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True Blood’s “Creepy Biker Dude,” Andy Mackenzie

By Tincar on Jun 3 2010 | 14 Comments »

AndyMackenzie season 3 exclusive interviews ep 3 it hurst me too ep 2 beautifully broken andy mackenzie

Fans got a sneak peek of Andy Mackenzie in the number three teaser released by HBO. Mackenzie has a long list of credits under his belt from CSI to My Name is Earl and although it may look as if he can only play a Creepy Biker Dude, his acting ability is versatile. Just check out his demo reel and you will see why we quickly became Mackenzie fans.

We caught up with Andy while he was filming Burn Notice in sunny South Florida to ask him about his experience on True Blood and how he got the part of “Creepy Biker Dude.” Andy was nice enough to take a break from shooting guns from a Harley to share his experience on the set of True Blood, his vast knowledge of the industry, his band 33Degree and what’s up next in his career.

Andy Mackenzie: Oh, the “Creepy Biker.”  I actually have three different character names.  Starts with “Creepy Biker,” then “Wolf,” then shifts into “Biker” while I’m fighting with Eric.  You’ve seen some of that scene in one of the behind-the-scenes teasers.

The casting was a lot of fun.  It’s always crazy not knowing how it’s going to go and what the casting assistant is going to do when there’s action involved.  Not to mention, the room could’ve comfortably seated six but walked into eight, plus me. Read the material, did it pretty much how I wanted to do it; Alan simply replied “Fantastic.”  I left proud and pleased.

I did shoot two eps, “Beautifully Broken” (302) and “It Hurts Me Too” (303).  When I booked the role, I knew I would be showing 99 percent of my skin and I had about six weeks to hit the gym extra hard.  So, that was my life for those weeks.  Who knows if it will show?  The first ep was quick for me, not much for me to do.  Second ep was cool.  Alex and I spent some time chit chatting and reminiscing about some mutual Swedes and Finns.  We may get us all together sometime.  Between the chit chats was definitely different for me.  Stunts have been a big part of the job anyway but naked stunts are something else.  No place for pads.  “Closed set?”  Nah. I’m not shy.  Maybe Alex, since he had to … ah, never mind.  You’ll see.  But I was as naked as I was born.  No necklaces, no rings, no earrings, no nipple rings even.  Wow, I felt so blank.  When I wrapped, I couldn’t get my nipple rings in.  So I pierced them again.  That’s the third time.  And hopefully, the last.

AndyMackenzie 33 season 3 exclusive interviews ep 3 it hurst me too ep 2 beautifully broken andy mackenzie I’ve done writing and directing.  I worked a lot on the production side.  I like to know what everybody’s job is and how hard it is.  I think it’s important.  It makes everything smoother.  I was born into the business.  I love it.  I love playing drums.  33DEGREE is a great outlet.  Since it’s more of a hobby, it’s easy to balance.  A daughter, on the other hand, is something else.  That’s my biggest balancing trick.  But my favorite trick.

I have some really cool things going on.  MacGruber just hit the theatres with Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer.  It’s crazy funny.  I play “Hoss Bender,” one of Val Kilmer’s henchmen.  I did an episode of Burn Notice, Season 4 premiere, airing next Thursday 6/3, 9/8c.  Oh, it’s a good one for me.  I’m about to start a film, Sushi Girl, a lead role with Tony Todd, Max Perlich, James Duval, James DeBello.  Very much like Reservoir Dogs.

Andy’s final take on Season 3:

Oh man, Season 3 is gonna be so freakin’ cool.  Werewolves.  Awesome.  The fact that I am one of them.  Awesome again. I have to say, I was a big fan of the show already. Getting onto it is just too cool.

Andy is a very cool guy. He loves what he does and he loves his fans. You can follow Andy on Twitter @Andy_Mackenzie or check out any of his links below.




Check out Andy Mackenzie tonight, in BURN NOTICE 4th Season Premiere, “Friends and Enemies.”

THURSDAY, JUNE 3 9/8c USA Network

Season 3 In Production: Eric

14 Responses to “True Blood’s “Creepy Biker Dude,” Andy Mackenzie”

  1. Aemac says:

    He may have a small role on TB, but this guy is HOT and I’m looking forward to watching him perform. He’s seems to be another actor that’s very down to earth.

    Thanks for the interview, Andy!

  2. CitizenErased says:

    It was sweet of him to oblige us for a few quick, cheeky questions. Plus he has fierce tats. Its a brave man that agrees to a role which involves naked wrestling with Mr Sweden, that’s gotta make a guy feel somewhat inadequate.

  3. Lividity says:

    Sounds like dude had a bunch of fun on set (and off of set actually). Thanks Andy, we’ll be watching!

  4. jay says:

    what a cool guy!!!

  5. lizzie1701 says:

    Thanks Tincar. He sounds like a great bloke!

  6. konfettii says:

    Love the looks of this guy. Makes me wanna ask him for a ride. On his bike, of course. ;)

  7. mbb says:

    Andy, Andy, Andy. Andy, Andy.

  8. I am VERY proud to say Andy is my bro in law, super cool guy:)
    Also INCREDIBLY proud of my sister, Andy’s wife ‘Angela Little’ or aka ‘Angela Little Mackenzie’ for being cast as the first choice in the ‘recurring’ role of ‘Randi Sue’ (Jason Stackhouses’ love interest) the first season of True Blood! Angela, unfortunately ‘gracefully declined’ after being chosen, for ‘personal’ reasons. But, as Andy put it in his interview, to be cast on the show ”you have to be perfect, and really goooood”, Alan Ball and producers/writers loved Angela’s performance so much that she got the offer before she got home following the audition!
    Angela told me, that she honestly didn’t think she’d win the role, as there were over 40 actresses vying for the part, but wanted to go in anyway, because she was such a fan of Alan Ball and thought it was a great challenge to ‘act drunk’, “which isn’t easy to pull off”. Don’t worry, you can see Angela in upcoming features and a very confidential project as one of the leads, hint, starring with a ‘Mad Men’ cast member. Waaay to go Bro and SISTER, my hero from a teeny town in Alabama, Angela Little Mackenzie!!!

  9. geminii says:

    At the time the role of Randi Sue was being cast every agent in Hollywood was lined up to get their client in, and to repeat Andy’s comment, to be cast on True Blood you sure do “have to be perfect, and really goooood.” As we now know, the part went to the versatile Danielle James, who pulled it off beautifully and, as she says in an interview with Starry Constellation magazine, Alan Ball himself was there to oversee the casting session. She describes how the first scene she shot was with Ryan Kwanten and “the set broke out in spontaneous applause” after their first take, “a nice omen that it was to go well.” Now, after all of True Blood’s mind boggling success it’s great to look back and see how all the pieces fell together. I know I’m not alone in extending an enormous congratulations also to actress Danielle James, who did get the role, and I hope we’ll be seeing alot more of Randi Sue in future episodes.

  10. Laurie H says:

    Andy Mackenzie is awesome. Love his look, love his acting. Excellent casting all the way on TRUE BLOOD. Thank you HBO.

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