Theo Alexander on Talbot, Russell & Sex with Eric Northman

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NYPost’s Popwrap interviewed Theo Alexander who plays Talbot, the King of Mississippi’s husband in True Blood. We find out how Talbot met Russell, that Alan Ball will kill you if you leak spoilers, and that fighting fuels good sex. Oh yeah, there’s also some reference to a sex scene with Eric – but I dunno if I’m convinced that scene is with Eric and not with someone else.

PopWrap: How did you get hired to play Talbot?
Theo Alexander: This part was out for a British actor, but my agent thought I would do a great job with it. He was a very Dionysian, very sexual, very Greek! It couldn’t be anything but Greek in my eyes. So my agent called the casting director and they really wanted a British actor, but they said, “please, just see him – he’s perfect.” So I went to the audition dressed in my kimono, in character and walk in on a room of 16 people – including Alan Ball, so I’m shaking. The casting director says, this is Theo, he’s Italian. So I turn to her as Talbot, and say, “excuse me, I’m Greek!” and that propelled me into the character. Talbot would have said that, he likes to speak his mind.

PW: Given Talbot and Russell’s extensive history together, what kind of pre-production work did you and Denis O’Hare [who plays Russell] do?
Theo: I have to say, it’s a blessing to have an amazing actor on your side. He called me when I got the part and we started working on our history before shooting. We met, we talked, we went to dinner, we had to create a 700-year history. It wasn’t easy but in order to be in love with someone on screen you have to really love them in real life. And Denis is very easy to fall in love with. He’s a great guy and an amazing actor – I already admired him, so it wasn’t that hard.

PW: So without going into too much detail, what kind of backstory did you two come up with?
Theo: We met in the Byzantine, where I was royalty and I left with Russell. He didn’t turn me in the beginning. We were mercenaries, we would give our services to Kings who needed us in battle. In one of those battles I got wounded and would have died, but he wanted it to be my decision. He loved me so much he didn’t want to bestow that curse upon me, but I wanted it. So he turned me and I’ve been paying ever since.

PW: It makes sense to hear that Talbot was royalty — he has very expensive tastes.

Theo: Yes, I’ll give you an insight. You know the robe I came out in [last night], that’s a Tom Ford robe. Tom Ford was one of my inspirations for the part. He’s the quintessential man of style. In real life I would fly him in to do all my clothes. And then I would send the check to my husband!

PW: Do you think because the show tailored Talbot to Theo, there’s a lot of you in him?
Theo: Yes. I think it’s my Greek culture. We live life to it’s fullest. It’s the Zorba element that Talbot has. He loves the senses and food is very important, every object is very important. That’s why I get very disturbed when something goes wrong in my house. We are vampires and every object we have carries energy or a story. We don’t have many things to remember, every object has a 100 years of story on it.

PW: Fans who follow “True Blood” spoilers know that Russell & Talbot are headed for some rocky times — but with 700 years together, how does fighting affect their partnership?
Theo: I believe that when you love someone you fight because you feel completely. Russell is also my maker, so it’s a double whammy. He’s like my father and my husband. So there is this double animosity, he can quiet me with one word. But I think every relationship – especially Mediterranean – if you don’t fight, there is no relationship. And that’s what fuels good sex too!

PW: Now, fans got the impression based on an interview you gave that Talbot cheats on Russell with Eric later this season — care to comment?
Theo: Oh, I didn’t reveal anything. You shouldn’t believe rumors, I am a married man! [laughs]

PW: OK, so theoretically, if that scene should happen, was it difficult to film?
Theo: I’ll tell you something, because the writing is so excellent and everything happens for a reason, when you get a scene like that, it’s much easier to do because there’s a reason for it. So it comes out naturally. It’s not out of the blue. People say “True Blood” has so much sex, but all those scenes have a reason and they push the story forward.

PW: Obviously American’s are raised with a more puritanical view of sex and the show is filled with foreigners, do you think that’s why the cast isn’t so concerned with it?
Theo: In Europe actors are trained that those things will happen. And it pushes you forward as a human being as well. Everything that scares you in life, if you do it, makes you a better person. A more whole person. If I have a scene with a man and it scares me, you do it — that pushes you one step ahead as an artist or human being because you did something you were scared of. We know these things can happen – nervousness is there – but you’ve got to go beyond that.

PW: Now, I don’t want you to spoil too much because I know Alan keeps a close eye on you guys…
Theo: He has a gun! He always has a gun! He will kill us. But go on [laughs]

PW: He said that Theo & Russell emerge as this season’s villains. What do you think?
Theo: I don’t like the word villain. We’re two poor vampires who try to survive. We’ll, we’re not poor, but you get the idea. I can reveal one thing – season three will be off the hook! You can’t expect what’s going to happen in season three. Don’t even try to guess, you’ll be wrong. Don’t make any bets. It’s beyond. This season is going to be beyond anybody’s fantasies.



13 Responses to “Theo Alexander on Talbot, Russell & Sex with Eric Northman”

  1. Hajnalka7 says:

    A lovely interview from an intelligent and witty man. I greatly enjoyed his perspective about the energy of objects, anecdotes about Mediterranean culture, and how confronting whatever frightens you in this world pushes you ahead as both an artist and a human being (the Nietzschean “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” principle). In early Nordic cultures, there is also great sensuality… but of a very different sort without the emphasis on objects. Domesticity was not as big of a deal to them. Warfare and battle was a vocation. The sensuality of iron and violence. Fighting did not just lead to great sex, fighting WAS sex. It was a thing of ineffable beauty. The only Greek culture of the time that could compare would be Sparta. It will be enlightening to see these two polarities come together if Eric and Talbot do hook up (the consummate Mediterranean and the poster child for the Vikings). Each culture has their own unique gifts to bring to the sensual feast.

  2. konfettii says:

    He did an *amazing* job in last night’s episode, very impressive. Those scenes at the mansion are probably my favorites. FAR different, I must add, than the scenes with the Queen that just annoyed me. (Okay, her character annoyed me so much that it detracted from the rest of scene, I suppose that’s a mpore accurate description.) I fell in love with Russell and Talbot, whcih probably means bad things are coming from them.

    • Lividity says:

      LOL. I know what you mean. I think those two are fantastic as well – and I couldn’t stand the queen last year (not sure this year either for what it’s worth).

      • NotHoney says:

        They are wonderful, I love them both. I wish they weren’t going to be mean to Bill, though, but I’m excited to see more of Talbot and Russell.

    • Cranky says:

      I hope you meant bad things are coming FOR them?
      And that’s coming from a HUGE “villain” fan, LOL!

  3. Melissa says:

    Who didn’t loved Russel and Talbot?!!! Those two scared the hell out of me!!! And that comment on the sterling silver door… OMFG I was like Bill get the hell out of there NOW!!!

    They were amazing the most interesteing characters so far… But I don’t hate the Queen, I mean I hate her, but I think it’s just because ERW is doing a good job, for a change.

  4. Amber says:

    I am honestly in love with every single character in these new shows.
    Russell and Talbot were a little different than I expected…
    I’ve read all the books, and their slightly different from the persona’s Charlene Harris gave them, but overall, I think they did an amazing job. Talbot was GORGEOUS! Just like I thought he would be ;)

    I cannot WAIT until the next episode xD

  5. lizzie1701 says:

    Love Talbot! Love Franklin Mott. Not sure about the King, but I am sure he will grow on me!

    I thought Talbot had great dialoque!

    Poor Bill!

  6. Frederikke says:

    About Talbot, I think when he decorated the room, he just thought a silver door would be perfect for it, and then afterwards Russel thought it was a great ideer to “keep” the vamps. Or maybe Russel had asked for a vamp proof door, and Talbot as a decomaniac just really wanted such a fantastic door.

  7. Coroba says:

    Sooo funny hearing him speak greek in last Sunday’s episode. His pissed off ranting basically said “idiots”, “I ve waisted the best years of my life” and “had enough putting up with every jerk around this house”. Hilarious. Bravo Theo, you making us proud over here in Athens!

  8. Constantina says:

    No he says exactly..”IDIOTS IDIOTS..enough with every asshole in here”
    It’s actually argot..and had a great accent, a greek accent. I know cause i’m greek and i got enthousiastic when i heard my language :P

  9. Laura says:

    I love Theo Alexander in the roll of Talbot, I think he is absolutely wonderful and so is Denis O’Hare. Theo sounded like he knew what he was going to do with his character from the moment he walked into the audition room. I only wish there was a tape of the audition floating around somewhere, cause I would love to see it. As for the Queen Sophie Anne Played by Evan Rachel Wood… I love her to death! I think she’s great and hope she remains on the show for her haters to get over themselves and move on. Evan plays the Queen the way I see her playing the Queen in my head, and that’s great for me, because I have no complaints. Non what-so-ever. You go Evan play the hell out of the Queen, cause your doing a spectacular job!

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