Extended True Blood Waiting Sucks Video (Eric & Pam)

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HBO aired a new Waiting Sucks video tonight before ‘Game of Thrones’. We got a look at Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) in Season 5.

From the looks of the marker, this looks like it will be in episode 504.

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Update – here is the extended video:

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40 Responses to “Extended True Blood Waiting Sucks Video (Eric & Pam)”

  1. Laffyneric says:

    Whoa..talk about intense. I am not liking the distrust between these two at all.

  2. lemor d. says:

    i think when sookie stackhouse dumped eric he now doesn’t trust or believe in anyone anymore specially not pam !!. the good in eric left !!.

  3. AM says:

    Eric is still not happy with his child, and he now trusts Bill Compton more than Pam? Maybe Eric really has had a change of heart about his King. And will Eric release Pam to go her own way? And what about Eric’s vampire sister who he seems to have had sexual relations with? Where does she fit in all of this?

    Can’t wait for S5.

  4. Peecan says:

    The only words I have to describe the way I feel about this are very, very bad ones! Use your imagination! If this is a taste of what Eric (and Pam) fans have to look forward to after the huge letdown of the 2nd half of last year the powers that be must be letting us know ahead of time not to even bother! I wonder when they will show the teaser that hints that Bill, a relative youngster in the vampire world will now be elevated to the head of the authority and actually has secret superpowers that make him able to overpower and control even the most ancient of his kind! I think I know for sure now who really calls the shots on this show and it is not possible to suspend belief to the level required to swallow any more of this. Great acting by my two fave characters, as always but I simply cannot bear it any more. I hope they put up a disclaimer this year that this “story” not longer has anything whatsoever to do with the source material that didn’t need to be rewritten or retooled or retold! Peecan Out!

  5. eloradannen says:

    I am not much worried about this. To me, it is only natural that Eric would trust no one at this point. Sookie broke his heart and Pam did betray him last season, so to me this is a natural process…for him to be mad.

    I would like to think that AB will not break up this golden couple, because that would be really stupid as they have some of the best stuff to watch for.

    And no, I do not think Eric will be Bill’s butt boy. Eric is playing Bill.

  6. Amyishot4bill says:

    Pam and Eric are great. I love these two!! Can’t wait for season 5!! Did u see Pam shedding a normal tear? Maybe the didn’t have time to edit it with the blood but it made her look human to me. Eric has so many sides, I wonder if we will see a new one this year!

  7. Jessica says:


    My two favorite characters!

  8. Waitingsux says:

    I distinctly remember Eric in Season3 saying. “the only vampire a vampire can trust is the vampire he made.” I guess either a) that no longer holds true; or b) the writers have short memories.

    I don’t understand the need for these dramatics when he can just issue a makers command for her to tell the truth.

    I don’t want to rush to judgement seeing as this is only a minute long clip, but I’m growing concerned here…

    • Rina says:

      Eric can’t command Pam to tell the truth. That only applies to physical stuff. And do you think that maybe Eric learned something in S4? Like maybe that Pam is not infalliable, and he shouldn’t take her devotion and support for granted? He didn’t pick a doormat to be his companion. He forgot that and clearly needed to be reminded.

  9. helen says:

    Great to see Eric again(Alex is perfect as ever) I like it very much and Pam too but…Eric doesn’t trust Pam? Com’on We have to see how maker and progeny split because Eric has to go everywhere with Bill this season :P All this is loosing the sense, a maker and his progeny bond is so strong to split this way, a vampire 1000 years old like Eric can’t be submissive to a vampire 100 years old like Bill….I can’t understand sorry

    • Lola says:

      … but she betrayed him two times in season 4, so as Eric has trust her?

    • Biilswoman says:

      Yes, if the vampire who is only 170 yers old is more intelligent and smarter than 1000 years old vampire.
      IF Eric had done his job with Russel properly ….

      • ews45 says:

        Billswoman stop saying stupid stuff…..look you like Bill that’s fine…..its your prerogative but Eric has more charisma and is a better character over than Bill …..he is by far more popular and you know he is….just admit it and move on and enjoy the show. This is stupid to continue to have these comments everytime…..

        • Biilswoman says:

          I answered to Helen,..She asked about it..

        • fangirl says:

          So you like Eric…. it’s YOUR perogative but…. somehow pot calling kettle comes to mind.

          I think Pam says something like Eric trusting Bill Compton and/or a werewolf more than her. Funny how the werewolf part gets ignored for inciting meanness.

          This fan hopes that S5 is packed full of vampire goodness, AVL, Authority, Nora, Eric, Bill, Roman…. and not about who is f**&in who so maybe we can actually enjoy the show without snarkin’ about who hates who.

  10. Sand says:

    am I the only one disturb with the fact that Pam’s tears are not blood..?

  11. Kyra says:

    This scene is soo intriguing I really hope their relationship dosent deteriorate uunder the threat of Russel’s return. I think they edit the tears in post production.

  12. Jessica says:

    I have a bad feeling that Eric WILL say to Pam: I release you! And if so, I hope that they will get back together in the end.

    They are the most funniest and entertaining couple on TB! And, not to forget, Lala. :)

  13. Katrina says:

    Do you know, it has never occured to me that Pam might still be … whatever the opposite of “released” is! I’ve just assumed she had the option to leave but she and Eric just stay together because they are family and care about one another. I’ve assumed she obeys him because, well, your dad tells you do something and you do it (tho you might sulk and grumble sometimes!). Eric, presumably, had been released by Godric ages ago, and yet he still obeyed Godric’s commands.

    My guess is that one of the journeys of this season will be Eric and Pam reuniting after estrangement. And that will be very rewarding for those of us who love Eric and Pam.

  14. TBFan says:

    I guess it wasn’t enough for Alan Ball to destroy Eric and Sookie’s intended relationship. now all he has left to humiliate is Pam and Eric. Why don’t we just have Bill and Sook get married, teach third grade toegther and live happily ever? I hope they cancel the show this year.

    • eloradannen says:

      gosh we only got a minute of it so how can we really judge by this? For all we know, in the next minute they could fall into each other’s arms and make up. You know AB like to aggrevate….I am just gonna be hopeful until I see the full scene.

    • Rina says:

      Are you nuts? Eric and Sookie’s relationship is far from over. And Eric and Pam’s relationship is far from perfect. Its very foundation was shaken in S4. Eric and Pam will overcome their differences and their relationship will be stronger and healthier than ever. This isn’t humiliation. This is growth and evolution for both characters. Eric didn’t choose Pam to be his companion because she was a doormat. He picked her because she has a backbone and is not afraid to use it and even stand up to him. They’ve been taking each other for granted for 100 years because they haven’t had anything to argue about. Their safe, comfortable relationship needed to be shaken up, and it was in S4, and it will be again in S5. Drama and change is interesting. Who wants Pam to be a wise-cracking sidekick forever?

      • sheldon says:

        Oh I don’t know, I guess hoping for consistency of characterisation would be too much to ask, huh? I don’t recognise Eric’s character anymore. Forget the books, his character isn’t even consistent with what was established by the TB powers that be in S1 &2 FFS. So I totally understand many of the commenters here who are concerned with the trajectory of Eric’s character. But hey, this show fell on its sword mid-season last year, cementing the disaster with the threesome breakup scene. Truly awful and I say that in regards to all three characters’ perspective. It was Days of our Lives for vampires. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of success.

      • Biilswoman says:

        Well said.

  15. mbb says:

    i’m not crazy about either character (anymore). I used to really like Pam.

    But what is going on betwen them makes me sad.

  16. Rina says:

    Y r ll rtrdd. Tht s ll.

  17. Jody says:

    All of the clips so far have been so dramatic. I hope they still show their humor (which is one of the things that makes me love True Blood). Although I do hate when they give all of the good stuff away in the previews, so maybe they are saving the funny stuff for the show.

    I did like this Waiting Sucks. I am not worried about Eric & Pam’s relationship. I know they both really love each other.

  18. bushpiglet says:

    Its not a bad thing. Its a great scene. You cant expect Eric and Pam to waltz off into the sunset holding hands and never having a cross word. Character development and relationship expansion is necessary and why should Eric trust Pam, she’s already ratted him out to Bill. I wouldnt trust her either.

  19. Silvi says:

    Always ask yourself………….What would Jesus……….ahm Eric Northman do?
    If I were Eric, I wouldn’t released Pam, because that would be an epic fail if she really is “unfaithful”.

    As long as she’s with Eric she only can do what he commands her to do.

  20. fangirl says:

    Eric is Jesus now? WOW.

  21. Sabrina says:

    Have we fans not learned anything from the released teasers over the years?

    Things are never as they seem in these.

    Pam directly disobeyed Eric’s order not to bomb moon goddess and he obviously chose Sookie over her a few times. Of course she is upset and heart broken – he would know that so she would be a suspect since she knew RE wanted to own Sookie.
    He, Bill, Alcide, Pam and Russell himself are the only ones who, as far as we know, knew that RE was not killed.
    He could glamour Alcide to get the truth outta him, Bill is in just as much trouble as Eric with RE and the AVL so he probably didn’t do it, I think its just a scene of him ruling her out for his own peace of mind and her over-reacting because she is hurt. I dont’t think they would consider breaking this awesome couple up. Too much love and closeness between them.

  22. Rikita Patel says:

    Oh I dunno what to think, I just know that nothing could break Eric and Pam apart, not even Sookie Stackhouse.
    Eric just doesn’t know who to trust because vampires are notorious for not trusting anyone, not even their own kind. Give him time…

  23. amc says:

    Wow, some folks are so upset with this clip…I was not crazy with this either but this series always htrows out there clips to keep you from predicting the story and direction. She did disobey Eric and he has just gone through a major ordeal losing his memory and re-conecting with his human side. Hopefully they are not going to have him moaning over Sookie, that would be very unrealistic and boring. Eric and Pam wil get back together but maybe they are just throwing in a tempory curveball to change the Eric/Pam dynamic.

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