True Blood Recap – Ep 407 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

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antonia season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Antonia Gavilán de Logroño

‘It is Antonia Espanola Mumbleo Jumbleo, and I am returned.’ Thanks to ZZ giving me the proper spelling of this mouthful of a name (I’m Australian. We no speaka da Spanish here) I now know that it was more like Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, but that one line was pretty much the reason for nearly everything that happened in this weeks super intense episode, as a sorceress scorned sets out to prove that, even 400 years late, revenge is a dish best served wrapped in silver chains and on fire.

But lets start at the beginning. Technology and video games are indeed rotting the brains of the youth of today. I mean, ferchrisakes not even somebody guarding a highly dangerous prisoner can keep their nose out of their iPad for two seconds! Katarina is busy playing Angry Birds or something (I also don’t playa da computer games) when she hears a bit of a kerfuffle in Marnie’s cell. When she sees sheriff Luis all up in Marnie’s business threatening to eat her and whatnot she thinks she’s got it all under control with her silver-bullet gun. Little does she know, Luis is already under the control of Marntonia and was faking the whole thing. Psych! Puppet-Luis gets Katarina on the ground and she has no choice but to order the other guards to move so Marnie can make good her escape, but that doesn’t stop her from getting her throat crushed. RIP #1. Since she now has a fully controllable man-servant at her command, Marnie has the obvious request: ‘Make me a ham sandwich. With a pickle.’ Psych! Its actually to relay to King Bill the above mentioned message, which means from now on I’ll be referring to The Artist Formerly Known As Marnie just as Antonia. It also means the vamps are under siege by a spirit who is a pissed off ball of magical fury with a centuries old grudge. Nice.

guns 300x149 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Debate over which vamp was the most gangster did not end amicably

Bill is in his office about to indulge in a glass of vino. Well, I’m sure its just blood in a carafe but he totally has this ‘I wish I could get wasted so I could drown my sorrows’ look on his face. Puppet-Luis shows up confessing that he’s done a bad bad thing, but Bill barely has time to ponder how in the blue hell a burnt up corpse is sending him a message, because Luis pulls Katie’s gun and pulls off a textbook mafia hit. Or what would have been textbook if Bill had actually, ya know, died. Instead he recovers enough to grab his own gun out of the desk drawer and pops one in Luis. Bill has a gun in his desk? Brilliant. Even brillianter? This was like Boardwalk Empire with fangs. I’m totally pitching a TV series about Mafioso vampires. Bill beats him in getting to the fancy ceremonial stake and is demanding answers, but all he gets is ‘Resurrection’ before Luis stakes himself.  C’mon dude, not on the fancy new décor! Bill’s office = the new Sookie’s living room. That’s RIP #2. Already.

zombie pam1 300x191 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

' not...a zombie!'

Pam is intent on making just as much of a mess out of Tara and Naomi. They are managing to use their cage-fighting schtick enough to make chunks of her head fly off…oh, wait, that’s just the rotting spell. Pam gets Tara by the neck and is about to get some sweet revenge of her own when a mob of camera-wielding wannabe papparazzos burst out of Merlottes ready to capture some TMZ-worthy vamp carnage. Front and centre are the two gossipy Mountain Dew drinking chicks from the end of season two (‘I’d wear him like a scrunchie!’) who can’t seem to decide if Pam is a vamp or a zombie. They’re totally hilarious and the first of many minor characters to make epic cameos in this episode. Not wanting to become a repeat of poor executed Youtube vamp, she decides to shred Tara into confetti at a more appropriate time. And now I’m picturing Pam crossed with Shredder from Ninja Turtles.

Tara then of course breaks up with Naomi in the most predictable way (‘I’m doing it so you won’t get killed!’ and of course the now Tara-patented ‘My life is so FUCKED UP!’) and then ambles down the highway swigging from a bottle of rum. As you do. She hears a rustling in the bushes and starts calling Pam out (Face palm. Tara, you are even stupider than I thought) but its just Antonia doing her best Uncle Sam impersonation. She wants YOU, Tara Thornton, for the vampire-killing wiccan circle of doom! All she has to do is bring up their mutual rapey-bitey torment and that they could play saviour to the thousands who have suffered at the hands and fangs of vampires (except she says vampires in a far cooler accent) and Tara is in. Well, that was about as easy as recruiting a fat kid to be a product tester for Cheetos.

In other goings on of the magical variety, it turns out Don Bartolo, the evilest granddaddy south of the border, set that rattlesnake on Jesus just so Lafayette could channel the long dead Tio Luca and his mad healing skills, proving to Lafayette that he’s a medium. ‘You could have just fuckin’ said so’, says Laf. ‘That probably would have been more interesting’, says I. Later on over a deliciously greasy looking breakfast, Jesus tells Laf that he and Marnie are the only people he’s ever encountered that can communicate with the dead. So it’s settled then. All Laf has to do is channel the spirit of an even more powerful sorceress (I suggest Professor McGonagall) and Antonia is done for! Alright, so its not that simple, but methinks Lafayette is going to have a pretty big ass role to play in this fight.

Alcide Debbie in bed 300x184 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Oh Alcide, your abs are so perfect they just make me weep.

And in another detour into subplotsville (everything actually was remarkably focused on the main witch angle this week) Alcide and Debbie are getting initiated into their new Shreveport pack. There’s no branding and naked crowdsurfing like the last Were initiation we saw, just a little deer blood and howling and a few rednecks. The Weres are always rednecks, why? Alcide still has Sook on the brain though and is worried about her being out in the woods on the full moon, aka when all the supes come out for a play date, so they decide they can spare ten minutes away to go on Sookie Search. They hear somebody that sounds an awful lot like Sook moaning from off in the foliage and go investigate to make sure she’s not being mauled by a werewolf or something. Of course they’re just the moans of her continuing alfresco sex session with Eric, which could either be ‘I’m really enjoying myself’ or ‘Ow, there’s pine needles digging into my back.’ Alcide doesn’t look happy, and Debbie looks even less so. She’s so disturbed by this whole Sookie-fixation in fact that she can’t even enjoy her and Alcide’s own sexytimes later on. Actually, she climbs off him mid-coitus just to burst into tears. Sounds comical, but I did feel sorry for her, even as Alcide tried to reassure her that all he does is worry for the constantly-in-peril Sook and that he only loves one gal. Please don’t believe him, I want psycho Debbie and I want her now.

Eric Sookie chair 300x278 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Avoid that particular chair when visiting Chez Stackhouse

From bursting into tears naked to bursting through doors naked, Sookie and Eric literally tumble into her house still conjoined at the pelvic region and proceed to both demonstrate the Kama Sutra and make every possible room and surface grossly unsanitary. Well, I guess Eric did such an extensive remodelling job on the place that the rooms need to be christened. They’re able to enjoy a short post-romping moment where he listens to her heartbeat and she’s just grateful that he hasn’t forgotten all his old talents, but its only a matter of time before that whole pesky memories issue pops up. Sook admits that while she does want him to get his memories back, she doesn’t want him to change and can’t guarantee she’ll still want him if it does happen, considering that she never would have let the old Eric into her bed. I wonder if she would have let him into her patch of forest? Oh geez, that sounded so wrong. Sook gets kudos from me for being totally realistic and accepting that the day will most likely come when those memories do come back. Yay for Stackhouses being sensible for once.

Jason did try to open a door while wearing a boxing glove (a classic example of Stackhouse stupidity, but that was the lovable Jason kind and not the annoying Sookie kind, so its ok) but he’s actually being pretty sharp as well. Lets see, he knows that the best way to cleanse yourself of blood-bond sexy dreams starring your best friend’s girl is to sweat them out through handstand pushups (thus the gloves), he knows that it’s a good time to shut up when you start sounding guilty before you’ve even done anything wrong, and he knows that Sloppy Joes are the best way to console that best friend when he’s feeling like the love of his life is slipping away. Oh, Hoyt. You are like a puppy who’s getting kicked, but a puppy who’s bitten off more than he can chew, and I feel sorry for you but then I also get where Jess is coming from, and I want you guys to stay together but I don’t…this is all too conflicting. What an icky situation.

tommy choked 300x221 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

GTFO, Tommy Mickens!

But really, its sunshine and dandelions compared to this whole Sam/Tommy/Luna skinwalking clusterfuck. Tommy has stopped barfing up blood and is now in the hospital showing all the signs of food poisoning. Sam feels awful for not being there, and Tommy says ‘Don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t you,’ which might be like, unintentionally the most truthful thing he’s ever said?  Because it wasn’t Sam who shagged Luna and then unceremoniously ejected her? Or am I just confusing myself? Anyway, when Sam calls up Luna at the school she works at for a bit of phone flirting, all he gets is a perplexing and resounding ‘Fuck You.’ Sam goes to the school to sort out this giant mess and the two are able to deduce from the symptoms that it was indeed Tommy who was skinwalking as Sam. Awk-ward. Sam then totally flips his shit back at the trailer. As in, all those ‘anger management’ sessions were clearly for nought because raging, violent Sam is back and he’s choking the last remaining Mickens and telling him to GTFO and never come back. And, oh hell, now I’m feeling a little sorry for Tommy, because maybe, just maybe, he really didn’t know what he was doing. I’m starting to think this recap should have just been ‘I felt sorry for everybody. The end.’

Bill summons his babyvamp and explains to her everything about Antonia as she examines the bullet hole in his shirt. Its all stuff you’d already know unless you really haven’t been paying attention, but since its Bill and Jess I’ll take even useless exposition. The crux of it all is that Antonia is ba-ack, she wants to make all vampires meet the sun, and since she’s quite handy with that whole necromancing thing they better prepare themselves. Bill convenes the three remaining sheriffs and gives them their instruction: they must evacuate their areas, and any vampire who chooses to stay in Louisiana must do as they do and bind themselves in silver in their place of rest for the duration of the day. They’re a little incredulous at the idea, after all it does hurt like a mother and eliminate their greatest asset, strength. But the King is adamant that this is the only way for them to avoid the worst case of sunburn imaginable. ‘I will not expose my subjects to another massacre like Logroño,’ he says defiantly. Well, whoda thunk it. The Most Reluctant Vampire in the Village has turned out to be quite the leader in the face of mass combustion!

sheriffs season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

No massacres under the reign of King William.

So, assisted by their human allies, the vamps set to chaining. Of course if Pam’s gonna die, she’s gonna die pretty, so she calls in Dr Ludwig for a quick pre-silvering beautifying routine. You know, just the usual body peel (ripping off an entire layer of skin) and acupuncture treatment (a course of 6 needles four times a day for the rest of forever) Doc L is once again totally unsympathetic and witty (‘I’ll give you a bulk discount!’) and is epic cameo number two. Number three is Ginger, who’s finest moment comes later on but is first the one who administers Pam’s pre-bed medicine and tucks her in with silver chainmail. Ah, that’s love. Sookie is of course the one to do the honors on Eric. He looks like he’s the most heavily silvered and is screaming in pain, but Sook knows it’s the only thing to do: ‘I’ve lost too many people I love, I’m not about to lose you too.’ And back at the Compton mansion Bill and Jess have contained themselves in the silver prison for even extra protection. Jess is on a bed getting silvered by Bucky, who seems to be Bill’s favourite guard as he’s always around, but he’s doing too rough a job of it so Bill takes over himself. Somehow making sure getting silvered is as painless as possible: also love. He’s about to drape her neck in the horrid kryptonite-esque stuff, but at the look on her face he loses the heart and decides that what’s already on her is enough. What was it that Lorena once said? That Bill’s mercy was his greatest failing?

bill and jess 300x163 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Jess's to-do list: 1) Have heart to heart with maker. 2) Eat that fuckin' witch

Faced with possible impending death, the under-silver conversation is far from light and frivolous. As he did just before he turned her, Bill apologises to Jess for causing her so much suffering, but she attempts to clear his conscience by repeating to him what she told Jason last week: that she’s lived far more with him as a vampire then she ever would have as a human with her family. She’s in the mood to do some conscience clearing of her own, admitting that even though Hoyt loves her so much she’s not sure that she feels the same way, that maybe she would if she was human and had a human heart. Bill, whose struggle since he was turned has been to live as a vampire while trying retain his humanity, tells her forcefully that she does have a human heart, that they are at their core human. He then does what Bill does so well and goes into vamp-hating, angry self-loathing mode. I still love that Sookie quote when she says ‘Deep down, you don’t like vampires even though you are one’ because, it’s just so Bill. He figures that they had this coming from the centuries of murder and torture that they perpetrated with the excuse of it being ‘their nature’, and then they answered killing with killing and fucked things up even more. Somebody give this man the Nobel Prize. Now take it away, because he seems like quite the proud papa when Jess still has enough spunk left to vow to eat Antonia’s face after this whole ordeal is over. Atta girl! Sook and Eric are also having a deep and meaningful, but aside from her telling him all about the time when they were in the FOTS church and he offered to die for her and Godric, it’s still all about the memories. If Sook can forgive all the things he’s done and still love him, then Eric doesn’t want his memories back.

Marnie rises up 300x240 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Wiccan circle of doom. Wingardium leviosa!

Tara makes yet another move to get closer to the blue ribbon of stupidity when she goes on a wiccan recruiting drive of her own in Merlottes. Now might also be a good time to mention that Holly’s date with Andy was a spectacular success! No, it was brief and awkward and disastrous. She totally forgot about it and then was basically accused by Arlene of trying to marry into the Bellefleur family for money, and he hadn’t had any ‘food’ (wink wink) that day so he was wound tighter than a ball of elastic bands and practically ran out the door taking his flowers with him. So either Holly was so frazzled by this that she wasn’t thinking straight, or she is, I can’t believe I’m saying this now, actually stupider than Tara, because she goes and signs up for the witch war without even to my knowledge having any problem with vamps! So now it’s Tara, Holly, three of the wiccans from Moon Goddess and a few of their pals forming the circle, with a levitating Antonia in the middle, and shit is about to get reals.

Jessica breaks free Bill 300x216 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Freedom! Noooooo!

There’s chanting, and where there’s chanting there’s wind, and where there’s wind there’s magic, and in this case where there’s magic there’s vampires struggling against their silver chains and screaming desperately for the sun. Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbour exits her house in curlers and promptly goes up in flames. 1) Bill! You were supposed to be taking care of Area 5! 2) Maxine just says with disdain ‘I knew it!’ And I LOVE you, Maxine. 3) That’s RIP #3. Clear your schedule, latbfan. Pam starts struggling to get out of her coffin, so Ginger, heroic, brave, screaming, AWESOME Ginger, sprawls herself on top of it, screaming while it, ahem, vibrates and bucks her violently. I LOVE you too, Ginger.

eric in chains 300x269 season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

Lemme out lemme out lemme out!

At Sook’s, Eric is bellowing at her to take the chains off, and Jason has picked the worst possible time to just pop in and share the good news that he didn’t turn into a panther. Or is that the best time? Because after Sook fills him in as to exactly why it’s blowing a gale in her house and what that means for the vamps, Jason turns hero as well and sprints off across the cemetery to Bill’s so he can save Jess. And whaddaya know, that girl needs some serious saving. Bill’s kindness did backfire on the poor guy, as Jess still has enough strength to rip the chains off, clonk Bucky’s head against the cell door and use his key to get out. Bill’s maker commands don’t work (I’m thinking that was because he released her, but I guess it could have been the magic too) and she’s slowly crawling to the front door. In perhaps the nailbiting-est cliffhanger ever, Jason is tackled by a guard outside the house, there’s a gunshot (!) and Jessica flings open the doors, exclaims with ecstasy ‘The sun!’, we fade from a blindingly bright light, and…out.

Jessica greets the sun season 4 recaps ep 07 cold grey light of dawn

'The sun!'


82 Responses to “True Blood Recap – Ep 407 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn””

  1. Isabella05 says:

    Fun read..great recap! thanks

  2. Lividity says:

    RIP hot Bill boinking security lady!

    Plants Vs Zombies!

    Wonderful job yet again Jess!

  3. Snuffles says:

    Jess, you just won my heart with that Ninja Turtles reference! :D And then you had to go and throw in Harry Potter references too! You want me to stalk you, don’t you? LOL

    Seriously though, this was a really great recap. I think your recaps are just getting better and better every week. I really lol’d at a lot of stuff on this one, like “Marnie has the obvious request: ‘Make me a ham sandwich. With a pickle.’ Psych!”

    I really, really hope that you are right about Lafayette being a big part of the vampire/witch war. I think it’d be awesome to see him using his mojo to help the vampires out. Even though I don’t hate Marnie/Antonia and I feel bad for Antonia, I’m still a total vamp girl and want the vampires (especially Eric and Pam) to be safe.

    Ginger was definitely a highlight of this episode! Made me laugh soo much.

    As much as I love Pam, I had to look away during her some of her scenes. I don’t like needles anyway, so that shot of Ginger sticking a needle into her head….ergh!

    And of course, no surprises here, I loved the Eric/Sookie scenes and not just cause of the naked Viking! :)

    Anyways, like I said, terrifc recap Jess! I really, really enjoyed reading it!!!

    • Jess says:

      And that ham sandwich line was a Black Books reference. You’ll soon see that the only thing my brain actually retains is useless pop culture minutiae that I call upon when I need to be funny. :p But thank you for the kind words!

  4. sophie says:

    Awesome recap, Jess!

  5. TeamSookie says:

    Great recap Jess! Love your sense of humor.

    I feel the same as you do about the whole Jessica/Hoyt/Jason triangle. I like Hoyt and Jessica together, although, this season not so much. I understand Jessica’s side of it and think she just needs more time to figure herself out. Then there’s Hoyt and I would feel horrible if he has his heart broken but at the same time, I was loving the Jessica and Jason scenes.

    You need to pitch your mafioso vampires idea, that would be AWESOME! lol

    This was a great episode, and great intense last few minutes.

    • hdgcat says:

      I was having a discussion with another poster last week and they were going on about the “deep” feelings explainaing the violent actions of vamps etc. and fianlly I said hey , if you substitute the word “vampire” with “mafia” , their actions make perfect sense.

      the only majojr difference between TB and BoardWalk Empire is the fangs and Martin Scorse

  6. paula says:

    Thank you Jess. Great recap – did not know it was Plants vs zombies until I read it at the Huffington Post recap as I don’t do games as well.

    It all got interesting with all characters, but must say Bill rocked this episode and that scene with him and Jess was fantastic. SM really needs an award for his acting skills!

    Can I also say how wonderful Bill is looking as well – that charcoal henley really suited him, as did the blue shirt! Anyhow, I digress!

    Bill has proven he is up for the job of King.

    Maybe that poor curler Vamp was not known to the Vamps or she disregarded Bill’s advice. We will never know.

    I think it is interesting that Jason will be with a Vamp ( I presume) and I do feel for Hoyt, but I guess it was not to be.

    Poor Tommy – I do feel for him I don’t think his previous life had made Tommy trusting of others – he is looking for love and family.

    Tara – don’t know how it will work out with her.

    Ginger was fantastic and we got her scream again!

    Pam? Don’t feel sorry for her. She deserves all she got. Then she was stupid again to try and kill.
    Loved seeing Dr Ludwig and her gentle bedside manner!!

    Laf and Jesus – I think Jesus will bite the bullet this season. Seems like Laf will help in the destruction of the witches.

    AE/S – rabbit style f*cking does not do it for me but pillow talk was interesting – so it seems Sookie WOULD NOT have let Real Eric into her bed!!! Interesting – just flirtation and sorry, but it was because of Eric her life was in danger at the FOTS and that she almost was raped (thank Godric she was not) and it was Godric that was first on Eric’s mind, not Sookie. Also, he brought in Lorena to detain Bill, which also put her in danger). If she forgives all the rotten things Eric has done and not Bill, she will never be redeemed in my eyes.

    Great episode and can’t wait to see how it is played out next week.

    • Chelled says:

      Paula, with TB’s track record, I suspect Sookie is going to eat those words before the end of the series.

    • Persephone says:

      One small quibble: the person responsible for Sookie nearly being raped was the would-be rapist’s. Period. For the FoS situation there’s plenty of blame to go around. Eric orchestrated a lot, yes, but Sookie came up with the plan and insisted on enacting it, and Godric was the one who created the situation in the first place by disregarding the feelings of his progeny and his underlings and deciding to die in some well-meaning but ill-conceived gesture without informing anyone else of what he was doing. Pinning this solely on Eric misses the bigger picture of the situation and also disregards his personal stake in what was happening. That being said, yeah, it was a dick move calling in Lorena.

      Great recap, Jess. I liked the sandwich bit too. :)

  7. Lisa says:

    Eric can be forgiven now by Sookie because she’s discovered there’s more underneath his wily smarmy persona. Bill has always been a vampire who plots five steps ahead beneficial for a king but heinous in gaining someone’s affections. In time she will forgive Bill but the wound is still a little raw. Making amnesiac Eric the perfect band aid.

  8. DDR says:

    The sequence of scenes when the vampires were silvering themselves to face the spell until the spell arrived was perhaps the best sequence TB has ever done. It was a wonderful mix of suspense, romance, and dark comedy. ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’ is easily becoming my new favourite episode since ‘I will rise up’. And there’s a lot of naked Eric to make it more memorable. XD

  9. Konfettii says:

    Great recap, thanks! I’m so glad you brought up that chair. That was the one that was overturned when Bill came to the house, then next thing you know he’s sitting in the thing. Did Eric flip it upright, fluff up the pillow and say ‘sit here, your magesty?’ It was kinda funny and disturbing and twisted and cringe-worthy awkward, which is just about everything I love about True Blood encompassed in one moment.

    • Liz79 says:

      Maybe it just means that much like the honey badger, Bill don’t give a shit? :)

      • konfettii says:

        Ha! I think Bill does give a shit, which makes his actions in that scene even more extraordinary. I loved him there, very noble and…well, kingly.

        • Liz79 says:

          Hahaha! No, you’re right, he totally cares. But I think he’s forced himself to move on. OR at least outwardly move on.

  10. Jess says:

    I apologise for not covering that whole thing with Laf and Mikey both seeing the Creole lady ghost in the kitchen. I could say I forgot, but honestly this got a little long and I just couldn’t figure out where to neatly slot in a mention and was just going to include it next week. My bad!

    What I did forget to mention is how happy I was to see Blackburn again! More, please.

  11. TB Fan says:

    Anyone who can seamlessly weave “kerfuffle” into a recap of a vampire show is a genius. Awesome write up!

  12. Lividity says:

    I never thought that I’d actually feel sorry for Debbie, but you know? In this episode I did. Poor thing had to withstand her guy being all preoccupied and worried for Sookie on her special night, then witness dear Alcide gape in longing (or whatever that was) for Sookie in the woods. Dude should have just looked away and said “Whew, I guess she’s ok – gross though, eh Debbie?” Everything would have been just fine and the wolf sex wouldn’t have ended prematurely. Alcide is being a dick to lead her on I think.

    Side note, one of my favorite lines in this episode was Maxine’s, “I knew it!”

    Ginger was great too – she can pop in and be funny whenever she likes.

    Oh, and the witch’s spell, I believe, did override the “I am your maker” thing… so it’s powerful, way powerful.

  13. Liz79 says:

    Great recap. I”m not sure you mentioned it here but I liked the fact that it seems liked Bill called in advance to tell Sookie he was coming ’round. And that he even came around and then faced with the chance of Sookie deciding not to silver Eric convincing her it was the right thing to do. Go ahead, Bill.

    I too felt sorry for both Tommy and Debbie. My mind was blown by that.

    Pam – meh, meh, meh. She really doesn’t think these things through, does she?

    S/E – looked like fun ;).

    Bill/Jessica – I watched their scenes at least 3 times each. I LOVE those two together. I’m happy Bill has someone to comfort him and someone who’s in his corner. Weee!

    Jason – the hottest thing this episode, to me, was him doing those handstand pushups. Dammmmmnnn!

  14. shocknawe says:

    What I would like very much to see is a complete coming clean for Sookie. She was with Bill not really knowing the whole story; she’s with Eric not really knowing the whole story, and when he is not who Eric really is. All her talk about honestly, lying – yet she’s become more dishonest with those in her life – deliberately lying. Which is it – are you honest with those you love or not? Most people don’t have a choice with her – she can just pluck it out of their minds.

    For my money she needs to talk to Bill about his mission, he needs to tell her the whole truth from the beginning of his involvement with AVL, and what happened at RE mansion. She needs to know about the Tribunal, and that Eric sent for Lorena in Dallas. Maybe she even needs to fully understand Sam’s past; and what motivates Alcide. Everyone needs to be real and Sookie needs to fully understand who each of these people are before deciding who or if she wants to be with anyone.

    I hate this illusion of truth, half truths and the misconceptions which result.

    • Luciana says:

      I need to watch it again to remember, but I believe she knows about Lorena being sent to Dallas by Eric?

      • shocknawe says:

        Please do – I don’t think that came up or that she knows. It’s not about Eric vs Bill – it’s about knowing who someone is, and making decisions about that person based on truth. I don’t believe she has that with either.

        • Luciana says:

          Oh, I’m not talking about Bill vs Eric. This rivalry doesn’t not exist on my fandom, Bill just not exists on it. lol

          I will really watch it again, because I think she knows Eric sent Lorena to Dallas. But I don’t remember and maybe I’m wrong…

          About her files and such things, she really REALLY should ask, but then it comes that scene when she told Bill ” The moment I discover something about you, I regret doing it”. So maybe she doesn’t want to know… at least not for now.

          • Biilswoman says:

            Exactly, and she must stop and allow the others to explains itself .. The same was with BS. She gave Bill never the chance to explains and understand him. . In the other hand, she never asked Eric major issues .. she did not want to know ..

          • eloradannen says:

            I would be interested to know what difference it would make if Sookie did know that Eric sent for Lorena? Because Eric had a good relationship with his maker, so why would he think calling Lorena would be a problem for Bill? Are you trying to say that Eric knew about Lorena’s and Bill’s relationship being bad? Because how would he know? And he already told Sookie why he didn’t want or bring Bill to the FOTS. What am I missing here?

            • Lividity says:

              Dang, I lost my post!

              Anyway, I do believe Eric knew about Lorena & Bill. Why else would he call her? Is it like a Maker & progeny mixer at the hotel?

              No reason to call her if he didn’t know. Sure, he wanted to save Sookie by himself, but as sheriff, he could have gotten some goons to hold Bill back, after all, Bill is just a young vamp dude.

            • Rina says:

              I tihnk Eric figured that using Lorena to get Bill out of the way would be the smartest political move. The only other move would be to kill him and risk getting punished by the Magister. I’m not sure if he knew just how toxic Bill and Lorena’s relationship really was, or if he did, he didn’t care. It’s not clear just how well Bill and Eric know each other, and if they knew each other before Bill returned to Bon Temps. What is clear is that Eric never gave a shit about Bill. He never pretended to, and for Bill the feeling was mutual.

              Eric’s actions were always against Bill, never against Sookie directly. I don’t think he appreciated in S2 how attached Sookie was to Bill. He probably figured that with Bill out of the picture, Sookie would move on to the next best vamp–him.

              It’s only in S4 that we see the 2 vampires develop a grudging respect for each other, but the dislike is still there and always will be. They are simply 2 incompatible personalities forced to tolerate each other.

          • eloradannen says:

            well I do think that Eric wanted Lorena to control Bill. But I am still not convinced that Eric knew what a catastrophe Lorena would be for Bill. That he knew about their past history. But either way, it seems like a minor point to me.

          • Liz79 says:

            Oh, I’m pretty sure Eric knew. Eric was Bill’s sheriff and it’s heavily implied the two of them have had some sort of a relationship for a while. I find it implausible that Eric didn’t know EXACTLY what he was doing. And he didn’t seem none to shocked when Lorena went in for Sookie.

      • paula says:

        No, Bill never told Sookie that it was Eric who sent for Lorena. At Godric’s, she is asking him to tell her, whilst he is looking around the room. He sees Eric talking to someone (Jason?) and she says “Was it Eric who sent her” and Bill says “No” – protecting Eric. How sad.

        • Biilswoman says:

          According to me all the problems started there .. when Lorena came to Dallas. Eric has started it to send for her to help him “get something that Bill has and Eric wants.. Sookie-!. Then things happened, Lorena had to go and then Lorena used Russell to send efter Bill .. and stuff and the thing rolled its way …
          So again, if Eric had not sent for Lorena … so maybe Bill and Sookie are married now and Bill has time for all the explanations as to Sookie can receive them …

          And behind it all is Eric’s selfishness …. AGAIN.

          • Only Way That Matters says:

            And you would really advocate Sookie marrying Bill in complete ignorance?

            I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Lividity says:

      Well, I have to agree for sure that Sookie should know the details of Bill’s mission. I mean, if it were you, wouldn’t you be all like, “The hell? What sort of mission was this? When did it start? How old is that file you kept on me?” Etc etc etc. I can’t believe she never asks these questions. This is one of the things that removes sympathy for her IMO. Sometimes I just can’t related to her.

      • Liz79 says:

        Liv, exactly!! That describes perfectly how I feel about Sookie. I just can’t relate to her which then makes me unable to root for her. She has these standards that she herself does not or cannot live up to. Her line to Jason about just “digging it out of his head” really pissed me off. That is a violation!! People don’t HAVE to share everything with you. And she can go around abusing her power whenever it suits her. And she has shown herself perfectly willing to lie (taking Jessica to see her parents is one example).

        The fact that she has never once asked for an explanation from Bill about the Tribunal about Dallas about the Rattrays seems ridiculous. At the very least wouldn’t you be curious? Every time she opens her mouth I constantly baffled and irritated.

      • Persephone says:

        On the one hand I completely agree with this: it’s one of the things that makes Sookie hard for me to understand. She gets herself involved in these situations but refuses to learn anything about them. I keep thinking about the quid pro quo scene with Russel in season three, when she’s asking him completely irrelevant questions and he laughs at her because it’s clear she doesn’t have any idea what’s happening around her. She had all that time to ask Bill about vampire issues but she doesn’t even know there are kings and queens. Now again with the witch situation, she said emphatically that it wasn’t her problem but there’s no way for it to not be her problem. It seems like she must want to stay willfully ignorant of very serious matters going on around her and which she keeps winding up in the middle of, usually at her own insistence. It’s mind-boggling. I would love to see her sit down with just about everyone on the show and have a long conversation about them, what they do, and everything else that she should have been asking questions about this whole time.

        On the other hand, it is a bit unrealistic for Sookie to know everything there is to know about any given person because no one does. There are motivations people have and situations they’re in that factor into the decisions they make all the time that the people around them don’t know about or understand. We as viewers are privy to them so we have a greater understanding of all this than any character on the show does. So we can yell at them from our living room when we see them making stupid mistakes and jumping to conclusions, but they’re all acting on the information they have, not what we have. Which is all anyone does in reality, too. As frustrating as it can be, I like that about the show, even if I think Sookie is way more out of the loop than she should be.

      • Acanthus says:

        Right on, Lividity. And for the second tme I’ll quote Persephone: Sookie is wash-rinse-repeat oblivious to everything. For me she is the weakest link in a great cast of characters, the nail screeching across the blackboard.She’s smugly preachy, shallow, neither a wit nor a wonder. That she has all these men falling at her feet, rendered from steel into tapioca-heads, seems ridiculous.

        Team Bill, count your man lucky at the moment. Team Eric: are you SURE you want the Viking to get the girl?

        The single scene in three and half seasons where I thought the writers gave her any depth was her first meeting with the newly-turned Jessica. It annoys me, and really puzzles me: writers, what are you thinking ????

        • Persephone says:

          Re: what are the writers thinking?

          I can’t be sure, but there might be something coming down the pipe for Sookie at some point. We’ve seen little flashes of other characters treading on the same line of thought: Russel laughing at her idiotic questions, Tara shouting at her this season, Tommy’s dialogue when he fired her– all these things ring true. In a lot of ways I see Sookie more like a teenager who hasn’t had a lot of life experience yet but is absolutely set in her convictions about how the world works and how people should be, and that’s all there is to it. She doesn’t have this sense that there’s a bigger picture than just what she can see, and she probably just does what she needs to in order to get to the one destination she needs to get to at the moment. She had two small attempts at investigating the witches that culminated in a warning from Gran, but she hasn’t done a thing with this info since then. She never seems to seek anyone out unless she needs something, everyone comes to her to visit or give news. I don’t think this is accidental on the writers’ parts, I have a feeling it’s going to pay off at some point. Everyone else on the show are having character arcs and learning from their mistakes and growing except her. At some point it’s going to catch up with her.

          • eloradannen says:

            I think Sookie is somewhat of a teen ager in her experiences. This is a girl who had tragedies in her life even before she meant Bill Compton. Her life was her Gran, her brother and her job at Merlottes, but even her job was not the best because people talked about her..called her retard.

            So then comes Bill and she pins all her hopes and dreams on him. Now this little small town girl just accepted what he said and didn’t ask many questions. In her wildest dreams, she couldn’t have imagined that there was a queen or a king or many other things about vampires. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you don’t know that such things exist, you don’t know to ask questions about it. You have to wait until it happens to ask. Bill was the first one in town and he didn’t offer her much information at all and often times when she did ask about something (like the file) he lied about it.

            I think you are right about it not being accidental on the writer’s part. I think they intended to portray Sookie as naive and trusting and misled and controlled by Bill in many ways. But I am starting to see signs that Sookie is making a turn around and will be her own person. As you already mentioned, she did go investigate about the witches, she did stand up to Bill and told him what she thought. She is acknowledging that Eric offered his life for her and that he saved her life. She is starting to use her brain now and make her own decisions. It’s like she just woke up. Is she there yet..well no, she isn’t, but I am hoping she does get there. I am rooting for her.

            And who knows, maybe someday she will ask Bill questions, but I don’t think it will cut any ice with her even if he tells her the truth about things. There is already too many things regarding him that she has already forgiven. When is it enough?

          • Persephone says:

            @ eloradannen: I agree with the points you make about Sookie’s motivations and her reasons for doing what she’s done thus far. She’s a pretty sheltered young woman who’s been pretty emotionally isolated from people out of necessity. Then along comes this dark, mysterious, romantic stranger into her life and it’s like something out of a Bronte sisters novel. Sookie’s early dreams and fantasies about him in the first season really only need period costumes and wind-swept moors. I can totally understand why she got caught up in it and why she kept forgiving things she shouldn’t have been so readily accepting of, she wanted to believe the fantasy so badly she deluded herself into ignoring what she knew deep down was the truth. I’m not trying to bash Bill here, honestly, I think he was also caught up in a situation he didn’t anticipate and then made very bad decisions as to how to keep the relationship going when it had a rotten foundation.

            I’m rooting for Sookie, too. It’s actually a bit difficult to see Bill and Eric make so many strides forward in their characterization with her still stuck back in season one. Heck, even emotional-Teflon Jason’s got more forward momentum in his character arc than she’s had and I just have a feeling she’s going to get with a sledgehammer of a wake-up call sometime. It’s going to have to be since she’s ignoring so many of the more subtle hints in favor of what she wants to believe– though her world view does seem to be getting a bit more realistic. She’s someone who needs to recognize the mistakes she’s made and learn from them instead of just plowing forward with single-minded determination about everything. She needs to start seeing how she’s connected to everyone around her and how her actions affect them.

            Also, about her not knowing about vampire royalty, I understand that she wouldn’t ask specifically about something she didn’t know existed. What bothers me, though, is that she knows there are sheriffs and a definite hierarchy in the vampire community. She’s been involved in these issues and knows that there’s a system of punishment, since Bill had to go to the tribunal, and witnessed tons of political shenanigans going on in Dallas. And it never occurred to her in the time she had with Bill since then to ask him about how vampire society works? I’d be curious about my boyfriend’s culture, especially if it kept almost getting him and/or me killed. If she’d ever asked Bill directly about how the vampire legal system works or about the sheriffs and all of that, it would seem pretty logical that the royalty would have to come up pretty quickly. So either she did ask and Bill lied– not sure why he would lie about that but it’s possible– or she didn’t ask at all. Understandable in a way because she’s wanted to live as normal a life as possible, but there’s only so many times vampire politics can intrude into one’s personal life before it’s reasonable to try and ignore. I’m not sure if she even knows about the Authority at this point. Does she? That also seems like a pretty big thing to not know about.

            I guess it’s like the old adage about 99% of the conflict in the story could be solved if the characters sat down and talked for five minutes.

          • Liz79 says:

            First, let me address my take on Bill in regards to Sookie. I think Bill went to Bon Temps with a specific mission. However, when he met Sookie he fell in love and then tried to course correct. He fell in love and he wanted to protect that love. So he lied. To the Queen, to Sookie, to himself. I think he knew his lie had a shelf life and it made him hold on even harder. Personally, the tragedy to me, is that Bill knew all along that he wouldn’t be able to stay or be with Sookie. It was always an uphill battle wasn’t it? I mean who in the vampire world will let them be? For me the biggest insight into Bill and his motivation and what he views as his shortcomings was his speech to Jessica last season. When he told her he couldn’t protect her it was like a window into his psyche.

            As for Sookie, I don’t fault her because she’s young or naive or sheltered. I don’t fault those things in Jessica, who I happen to be a big fan of. I don’t fault her because she willfully keeps herself in the dark about certain things. What I find fault in Sookie is the standards she holds others too she herself doesn’t even come remotely close to meeting. Nor does she, in my belief, really try. Jessica’s glamouring of Hoyt is the same thing, to me, as Sookie telling Jason that I’ll just pick it out of your head. So, having this issue with the character, it makes it really hard for me to invest in her and therefore root for a specific romantic outcome for her. I do hope she gets some kind of wake up call. She needs it.

            And I also realize it’s a storytelling device that she hasn’t questioned Bill about exactly what happened with the Rattrays. WHY he did what she believes he did. The writers are clearly saving that conversation.

      • Char says:

        I also have a problem relating to Sookie sometimes. She strikes me as so selfish and self-absorbed a lot of the time that I often find her unlikeable. I laughed with evil glee when TommySam told her she was fired and outlined all the reasons why. I’m actually surprised so many people still talk to her. She’s lied (but according to her that’s totes the worst thing to do ever ever [see: Bill]), and like a poster above says, she never seems to go to anyone unless she needs something. “Oh, hai, Alcide, I know I haven’t talked to you in forever and you thought I was dead, but could you help me with this vamp problem?” UGH.

        In other news, against my better judgement I am developing a soft spot for Eric this season although i am sure that’s bound to blow up in my (and Sookie’s) face.

        And I love King Bill. It just makes him that much hotter to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have not forgotten some of the fucked up things he has done and continues to do, but as a character he remains my favorite, especially when he has scenes with Jess.

    • Biilswoman says:

      You are so right !!!

    • MarioSilva says:

      That would be good…but we all know that in the “real world” that doesn’t happen. Why should it, on tv?
      If people really stooped for a moment and listen everyone’s povs and motives the world would be a better place.

    • Isabella05 says:

      I soo agree shocknawe….Bill needs to sit her down and they need to have a little chat. perhaps Eric should be there as well…who knows.

      AB mentioned at comic con that there is more to this “percieved” deception by Bill and the rattray’s..cannot wait to hear it!

    • Rina says:

      Sookie doesn’t want to know the truth, doesn’t really want to know everything about Bill (or Eric, for that matter). She doesn’t want to know about vampire politics. She wants to bury her head in the sand and pretend that her boyfriends are human. (This is very much what her personality is like in the books as well.)

  15. TBObsessed says:

    Whew! That was a very complete recap!

    Yeah, what was in those guns because the shots didn’t seem to slow either vampire down much. Regular bullets? Silver? Obviously not wood!

    It looks like Tara is going to have misgivings about her role in the attempted vampire massacre next episode. “What? Like, I didn’t know we were going to kill all the vampires!” What did she think Antonia meant by “Vampires are only harder to kill?” That they were working a spell to make them want to take up knitting and forget the rapey/killing stuff?

    I noticed Debbie’s “Werewolf property of Edgington” brand was displayed prominently during the sex scene. Forshadowing?

    This season is getting interesting! I’m liking the witches better than I thought I would- even the wind machines!

    • Char says:

      That’s vintage Tara–making a really stupid decision, experiencing horrible, soul-crushing consequences, and then bawwwwwwing about it later.

      She is one character that I would not be sad about if she ate it this season. I haven’t been able to stand her since season 2. The writers have made her a one-woman melodramatic soap opera, and it’s tiresome.

  16. Luciana says:

    What an awesome recap! I love reading your recaps, keep it going!

    One thing, here:
    “He figures that they had this coming from the centuries of murder and torture that they perpetrated with the excuse of it being ‘their nature’, and then they answered killing with killing and fucked things up even more. Somebody give this man the Nobel Prize. Now take it away, because he seems like quite the proud papa when Jess still has enough spunk left to vow to eat Antonia’s face after this whole ordeal is over. Atta girl!”

    This is one thing I really dislike. All this “I pretend to be good, I’m human, I hate the killing bla bla bla” and then you see that maybe isn’t like that at all, it’s just bullshit being told. In all vamp books/series I read, I always prefer the BAMF vampires that comes with something good from time to time that the pretend-to-be-good vampires that comes with a mask to hide their real personalities.

    Bill is a vampire, he doesn’t need to act like a saint when he isn’t one, really. Go get her, Jess, and “eat, fuck and kill” the witch!

    • MarioSilva says:

      I disagree with you (your taste of vampire): Vampires like Bill are the most dangerous to my mind; a true monster with an human face and attitude. He can strike at every moment and none will see it coming.
      A younger vampire like Bill has to play his strengths and look harmless should help A LOT.
      And why can’t he choose a different direction than other vampires? Why shouldn’t he try TO EVOLVE into a different kind of monster/vampire?
      On true blood mythology the older the vamp, the stronger he is in single combat at least. So, vampire power/status is measured by age primarily and not merit. I understand that just surviving that long is a worthy trait but to me it still looks a bit “shallow”, not good worthy of enough respect to my eyes.
      Bill is going in a very different direction. And in a world where vampires are out in the open, it my prove the right one.

  17. Luciana says:

    And I felt bad for Tommy and Debbie.

    Tommy lived with that fucked family, didn’t had any good example on his life. Of course Sam has nothing to do with this shit, and he don’t need to embrace all Tommy’s issues. Sam tried, but it seems too much for him. But I feel sorry for Tommy, really.

    And Debbie, poor little dog. We can’t say she’s not trying to live a normal life with her big dog, but Alcide isn’t helping. It was in his face his feelings for Sookie when he saw her in the woods. Too much for Debbie. Can we have the psycho girl back, now?

  18. Acanthus says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC recap, Jess. Zesty but never sour. Loved it to bits, I really did.

    I’ll leave the Bill and Eric comments to others more invested, but I do want to say that my own favourite line of the episode was Martonia’s: “Vampires are not immortal.They are only harder to kill.” At last, in one declarative sentence, the central factt of the myth implodes.

    M/A also opens another can of myhtic/religious worms. Only the human spirit is immortal, she claims,and vampires are without souls, and oblivion is their ultimate fate. Meanwhile, over at Bill’s, the King is telling Jessica that she has a human core, a soul if you like. So who and what to believe (in this fictional universe, at least)? Fascinating . Betcha the theme will be explored in Season 5.

    • Jen says:

      Interesting. But I think we’ve already been given the answer to that question, and it doesn’t jibe with what Marnie/Antonia preached. Remember when Eddie’s spirit was channeled by Marnie and freaked out Lafayette earlier this season? Eddie was a vampire. So vampires, like human beings, have souls.

      • Acanthus says:

        Right you are, and well spotted. And so in the TB universe, if EddieSpirit is out there, we can assume that TB vampires have immortal spirits. Can we also assume that Antonia knows this? Is she deliberately misleading her flock, or is she unaware that she’ll only be sending vampdom to yet another plane of existence?

        Whatever. I don’t want to sound all crystals and candles New -Agey on the subject. Just that I find this aspect of TB vampire nature an interesting extension of the whole delightful TB premise – that vampires not only walk among us, but that they shop in malls, worry about matchy-matchy interior decorating, get bored, love Jimmy Choos, launch PR campaigns and corporate crisis management .

        Can vampires be conventionally ‘religious’ as well as mainstream political? A vampire president of the USA is possible. So…. A vampire Pope? Wow, talk about your Midnight Mass…

  19. Waitin4afulmoon says:

    I loved that Gingers tank top said “HUSTLER”! That’s so gangsta Ginger. I think I just found my halloween costume.

    • Lividity says:

      LOL! Love that. I wanna be Ginger too!

      Also, dangit woman! I need to somehow get the True Blood into my exercise regime… you know.. when I get a real one ;)

  20. Waitin4afulmoon says:

    Loved the recap, Jess. I have been waiting for Jessica to get in touch with her “inner face eater”. Love the show and love your recap. I’m waiting to see what the writers and Alan Ball do with these characters next. I love reading everyones comments and personal take on the show and have found a new way to use true blood to my advantage…I watch 1 episode per day before work while on the treadmill. I’m now on a re-watch, back to season 1 episode 1 in the morning, and in 36 days of true blood, I lost 28 lbs. I FREAKING LOVE TRUE BLOOD! I didn’t know what a fan I was until I got on the scale this morning. Can’t wait till next Sunday…..

  21. Waitin4afulmoon says:

    Yeah, I was thinking Ginger for Halloween, but I look more like Maybe I will just rub some dirt on my face and wear a turnip sack and go as her. I could always put some curlers made of sticks in my hair and put on a walmart-by-way-of-goodwill dress and call my self Crystal. That would be an easy one. We are having a True Blood themed Halloween party at work, and I don’t want to go as Sookie….

  22. Waitin4afulmoon says:

    True Blood on DVD and the Treadmill are the best things I’ve bought myself in years! I got them all used, in case I couldn’t go through with the exercise part. I’m not an exerciser and didn’t know if I would actually get on the treadmill and do it, but I put in that DVD, and I am motivated…’s crazy, but if what I had to do to lose weight is to turn in to a true blood weirdo, well, consider it

    • Lividity says:

      I tried to do it with an iPad and EA Sports on the Wii, but the sound on the pad isn’t loud enough. I guess what I just need to do is get on the bike or something instead of doing the wii and watch via Netflix… or hook the pad up to the receiver. As I’m into Curb Your Enthusiasm now, I guess maybe that’s the ticket. I dunno. Anything to get me exercising… I hate it. Is so boring.

      Great recap Jess! Sorry to be fitness chatting in your post!

  23. Jody says:

    Loved your recap (and sense of humor) Jess!

  24. bush piglet says:

    Ahh Dont be hating on the Sook. I think the girl might have some sort of PTSD. I dont believe that Sookie is in love with Eric she’s just like to think she is because a well bought up girl such as herself doesnt just jump into bed with anybody. She needs to admit to herself that she wants a hot and horny good time for a while. Thats more than fine. AE of course he thinks he ‘s in love as well,he takes all his guidance from Sookie at the moment.I love how the writers said that they were going to use Bill to keep Sookie honest this season and its working well. I dont think Sookie is so much ditsy as someone who just avoids thinking about the way she behaves especially when according to her standards her actions arent always that pure.

    • Acanthus says:

      Awww bush piglet, clearly you are a good and loyal soul. Sorry, though, gotta keep Sookie-bashing until this flat uninflated plastic doll moves into something worthy of being the central character.

      Persephone, for whom I have great respect, suggests Sook’s deficiencies are by design,and that the writers have a Grand Plan for her. Nearly four years into the series, and Sookie is unimproved. I personally think she’s just badly written, No grand plan out there, unless Persephone starts writing the show, or latbfan or Lividity does. Or if I do (in which case she’s written out, like that would happen).

    • TBObsessed says:

      In Sookie’s defense, I do think she is loyal in trying to protect those she loves. I don’t just mean romantically, but her friends and family. Of course, on this show there are almost always multiple people in danger so sometimes one person get put on the back burner while she tries to help another! There’s only so much she can do!

      I noticed in the previews that Bill tells her to stay away from the fight with the witches while Eric says that isn’t their call. I’m sure that will score some points with Sookie since she does not like to be told not to help when she wants to be useful, although she does tend to expect to be rescued if something goes wrong!

  25. bush piglet says:

    I hear you Acanthus, just getting sick of the AP bashing. She’s doing the best she can with whats she given. Corny lines and unbelievable love scenes arent helping her cause in the slightest either. AB says he’s Team Sookie and I havent seen any of that yet.

    Disclaimer: I am not hating on the 30 second karma sutra or the Bambi and Thumper get on in the glade because its Sookie and Eric. I’m hating on it because it’s appears to be emotionless and disconnected.The dream scenes last year were way better.

  26. bush piglet says:

    Not thats then been much of it here,but theres a lot of AP hate on the internetz at the moment and its not her fault. Sookie would be even worse in the hands of a lesser actor.

  27. eloradannen says:

    From the things I have read, there are alot of people who are very well pleased with APs portrayal of Sookie this year. They are seeing it as a Sookie who is making a change, who is becoming stronger, making her own decisions. They see her more like Book Sookie who was a stronger, more independent character than has been portrayed on TB. And I see people who were really not impressed at all with APs portrayal of Sookie in the past three seasons actually very well pleased this year.

    What I don’t think it fair to any of the actors is to be blamed for what the writers want to portray. I think they wanted to portray Sookie as a weak, dependent, controlled character to emphasize the results of her relationship with Bill. I see her character changing before our eyes this year. Again the writer’s pov of how her relationship with Eric is different.

    I think her scenes with ASkars are amazing to watch. I am very well pleased with the acting between those two. I think they “get” the relationship between Eric and Sookie. But then if Sookie would relapse from the progress she is making…well, then, I would just have to blame the writers for that. Not AP.

    • MarioSilva says:

      Sorry to disagree, but to say that Sookie was controlled in her relationship with Bill is not true, at least not entirely. If so, she wouldn’t go with Jessica to her parents house in the beginning of season 2 behind Bills back; nor going to Eric asking (for) something, I believe it was info on Bill-only to be chained- again behind Bill’s back. That’s not an attitude of someone being controlled. Ok, about the last example, ideally she should ask Bill directly in the eyes. Nevertheless, she showed enough independent though and initiative to me.
      To add more “flame” I believe that in her new relationship she is “in control”.
      So to portray B/S relationship in a bad light (that’s what a read between the lines) because someone was controlled and not do the same about AE/S is not very consistent. But that’s were fan favouritism comes into light and I respect that. I prefer Bill and like Eric the Power Player more than this Eric with identity issues.
      About Sookies lack of development: taken in isolation, ie, the time gap she didn’t experience, she hasn’t had a lot of time to develop and think about her troubles enough to take appropriate action.
      But if you look at sam,jessica,bill and more noticeably tara, you see that Sookie stagnated-much like what we saw of real eric and pam.
      Since she’s the lead and she needs THE SPOTLIGHT, the writers might just showed us the evolution of the other characters and left Sookie for the finale so that in season 5 we have an all new sookie, at least a very improved one.

      • eloradannen says:

        Mario, the intent of my post was to point out that a lot of people are liking Sookie this year and also AP’s portryal. And to say that actors shouldn’t be blamed for how their part is written. And to point out that I do think Sookie is being written differently this year. I do see alot of differences. My intent was never to “flame.”

        I really don’t see how we can discuss if we can’t use people’s names…lol. Hugs

      • Persephone says:

        It’s been some time since I sat down and watched the earlier seasons so my memory may be a bit rusty here, but I do recall Bill lying to Sookie when she started confronting him about things in season three, at least. I wouldn’t say she’d been controlled by Bill, but he had been manipulating her since the night they met. At first it was just his job; he was there to investigate/procure her for the Queen, but once he started developing a real affection for her that got mixed into everything as well. It’s hard to know exactly how much of his protectiveness toward her was out of affection or necessity for his job and it could very well be a mix of both. But you can see in those early episodes he’s trying to figure her out so he knows how to appeal to her. You can see him start to play more of the Southern Gentleman when he’s around her and the Rattrays presented an opportunity for him to play knight in shining armor. Then look at how many times she broke up with him and then turned around and got back together with him. Then look at how many opportunities he had to tell her the truth about why he was there or what he did for a living and see how many times he squirmed out of it. I get that he’s a triple agent and he’s trying not to blow his cover, but at the same time his entire relationship is built on a stack of lies and to keep it going– which he has to do for his mission– he has to keep Sookie with him, which means manipulating her into staying with him.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Bill doesn’t care for her, I believe he absolutely does. But he was not a good boyfriend and that relationship was not healthy. He was caught in circumstances he didn’t foresee happening when he got there and then instead of leveling with Sookie about it when he had the chance, he then pushed it too far and wound up getting ratted out by the only character outside of Tara who’s been consistently honest with her through the whole series. (I’m not saying Eric is a prince either, but he does at least treat her like she’s an adult. Most of the time.)

        As an aside, I wanted to say that I know Tara isn’t a very popular character but I love her. I really wish she’d spend more time with Sookie so she can talk some sense into her when she starts doing something stupid. Watch the minisode from season two where Sookie shows off the dress Bill got her and look at how not wrong Tara is in hindsight. Sookie doesn’t know where he gets his money from and she ignores it, turning this back on Tara as a way to avoid it (by the way, comparing human beings with different skin colors to supernatural beings who can rip a person apart with their bare hands and eat them like a pot pie is not even in the same ballpark, Sookie). Hanging out more with Sookie the vampire magnet might help her see the more human side to them, since Tara seems to get the business end of their crazy instead. Then again if the characters always did what was good for them we wouldn’t have much of a show.

        • MarioSilva says:

          @eloradannen: I didn’t mean to imply that you flamed tempers, I just though I was. And I agree with you that Anna is a great actress. I don’t envision true blood without her. She’s our Sookie!
          @Persephone: I was just pointing out that Bill was not a “controller” in his relationship with Sookie, at least a complete one. I don’t dispute he was a bad boyfriend and a liar, even a predator that took advantages of an innocent sort of an outcast southern belle. I did what he thought was right and he was wrong. Would I do better? I don’t know. That’s why it’s difficult to judge his actions.

        • Acanthus says:

          Elegant and interesting post, but here’s the bone I have to pick . Not with you, but with the writers.

          “if the characters always did what was good for them we wouldn’t have much of a show.” True, but it’s past the point where there’s even a molecule of credible dramatic license.

          In the space of a Rhode Island minute and two eps, we see vamp-magnet Sookie run off into the moonlit woods, vamp-rapebait Tara walking a lonely moonlit road, and, most improbable of all, lurking in the moonlit bushes is the vamp’s most-wanted poster person Martonia. Have the writers had a complete failure of imagination?

          I know Sook’s a walkabout fool as written, but Why oh why would paranoid Tara be out there? And why would once-burned-twice-shy Antonia stomp around in lonely bracken in the undead of night???? Sure she can control one vamp with horse whisperer hand commands, but a full vamp hunting party? That’s not plot-driven recklessness, that’s just the sound of pencils drumming desperately on the writers’ table. IMO only

          • eloradannen says:

            well, Sookie was looking for her brother, but your are right it was very dangerous for her to be out anywhere really since she doesn’t “belong” to anyone. So I guess that is her motive…her brother.

            As far as Tara, did that little scenario with Tara seem familar? Because we did see that before in Season 2, where Tara is out on the road with a bottle of liquor and that is how she met Maryanne. Now on other sites they have been speculating that somehow Marnie is connected to Maryanne. I think this started when it was reported that a headless statue was seen in the Moon Goddess shop.

            Well, I never really paid attention to it, but when I saw Tara on the dark road with a bottle of liquor, it was an OMG moment for me. That is how she met Maryanne and now that is how she met Antonia.

            Why are they doing it, to gives us clues as to what is going to happen? Maybe, but I haven’t figured this one out Could Maryanne and Marnie be connected? Don’t know. I have noticed a couple of other things that seem like scenes from past seasons. But I do think it is intentional, to tell us something.

          • Persephone says:

            @ Acanthus: Well Sookie frequently does things that aren’t terribly safe (werewolf bar, anyone?) and judging from her control over Luis I doubt Antonia’s too worries about running across any vampires roaming the woods. Besides, she just left Bill’s place and I doubt Marnie drove there when she was arrested, so she doesn’t have much choice but to walk wherever she’s going.

            As for Tara, how I saw it was she’d given up hope of escaping a messy end at the hands of a vampire, in this case specifically Pam. She didn’t leave with Naomi for precisely that reason: she didn’t see the point. When she heard someone walking in the woods she immediately assumed it was Pam coming to finish her off and since she knew there wasn’t anything she could do about it, she didn’t want to be toyed with and called her out. When Antonia shared her experiences and showed Tara she wasn’t the only person this had happened to, and then offered her protection from the fate she’d been thinking was sealed, of course Tara jumped at it. Who wouldn’t?

        • karlskit says:

          Persephone: “wound up getting ratted out by the only character outside of Tara who’s been consistently honest with her through the whole series. . . ”

          “Only character” must be Eric since he did the “ratting” on Bill. So was Eric “honest” when he told Sookie he knew nothing about the werewolves that kidnapped Bill–even when he recognized the rune on Sookie’s cell phone? He came clean later, after digesting what that rune meant to him and his quest to avenge his family. Was Eric “honest” when he denied any knowledge of Bill’s whereabouts to Sookie when she confronted him in the love dungeon with Yvetta? Especially, when, at the time, Eric must have assumed his man, Ruben, had gotten to Bill? Eric later learned someone (RE’s werewolves, we later find out) beat him to “taking care of Bill” for QSA. Was Eric “honest” when he called in Lorena to “detain” Bill, after agreeing to Sookie’s contingent that Bill accompany her on the mission in Dallas? Was he “honest” about needing Sookie to suck out the bullet? It goes on and on. Both vamps deceived her. It is better to look at their motives than how they achieved them and drop the notion of human morality when judging them.

    • Liz79 says:

      @MarioSilva, I completely agree. Sookie has never been controlled. Not by anyone. She does want to be helpful but she often times seeks to be helpful in situations where her being far away is THE most helpful thing she could do. She has powers that she does not fully know how to control so really she’s already in way over her head.

      I see her relationship with Amnesia Eric as a safe haven of sorts. He’s very simple now. With simple needs. She can lead a simple existence. That’s attractive to Sookie. It’s a breather for her and I say she’s entitled to it.

      As for AP let me just say I’m a HUGE Anna Paquin fan. My favorite book is Jane Eyre and I’ve seen every adaptation made – both television and film – and her version is one of my favorites. She was brilliant and I fell in love with her. I’ve seen most of her stuff and think she’s incredibly gifted. I’m able to separate her from Sookie. I’m able to be frustrated by Sookie and still gush about how great I thought Anna was in Hurly Burly. I’m sure Anna has great insight into Sookie and could perhaps provide some answers as to why she might behave a certain way and what her shortcomings are.

      I guess all that a lot of us are saying is it’s hard to hold characters to Sookie’s standards. In other words I’m not going to dislike Bill because Sookie believes he lied to her. I’m not going to be frustrated at Tara for yelling at her because I believe she had a point.

      Perhaps her arc, as the main character, will be over the course of the series as Mario suggests. I look forward to that.

  28. bush piglet says:

    Sookies relationship with Bill was unequal,he held the power. Sookies relatiionship with Eric is unequal , she holds the power. Neither of them are particularly positive for Sookies personal development.

  29. Rina says:

    I think we are so obssessed with what Sookie should be like that we forget who she really is. SOOKIE IS NOT A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. She is weird, socially awkward, possibly crazy, and definitely mentally off, and I think AP conveys that perfectly. Sookie is supposed to be incomprehensible to us, the viewers, in the same way that she is incomprehensible to the people of Bon Temps. If we could all understand and relate to her, she wouldn’t be Sookie Stackhouse.

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