Ep. 407: “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn”

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AIR DATE: August 7, 2011

WRITER: Alexander Woo

DIRECTOR: Michael Ruscio

Episode #43 (#4.07): “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”: With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam’s not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy’s date with Holly doesn’t go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack. Playdates: August 7, 9, 10, 13 and 26.


Casting Calls

[DR. ISANI] Female, in her 30s, South Asian, she’s a skeptical ER doctor who reluctantly discharges a patient… CO-STAR

[CHUCK AND NATE] Caucasian, Male, Late 20s to 30s. Pack member wolves. They are wannabe Alpha Males. Recurring Co-Star

[TREVOR] Caucasian, Male, late 20s. He is a stoner with a lot of spiritual energy. His girlfriend is a part of a Wiccan group and brings him along for support. Recurring Co-Star

[LUELLEN] Caucasian, Female, 40s. Her Ex-Sister-In-Law brings her to her Wiccan group for support. Recurring Co-Star

Possible Song Inspiration: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” by Johnny Bush

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