True Blood Writer Reveals:
“Bill Is Very Much A Part Of This World”

By Lividity on Jun 1 2011 | 8 Comments »

sfx3 sookie stackhouse season 4 publications bill compton True Blood was featured in the Summer issue of SFX magazine. Alexander Woo (co-exec producer & writer extraordinaire) was interviewed for the piece and we learn that much of the season will be shot through Sookie’s point of view. Woo also discusses why they thought it was important to keep Bill around and not send him packing to Machu Picchu:

“In this TV show, Bill is very much a part of this world. In the books, Bill spends most of his time in Peru and is completely disconnected from what Sookie is doing. We have found that Sookie’s story has the greatest tension, conflict and emotional consequences when Bill is there. I think the show benefits from Bill being there. We let Sookie off the hook a little less. In the books, Sookie is afforded the opportunity to enjoy various romances. For us, the inner conflict and turmoil on Sookie’s part is brought into much starker relief when Bill is a presence rather than just disappearing.”

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8 Responses to “True Blood Writer Reveals:
“Bill Is Very Much A Part Of This World””

  1. Cherie (Durst) DeSange says:

    And I am absolutely delighted!

  2. JAL says:

    Me too….Bill is integral to the show!

  3. Biilswoman says:

    Stephen Moyer is the main character of TB. How could anyone imagine that HBO can afford not to give his main character, most playing time in this series???

  4. amyishot4bill says:

    that pic of him and sook makes my knees weak LOL. Bill is the reason I watch this show! so glad to hear he is just as much a part of this season as the rest!!!!

  5. Comptonian says:

    Yes, thank goodness. And there is no reason for him not to be there, just like all the other characters we see when Sookie isn’t in a scene. True Blood couldn’t be as good without Bill and watching it without seeing Stephen would be a major disappointment. I enjoy most of the other characters, but one viewing and then moving on would become the norm for me.

  6. taya says:

    Bill and Stephen are main characters and were never going anywhere. Alan Ball chose this path for a reason. Deeeelighted is a good word to describe how many of us feel.

  7. Sheridan says:

    No, Bill can go! This season belongs to Eric… Disagree with me? Don’t know how you’d disagree if you read the books.. This season belongs to Eric! Sorry Bill fans!

    • Roswellover says:

      The books and the show are two forms of entertainment. Both Chairlaine Harris and Alan Ball have said this. Bill isn’t going to Peru. This season belongs to all the characters. not just eric. The show is ensemble cast.

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