out that vampires are just as stupid? How depressing for her.

              • Logic says:

                Exactly… And there’s definately something UP with that blood whether its Godly or not I’m not completely convinced either way.

                In either AB or SM latest interview (cant remember who) they said Bill downed the blood then had a moment of clarity just as he was exploding… Poor guy, he just thought he was doing the right thing and by the time he realised, it was too late… I wouldnt be suprised if he was now almost possesed like a demon but his soul was still buried wayyyyyy deep underneath…

  29. Tanya says:

    well looks like andy is gonna have his hands FULL, now everyone is fucked now that theres billith lol,

  30. Danni says:

    Oh my god… I just watched this morning. My stomach turned those last few minutes! I’ve always ragged on Bill, and while he also wasn’t my favorite match for Sookie….seeing him goo, ugh. So I know that he meant something as a character for me, I guess because I felt that no matter how far he fell in the end he would rise up… but that was just crazy. My mind has been blown! lol He wasn’t kidding when he said he was evolving, but yeah, I really didn’t expect this! I can say I think I was leaning toward the unimaginative Bill being saved in the 11th hour ending… wow, just wow. So if Eric is scared, yeah, shit just got real. I can’t blame them after seeing that. If he was crazy as regular Bill, Billith must be astronomical worse. I think I may need to rewatch this one again in a few days after I finish processing! I mean, wow… I think this finale has blown away all others, for me at least, in terms of cliffhangers. I also wonder what this means for Jessica. Did she feel him “die”? Does she still feel him? I wonder since his original body is no more, if that cuts the maker/progeny bond.

    I may be in the minority, but I loved the fae birthing scenes… I think that Holly can still forgive Andy. Unless I’m wrong, I thought Maurella used fae wiles on him that he couldn’t resist. If so, I wouldn’t hate Andy. I feel bad that he now has 4 girls though – WOW. Maybe Sookie can help him with them sometimes? Anyway, I was glad for the bar scene because it was a nice contrast to all the serious stuff going on and it was great being pulled from super serious stuff to lighter stuff and pulled back again. I guess not all the fairies know how it feels giving birth or there might be a whole lot more fae babies? “My light just broke!” lol

    And yeah, I’m going to assume that Luna is dead or very close. I’m not sure she’s going to be around much longer even if she is alive. Perhaps Sookie and Eric will catch up with them and try to help them escape and she winds up a casualty of Billith? I may also be in the minority but I thought that was a funny way for Roslyn to go out… though I have to wonder, wouldn’t that have hurt Sam a bit more? I mean all her bones? It’s not like he can get to her heart from her esophagus! lol

    I wonder where Steve is going to go… he’s gonna find a true death running to Jason…actually, unless he becomes a Billith worshipper maybe he’ll be spared? I don’t think he’s got anyone to turn to now.

    Which brings me to Jason, I hope he’ll turn out to be ok…he’s going to end up getting himself killed listening to his parents or whatever they may be. Ironically, it feels like he’s heading down the path of Hoyt, next dragon much? I already sense him moving away from Sookie and it hurts to think that he’s going to choose this new “purpose” over her.

    I think there is something to be said about Sookie’s optimism. I think perhaps it does blind her in a way, but without it, who knows if she would even be alive. The resolve she has is pretty amazing to be honest. I agree she seems to get amnesia regarding what happens from season to season, but maybe that’s saying something in itself. Maybe it’s really a coping mechanism for her, seeing how she almost came undone when the guys were arguing in her kitchen early in the season. I almost feel like she really needs her fairy powers. Maybe the fairies are referring not only to her fairy powers but those are just a metaphor for the goodness that in her. I still really wonder if she’s losing her powers being half-fae, or if it’s more about self-doubt, her mind getting in the way. I think that seems more likely than anything else. So not only her own doubts but then the fairies telling her she’s losing the juice….which is strange now that I think about it. Wouldn’t they try to get her to stop since they are so gung-ho about her not losing her light? I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too much into it.

    Getting back to Jason briefly, after seeing the extended scene… I’m thinking we may see Nora killed by Billith since she knows something about Warlow… The elder was distracted and killed by Russell when Sookie could’ve found out more. Then any information Bud Dearborn might’ve had, well I guess we can assume he died. I was really hoping that we’d get a bit more insight. I really do hope that they don’t reveal that Eric is Warlow, I hope that’s not why Nora knows something. Though I’m thinking that’s very unlikely. Eric has every opportunity to do what he wants with Sookie, he doesn’t need to appear as a silly apparition in her bathroom. lol Just doesn’t seem to be his style haha

    I’m sorry to see Russell go, I think I came to like him a lot more this season. But, I’m glad that Eric was finally able to find his revenge.

    Anyhow, I would write more but have to get ready for work. It was great reading all of the responses here. For those of you that are disappointed by how things were left off with Bill, I think before judging to hastily give next season a chance. See what the writers have in mind. I say this as someone who at the beginning of this season was really pissed with how last season ended and how this one started. I was thinking of not bothering to watch, but I’m glad I did. It may not have been the best season, but I don’t feel it was bad or horrible. And definitely had the most shocking cliffhanger! ugh, my stomach is turning again, poor Bill :(

    • eloradannen says:

      regarding Bilith killing Nora, well I hope that never happens. Eric seems to be willing to overlook some of the things that Bill does, but I don’t think he would ever overlook that. We all know how Eric feels about his “family.” And I think he would hunt Bilith to the ends of the earth over that.

      And I don’t think Nora knowing Warlow means anything other than confirming that Warlow is indeed a vampire. Nora being on her own for centuries probably has knowledge of a lot of vampires. And that really doesn’t mean she knows anything about the contract with the Stackhouses. It was pretty obvious she had never been around fairies before, so I am thinking she is really in the dark about that part of it.

      I am kinda frustrated about the elder fairy, Bud Dearborn thing. Just when we think we are going to get some good information, it is all snatched away from us. Very frustrating.

      • hdgcat says:

        Yeah, Eric doesn’t seem to take things personally, especially battle /conflict. And he’s very blase about killing. He’s not going to lose any sleep over all the humans he helped slaughter at TA , becuase he doesn’t care about humans in general.

        However, he tends to become emotional when it comes to those he sees as his little “family” group, so that would be the exception …….

    • Logic says:

      I must be in the minority with you because I loved the Rosalyn death, the fae birthing scene was so funny and everythig else you said was spot on for me :)
      The only thing i’m wondering is why couldnt they have tortured and killed Nigel the baby killer!! He was a creep!!

  31. lalakos80 says:

    PAm and Tara?Oh please!!!!!!!
    I’m glad i saw funny Eric again.

  32. st says:

    Guys Bill isn’t just straight up gone. People that are fans of him are already like mourning and writing RIP everywhere. The TVline article just released that interviews Alan Ball makes that pretty clear. It is still Bill, but he is just also now the most powerful vampire ever. Which I think is AWESOME. I say give next season a chance, I feel like watching Bill and finding out what his new powers and abilities are is going to be great and a hell of a lot more exciting than parts of this season have been.

    • Biilwomen says:

      St, he is dead, Alan said he MAYBE will be a new, reborn, change Bill or Lillith? Or Billilth? Or nothing. maybe he is deas and Lilliht use his body. Where is my Bill?????
      My Bill is gone. This new transform monster , who is it? Not my Bill.
      So i am sooooo mad of Alan right now. How could he transfrom a big main character like this adn make what a fu….ng Billith?????? Because he can ?

      • st says:

        LOL calm down I am with you partially in feeling sad. I just feel like with everything that happened with him this year….this was the best possible way that he could go out. We literally just have to wait and see what happens with him. Bill is a question mark right now. Personally, as I said before, I feel like the potential for this storyline is huge. Bill being some all powerful god sounds sick! Season 6 could mean anything in regard to him. Personally I am not going to jump the gun and say Bill is going to be bad forever based on the ending seconds of the episode. I may be cray though ahah

  33. adischen says:

    Isn’t it obvious that bloody Bill is the resurrection of Lilith? He became a vampire god now. I really don’t like this cliffhanger as much as i loved the last 4. I hoped Alan would bring a new cool storyline at the end but instead he held on to Lilith’s story. So for me the season isn’t really finished at all by that and it’s seems like ending while the 3/4 of the season. I really hope season 6 will be better cause this finale was left by many questions, confusions and non-making-sense-and-cheesy-storys :8(

    • st says:

      Yeah I mean i guess it is kind of weird and disappointing that basically this entire season has been a set up for season 6. My main complaints with this season were that some of the story lines (the ifrit) didn’t really even matter to me one way or another because of maybe how disconnected everything felt. I also feel like Alcide–as much as I love him–doesn’t really matter in this entire story anymore. I remember watching last night just being like ENOUGH with this werewolf crap ! Show me the authority blowing up ! lol

      • EdTBFan says:

        Actually Alcide speech takes on an especial importance given the rise of Billith. It touches in the themes of choosing life (which the wolves do) over death (which Bill does).

  34. Anon says:

    Okay I thought this finale was amazing. It’s definitely the best cliffhanger, in my opinion, because it’s such a fundamental game changer. I think the fact that the episode ended with Bill, Sookie, and Eric (the primary ‘triangle’ of the whole series) says a lot, especially since Sookie’s had only one episode of interaction with them before this one. I’m predicting that not only will Bill become villianous, of course, but that Eric and Sookie will become an item again and…I’ll admit, that makes me want to explode with joy. I’ve been Team Eric for a long time now.

    As far as Bill, I think it’s an interesting arc for him. To go from the mannered and civilized vamp of season one to the manipulator in season three to what we found out about his rise to Kingdom in season four to this shows a very skillful characterization. The more the show went on, the more we discovered how shady Bill actually was. Maybe his mainstreaming attitude was all just a pose from the beginning? Or maybe the power and politics made him lose his way? But, I think the writers have been setting this up for a while now. Book fans always complained that TV Bill was too “saintly” compared to the one from the books, but was he really?

    And I truly loved seeing the whole “Northman family” together: Eric, Nora, Pam, Tara. What a bad ass family tree, with Godric at the top of course. Eric and Nora’s little sibling bickering was really cute and the Pam/Tara affair will be interesting. It seems like the episode was really setting up that whole family dynamic for next year and I’d love to see that, like Eric and Tara bonding.

    Other points:
    The direction Jason is going saddens me. I’m hoping they don’t turn him into some hate-mongerer but its a possibility, especially seeing as how their might be a human uprising next year against the vamps. But that moment with Jessica was just cold (even the more selfish Jason always had a heart) and I felt terrible for her.

    The Merlotte’s action was hilarious with the fae birthing and a nice contrast to all the serious action. Lafayette’s back to his campy old self, which we love of course. I do hope he has a good story next year, possibly more exploration of his powers, because he’s more than just a comic relief. And I’m anxious to see how Andy and Holly’s relationship plays out, cause I don’t think she’s totally done with him.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I’m stunned like everyone else. I liked this season, yes it had it’s faults, but at least they didn’t drag out the villian until we all wanted to pull our hair out. Having written that, I still feel like someone ripped the carpet out from underneath me.

    Is Bill dead? I guess so, how could he not be. He was a pile of goo and then was remade into what? We’ll have to wait and see. I feel bad for the guy taking over for AB. I think S6 will be a tough one to write. We have a human/vamp war, the revelation of shifters on live TV, Billith, etc.

    Is this somehow a way to write out Bill? Does SM want off the show after next season? I can’t imagine why, but…. I don’t want to see him go. I don’t want to see any of the original cast go.

    Was it ever stated if the tiger guy (cannot remember his name) from books will show up on the show?

    Usually, each season is a book, is that the case this year, and if so, which one was it?

    How will Andy keep all those babies safe? Won’t they we too scrumptious for a vampire to resist?

    Jason – since he was caught in the Elder’s stream, did that allow him to see another dimension, like they did with Sookie? Or is he just projecting his thoughts and emotions onto his parents and hallucinating them? I’m going to say that he’s projecting and hallucinating. I hope so, at least.

    I’m not keen on the Tara / Pam love connection. I’d rather see Pam be a good parent, something that Tara has never had.

    Hum, what happened to the burnt guy?

    Well, thanks for another season of excellent coverage and comments. I have enjoyed them all.

    • hdgcat says:

      I’ve heard a couple good specs already about where Bill could go….he couldn’t continue the way he was….if…big IF …he was ever going to change/be happy etc…he was going to have to accept himself and that wasn’t happening unfortunately….Sookie and Jessica seemed to help himi take steps forward, but this whole Lilith thingn tapped into every weakness he possessed and ….now see what happened.

      Another posters also suggested that there may be a spiritual type war going on ….since we’ve seen a number of spirits lately.

      I’m not sure Bilith is a spirit though since Sookie and Eric could both see him.

      We were never sure what/who Lilith actually was to begin with…so it’s hard to figure out what Bilith is.

      • Rebecca says:

        You’re right about Bill needing to change. I like how well SM acted the part this season. Bill has never been comfortable in vampire skin, and now, well, he has a new skin. I’m also glad that Sookie didn’t just show up and zap him out of it. That makes things too easy. Maybe the blood was that of Lillith preserved after she was killed, much like Russel was carrying around Talbot’s remains. I seem to recall he thought he could reanimate the blood goo of Talbot, but Sookie put them down the disposal. Anyway, maybe Bill is now inhabited by Lillith. Both personalities are inside one body. Well, it will be something to tune in for next season…

  36. TB_Fetish says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Nigel? He disappeared after episode 8 I think.

    • hdgcat says:

      He turned out to be the smart one and got the h*ll out. He’s probably hanging around day care right now….*shudder*

  37. VoniVodka says:

    I thought the finale was incredible. Can’t wait to watch it again. Alan Ball is great to me. I thought he did get campy on this show…but look at the fans. We need that sometimes. So we can be right when we guess what’s to come. Or we can be extremely shocked when things don’t go the way we want. When he ended season 4 with Tara being shot. I don’t think anyone thought Debbie would shoot Tara in the head. It was a shocker! But we all knew after that she was going to become a vampire some how. Even though it seemed far fetched. I don’t know, I just love this show. It makes supernatural things funny and entertaining. And not so serious and dramatic all the time.

    Now for the breakdown:

    - Never thought they would kill Russell this season. Especially not in the first 3 mins. LoL.. I love how he died after he finally tasted a true Fairy. It was bittersweet. I’m glad Eric did it. And he saved Sookie. Whom he still loves. I think he’s remembering why he loved her so much this episode. He just acted like he didn’t care. No one rejects Eric Northman.

    - Alcide and Rikki are hot. I can’t see how weres are gonna play into next season. Hmm…I hope his dad and Martha hook up too. LoL

    -Luna skinwalking on national television? Wow…I don’t even know what to say. That scene was probably one of the most shocking. (Besides the first and last scenes of this ep.) I think Sam is a crazy for thinking to shift inside a vampire. LoL. I really hope Luna doesn’t die. That’s another Bon Temps girl growing up without her mother!

    -Pam and Tara kissing was awkward as hell. Only because I was feeling the maternal thing. I guess they trying to drive into our heads that vampires have many ways of showing their love?

    -Jessica was actually more annoying than Sookie in this ep. LoL. She was acting like a baby vamp all over again. But it was sad that Jason told her that. She needs to change her out fit and get fierce like she did when she wanted to kill Marnie.

    -Andy has four half fae daughters. I think his job as a sheriff just got harder. The whole thing in the bar was hysterical. Maurella eating salt, giving birth like she having sex. Lala and Arlene’s comments. Her telling him “Peace out” after giving birth. Holly just being hella annoyed. FUNNY!!!

    -Jason has lost it. But I believe it’s related to getting zapped. Every time he gets Zapped by a fae he sees his parents. But they only tell him things he already knows, so I don’t think he’s seeing actual ghosts. I think it might be like how vamps act on Lillith’s blood. Only they can see her and she’s telling them to do bad things.

    -Bill killing Salome was kinda gangsta. I really didn’t think Bill had it in him. He’s still a b*tch though, because he only feels powerful when someone tells him. He has no idea who he is. Been alive for over 100 years, and you still can’t figure out who you are? That’s sad. He was always a weak man that believed love could conquer all. Even in his human life. That’s why Sookie loved him. He was just as blinded by love as she was. But as soon as Salome gave up that a**, he was all on what she believed in. Then Lilith. He even did that with Lorena. I think this season proved that he listens to who ever gave him sex last. Remember when he hallucinated Lilith and Sookie when he was boning Salome? Can we say P*ssy whipped?

    -The final scene where Sookie does the whole “If you ever Loved me..” speech, once again, was touching. She is really reaching for the familiar Bill. And not even a glimpse of him was shown. SM really did do a good job. I feel like I’ve seen this scene between Sookie and Bill at least once per season. He tells her she’s better off without him, and his true nature is a monster. And she needs to run. And she cries and tells him, she knows him and he’s better than that. But this time he told he to “F*ck off” and basically said everything was all a lie. She’s a fool and an abomination. That was cold-blooded. Whatever just happened to Bill when he drank the blood is something I’m afraid of already. His fangs are long and sharp as hell. He did explode, but he can’t be dead. You can only see Lilith if you drank a little of her blood. But if you drank a lot of it, you explode and be reborn as her likeness? That’s insane!

    -Last but not least, the interactive bonus scene was on point! Jason is tripping, Jess smells his hatred. And you can see Jason is about to pull the gun on them…but the doors open. The fact that Nora recognized Warlow’s name is interesting. But the way things have been going, anyone that knows of Warlow gets killed before they can give answers! So I hope Nora makes it to the roof. I hope Eric is smart enough to carry Sookie to the roof before Billith comes after them. Maybe Warlow drank Lilith’s blood too, and that’s why he seems so powerful. Maybe it will come down to Warlow and Billith fighting for Sookie. Why would anyone want her now? She has like no fae essence left. Just her blood. But you got Maurella and her liter just sitting in Merlottes. Nigel would have a field day with Andy’s daughters. (Sad but true). Let the speculations begin!!! 9 months!!!

    • hdgcat says:


      LOL! Your comments about Bill: this is just Bill being p*ssywhipped by another woman…you may have a point there! LOL!

      Lilith better watch out though. Bill has managed to take down every woman who’s tried to control him.


      I haven’t given up on Mr. Broody just yet.

  38. Greg says:

    That Maurella is a real bitch, it’ll be interesting to see what Andy does next season. I am a bit annoyed at what the writers have done to him.

  39. Laffyneric says:

    Times like this I appreciate Maryanne

  40. VoniVodka says:

    Maurella is Fatal Attraction times 10! I actually like her character…she is nuts. Fairies on TB seem to be ditzy yet mysterious. They also have the worst reaction timing. Just standing watching your oldest fairy die? They shoulda been blasted Russell. SMH. And one else noticed that Faes and Vampires die in similar ways?

    • hdgcat says:

      Actually, in the books they die a lot more similar. The vampires don’t explode , collapse like water balloons like they do on the show…they die, then start flaking away. The fae disinegrate into sparkly bits , but not as fast as they do on the show.

      I guess the writers needed something more dramatic cuz in the books it takes about 15 minutes for the bodis to become unrecognizable.

  41. ArterialFountain says:

    So does Jesus still have his mouth stitched up???


    • VoniVodka says:

      No, after Lafayette got outta there Jesus ghost appeared in the car. But the body of Jesus is still dicapitated and stitched up. Funny enough the only Authority members left are Bill, Nigel and Steve Newlin. That shit cray!

  42. Comptonian says:

    Michael McMillan did a wonderful job as Luna, I really enjoyed that.

  43. VoniVodka says:

    According to the books and the show Fairies barely age. Just like Vampires…connection? Fairies can live for hundreds of years. And probably live through anything but a vampire bite. I do think Vampires and Fairies are very connected. But the fact that the book of Lilith says they’re an abomination is interesting. Is it because vampires get intoxicated off of fairy blood? Why would something so tempting be so bad? Especially since vampires are supposed to have no morals? I think the writers do a good job, because we all know us TB fans are sticklers for details!

    @Rebecca this season was LOOSELY based on book 5…Dead as a Doornail. And when I say loosely, I mean, the only similarities were the shifter shootings and Sweetie Des Art being behind it.

    Anyone else wondering what ever happened to Crystal? She and her clan raped Jason. They clearly got his seeds. Maybe Sam, Andy and Jason will start a Supe Daddy Daycare!?

  44. Blue Acid Skittles says:

    I personally think Bill was tired of being the compassionate guy of some sort you know lol

  45. Blue Acid Skittles says:

    Who i wanna know about is Andy what’s gonna happen to him with those babies and is Holly gonna stay with him?

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