True Blood Spoiler: Will Sookie Become A Vampire?

By Lividity on Mar 16 2011 | 59 Comments »

spoilers sookie stackhouse alan ball So, the question has come up before, will Sookie eventually become a vampire in True Blood? TV Guide believes they might have the answer. Also find out a special skill that fairies possess.
Here’s one thing you can be sure of: Fairies can’t be turned into vampires. (Vampires just think their blood is mighty tasty and helpful for sun-bathing.) But executive producer Alan Ball reveals something else that fairies can do: “They can abduct humans and take them somewhere else that is not here,” he says. “Just like aliens.”


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59 Responses to “True Blood Spoiler: Will Sookie Become A Vampire?”

  1. Lizzie1701 says:

    So, that is a hint that Sookie will abduct a human and take him/her somewhere?? What about Vamps and Weres?? Are they classified as “humans” for the purpose of this exercise?

    • Lividity says:

      Uh, that’s a good question Lizzie. Also, if Sookie is a fraction fae, does all this apply to her or what?

    • Only Way That Matters says:

      Um I think it’s a reference to Claudine taking Sookie in the finale.

      Sorry to point out the obvious.

      • konfettii says:

        It doesn’t seem obvious to me. I never thought Sookie was abducted, which I think it very specific wording by Alan Ball here. She appeared to go quite willingly with Claudine and I was under the impression she was able to step into the light because she’s a fairy.
        And everyone keeps going on about Sookie only being part fairy but I’m wondering if she’s human *at all*. Russell asked her if was sure her parents were even her parents, and of course we know she lacks a blood type.
        Afairy taking of a human against their will to another place hasn’t happened yet, as far as I can tell.

        • TheNextBestThing36 says:

          I found it interesting that RE asked if she was sure her parents were indeed her real parents. And with her non-existent blood type and microwave hands, it does seem, IMO, that she is less human than we think. I’ve read in some mythology books about changelings, which are faerie children that are left in the place of human children. I could see this happening in the show.

          • Jade says:

            Her parents are her parents but her grandmother had an affair with a fairy, Fintan.
            She’s only telepathic because Mr Cataliades gave the gift of telepathy to any children born in her bloodline that had the essential spark, hence why Hunter can read minds too. It’s not a fairy thing

            • JKING says:

              We do see that Sookie is beginning to loose her fairy light. This was explained in season 5. It was explained that Pure fairies have infinite magic while because Sookie is part human her magic is finite. In addition we know that her grandfather is part fairy which means that the her fairy bloodline extends beyond her parents. In addition, other fairies can hear thoughts as well and we see this when Sookie travels to the fairy realm and they ALL over hear her thoughts as she speaks to her grandfather.

    • eloradannen says:

      Well it doesn’t say it is Sookie who does it. And I don’t think it is talking about Sookie going with Claudine. Maybe it refers to Sookie’s ancestors…just speculating here? It could mean a lot of things.

      I am starting to go the way of Sookie being more fae than we think she is. Maybe even entirely fae. It is suspcious that Russell asked her about that.

      And if Sookie is full blooded fae and it is possible she could abduct someone, who would it be? Almost no one in Bon Temps is human anymore.

      • ccoppe says:

        I’m leaning toward the “Sookie as full-blooded fae” scenario. Some other questions (beyond the KRE question and lack of blood type) need answers, though.

        For instance, if Sookie and Jason are not brother and sister, just exactly who did Jason see being born on the kitchen table lo those many years ago? If it was indeed Sookie’s birth Jason witnessed, how did Sookie come into her “fullfaeness.” We know her mother was scared out of her wits by the fact Sookie could read minds — so Mom clearly doesn’t factor into Sook’s fae heritage.

        I’m now officially annoyed that it is not June.

        • edie says:

          Maybe Sookie is a “walkin” and was transported into the mother’s womb at birth.

          Or, maybe the baby was transported to the fae world and Sookie was put in the womb as an exchange?

          Who knows. We will find out in June!

        • eloradannen says:

          Good question. It is possible that the birth that Jason witnessed on the kitchen table was not Sookie. Maybe a “switched at birth” kind of scenario?? Real baby abducted to faeland and replaced with fae Sookie? Why that would happen I don’t have a clue. But it would explain why Jason has a blood type and Sookie does not. They would not be blood brother and sister.

          • Jade says:

            She’s only an eighth fairy, course they’re brother + sister. But Jason only got fairy good looks, he didnt have the essential spark to enable the gift of telepathy (given by Mr Cataliades) to become his too.

  2. Marlene Emmett says:

    Looking foward to Season 4 more each day!
    Can’t wait to see what happens??????
    We all know that Sookie is 1/8 Fae~ those of us who have read the books know .
    Those of us who haven’t read the books are in for a big suprise!

  3. Only Way That Matters says:

    Kind of makes you wonder about Bill’s comment to Russell doesn’t it?

    “That’s impossible.”

    Sounds more and more like Bill knew exactly what he was “procuring” from day one.

    • Lividity says:

      That does indeed make me wonder… I’m one of those that believes that Bill didn’t know exactly what Sookie is – he knew she was “something” but didn’t know what. This spoiler grouped with “impossible” has to get people pondering. I’m sure that is the point of the spoiler ;)

      • karlskit says:

        I think it is foreshadowing that Bill has realized that Sookie is not human (or entirely human.) Hence his questioning Claudine along the lines of “I need to know what Sookie is, so I can protect her.” The foreshadowing started with season 1 with Bill questioning Sookie “What are you?” I think the file is also going to play into his need to know Sookie.

    • konfettii says:

      That was the first thing that came to mind for me, too. The world ‘impossible’ always struck me as an odd choice.

    • eloradannen says:

      That sure makes those two words take on a different meaning doesn’t it. Another clue from AB to make us think! For Bill to say “it’s immpossible” to Russell certainly implies that he did know what she was and had had experience with fairies..maybe he had already tried that? Wasn’t there some speculation that maybe Bill met Dermot in the flashback? Because of Jason being in the scene? That maybe he was playing the part of Dermot? Interesting for sure.

    • hdgcat says:

      Yes, I was always wondering about that word choice too. Bill as a character always speaks very specifically , as evidenced by jessica’s very funny impression of him when he left her at home to go on his errands.

      I’m still not sure how much Bill knew about Sookie though before hand, just because his reactions often seem to be ones of surprise. So even if he knew she might be a supe or what kind…remember how little teh vamps seemed to be sure of….Russell referred to the “myth” of daywalking which was a “myth” when he was a human , over 3000yrs ago! So how would Bill, who is smart but not that smart, possess this special knowledge? And THEN , not know about maneads, which are still roaming around causing havoc?

      I’m on the fence about this one. There’s some evidence to support it and some not.

  4. laputain says:

    I am sure Bill said that it would be impossible to turn Sookie because he hated what he was and he couldn’t bring himself to do it to the person he loves the most. He had no fricking clue about the fairy thing and that was made pretty clear throughout season 3. And his revulsion of turning people has been obvious throughout.

    • Liz79 says:

      Yeah, that’s how I read it to. His anguish at turning Jessica shows just how much he believes becoming a vampire is a curse. Also, If Bill knew what Sookie was all along it totally negates the scene with Claudine. I mean why on earth would he say that to her if he knew everything? Also, I’m going with the idea of if Russell didn’t know then none of them knew.

    • Marcy says:

      Agreed! That’s how I saw it.

    • ariel says:

      I agree, laputain. Bill said it was impossible because he couldn’t imagine turning the person that he loved. I don’t think Bill knew that Sookie was part fae until he spoke with Claudine.

  5. Marcy says:

    It’s obvious that Bill knew Sookie was different (his first encounter with her at Merlotte’s), but he just didn’t know what she was. Just like when Eric first met Sookie, he knew she was different but didn’t know what she was.

    I think some people really want it reveled that Bill knew all along that Sookie was part fae. If some people didn’t have “selective” hearing and viewing, they would know that in the begining Bill didn’t know what Sookie was. Alan Ball has already said.

    • eloradannen says:

      Well we already know that what AB says and what he shows in his series are two different things. The evidence is piling up for those who choose to pick up the clues.

      • Marcy says:

        Like I said it’s obvious that Bill didn’t know what she was. Yes, there are clues and some people like to be “selective” in what they see and hear. That’s just my opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        • ariel says:

          Yes, Marcy. There will always be disagreements when it comes to Bill and his motivations. To me, the evidence points more strongly that Bill did not know much about Sookie when he came to BT, and he didn’t know that Sookie was fae until he met Claudine.

          • edie says:

            Totally agree Marcy and ariel. I see selective hearing and watching all over the threads! lol! AB knows his characters and people want to disagree because it is not what they want it to be. Same as people disagree with CH, and lol, she is the author!

            People are funny!

  6. Leif says:

    When KRE mentioned Bill turning Sookie and Bill said “That’s impossible”… in light of the new spoiler, it does indeed make you wonder how much Bill really does know.

    Add that to the season one line;
    ” You don’t know just how special you really are.”

    Along with the file containing the family tree….How can you help but not wonder?
    Makes me think Bill DOES know how special Sookie really is.

    @Marlene – I think Sookie is much more than 1/8th fae in AB’s TB version.
    Sookie didn’t have any special powers (microwave fingers) , and she had a blood type (O+ i think) , and she never travelled to the Fae realm in the books.
    On TB -KRE asked her if her parents were really her parents and Jason said Sookie was born at home, and at the hospital we found out TB Sookie has no blood type.
    I think she may be more fae than human on TB.

    Loving all the news and spoilers – much to speculate about in the next couple of months.

  7. Marcy says:

    It’s obvious that Bill didn’t know what Sookie was, however he did know that she was different. Just like when Eric first met Sookie, he knew she was different but he didn’t know what she was.

    • Leif says:

      Yes Eric knew Sookie was different when he met her.

      Bill ‘obviously’, was privvy to information about Sookie BEFORE he met her.
      How much Bill really did know is what is up for speculation. And it should be.
      We also do not know exactly what Hadley shared with QSA and Bill PRIOR to Bill coming to Bon Tempt.

      QSA stated she was searching for a true fae for centuries & Bill has been her procurer for 35 years – since before Sookie was born.

      The file contained decades old information and the family tree with Earl’s name was circled.
      Earl had made the papers years earlier for saving ppl from a fire by using his “sixth sense.”
      Sookie’s parents were killed by a supposed “Flash Flood” – Claudine said “It wasn’t the water that killed your parents.”

      I think the only thing that is obvious is that Bill knows more than he has revealed to Sookie and the audience….so far.

      • edie says:

        You are just where AB wants you to be! He is the one with an ace up his sleeve and is probably loving it that we are all coming to wrong conclusions! lol!

        • eloradannen says:

          I bet he is and I am just loving it. I love that he is challenging us to figure this out. It makes the show so much more interesting. And sometimes we are wrong, but a lot of times we have been right. fun, fun, fun, lol

  8. Lynn says:

    It is obvious to me that Bill was up to something when he first walked into Merlotte’s, ulterior motive was written all over his face. Yes, Eric was thinking that Sookie was different from any other human but the difference was that Bill actually knew it. His, “it’s impossible’ comment meant he knew it was ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

  9. Only Way That Matters says:

    Agreed, Lief. When you start tallying it up the list of things that are “off” is getting long. And there’s too much on the list now to simply wipe the question of what Bill knew off the table and assert that it’s “obviously” not the case, and that it doesn’t bear speculating about.

    And until I hear someone put forward a better explanation for the incidents you mentioned, as well as a few others that have sent up red flags – I’m prepared to go with the idea that Alan Ball is laying groundwork here. In light of recent events, that seems more likely to me than Bill Compton telling Sookie the truth – about anything.

  10. toni says:

    I was hoping to see fairyland phased out, no likey on the show.

  11. LKC says:

    I agree that this could be some more red flags. Also in season 1 when Bill says “you don’t know how special you really are” he is playing with her ear! Now this could be just coincidence or it could be something more. We might not ever find out or it may be revealed that Bill knew all along. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    I remember last season when people were speculating that Bill knew or let the Rattrays beat Sookie there was an uproar. Well those people were right. I think the best bet with AB is not assume anything. AB could go there and for those of us who see the signs it won’t be such a surprise. At this point I would be more surprised if he doesn’t!

    • Liz79 says:

      But what is “there?” It IS obvious he came to town at the request of the Queen. It was not a random meeting between Sookie and Bill. He has gone “there.” He has also gone to the fae world and was allowed to return. Why? THAT is the pertinent question – why? I mean Bill has hit bottom. Now he has to build a “life” for himself. That’s what I’m interested in watching.

      • eloradannen says:

        Well my opinion is that Bill has never been to Faeland. The field that they play in is certainly not it. Remember when Sookie first went to see Claudine and the “Dark” came. All the Fae jumped into a portal in the water, that is their entrance to Faeland apparently. That is why Bill walked on the water..he wasn’t allowed entrance. The question is why anyone would think a vampire would be allowed entrance to Faeland?

        • Liz79 says:

          OK, I can see that. But he did go “somewhere” that surprised Claudine. So where was that place? The fact is both were pretty shocked to see the other. And we see that Claudine could take care of Bill if needed be. If vampires are so dangerous to Fae why would he be allowed to “live?” The fact that their entire conversation was not shown shows me some important things were said and decided between Claudine and Bill.

  12. JennyKing says:

    At this point, why does it matter when Bill knew Sookie was Fae? It doesn’t matter now, does it? She has already dumped him, he has already hurt her badly, so who cares? I’m sure the spoiler is referring to something no one on this page can guess. It more than likely has nothing to do with Bill’s relationship with Sookie.

    Someone mentioned earlier that Alan Ball says one thing then does something else. They never gave an example, but I certainly hope this person’s right. Ball said no Bill/Sookie relationship in Season 4, but I would like to see them back together this season.

    • laputain says:

      What does it matter? It matters sod all. Its just some unhinged people want to keep assassinating Bill’s character for some perplexing reason. As if he wasn’t in shit enough…its like the Borg, resistance is futile. Everyone must worship at the altar of teh OMGZ hawt blonde god or else *rolls eyes*

    • Galiana says:

      You’ve got a point. What does it matter? What’s one more lie when there have been so many. Sookie already knows she can’t trust him. She already knows that he didn’t tell her everything after he swore to her he did. She probably assumes everything was a lie anyway. That’s what happens when someone finds out they’ve been deceived & manipulated – they tend to question if anything was real or true.

    • eloradannen says:

      Jenny, I am the one who said Alan Ball says one thing and then shows us something else. Here are some examples.

      Alan Ball says “Personally, I’m like, yes, Eric is hot but beyond that I don’t know if he’d love anybody besides himself.” But what does he SHOW us?

      Eric’s love for Godric
      Eric’s love for Pam
      Eric’s love for Sookie

      Alan Ball says “Sookie and Bill are soulmates”

      But what does he SHOW us?

      Sookie dreaming of Eric..twice
      Sookie joining Eric in his dream
      Sookie seeking Eric out for various things
      Sookie saving Eric…what 3 times now

      Those were the kind of things I was talking about. I was responding to the poster who said that Bill didn’t know about Sookie being a fae, because Alan Ball already said that. Well Ball isn’t going to give away future storylines. And yes I realize that could work both ways, he could be fooling the Eric fans too.

  13. Marcy says:

    Whatever it turns out to be, I bet it’s not going to be a big deal (the Bill haters will be pissed and the Bill fans will be happy). I love the Bill character (books & show) and I know he messed up. However, some people want Bill to turn out to be the “bad” one so bad, but that’s not going to happen. Sorry Bill haters!! LOL!

    No character on the show is all good and all bad. Hell, I don’t like Eric (books & show) but I know he’s not all bad.

  14. Roswellover says:

    Interesting! Well Eyuck does want to turn Sookie into a vampire and I’m sure he’s going to try (regardless of how Sookie may feel) because he’s a selfish bastard. Eyuck does have a problem with Sookie growing old, but Bill doesn’t.

  15. jasmine says:

    But Bill did drain her, nearly killing her and then brought her back to life and she was not turned. Perhaps she will be immortal in Garland, but on earth will age like a human.

  16. BS Meter 2013 says:

    Skip forward to 2013

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    And there’s a Fairy Vampire.

  17. Anastasia says:

    Where has everyone been!? Okay, stop warlow is Ben and he is a fairy prince, who has been betrothed to sookie, and only warlow can kill lilith, hmmmm…I have been WAITING. For sook to become a fay vamp, yummy! Where are the spoilers !? Is sookie getting turned ( for some
    reason , I think “no” but another part, the “production” part says yes…. I thought I’d come here for other opinions, but, you people have……goneWAY FAR AWAY ! ARGH!!! WHERE’D YA ‘ALL GO!? So …. What do ya all think? Is warlow going to change sookie?. Grrr! U hate waiting a week ! And then HBO cut.out an episode, so, at least I think there will be another season or more considering them sookie Stackhouse novels ….lol , its funny, my auto correct has Stackhouse in its “c dictionary” and I haven’t put it there yet…I didn’t have to…lol!

    • Gayi'sa says:

      I would like to mention, that there is another halfling fairy. Perhaps the one Ben is really looking for. Andy Belflour’s daughter. Just a thought, I would love sookie as a vamp/fairy I just fear it’s not gonna happen.

  18. Gayi'sa says:

    There is another halfling fairy around now, just a thought.

  19. emily says:

    So if fairies can’t be turned into vampires, why warlow is half fairy and half vampire then?

  20. Only Way That Matters says:

    There’s no need to take it so personally. Bill isn’t real and I’m sure he’ll cope just fine…whether his character is “assassinated” or not. No one is unhinged – we are simply asking questions that some parts of the audience appear to be quite uncomfortable with and would apparently rather just ignore altogether.

    Ball and Co are deliberately putting these things in the script to encourage viewers to question Bill – and they are planting enough of them that many people (and not just “delusional rabids”) are questioning everything Bill has said and done right back to the beginning. Wouldn’t you say that raising a plot point from S1E1 in the S3 finale is a rather transparent means of suggesting to the audience that everything they thought they knew about this character and his motives might be, at the very least, worth a re examination?

    I really don’t think it’s fair to call people “unhinged” for asking questions that we are clearly being *led* to ask by the show. Especially when no alternative explanation for the neon signs the writers have been flashing about Bill is forthcoming after the name calling.

  21. laputain says:

    Um, your obvious pathological loathing for a fictional character and inability to just enjoy the ride and let people like who they want in peace IS unhinged. Sometimes its hilarious, but most of the time its boring and disturbing. I do wonder what the fascination is with Bill since every one of you types seem to hate him so much. I can’t be bothered to talk about characters I don’t like. But then again I don’t live in La La Land…Bon Temps isn’t real, and neither are any of these people, and I don’t take it personally. I’m just sick to death of reading this utter crap when I look at any discussion of the show.

  22. eloradannen says:

    Wow. I thought the spoilers were here for people to discuss what they mean. But I guess some do take it personally. If you don’t want to discuss it then don’t discuss it. But you seem to be saying that no one else has a right to an opinion unless it is the same as yours. Like who you like, but some us do like to pick up on what Alan Ball is laying down. “Popcorn for thinking people” Indeed it is! peace.

  23. Marcy says:


    I understand your point. When it has to do with Bill, I rarely respond to an Eric fans post. No matter what Bill does they will always find something wrong with it because they’re hate for a fictional character runs that deep. It runs so deep that some of them say horrible things about Stephen Moyer.

  24. Leif says:

    I think what really has you bothered is that NO ONE, including Sookie sees Bill the way you do.

  25. Liz79 says:

    @ Laputain, I know what you’re talking about. It can get brutal.

    All I know is that AB has said Bill will continue to protect Sookie. That show’s me his motivation. I could care less if he knew she was fae or whatever. Just isn’t important to me. He messed up and he’s being duly punished. It’s redemption time!

  26. Lene says:

    Well, Sookie’s blood is Bill’s drug of choice, so I can see why he’d want to protect its source while trying to regain his access to it.

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