Ep. 401: “She’s Not There”

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AIR DATE: June 26, 2011

WRITER:Alexander Woo

DIRECTOR: Michael Lehmann.


“Sheʼs Not There”: Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; Terry tries to alleviate Arleneʼs fears about the baby.

“Alan Ball’s Emmy-nominated supernatural drama returns for a chilling fourth season that finds barmaid Sookie (Anna Paquin) reeling from revelations about her heritage and the real reason why her vampire boyfriend, Bill (Stephen Moyer), first sought a relationship with her. Now that she knows why she is a telepath, Sookie is unsure about which path to follow, while vengeful vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) escalates his deadly feud with Bill.”


nick cave 02 We now know that none other than the FABULOUS Nick Cave will be recording “She’s Not There!”

Possible Song Inspiration: “She’s Not There” by the Zombies

Well, no one told me about her
The way she lied
Well, no one told me about her
How many people cried 

But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
How would I know, why should I care?
Please don’t bother trying to find her
She’s not there

Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
The way she acts and the color of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there

Well, no one told me about her
What could I do?
Well, no one told me about her
Though they all knew

But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
How would I know, why should I care?
Please don’t bother trying to find her
She’s not there

Well, let me tell you about the way she looked
The way she acts and the color of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there


But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
How would I know, why should I care?
Please don’t bother trying to find her
She’s not there

Well, let me tell you about the way she looked
The way she acts and the color of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there






Possible Song Inspiration: “She’s Not There” Covered by Santana

96 Responses to “Ep. 401: “She’s Not There””

  1. Missouri58 says:

    Eric has every right to be vengeful

  2. fbforbill says:

    I do not know wich is stupider you blogging on a Bill page or you saying Eriic has a right to do revenge. If anyone needs to exact something is Bill. He has had everything taken away. His first wife, his family, his life in BonTemps because of Eric stupid vendetta. If he would of left RE in the light Bill wouldn’t of had to do what he did to him. Eric knows how Sookie tastes and knows what she is. he had to watch out for her. How much does he have to do to prove he deserves her love.
    I know I know he let her get beat but he wasn’t the only one to hurt her: RE, Eric, and Sam. Sam sat there as a dog and let her get beat, Eric knew about all of this and did nothing to help her, Eric left her for dead at RE’s and Sookie had work with Bill to get rid of Lorena. Eric invited Lorena and opened up that can of worms, boy alot of bad EN stuff~see a pattern. So if people want blaim everthing from the civilwar to the plague on Bill lets look at everything before we cast stones.
    Sorry but have had some Bad fans for a certain vamp blogging me and I am just fet up and wanna set some of the record straight~did not mention Lala, Hadley, and Talbut. So like I said People who live in glass houses.
    This is fpr all the Bill fans World Wide. I hope Bill Kills QSA and then goes after you know who. Go Bill![

    • Melissa says:

      You are right. You have been VERY RUDE, but you are telling the truth. This is a Bill fan site. I post here, but I know this is Bill’s Nest.

      • Lividity says:

        OK, no. Just no. This site may have a lot of Bill fans but it is not Bill’s Nest.

        • Mel says:

          I agree, I thought this site was dedicated to TRUE BLOOD… Not just Bill, after all the shows done sooo well because of all the talented actors…. , And I love all the characters… This season I want to see Sookie end up with Eric…. but unlike the books (Ive read all of them) and so with the books Id rather see her end up with Eric or another person/shifter/vamp in the end NOT BILL… but the Bill in the books made the mistake of spending too much time on his computer work than to paying attention to her…. thats just a NO go for me if a man treats you like that, he will only do it again if they ended up back together… However in the TV show which is proving so very different, Bill has made huge mistakes… HUGE… but I believe his charter loves Sookie and I would like too see them back together in a MUCH later season, once Sookie has seen other people/vamps etc and one she has had a chance to see Bills love is for real…. after all if she went back to him now she would not be the same strong women she has been since season 1… and that is why we love her isn’t it…

        • Mel says:

          I can’t imagine what hell awaits Bill in this season. Trying to kill a queen (maybe successfully?) a Sheriff and his second-in-command? He’s in some major trouble. I am hoping this season follows the plot of Sookie staying away from Bill. It’s a major part in her character development. She becomes more independent, less naive, and overall a stronger female character that I love to look up to. With Bill, she is needy and entirely too trusting of vampires. Speaking of vampires, Eric is much more calculating and a better vampire than Bill. That is some of the allure of Bill; he doesn’t try to be an excellent vampire and seems to be “mainstreaming.” Unfortunately, that means when Bill tries to manipulate a situation like a vampire, he fails miserably (i.e. attempts to kill Pam and Eric). To be fair, Eric has had hundreds of years more practice than Bill in this respect. The reason many feel so strongly about Eric is because of his time spent with amnesia. He is more vulnerable, more human. When he’s back to his normal, calculating self, we see both sides of him. The compassionate and the cunning. For me, that puts him out over the top of all of Sookie’s love interests.

        • Tiffany says:

          This is not a Bill fanpage. This is a TB page. End of story – whining cease now please.

    • angela says:

      I agree – Bill deserves a break. I want to see some justice and instead of Bill constantly being the underdog to Eric and his ruthless games I want to see Bill get his own back . He has lost out so much but he is a strong character. Agree that he has proven his genuine love for Sookie over and over – I can understand Sookie’s reaction in episode 36 (who wouldn’t) and anyway, how did Eric know what happened with the Ratty’s and Bill left her??? Also if my memory serves me correct, wasn’t Sookie all hot and steamy for Bill in the first episode before she swapped blood with Bill?? Then the love is genuine – oh what a romantic! I want Bill and Sookie to end up together in the end – they are fantastic together. Bill knows what he wants! On the other side though, the sexual tension between Eric, Bill & Sookie is great – if this can be continued without getting boring would be great. Poor Bill, he has had so much competition – Sam, Alcide and of course Eric dominating him from the beginning.

    • stubbsx3 says:

      Uh Eric had nothing to do with Bill losing his family and his life. It was Lorena who turned Bill -she had nothing to do with Eric. Sounds like someone is taking this True Blood thing a bit too seriously. Im a big fan of True Blood but not big enough to declare this page a Bill page….Have you not read the other blog entries?

    • Nyssa16 says:

      First of all people this is a show, lets all take a step back into reality and breathe deeply.

      First: Bill is not a real person, so it is silly to get defensive when someone voices an opinion that differs from your own.

      Second: Bill lied to Sookie, and entered into her life under false pretenses. Eric has never claimed to be honest, or kind. And he had certainly always claimed to be looking out for himself first and everyone else second. At least he is honest.

      Third: It is quite clear that Eric is way hotter than Bill, and according to the rules of society that means he is better.

      Fourth: Please pay more attention to your spelling and grammar. It is almost painful to read some of the posts on this site. Maybe you should take a break from t.v. and read a book to help you learn the correct way to construct a sentence. The little wavy red line under a word means you have spelled it wrong. Hey, I just had an epiphany! The show is based on BOOKS! You could read them. They are pretty good and put the whole Bill/Eric thing to rest in a cold deep grave where it belongs.

      • caroline says:

        LOL @ #3 : that is pure opinion, as are most of these posts here. Laughable you’re trying to hoist this on us as some fact.

        As for the grammar comment, is this your first time on the internets or what?

      • TBfan says:

        You are an absolute scream!!! Such a funny post! Thanks for the laugh!!

    • TBfan says:

      Just a thought, how about you learn how to spell before you post on a public forum. It really doesn’t matter how good a point you make when every other word is misspelled.

      And just for the record. Bill totally sucks! Even he knows it!!

    • trixie2702 says:

      TEAM ERIC!! just saying :)

  3. Lividity says:

    Just to set the record straight. This is not a “Bill Page.” This is the beginning of the True Blood season 4 guide.

    • robin e says:

      So Yvetta will be back for S4…will she be the one to focus the attentions of Marnie/Hallow onto the Fangtasia Vamps? After poor Yvetta’s “Fantasy Bubble” was so cruelly burst (during the creation of Eric’s Last Will & Testament) with the stark realization that she was nothing more than a lowly Fangtasia employee and an occasional vampire “Happy Meal” … just guessing she may have an axe to grind…

      Speaking of Fantasy …been noticing on both the Book and Series posts people are getting very agitated and angry over Bill / Eric characters, including statements of no longer reading / watching if the storylines don’t go their way (???) These characters are neither real or even our creations… hope this doesn’t ever go the way of that Wisconsin guy who shot his tv, etc..due to his anger over the Palins on Dancing with the Stars…( ???????)

      I would like to thank HBO Active Voice boo B for directing me to this site…I like reading all the info contained on it…

      • ZZ says:

        I’m guessing Yvetta will be the introduction for Marnie/Hallow stuff and will have a play in Eric’s curse.
        People gets very angry while defending Bill or Eric. I must say that I was a die-hard Bill fan but now, since I’m capable of seeing the good and bad sides from the two vamps, I appreciate them much more and I’m looking forward to watch the show again no matter what. (and without prejudices or fanatism)
        Hey Robin.. what’s HBO Active Voice ? curious…!

    • tan says:

      Exactly Lividity- thank you. This page is clearly marked as Season 4, episode 401 information! Maybe it is time for some to step off line and go stand outside in the fresh air for a bit. Breathe! This is all about a TV show for goodness sake. Let’s keep a handle on reality while we have fun blogging about our favorite show!!

    • fbforbill says:

      I am sorry i said it was a Bill page but it is under Bill’s wiki’d women. I just really wanted to state how he has been picked on,

  4. Crazy4Bill says:

    I don’t want to get into a fight with anyone, and I love The Nest, which I recognize is a TB news site, but I have to say that Bill has more right to vengeance against Eric than the other way around. Didn’t the Viking bring Lorena to Dallas? I can hardly wait to see that little fact come out. Eric has always tried to get Sookie, by foul means, most of the time, like taking Bill the the Magister when he killed Longshadow to save Sookie. Eric or Pam certainly did not lift a finger to save her, and then Eric did not have to do anything about it, but put the screws to Bill, yet again. If anyone deserves vengeance, it is definitely not Eric. Besides, he already got his vengeance on Russell. I would definitely be in favour of seeing Bill get redress for all the wrongs perpetrated on him.
    Go True Blood, season 4 cannot come fast enough!

    • Melissa says:

      Eric has done MANY bad thing. But STOP making excuses for Bill. He also has made BAD things. The are vampires. It is in their nature.

  5. chrisluvsBill says:

    omg this isn’t real life folks

  6. aggie says:

    This is a TB site and we all can write. Eric has did many things, but remember he didn’t have any feeling for Sookie during the first seasons. Bill started his relations with Sookie under lies and deceit also. I just hope all the regulars will come back in season 4 can’t wait for June to get here.

  7. amyishotforbill says:

    Bill and Eric have BOTH done a lot of bad things. They are totally different people….I for one hope that sookie does end up with bill in the end of it all, but Eric definately has feelings for her, and she is curious about her feelings for him…..we all know that. So lets just wait and see what happens. I hope to see Eric’s character evolve, and I hope that Bill can find happiness sometime….I feel they are both tortured souls…and can’t WAIT for next June :)

  8. dolores cocuzzo says:

    Bill is Sookie’s true lover. He proved that over and over again in the three seasons. I just hope that season 4 will find Bill more powerful against Eric – he is no whimp and I would like to see a harder side to Bill with reference to his dealings with Eric etc. Eric has misled Sookie many times in order to get her blood etc – he is more vicious than Bill and he has no compassion – Bill on the other hand has feelings for others and shows it in so many ways. Looking forward to Bill going against Eric in season 4.

  9. MissPiggy says:

    yeah! Bill made a lot of mistakes, no doubt about that, and huge ones too! I like Eric very much and I would like to see him having a relationship with Sook, as in spite of him being an asswhole, I do believe he has true feelings for her. Bill needs to go through that and learn no to hide things from her. Sook also needs to get more mature in the relationships and not be so childish and naive. So, it will be good that sookie can try other lovers and Bill also, but I do believe that Bill and Sookie are soulmates and their love is real and eternal, so I hope they can be together in the end and completely honest with each other!

  10. haunted willow says:

    She’s Not There Lyrics by Santana

    Old School but still ……great tune

    No one told me about her, the way she lied.
    Well, no one told me about her, how many people cried.
    But it’s too late to say you’re sorry.
    How would I know, why should I care?
    Please, don’t bother tryin’ to find her,
    she’s not there.

    Ooh, nobody told me about her. What could I do?
    Well, no one told me about her though they all knew.
    But it’s too late to say you’re sorry.
    How would I know, why should I care?
    Please, don’t bother tryin’ to find her,
    she’s not there.

    Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looks,
    the way she acted, the color of her hair.
    Her voice was soft and cool,
    Her eyes were clear and bright but she’s not there.
    But it’s too late to say you’re sorry.
    How would I know, why should I care?
    Please, don’t bother tryin’ to find her,
    she’s not there.

    Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looks,
    The way she acted, the color of her hair.
    Her voice was soft and cool,
    Her eyes were clear and bright but she’s not there.

    • Lividity says:

      Actually, I think that song was written by the Zombies… but I included Santana as well ’cause you never know which version will be in the show! Thanks for the reminder to get off my butt and put the vids in ;)

      • RizonSon says:

        Hello :) I just found this site today, but smiled over the artist confusion on “She’s Not There”… The Zombies wrote and sang that tune in the 1960′s, it hit number 12 on the UK charts in August 1964. While both versions are cool, the guitar great, Santana, is covering the song :)

        As for the conversation about the Sookie/Bill/Eric romantic interests, I think that Sookie will have at least one intimate moment with Eric. Why? Because Bill was the first man she’s had feelings for and had sex with. She is very curious by nature, and I believe that there is something about Eric that intrigues her enough that she is honestly sexually attracted to him. I think that while Bill did originally have a motive to get to know Sookie, I think he was honest when he told her that he developed feelings and fell in love with her. As for Sookie, I think that she THINKS she loves Bill, but since she is inexperienced in romantic relationships, she might actually be experiencing what I like to call “first love syndrome” … all those highly intense feelings of a first love or crush… I’d like to wait and see how things play out before I’d say she has undying love for Bill.

        Also, I’d like to say that I never read any of the books until this month when a friend told me she hated the series because it was nothing like the books. I have to say that I am liking both the series and the books… the writers of the series have done some terrific things to expand on characters, add characters, and add more plot twists to keep me riveted to my seat. If it wasn’t for creative liberties taken, then we’d never know Tara because she simply does not exist in the book. There are other things that I am happy liberties were taken for the sake of a good series, but if it had been in book form, those same liberties would be confusing and make the books 3 inches thick.

        Finally, there will always be those who are for or against Eric or Bill, just as there are those who pick “sides” for the Twilight guys. I think it’s OK to like one a bit more than the other, it’s a mark of great acting if the audience can fall in love with, or have an extreme disliking for, a character (which is what the actor, writer, and director is aiming for). However, they are just characters, with actors who portray them… the actors are just acting, it’s their job.. they don’t really act like Eric or Bill or whomever.

        Anyway, I do enjoy reading this site, and will visit again. Thank you for having a place for the TB fans to enjoy.

    • Vampyra22 says:

      I LOVE SANTANA’S VERSION !!!! I wish they would use that fo this episode.

  11. konfettii says:

    I can’t comment on either version of the song as I’m way to square to have heard either of them, but it got me thinking…wasn’t there a recent interview with Lindsay Haun in which she was asked if Zombies would ever be in TB? The answer might end up being yes, in a way :P

  12. kathy says:

    i hope that season bill man”s up and reveal what kind of person eric really is.

    • Bloody says:

      a beautiful and honest ones. Not like Bill who let her true love almost die.
      ypu will be surprised not in a good way by AB.

    • Melissa says:

      What king of person Eric is? I think Bill fans are always talking about Eric BAD behavior, so they don’t need to explore the BAD things Bill has done.

  13. Frank's former love says:

    I too can’t believe how long it will be until the new eps! Oh well, since they brought up the fact Hallow will emerge in season 4 I hope they do at least a small part of Sookie taking care of an altered (be-spelled) amnesiac Eric. I think it will help her define his true nature easier if she can see both sides of him.

    Hopefully it will help her in future dealings with him. As much as I love Bill & Sookie together, I’m not sure coming together again as lovers would be such a good thing. Bill betrayed her in the worst possible of ways and if he truly wanted to be with her forever, he should have come clean before anyone else had the chance to step up to tell her.

    Besides, I think there will be a lot of interesting by-play with Sookie and Bill on the outs… it just opens up so many other ways the storylines can go! For diehards… there’s always the sites of Stephen and Anna to give us those missing “soulmate” moments between the two! :}

    • PwdlMom says:

      LOL! Yes, Bill and Sookie need some time apart, no matter how much we want to see them together. Hopefully the “other things” in the story will give them a nutrient-rich environment in which to reflect and grow to a point where they can really be together again while providing us a glorious ride. Look at Season 3, wherein Bill and Sook were getting all kinds of messages that their relationship wasn’t necessarily a good thing. But, in meantime, there are lots of possible stories that would be delicious on screen. I just re-read the Eric gets cursed book (“Dead to the World”), which happens to be my favorite because of the story and the balance of the plot. One thing — Sookie’s house doesn’t have a hidey-hole that we know of in TB. I doubt she’d stash a memory-impaired Viking vampire under the garden!

  14. tan says:

    *sigh* June 2011 is so far away!!!

  15. bill4ever says:

    Just all give a little thought to us in the UK, we have’nt seen Season 3 yet. Roll on 14th January 2011 that’s when it is due to be aired.

  16. jee says:


  17. kai says:

    After all that’s happen bill deserves a break.He needs one with trying to kill eric and not succeding(damn).And sookie resending his invation and never wanting to see him all lots happened to him.To be honest i really dont want him to end up with sookie I want him to find someone he really likes maybe even loves more than sookie I want her to erase the memory of sookie cause I dont like her.And I defenitly dont like eric I only love bill

    Bill is the best character all tyhe way I love him and I hope they cut him some slack

  18. angela says:

    I would like to see Bill and Sookie together in the end. My view is (after reading the books) that she will have a fling/ romance with Eric. But I really hope at the end of it all Bill and Sookie end up together. Bill has had so much against him (lost his humanity, wife, kids and all that was important to him) and now he finds a new love that meets or exceeds his first love. I think he deserves that. And I hope Sookie will see that he is genuine (if not from the absolute beginning) and that he allegiance changed soon after he met her – not to the Queen but to him and Sookie. He deserves this break.

    And on the subject of deserving a break – Eric, I would like to see some wins against him. I think this is only fair. Yes, I know life ain’t fair but this is not life. Eric has placed so many obstacles in front of Bill and Bill has had to work out ways to overcome these. And Sookie has risked a lot to ‘save’ Bill in series 3 – they both deserve it. Would love to see a twist to see Bill have power over Eric. Speaking of, also Alcide to have power over Eric as well. Don’t get me wrong Eric fans – I like the character and it is played well. But I must admit I am a Bill fan and Bill and Sookie fan.

    • fbforbill says:

      I believe you are right. i have writen fanfiction where Eric gets caught in a bad lie to Sookie when they were together. She gets back with Bill. Yay! I can wait to see them back together. I hope Bill does bring it on and show Sookie how bad Eric is. I know we Dog Eric a lot. I think he is a wonderful Vilian but for me he does not belong with Sookie. She needs someone who understands her, loves her, and will put theirself aside for them. Her Soulmate Bill. We will have to wait i believe a while but I hope not ot long.

  19. Andre says:

    I’m new to this site, I love it, lots of interesting infos, great job!
    I can’t wait for season 4 to be aired, to see what surprizes AB has for us. I must say, I loved the way he changed the story from Charlaine Harris’ books, his new characters an the plots he created are so much better – darker, more intense, unexpected…That’s why I think, no matter what we try to imagine will happen next season, he’ll have some unexpected things up his sleeves. That’s the most important reason I watch the series, too see what Allan Ball changed and invented.

    For Miss Pggy – Like Portugal, Romania is one step ahead this time, on this matter – Season 3 already began airing here.

  20. toni says:

    I think the She in she’s not there will be Tara. Liv, the song is by the Zombies, Rod Argent, who in his time was a teen idol. He was very caliente.

  21. chrisluvsBill says:

    After reading all these posts I have a couple things to punch out on this phone’s keybpard (which is really hard). While I realize the show is called True Blood the show “is” based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I wish some on here that really like the show would read the books. Bill is my favorite character (and the actor my favorite), BUT in the books, Eric is coming out to be a main character now in Sookies life as well. It’s the way it’s supposed to go and if everyone would stop with the ultimatums (which are just plain silly) and watch you’ll see how it fits in nicely. Furthermore Alan Ball doesn’t seem like a stupid person and he sees how popular Bill is in the series he’s not letting him go. In the books Layfette dies in the first few books and they didn’t let that happen which I’m very glad I love me some LaLa! I’m really hoping they do stay closer to the books though as they are by far one of the best (if not THE best) series I’ve ever read. I read 5 books a week so that’s saying a lot!

  22. Pops says:

    I so god damn hope it will cover the most of ‘Dead to the World’(vol 4) and I so mean Eric :)
    I agree with chrisluvsBill. People! Move your lazy asses and read Southern Vampire Series( books on which True Blood is based ;). 170 pages per book is not so much. It is a real page turner.
    No one here also ever thought that Eric may be developing some feelings for Sookie, not just the crave for some faery.

  23. kenisha says:

    OK i like Eric- he don’t wanna have feeling for sookie but he cant help it
    OK bill- i see where he is coming from but he was wrong from some of it
    OK- sookie need to cut bill some slack at talk things out like we all no you love him and all no you have feeling for Eric soooooooooooooooooo
    the rest i don’t care for but they are so good ass actors and actress and i wanna be in true blood how old you have to be?????

  24. kenisha says:

    i just found out wat is going to happen the next season or the next next season This novel opens on New Year’s Eve, three weeks after the events of Club Dead. Bill and Sookie have broken up due to his betrayal with Lorena. As the book opens, he informs Sookie that he is going to Peru. Shortly after Bill’s departure, Sookie, on her way home after working at Merlotte’s New Year’s Eve party, finds Eric running madly down the road, half naked. He has a forlorn look, an expression Sookie has never seen in the confident Eric. He does not recognize her nor does he have any idea who he is. Sookie takes him to her home, washes his feet and calls Fangtasia to let Pam know that she has found Eric. The next night, Pam and Chow come to her house and explain to her that several nights ago a group of witches arrived in Shreveport. Pam explains to Sookie the true nature of witches, revealing that real witches can do plenty of bad things to vampires because witches control magical forces. This group seems to be more powerful than other witches and they are trying to control Eric and extort money from him. Chow threatened them when they tried to extort money, and Eric suddenly vanished from the office where they were discussing this offer. Eric remembers nothing of his life before he began running down the road. Pam and Chow ask Sookie to keep Eric safe while they solve the problem with the witches. This coven of witches consists of weres who also drink vampire blood, and they are very powerful and seem to have no morality. Holly also tells Sookie that this new coven has called all local witches and Wiccans to join them. Furthermore, Sookie learns that her brother, Jason, is missing and starts looking for him. Sookie informs Alcide Herveaux of the existence of this werewolves/witch coven in Shreveport and goes to Hotshot to speak to Crystal Norris, as she was the last person Jason was seen with. Sookie learns that the people of Hotshot are all weres.

    Throughout all these chaotic events, Sookie and amnesiac Eric’s relationship grows, and they begin a sexual affair. Sookie is physically and emotionally attracted to this gentle and caring Eric. This Eric even offers to stay with Sookie forever, renouncing his life as a Sheriff and owner of Fangtasia.

    The Shreveport pack, the Area Five vampires, and the local Wiccans band together to fight Hallow and her coven. At the planning meeting, Alcide’s ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, admits to having done a number of harmful things to Sookie, and as a result, Alcide “abjures” her—she is no longer allowed to run with the Shreveport pack, she is as if dead to Alcide, and she can be killed if she shifts in front of them. The coven is defeated and Hallow is tortured until she un-hexes Eric, and then Pam kills her. But before Hallow can reverse the curse on Eric he and Sookie go back to her house to find Debbie Pelt waiting with a gun, which she quickly fires at Sookie. Eric takes the bullet for Sookie, who then kills Debbie. Eric discards her body once he has recovered from the gunshot wound. The next night, Eric gets his memory back, and he has no recollection of his time with Sookie.

    Eventually, Sookie, Sam, and Calvin Norris discover that Felton Norris (Calvin and Felton are both werepanthers from Hotshot) has been keeping Jason captive because Felton is in love with Crystal and did not want to see Crystal with Jason. Felton thinks Crystal is attracted to Jason only because he is not a were. Felton has bitten Jason several times in order to turn him into a werepanther at the next full moon. Calvin and Sookie agree to not tell the authorities, with Calvin implying that the citizens of Hotshot will kill Felton for his crimes.

  25. boo boo bear says:

    Kenisha, that is the book story honey. we are talking about the tv show called True Blood wherein Alan Ball, the producer, rarely copies the SVM stories like you posted. that storyline is book four and we are season four but rarely does AB do things the same way. He is very very “original” in his storytelling.

    robin e. ,

    i am boo and i have not read or posted here in so long i must have missed your thanking me. you are very welcome as i love to direct any fan to a place to learn more about our favorite show’s hiatus between seasons.

    I also wish for Bill to have some revenge against Eric for bringing in Lorena as she is the one who started the problems from the very beginning. It has “cascaded down” on top of Bill’s head ever since and Sookie does not even know that it was Eric, yet…..I believe the main problem with Bill’s mistakes is that he is a Vampire who actually loves and that is the first of it’s kind. He loves Sookie, there is no doubt about that, and he has no way to figure out what to do about it with so many of Eric’s stumbling blocks put in front of him.
    Here’s to Bill getting his own revenge next season! He is due!!!!

    • fbforbill says:

      You go Boo Bear. Love what you said. Thank you to the person before so we can compare both. I am so glad people love True Blood. I hope they get best obsession and best fantasy on PC. I say this both Bill and Eric fans. I know there are both bad Bill fans and Bad Eric fans. I hope they do not blog anymore. I love the great Bill and Eric lovers and other cast member lovers and hope this new year we can blog in peace.

      I would like to appoligise for my rude comments on my first blog. I just love Bill and am sick of negative blogs all ways.

      Can not wait till next season and looking forward to here from more Bill, Eric, Sam, Lala, and Sookie not to mention Hoyt and Jess who I love to.

  26. eloradannen says:

    Hi all.
    I think the “She’s Not There ” title refers to Sookie. So maybe she isn’t in fairyland like we are led to believe. It has bothered me for a while that the fairy we know as Claudine is a water fairy. In the books, the water fairies are evil. Claudine is not a water fairy. Yes, I know AB likes to change things up from the books and I thought for awhile that that was what he was doing, but now we get the title…”She’s Not There”. It makes me think AB is trying to trick us and she really isn’t in fairyland but somewhere else.

    Just wanted to say to all the Bill fans, defend your guy when you need to, but defend him on his own merits. Eric is not the cause of all of Bill’s problems, Bill did cause some of them himself. To constantly blame Eric for everything that happens ..well maybe you need to back and watch the seasons over. Eric certainly did not cause Bill to do the things he did.

    Look forward to speculation on season 4.

  27. angela says:

    Also can’t wait to season 4. Have read all the books (read them after finding True Blood) and must say that I find True Blood soooo much better than the books- and am truly glad that the series deviates from the books. Each change enhances the story line so much. Love what Allan Ball and crew have created and have got other people hooked on the series too. Season 3 is repeated on cable tv here (Australia) in a few weeks so can’t wait to watch it again. Anyone seen the film, Red Hill, that Ryan Kwanton did whilst back home in Australia – it’s pretty good and typically Australian.

    Back to the matters – whilst I am a Bill fan and believe he truly loves Sookie (as she does him) I still hope she can forgive him. Bill, yes has laid some of the bad luck on himself, but a lot of barriers have been put in his way – yes by Eric, but also Queen Sophie Anne – now this confrontation will be interesting – have a few ideas about the outcome of this but will have to see what happens. Eric and Sookie together just does not seem right – she is too “good” and he, well the best he can feel for her is “curious” – not good enough. And Eric does too many “bad things” (as Bill has and will openly admit this, as he does – refer series 2 with Lorena in the 1930′s)

    Would love to see by the end of the series Bill get the upper-hand over The Queen, Russell and Eric – that would be a fantastic flip and one that the creative genius Allan Ball would be able to master easily enough.

    Would love Bill and Sookie stay together or at least end up together. I think their true life romance/love just adds to script – they are just fantastic together. I think it really shows, and am really happy for the both of them. Bring on season 4.

    • MsAshton says:

      i have to agree glad the show isn’t exactly like the books what fun would that be? knowing what’s going to happen next the element of surprise is what keeps you glued to the tv though i would like to see them follow the books by having Eric lose his memory it showed a different side to the character a softer, insecure side i read the books twice all the while rooting for Sookie to end up with Eric which she does and i was happy BUT on the show i would very much like to see her end up with Alcide after she explores a relationship with Eric the were is more suited to her than a vampire i love the connection between Eric and Pam the books didn’t really expand on it and i think the characters belong together it brings out their “human” feelings and you see an almost normal side to them hope this show continues for many more seasons

  28. eloradannen says:

    I love Ryan, I think he is probably the best actor on TB even though I don’t care much for his storyline this year. I think he is brillant!

  29. boo boo bear says:

    I am counting down the days for season four. AB leaves us with cliff hangers each season and we always end up “wha?” as the cliffhangers are never as bad as they seem. but i love the way he does it. i love the books but also agree that True Blood has surpassed them and i love it more.

    truebie here, thru and thru!

  30. Lucía says:

    I prefer The Queen Sophie Ann lives. Is an essential character. If Bill dies, Sookie is of Sophie Anne

  31. Megan says:

    Booo-friekin’ hoo. This is not a bill page. -.-’
    I don’t think he deserves a page. :)
    That is rather, erm, nonsensical, but as a raging Eric fan that would be my biased opinion. Bill is always crying over this or that and yada yada…How can any girl find that attractive? The clincher of my (now) absolute loathing for his scrawny brunette ass was when he tried to kill Eric and Pam. How mean, right?
    Eric is sexier, cooler, stronger, older and just generally a better vampire. I think he is a breath of fresh air from the general ‘oh, woe is me…I am an all-powerful vampire that gets to live forever and have lots of sex’ concept. Has anybody else noticed how friggin’ self pitying vampires usually are? And the ones that aren’t are ALWAYS bad guys. I think that a vampire that is happy to be a vampire as a protagonist is a wonderful idea.
    Team Eric FTW.
    Oh, by the way. If this has offended anyone, sorry ^^,
    free speech right?

    • Lori says:

      LOL… I couldn’t agree with you more girl!! I don’t mean to tick anyone off but Bill’s too boring to be with Sook. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bill but in my opinion the “good girl” doesn’t exactly go well with the “good guy”… BORING! Eric and Sookie have more chemistry, They’re HOT together! Hope season 4 will explore their relationship more. We all have our favorites, right?

  32. Clest says:

    Alan Ball created this Sookie, Bill, Eric triangle which is okay. Sookie and Bill should be separated this season. Sookie needs to grow up, be confident with herself. Sookie needs to refocus on being independent, and more connected to her “fairy” genes. Hopefully, Bill’s will be revealed as more connected to Vampire Executive Board, and on same footing or higher than Eric in Vampire League! Eric needs put in his place for his dealings with Sophie Ann and the selling of V. Yes, he had to do what his Queen’s wants him to do. But getting off easy with no consequences doesn’t seem fair! Hope AB weaves a-lot of quality witch and necromancer suspense, and drama into the season. Trueblood isn’t only about Sookie, Bill and Eric. All these post focus on that triangle.

  33. muchys says:

    you… fan’s of bill (is great that you are his fan’s) BUT HE LET TWO PSYCHOS BEAT SOOKIE ALMOST TO DEATH! FOR PETE’S SAKE… THAT’S INASANE! take her virginity under false pretences; IF SHE EVER COME BACK TO HIM, SHE HAS NOTHING IS HER HEAD!

  34. walker says:

    Free speech exists only in your imagination Megan-babe

    No need to be gridlocked for/against Bill, and no need to point fingers. Eric would be able to do the same things like Bill, they´re both bad asses, I think Alan Ball wanted to make that clear by illuminating their characters from different angles. They´re also able to feel love that is also clear and like everybody else they´re wandering between good and evil. It´s a great story, entertaining and fascinating, let us be happy that there are such great actors like Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard and thousands of others, without such people our lifetime would be a lot worse wouldn´t it ?

  35. flexy633 says:

    Ho hum, I’m so sick of being told to read the books. I could barely get through the first one let alone 10 or 11 of these “novels.” And trust me, I read quite a bit.

  36. beck says:

    I have read the books and I am a huge fan of the Viking. I think most people who have watched the show feel that Bill is the “good vampire” and Eric is his evil counterpart. Eric doesn’t back down from what or who he is and he is also never dishonest about it. In the books Sookie is well aware of Eric’s self loving nature…so is Eric and so is the reader. Even knowing it you still can’t help but love his flair. AND NETHER CAN SOOKIE! I think Alan Ball is doing a very cleaver job of walking the line in between the two characters. Bill really does bite the dust early on in the book series…and I think its smart of Alan Ball to take some of the good qualities Eric has in the books and give them to Bill in the show…otherwise there would be very little competition :)

  37. Rose says:

    I am hysterical after reading all these blogs…the fighting between Bill and Eric fans…It is some testament to Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball that we feel so strongly about these characters…My God…we get downright viscious…OK..you bill fans keep loving him (faults and all) and we Eric fans will love our favorite vamp, and yes, yes he has faults too…but God he’s gorgeous..What will AB have in store for us these season? Can’t wait

  38. Larry says:

    Ladies, I am not drawn to either male lead, and I’m not much interested in excuses for bad male behavior. I am curious though in so little, or no mention in the above comments about Alan Ball’s show making it clear that Fae’s have a biologically distinct, clear and powerful attraction to especially supernaturals. AB has put himself on a very dangerous path, if, while Sookie is in the Fae realm, she learns, among other things, that she must control or deal with, the power of her essence, as I believe the books did with her Great Grandfather Nial could do by turning-off his essence, otherwise women followed him around. Bluntly put, AB, by making Fae sooo desireable, will Sookie in the Fae realm reconsider that some of it was at least partly her fault? Now that would be a controversial script, and one I’m not personally sure about.

  39. cindy says:

    I can’t believe people pressume this was a page for Bill…Anyway I hope Eric goes all primal on Bill. I really hope that Sookie doesn’t stay in fae land to long.

  40. mel says:

    I can’t imagine what hell awaits Bill in this season. Trying to kill a queen (maybe successfully?) a Sheriff and his second-in-command? He’s in some major trouble. I am hoping this season follows the plot of Sookie staying away from Bill. It’s a major part in her character development. She becomes more independent, less naive, and overall a stronger female character that I love to look up to. With Bill, she is needy and entirely too trusting of vampires. Speaking of vampires, Eric is much more calculating and a better vampire than Bill. That is some of the allure of Bill; he doesn’t try to be an excellent vampire and seems to be “mainstreaming.” Unfortunately, that means when Bill tries to manipulate a situation like a vampire, he fails miserably (i.e. attempts to kill Pam and Eric). To be fair, Eric has had hundreds of years more practice than Bill in this respect. The reason many feel so strongly about Eric is because of his time spent with amnesia. He is more vulnerable, more human. When he’s back to his normal, calculating self, we see both sides of him. The compassionate and the cunning. For me, that puts him out over the top of all of Sookie’s love interests.

  41. Northwoman says:

    I heard that in an interview with Ryan Kwanten he mentions Sookie’s “gone” for about a year…something to do with fae timewarp. It would be a good way for the show to fast forward a bit.

    As for Bill/Eric, don’t forget that Russell kidnapped Bill because he suspected QSA had him on a mission…he sent Franklin to his house to snoop around while Bill was his “guest.” Since only a few months passed in Bon Temps time from the first episode of Season 1 to the last episode of Season 3, Russell could have been keeping tabs on Bill since his reappearance at his ancestral home. (Prior to that he was living with Diane, Liam and the third one whose name I’ve forgotten.) One of Charlaine’s “bombs in the garden” was that Sookie idly speculated Bill’s killing off his last living descendant so he could move back in. Don’t know if AB will go there. Eric had nothing to do with Bill’s kidnapping.

    As a “Bookie”, I noticed AB does deviate from the books but in 1, 2 and 3 Sookie and her relationships pretty much end up as in the books. In the end of Book 3 she relinquished the invitations of both Eric and Bill, just like the show. What AB likes to do is flesh out the other characters and give them more storylines, and add some new characters, plus he brought some later storylines into the earlier seasons. So even though he doesn’t follow them word-for-word, you can have a pretty good guess what’s going to happen to Sookie, but not necessarily anyone else.

  42. toni says:

    we need episode synopsis, I see nada so far and believe me, I am a hunter.

  43. TeamEricNorthman! says:

    Look at this video I made, didn’t create the photos, But put them in a nice little bundle:) ♥

  44. selva says:

    Ante todo dar las gracias a HBO por crear este sitio. Me gusta mucho la información que aparece en él. Creo que a veces algunos de los que participan se olvidan que estamos hablando de una serie, de que los vampiros son una metáfora de otras muchas cosas y de que tanto los libros como la serie defienden una sociedad sin prejuicios y sin fanatismos.

    Y después de esto, sobre Bill y Eric:

    Se pasa la vida quejándose por que le convirtieron en vampiro contra su voluntad
    No respeta a Lorena, su creadora y la maltrata sin compasión. En la traducción en España la llama entre otras cosas “lindas” Vaca aburrida”
    Acepta el encargo de su Reina para conseguir más poder
    Respecto a Sookie, la manipula, la engaña, la usa.
    No trata bien a su “progenie” Jessica, porque se siente culpable (otra vez) por haberla creado.

    Cuando la serie muestra como se convirtió en vampiro vemos que está acompañado de sus hombres y que estos no le dejan solo ante lo inminente de su muerte y están dispuestos a morir con él.
    Cuando Godric le convierte le dice que le ha elegido después de verlo durante una batalla y que nunca antes vio a nadie luchar así o lo que es lo mismo le elige porque lo admira y lo respeta.
    Cuando están rescatando a Godric y atrapan a Eric este no se resiste, está dispuesto a morir por su “creador”
    Y esta Pam, que adora a su “creador” Eric. Si Eric esta mal, Pam sufre y llora por él cuando está en peligro. Y Eric no se muestra sobreprotector con ella, al contrario, le repite: “sabes que me gustas más cuando eres fría y calculadora” para darle defensas contra el mundo. No se puede sobrevivir 1000 años siendo una “hermanita de la caridad”
    Desde la primera vez que ve a Sookie siente algo por ella y a partir de ahí siempre la protege con los medios a su alcance (en los libros esto es aún más evidente)
    Nunca miente a Sookie, siempre le cuenta la verdad. Cierto que a veces no le cuenta todo lo que él sabe, pero lo que le cuenta, siempre es verdad.
    Tanto el los libros como en la serie Eric y Sookie hablan y se lo comentan todo. Sookie no hace eso con Hill.

    En resumen Eric no es todo perversidad y Bill no es todo bondad. Son vampiros. Son diferentes a los humanos. Pero ambos, vampiros y humanos quieren sobrevivir, adaptarse, luchan por sus derechos,,,

  45. wendy says:

    i would like to see sookie have a fling with alcide.Bill has hurt her to many times .He has cheated lied and put her in danger.She deserves someone she can trust like alcide.Somone warm blooded.

  46. ginger says:

    i sooooo think eric and sookie should date…….soooooo cute!!!!!!! bill is nasty ugly and lied 2 her 2 many times!!!!!!!! <3

    • merinxd says:

      Lol Have you read all the books? In the books Eric and Sookie are married and bill is with a vampire that looks like his dead wife.

  47. merinxd says:

    I hope that they follow the book. In the third book Eric lives at Sookies for awhile and they have wild sex lol. I hope they don’t have Sookie date the warewolf that she is with in one of the later books, thank god Eric stole her away and married her. xP

  48. bush piglet says:

    ” Eric had nothing to do with Bill’s kidnapping. ”

    Only because Cooter and the F U crew got there first. Cue one very angry Viking and one very scared would be Vampire kidnapper!

    • eloradannen says:

      Eric was bringing him in at the request of the Queen. That is his job as Sheriff. I would hardly call that kidnapping.

  49. emmillyyy says:

    eric northman. enough said

  50. felisbela says:

    Bill you have to find and Keep with Sookie

  51. danielle says:

    really quick the only reason Eric has feelings for Sooki is because he drank a bit of blood of Sookis, also that’s the same with bill, that’s why they have such strong feelings foe Sooki, but if you read the, i personally love Eric cause hes hot as hell, and hes a bad boy in every sense of the word

  52. flexy633 says:

    I hope Sookie gets it on with Alcide for a little while this season. After everything that happened, I certainly wouldn’t want either vampire anywhere near me. And why does Sook make excuses for Eric all the time? she has some feelings for him because of his emotional display on the roof with Godric? Come on……she’s always soooooo hard on Bill, but Eric makes her suck a bullet out of him, tricked her into exchanging blood, brought Lorena to Bill, so and so forth. It’s ridiculous that the girl would want him at all.

  53. falconater says:

    Let’s hope that Tara gets killed off this season, Bill goes away and ASkars is in every single episode for at least 45 minutes :D

  54. Sara says:

    I’d kill to lie in Bill;s nest. I fell in love with that the moment I saw him the firdt time. I just wish that he and Suki would just get married and get it over with. With her being a fairy and all, now wouldn’t it just surprise everyone if she turned up pregnant by Bill. I mean they sure have a lot of dirt covered unprotected sex. But then again, I’d let him suck my dry anytime.

  55. octoberdog says:

    This is my first time on this site and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. It’s hilarious to see what a great divide there is between fans who’ve read the books and watch the show and those who have only watched the show.

    I must say that I have read all the books and I absolutely love the show! I am firmly a Team Eric girl. Having read the books before the show came out, I already had a soft spot in my heart for the Viking and as the books and show have progressed, my love for the character Eric Northman has only increased. When the show first started I was a bit upset with Alan Ball for deviating from the books so much, particularly Bill killing Longshadow instead of Eric and the whole Bill sacrificing himself to “save” Sookie at the end of Season 1, which doesn’t happen in the book. I felt a bit bewildered by Alan Ball setting Bill up to be some sort of “saint”. I thought to myself, “How on Earth will Eric ever win his Sookie now?” Having watched Season 3, however, I now realize, in terms of the plot development for the show, it was absolute genius. AB had to make Bill seem practically Christ-like in both Sookie’s and the television viewers eyes to make Bill’s betrayal of Sookie that much more devastating and unforgivable, thus setting things up for an eventual Sookie/Eric relationship. I mean having Bill glamor the Rattrays into beating Sookie practically to death was pure brilliance.

    If the previews of Season 4 are anything to go by, I think we have several episodes of Eric/Sookie goodness to look forward to. And although I don’t mind Alan Ball changing this around that much, I can only hope and pray that he will not change Sookie and Eric’s steamy first time in the shower!!

    Counting down to Sunday…

  56. Melanie says:

    stop whining this is not bill site or nest this is True Blood nest /site

  57. CindyCindy says:

    I think Bill and Sookie should be together, eventually. But in the meantime, I am SO ready to see some hot scenes between Eric and Sookie. Theres so much tension there its crazy. Since Bill is now being seen with different women, its time Sookie sews some wild oats!! just as long as shes sewing them with Eric ;-)

  58. CindyCindy says:

    oh and I almost forgot… not to cause a spoliler alert or anything…. but I have not read all the books. Can somebody PLEASE tell me, do we ever hear from Russell Edgington again? will he come back this season or maybe next year? I just love him. He is so bad its a sheer delight to watch him. and just for the record, I still miss Franklin. He was so naughty and irresistable. Loved him and Tara, even though she was horrified of him.

  59. octoberdog says:

    Russell in the books is nothing like Russell on the show. His plotline and characterization on the show has totally deviated from the books. He is not evil, nor does he feed his blood to Weres in the books and he is a minor character. He only appears in two books, first Book 3 ‘Club Dead’ and turning up again in Book 7 ‘All Together Dead’. I must say that I actually prefer show Russell to book Russell.

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