True Blood Will Be Back For a 6th Season!

By jody on Jul 2 2012 | 26 Comments »

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Great news everyone! True Blood has been renewed for a 6th season by HBO.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

True Blood will return for a sixth season next year. The series returned this summer for its fifth season, drawing 5.2 million viewers, down 1 million year-over-year. Its most recent episode drew 4.66 million viewers and ranked as Sunday’s highest-rated cable show.

Showrunner Alan Ball, who developed the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer series based on the book series by Charlane Harris, will step down from his position next season, with Mark Hudis (Nurse Jackie) taking over the position next season. Ball will stay on as an EP and continue to work on other projects for the premium cable network, including his upcoming Cinemax drama series.


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26 Responses to “True Blood Will Be Back For a 6th Season!”

  1. jasmine says:

    The AP/SM series, WTF??? I didn’t know the show was only about them. DAAAMN!! There is some obvious crush down AB town. How about showing some respect for the other characters, especially eric/pam.

    • Liz86000 says:

      Well, they are the lead actors, so…

      • jasmine says:

        Is this all because of their hookup. Because people don’t tune in just to see bill. ERIC is In the same position as bill. Don’t you think?

        • Comptonian says:

          It’s because they are the original “lead” actors, top of the billing, so to speak. Journalists are not usually fans, they just look up the facts. The way the show is now it’s impossible to tell from watching it who the “leads” are. Characters who weren’t even regulars when the show started are now given the most screen time. Unfortunately.

    • Linda says:

      Jasmine, take a pill.

      • jasmine says:

        linda, take a hike. because obviously you don’t understand the point.

        • Linda says:

          Jasmine, I understand perfectly fine. I just think it’s irrational and invalid.

        • Harpyie.Selena says:

          Let’s keep it civil, shall we?
          If I recall correctly the books started out as “The Southern Vampires Mysteries”, were later referred to as “The Sookie Stackhouse Series” and are now promoted under the name of the show.
          And that’s the case here, it’s just a name, the name doesn’t make the show better or worse, doesn’t change the fact that there are more good actors and important characters involved etc.
          Anna and Stephen are lead actors and have been from the beginning (as much as I like Eric has part started out small), they’re expecting twins, Stephen just signed a contract for a new movie, so they’re all over the news and that’s what the reporter had in mind, there’s nothing more to it.
          Let’s all just enjoy that we get another season of this amazing show and that our favourites do well beside it ;)

  2. Eleanor says:

    Well they are the lead actors after all. They’re hardly going to list the entire cast in a short press release are they?

    • jasmine says:

      No, I don’t expect them to list the other characters. But like I said, there wouldn’t be a true-blood without an Eric. This is BS from my point of view. Can they be anymore obvious? UGH!!

  3. Carona says:

    BIll makes me sick . I am happy that True Blood will be back for a sixth season . I love the show ., As long as Eric/Pam , Tara ,Jason, Lafayette is there i will be there . season 5 not so bad I like .

  4. Harpyie.Selena says:

    They could call it the Charlaine Harris fairy-tale as far as I’m concerned, what matters is we get another season! Now please all pray to the mighty flying spaghetti monster they will write us something nice!

  5. Jenn says:

    Yay!! I was wondering when and if they would renew it…there is so much story left to tell!!

  6. Jessica says:

    It’s probably going to be the season finale, and this time we will see (maybe) some vampire and fairy action :D

    • clotilde says:

      i totally agree, it is so difficult without the creator (and a so-so choice to replace him) to keep so many story lines going in every possible direction. he has an idea in the back of his mind possibly got so many others that he got a bit bored wtih that one….
      anyway i would like more to have one last brilliant amazing season than having foggy storylines being dragged on and on….
      as for the cast, numerous wonderful and talented in tb and outside (that is also why this show must end to let them go!), at the moment ap/sm are in the news, so it is probably natural that their names pop out first

  7. Laffyneric says:

    The Anna P and Stephen M series,really? Such BS

  8. laputain says:

    Oh for chrissakes, they’re the lead actors, always have and always will be. Seriously, you’re still moaning after 5 years?

    • Laffyneric says:

      If I moan or disagree its my prerogative. The show is called TrueBlood, based on Stackhouse series not Anna and Stephen series, gees.

      • Rina says:

        For God’s sake, this isn’t coming from TB. It’s just a random jornalist who is clearly not very familiar with the format of the show and was asked to write up a short press release. Anna and Stephen are the lead, top-billing actors. They always get mentioned first. That’s the nature of the industry. It’s not a slight to all the other talented and fabulous actors that we love. They all get it. Calm down.

  9. AphroditeMF says:

    I am very happy that the show has been renewed for another season. On the evidence of how well season five has been received so far, I think there’s life in True Blood yet.

    On the other hand, I’d like season six to wrap things up. The actors are getting older, I would like to see them embark upon other projects. I dearly would like to show to go out on a high, before it goes stale and runs out of ideas. The pace that the current season is progressing at, with the introduction of the vampire authority and the possible involvement of the fairies in Sookie’s parents’ death, seems to be building towards a series climax, so I think that it won’t be long before the show comes to an end.

    To the people who are expressing disgust that this article points out (correctly) that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are the lead actors… seriously?!!! They have been the top-billed actors since season one!

  10. Bbrown05 says:

    Yay! I’m so excited, I love this show!

  11. great series keep it coming

  12. anouchka says:

    i love that there is comming à 6 season , i cant wait and i hope that it is so good as the other seasons but it is à long time to go to wait love eric and sooki , lafayette :D

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