True Blood filming in Natchez

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The Natchez Democrat reports that True Blood has been filming 4 episodes in Natchez, Mississippi. The scenario chosen was Longwood, also known as Nutt’s Folly, the largest octagonal house in the United States. The mansion is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and is a National Historic Landmark. Ed Godfrey, who scouted and managed the location for the filming company as a volunteer says that production team of True Blood knew they wanted to film in this house since last year. The production crew would not comment on their work in Natchez, but they told Ed that they may be coming back for another episode.

I’m not making a big guess assuming Longwood is the home of the King of Mississippi, right?

775px Longwood in Natchez spoilers season 3

For more information on the Longwood estate & Natchez click here.

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23 Responses to “True Blood filming in Natchez”

  1. jay says:

    awesome its all coming together.. getting more anxious now..roll on season 3!

  2. Aemac says:

    Very Cool house! Visits are gonna pick up here, I wonder if they’ll raise the price of entry.

  3. NotHoney says:

    Wow, that house is incredible. Something to put on my list of things to do in ol’ Miss, I suppose.

  4. CitizenErased says:

    That house is fucking aaaaaamazing. Defo the king’s pimp palace. They’re probably just shooting exterior stuff.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Love that house!

  6. TBObsessed says:

    Oh, I was there as a teenager! We went to Natchez on a rare family trip. The inside of the upper levels are completely unfinished, just bare wood. The owner ran out of money before the house was done, which is why it was called his “folly.” It’s so cool that I will see it again on True Blood this summer!

  7. Wolfer says:

    I would most definitley think along the lines of THE KING OF MISSISSIPPI. Season Three is going to be so FANG-TASTIC!

  8. billismine says:

    The vampyre King of Mississippi deserves a place like this. :)

  9. Lividity says:

    Very cool house! The King of Mississippi gots it going on!

  10. NatchezNative says:

    The house is named Longwood. The owner left for the war (Civil War) before the entire house was finished. The entire upper level is unfinished. When he came back from the war, he didn’t have enough money to complete the house.

    This is very exciting for a city like Natchez. Tourism is a huge part of the success that Natchez has become. Now if we can just get people to come here, as soon as they come, they immediately love it.

    • ZZ says:

      NatchezNative, thanks for sharing.
      Be prepared to receive an avalanche of Crazy Truebies very soon! The house is awesome and I’m sure it will become a regular scenario for True Blood.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Please remove the copyrighted photograph from your site immediately. The photograph is owned by Natchez Newspapers Inc. and cannot be used without permission, which you do not have.

  12. Sarah says:

    Incredible setting and would agree with chain of thought about it beinbg setting for the Kings house , very grand !

  13. MATT BROWN says:

    haha, Wow. Check out that “southern hospitality” from Natchez! What a joke.

  14. Thank you.

    @ MATT BROWN: We said, “please.” :-)

    We protect our content as we have much invested in producing it.

    Beyond that request, Natchez is a great place to visit and we hope True Blood fans will visit Natchez and in particular Longwood, which is an amazing house.

  15. Sam Jones says:

    Couple of things. If you need photos of Longwood, I’ll be more than happy to provide them – including one I got in February when it snowed (a rare thing down here).
    Also, being picky. The owner of the home, Haller Nutt didn’t leave, though he did spend time in another home, Winter Quarters. The northern craftsmen left off building the interior to go back to their homes in Philadelphia, etc. Haller died before the Civil War ended. His family continued to live in the furnished basement.
    Thanks for the great publicity for Natchez! And shame on the Democrat for being stingy with their photos.

    • Lividity says:

      Thanks for the clarification Sam. I’ll bet Longwood looked awesome in the snow! Natchez seems like a lovely place – can’t wait to see Longwood either in person (I’m not really that far away) or on the show. I’m sure there will be throngs of fans visiting this place on True Blood pilgrimages this summer ;)

      As for the Democrat, well… most publications allow us to reprint pics with watermark and/or photo credit & link back – some of them don’t. C’est la vie.

      • Sam Jones says:

        The offer of photos stands for this or any other locations in Natchez that I have (seen the cemetery?) Thanks for exposing Natchez to a whole new group of prospective visitors!

  16. Lance King says:

    My grandmother, Louise Burns, lived in Longwood from 1971 until 2000. I spent all my childhood summers and Christmases there. And yes, it was fantastic. I happened to be back in Natchez for a funeral when I went to visit the house and saw that the True Blood crew was setting up. I enjoyed taking some of them to the Longwood cemetery which is a bit hidden and so people don’t realize it is there.

    Thanks for the correction about Haller not returning from the war. Haller Nutt was a Union sympathizer and did not fight in the war. But he lost everything during the war. The Confederate troops first came in and confiscated all the supplies and equipment on hand. Later, the Union armies came through and burned all his cotton plantations and equipment. Only Longwood and Winter Quarters remained (he had other properties). He died of pneumonia (and a broken heart) before the war ended. His wife, Julia, raised 8 kids in the Longwood basement, which is 9 rooms and 10,000 sq. ft. Yeah, a 10,000 sq ft basement. The home would have been 32,000 sq ft of living space if it had been completed. Julia sued the gov’t, but only received $83,000 over many years and it was only enough to raise her family. The Pilgrimage Garden club got the house in ’70 and hired my grandmother in ’71 to be the curator.

    I really look forward to seeing the house on True Blood.

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