True Blood’s “Sock of Destiny”

By Aemac on May 29 2010 | 36 Comments »

With the rampant nudity on True Blood, one of the major wardrobe pieces is what the cast affectionately calls “The Sock of Destiny.” It’s been much spoken-of since the beginning, with Ryan Kwanten becoming something of an expert. As we previously posted, at the Prince of Persia party, Ryan shared advice for the other male actors on the set of True Blood when it comes bathtub2 300x169 stephen moyer ryan kwanten true blood cast mehcad brooks alexander skarsgard towearing one: “Tie it on really tight, because you don’t want that thing coming off, because there will be evidence of that forever.”

It seems Stephen Moyer listened to Ryan’s advice, as his sock didn’t come off in the dirt or stepping in the tub (that we know of, at least). But damn me, what he did tell us is: “I veer medium to x-large”. Veeery interesting indeed!

oh13 260x300 stephen moyer ryan kwanten true blood cast mehcad brooks alexander skarsgard Alex Skarsgard might need some help from Ryan, since it seems he would prefer not to wear one, but I have a feeling he does on the set of True Blood since I saw no dangling bits in the nude pics we were all so grateful to see the other day.

But poor Mehcad Brooks didn’t take Ryan’s advice seriously last season. In one of his scenes with Rutina, his sock fell off in front of everyone, and Ryan had to help tie it back on for him. Now that’s what I call a true buddy. And one more tidbit, it seems there wasn’t a size to fit Mechad on the TB set; they were all too small.

Just the mental image everyone wanted at the start of the holiday weekend…


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36 Responses to “True Blood’s “Sock of Destiny””

  1. ZZ says:

    LOL! Thanks!

  2. nothoney says:

    Damn, I wanna see what these socks look like!

    Thanks for a giggle and some fine mental imagery, Aem.

  3. sam says:

    funny stuff……thanx guys. They should auction off the used socks, there’d b a feral bidding war for sure!

  4. sara says:

    I love that they call it the sock of destiny, like it’s an epic garmet or something. Thanks for the mental imagery!

  5. Aemac says:

    Ryan gave an autographed one to Jimmy Kimmel when he was a guest on his show.

  6. FooledbyLove says:

    Okay all, what do these things look like and how does one “tie it on”? I’m trying to use my imagination, but could use a little help….

  7. wiwa says:

    Hey! Jason wasn’t at Maryann’s orgies. And he wasn’t in Tara’s room at Sookie’s house.
    I would think, given the fragile male ego, that all “socks” shoould be the same size, only the actor has to know if all the stuffing isn’t his own.

  8. lizzie1701 says:

    Thanks aem! That was great! Soooo, Mehcad is the MAN, eh??? Well, he was a very tall man!

    I would give my eye teeth for Stephen’s sock!

    Glad that Alex is wearing one, for respect to his female actors.

    • veruca says:

      I think I heard Alex say that he’s more comfortable without the sock or flesh coloured thong options, but he makes sure that others in the scene are okay with him going without, and if not, he’ll cover up. I doubt he’s all ‘hey, check out my stuff, whether you want to or not!’ and I doubt the ‘socks’ lave much to the imagination anyways – you can get a pretty good idea of size I think anyways with them.

      He did say last year that he didn’t wear one for the nude scene he had (the dream sequence) so I’m sure that means that he made sure that Anna (and Mariana, if she was actually in the room with them) was comfortable with it.

    • ZZ says:

      I wouldn’t have a problem at all! Really, think of it, i prefer a naked nice man than a man wearing something ridiculous. ;)

      • veruca says:

        So true. I mean, it’s not like we don’t know what’s inside the sock. And chances are it would be seen anyways (like in Mehcad’s case).

        Besides, the guy has to be comfortable as well – it’s not all about the girl and her comfort in the scenes. Frankly, I think a naked girl would cause more ‘discomfort ‘for a guy than a naked guy would for a girl. Guys are pretty easily distracted by breasts and they’re out all the time on True Blood – I’d say naked breasts would hold attention more easily than a naked penis. And add to that a girl having her genitals uncovered for a scene (even if its not seen on TV)…

        I say that as long as whatever decision is made is okay with the parties involved, then it’s okay. Who are we to judge?

        • Aemac says:

          It seems the women have modesty patches too, veruca. So I’m assuming Anna wears one. I just can’t figure how they attach one. Glue?

          I would expect in the states, all the actors would wear them even if they don’t want to, just in consideration to others. Americans aren’t as free thinking as Swedes and there’s a ton of them on the set. : ) Though personally I’m all for dangling bits.

          • ZZ says:

            Anna and Stephen wearing modesty patch and destiny sock in their scenes?! that would be a little crazy wouldnt it? who knows!

  9. lizzie1701 says:

    Maybe the Socks are there for hygiene purposes as well!

  10. lizzie1701 says:

    zz, there are other people on set, so maybe Steve and Anna wear them for respect of the crew.

    • ZZ says:

      Umh I dunno, I guess in a professional environment like True Blood set they are used to that. Also I think I recall reading that they film those scenes with the minimum staff around. I hope season 3 brings more research about the socks and the patches!! I can see a Buzz about that :)

      • Isabella says:

        Yes, they used what they call a “closed set”
        just the producer and maybe a second or third person is in there with them…..from what I understand.

  11. FooledbyLove says:

    Thanks Aem, for the link. I think I’ve got the picture now. ;-)

    I would be that they all wear “the sock” or modesty patches. Any fool with a cell phone or a camera left running would have access to their naked “bits”, and I don’t care how comfortable they are with each other, there are a lot of folks running around that set. From most of what I’ve read (interviews, etc.) they do take the time to “cover up”. I think AS is an exception….in many ways. :-)

  12. veruca says:

    For nude scenes it’s usually just the actors, and necessary crew. And I’m sure if ‘illegal’ shots were taken with phones, there would be some hell to pay on set. I’m certain that all those on set have some clause in their contracts about confidentiality.

    I don’t think that the actors on the show have much of an issue with the nudity. Alex is from Sweden, Stephen from England, Anna raised in New Zealand, Ryan from Australia – nudity is viewed a bit differently. As I said, I’m sure as long as they’re all comfortable, they do what they please. Besides, they’ve all said that when you sign on for a show on HBO there’s a good chance you’ll be getting naked.

    As for Anna and Stephen, we don’t know if Anna wears the female version. But in any case, they either just might not be comfortable with the small crew on set seeing them, or they might find it a bit more awkward being fully naked together in those bits, since I’m sure it’s easier to get aroused when you’re doing that stuff with your fiance than with someone you aren’t intimate with in real life.

    Personally, I don’t find it inconsiderate or showing a lack of respect if an actor (or actress) decides not to wear the modesty sock or patch. As I said, I doubt they have everything hanging out without making sure it’s okay with the other party(ies). And in any case, the ‘sock’ wouldn’t cover any grooming down there, so no matter what, you’re seeing something.

  13. Susan says:

    I don’t know. I’m not uncomfortable with nudity, but I would want it to be my say of when and how and if it hits the internet. Showing a breast or a behind is not quite the same thing as the full monty showing up on the internet without your permission. There may be hell to pay if something leaks, but that’s like closing the barn door after the horse it out. Once it goes viral, you’ll never get it back. Just because someone is comfortable with their bodies doesn’t mean the rest of the world should have access to it, imo.

    I agree that the closed sets and comfort with each other makes the scenes easier to make, but “accidents” happen, and I would think they would want to guard their “exposure” a little more carefully when there are cameras around. They certainly have made a big joke about the “sock of destiny”, so I have to presume it’s a familiar element in the filming.

  14. Aemac says:

    Just because there’s nudity doesn’t mean there’s a closed set, when it’s a highly erotic scene it is. I doubt if very few of TB scenes are as closed as you may think. There was an article recently where an actor said they were surprised at how comfortable Anna was in throwing off her robe and getting naked in front of everyone and I don’t think the actor was even in the scene with her. I have to find it and double check.

    • Susan says:

      Seriously?? Okay, well if someone is on the loose with an itchy trigger finger on their cell phone, and it hits the public, I guess she can’t be too surprised.

      I know she works hard for that body. :-)

    • lizzie1701 says:

      In the commentary by Laf and the Director, Michael, they say she is comfortable and give Stephen as the reason why! I guess Stephen got her out of any shyness stage.

  15. BillsNia says:

    Great read Aem.
    I find the idea of the sock of destiny hysterical yet necessary out of respect for the others present, actors or crew.
    I remember well Stephen joking about it long ago. Leave it to him to make it all humorous!

    Of course we would not mind them going in the buff or commando!! NOt at all !!!!!

  16. MarleneEmmett says:

    Now why does this not suprise me?
    I’ve heard stories since Season 1 about the “Sock of Destiny” and who wears it
    and who’s had problems! I find this all hysterical!!

  17. Sarah says:

    Thanks for posting this Aemac and for the imagery especially that quote from Mr Moyer ***fans self yet again***

  18. billsbaby says:

    Stephen said he has “taken his kit off” in nearly everything he has done, so I’m sure he’s pretty comfortable doing so in True Blood. He has a great body and I’m among those who have checked slow motion..the graveyard scene at just the right moment in slow motion! :P I would say his “sock” veers more to “extra large” than medium from what we see in that shot!! You go, Stephen!!! :-P

    • billsbaby says:

      Don’t know why I wrote ‘in slow motion’ twice in one sentence but just chalk it up to the subject I was writing about! :-P

    • lizzie1701 says:

      Hi bb! I have also done the slow motion on all his scenes, especially the graveyard sex scene! I also agree he would take x-large! I have seen him in that clip “Perfect” where he is totally commando, and can testify that Stephen is definitely EXTRA LARGE!

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