True Blood Casting Call & Title For S4 Episode 6

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spoilers spoilers season 4 ep 06 i wish i was the moon casting call Season 4, episode 6 will be entitled, “I Wish I Was The Moon” and will be written by Raelle Tucker.
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TRUE BLOOD, Episode 406: “I Wish I Was the Moon”
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Writer: Raelle Tucker

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[MAVIS] Female, African American, 20-30 years old. She is a sad-eyed girl dressed in a modest 1930s dress. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Must speak with a Cajun accent.

Source: “True Blood Informant”

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5 Responses to “True Blood Casting Call & Title For S4 Episode 6”

  1. hdgcat says:

    ooooh, we’re going back to the 1930′s! whoo hoo! I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the backstroy with Bill and Diane.

  2. Cherie (Durst) DeSange says:


  3. eloradannen says:

    a Bill and Diane backstory would be great, but this could also be an ancestor of Lafayette and Tara.

  4. Jedihsm2 says:

    I think this has to do with the Witchcraft thing :D

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