Take A Stab: Tara Thornton – Undead Or Alive?

By AphroditeMF on Dec 15 2011 | 66 Comments »
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We don't believe for a second that this is the end for Tara.

In season four’s most shocking finale moment, major player Tara was seemingly killed off by a bullet that left her brain tissue decorating Sookie’s kitchen. Or was she? This is True Blood after all, so chances are this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. We’ve seen a bunch of people be healed by vampire blood, but is that magical elixir really powerful enough to cure a gaping hole in the head?  Fan speculation has been rife with talk of one of the vampires turning Tara into one of them. If that’s the case, then who is the likely candidate as maker? Bill saved her life in the cemetary, but he already has Jessica to deal with. Eric’s relationship with Pam is currently on the rocks, so maybe he’d like a substitute snarky lady vamp sidekick.  On the other hand, he attacked Tara and once kept Lafayette prisoner in his filthy basement, so maybe Tara wouldn’t be too thrilled to be his progeny. And then there’s Pam, who Eric has suggested should sire a baby vamp of her own, but we know she and Tara hate each other’s guts.

Or perhaps Tara will return as a ghost, and haunt Lafayette like a ghetto-fabulous Obi Wan Kenobi? Or maybe the True Blood writers have been watching too much Walking Dead, and she’ll come back as a zombie? Here’s where you can post your theories on the exact nature of Tara’s demise.

66 Responses to “Take A Stab: Tara Thornton – Undead Or Alive?”

  1. sabrina says:


  2. Malena says:


  3. Donna says:

    They will not make her a vampire, she is damaged. I dont believe they will have zombies, so I believe that Eric or Bill will heal her. Maybe even Lafayette, he does have new powers. Either wait cant wait for the show to come back.

  4. Ann says:

    My guess would be Mr. Edgington (hope that’s how you spell it) will come “to the rescue” and turn her. That would be a nice twist. Having Sookies BFF as HIS progeny… That was at least my first thought when Sookie screamed “Anybody, HELP!”.

  5. adischen says:

    There are so many possiblilitys I can’t say what will happen but I like Donnas idea Lafayette could heal her.

  6. Anna says:

    I don’t think there will be a vampire Tara. I think she will be a zombie under Russell’s control. No way Bill and especially not Eric will save her IMO. Plus, she is too far damaged to be healed by vamp blood even as old as Erics.

  7. Lividity says:

    I’m betting there will be a vampire Tara – and her maker will be… ready for it? Jessica.

  8. Elle says:

    I’m sure Lafayette will heal her. He is in Sookie’s house too.
    If it’s impossible to heal her (let’s face it, she has a hole and a bullet in her head) I don’t think she will be turn, she’ll be a ghost and haunt Lafayette. I’m sure the writters want to explore Lafayette’s powers and Tara’s death is a way to do it.

  9. Kelthehobbit says:

    Alan Ball has said no zombies (something I am most thankful for as I am terrified of zombies and wouldn’t be able to watch). He said that show already exists. I don’t think she’ll be a vampire. 2 Reasons…First, she is seemingly very damaged…I don’t know that it would take…and if it would it wouldn’t end well. Second, she wouldn’t want it….anyone who knows Tara would know that she wouldn’t want to be turned, Sookie especially. My thought is that Lafayette will so something. He saved Jesus from the snake bite…I think he could have saved him from the stab wound if he’d been in charge of his body. At this point I think if anyone can do anything for Tara, it’s him.

    • hdgcat says:

      No zombies, thank god! I’ve been worried about that. The show can get overloaded to the point that you’re no longer emotionally affected. Plus, it’s more fun that TB make fun of zombies.

    • patty says:

      He didnt save Jesus from the snake bite, he was merely the vessel used while Jesus’s uncle (Tio Luca/Healer) healed him.

  10. eloradannen says:

    well it seems everyone thinks Tara is too damaged to be a vampire…but think of this. Wouldn’t this be the perfect way for them to set up a Bubba type character?? I mean that is what happened with Bubba…he was brought back when he was too far gone.

    Not saying I would necessarily want that, but it is the first thing I thought of when you all said “damaged.”

    • ZZ says:

      That would be too messed up, even for Alan Ball! I hope is not like you say.

    • Lividity says:

      I’ve thought about this, but I try to shut that down as fast as I can as I’m not a fan of the Bubba character. I’d be very disappointed if instead of Tara’s sass and vitriol, we’d get an under-functioning dullard.

      • hdgcat says:

        I like Bubba in the books, but it would take a specific actor/context to make it work. Having Tara being reduced to these circumstances would be tragic given the horrific life she’s had , not funny and very very sad.

        I”m voting for vampire or ghost , either would be workable.

        Now, Hoyt being turned into a Bubba by Jessica WOULD work on a lot of levels. One the actor would be able to play it in a manner that it wouldn’t be sad. Two, Hoyt would get what he really wanted which would be to be with Jessica FOREVER. And Jessica would have to suffer forever , which would be an interesting twist on the Lorena/Bill dynamic. There would be ways to play it that it wouldn’t be sad or tragic ….IT would be like Bill’s little girl got knocked up kinda of situation. And if Hoyt was a happy vampire ? Totally work

    • Katrina says:

      I agree that after all Tara has suffered, turning her into a “Bubba” would be one insult too far.

    • sabrina says:

      I thought the same thing ever since the finale – Tara will be a brain damaged vampire. She can stay in Eric’s cubby. I think Bill will turn her by mistake – lets say just about all her blood is gone and she gets his blood – instead of just healing her.

    • nida says:

      I totaly agree about the Bubba idea. she would be a female version cool.

  11. Emily says:

    I personally hope Tara dies, I am sick of her storyline.

    • Harpyie.Selena says:

      I’m so with you on this. I really hope Tara won’t be turned (after all she hates Vampires, would Sookie agree to that?), not even Bill deserves such a progeny……

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am personally REALLY hoping that Tara becomes a vampire. For everyone who says she’s too ‘damaged’ to be healed, think about this:

    -Tara bashed Franklin’s head in, repeatedly, in season three. He healed himself.
    -In season two, Bill beat Lorena in the head with a television set. She healed.
    -Bill was shot by his wife, in that flashback in season three. The wound immediately closed up.

    Vamp blood is very, very powerful stuff. I believe it has the ability to bring someone back, who’s literally on the brink of death.

    So, really, I think there are two options for Tara: she becomes a vampire and imagine how even more of a bad ass she’ll be as a vampire. Or she dies and her spirit just starts ‘hanging out’ with medium Lafayette.

    But, honestly, I don’t think she’ll die. It’d be too much of a downer for Sookie and Lafayette, her best friend and her cousin who’s basically her other best friend. Besides, I feel there’d be no major motive to kill her off. It’d just be random and senseless.

    So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for vamp Tara. And I’d LOVE for her maker to be someone unexpected, like Pam.

    • cr says:

      They were already vamps, though. There’s (usually) a difference between healing/turning a very wounded human and a vamp self healing.

      • AphroditeMF says:

        Ah, but Eric was mortally wounded before he was turned, and Bill wasn’t in the best of health either.

        Also, there is a point in book two where a human is very badly injured and at the point of death, and Eric offers to turn her, but before Sookie can make up her mind, he says it is too late. So as long as there is a spark of life, it is possible.

  13. cw37 says:

    tara would hate being a vamp more than anything. sookie & lafayette wouldnt let that happen and bill wouldnt do it without permission. no vamp wants that burden especially not tara. lafayette is her cousin if there is going to be any storyline with her it will be him seeing her and helping her spirit. they came up with that storyline of lafayette being a medium for a reason people!

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think any vampire had a choice if they were going to get turned or not. Bill didn’t want to be a vamp but they all adapt

  14. lisa says:

    I hope Pam turns Tara as a way to get in Eric’s good graces again and plus the push and pull dynamic between Tara and Pam would be awesome to watch .

    • hdgcat says:

      It would be a fantastic dynamic between the two actresses, they’d be awesome…plus it would be great character development for both of them. And in an interesting irony, Tara could end up happy eventually as a vampire. There’s tremendous story potential there. Kristen and Rutina would be so excited.

  15. lalakos80 says:

    who cares??????????????

  16. ladyjune13 says:

    My guess she’ll be a ghoust. they haven’t fully exlored that area IMO. or maybe sookie can heal Tara herself. That would be quite unexpected turn of events.

  17. Mazza says:

    Episode 1 of season 5 is titled “Turn Turn Turn”……….

  18. Lydia says:

    Dead but hanging with Jesus and contacting Laffy when necessary. As you recall, Jesus said, “you are a medium, so I’m never really gone.” – or something like that. Nobody with the ability to heal her (vamp) liked her enough to do it. She kicked Bill into the sun and Eric attacked her.

  19. Lydia says:

    With respect to the episode title (Turn Turn Turn) it could be based ont he lyrics to the old Byrds song of the same title. A portion of the lyrics are:

    To everything – turn, turn, turn
    There is a season – turn, turn, turn
    And a time for every purpose under heaven

    A time to be born, a time to die
    A time to plant, a time to reap
    A time to kill, a time to heal
    A time to laugh, a time to weep

    So if you don’t take the title of the episode so literally you can see that this song/episode could signal everyone stopping and taking stock of their life and circumstances.

    Again, just my two cents.

    • Emily says:

      Lydia- Thats a good observation!! It could mean Tara does turn into a supernatural of some sort, or it could represent a turning point in Sookies and Laffys’s lives. Or just a turning point for every character.

  20. Isabella05 says:

    I’m going to say Pam turns her…..if they do the ghost route that will suck,..I’m kinda over laffy’s ghost stuff…and i bet jesus vistis Laffy anyway….having tara do it as well would be silly. imo.
    I don’t think Bill nor Eric will turn her….that is almost too close for comfort and Sookie wouldn’t go for it. Just a hunch.

  21. Jenpero says:

    Tara will be a vampire and Pam will be her maker.

  22. cookiespice1 says:

    Very eager to see Pam become her maker. We saw how Eric could call her when she was at Sookie’s in the season three premiere. She will come there right away.

  23. ArterialFountain says:

    I think she will be turned by one of the vamps – I like the idea of Russell lurking around, and it may have been him who ‘encouraged’ Debbie to go in with guns blazing. Saving Tara would certainly give him leverage over many people. I don’t think she is too damaged to be vamped; remember that Eric was also wounded and on the verge of death when Godric ‘saved’ him.

  24. Leif says:

    I think Tara turning is a red herring for the title “Turn Turn Turn”

    Either she’s a ghost, or she is healed, imo.

  25. Lydia says:

    Preview Chapter 2 of Deadlocked posted on Charlaine Harris web site. No chapter 1, just an excerpt from Chapter 2:

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think Sookie might be put in a compromising situation about that. In a spoiler online, it says something like ‘Sookie ponders if life without vampires is possible’. So, does she lose her best friend or save her and suck herself right back into vamp world? Honestly, I think Sookie would be uncomfortable with it but, if it meant she was able to still have Tara be an active presence in her life, I can’t imagine her flat out refusing and letting her die. And not Lafayette for that matter, either (because you know he’ll be involved).

  27. AphroditeMF says:

    I still think that the moment when Bill saved her from Pam, and his acknowledgement that he owed her one for saving him and Sookie from Russell, was foreshadowing him becoming her maker. Because if Sookie and Lafayette are given the choice of who should turn Tara, I think they will opt for Bill, since Tara hates him less than she hates Pam or Eric. Also, Bill and Tara are so different from one another that I think it could be an interesting dynamic.

  28. cw37 says:

    its not bill eric or pams decision to make. eric & pam are on bad terms so he is not going to call her. Tara would just be a burden to all of them they have way too much on their plates for a baby vamp. it makes more sense for lafayette to be involved beicause of his medium storylline. bill and eric have a mess at bills to clean up and lafayette is in sookies house and they had him stay there for a reason. it all adds up that way. makes no sense to have a vamp turn her. & sookie and lafayette would not let them do it.

    • ews45 says:

      It would still be better for Tara to be a vamp than a ghost in a mediums body…..more interesting to watch and her with Pam would be must see tv ……her in laffeyette’s body would not interest most viewers….plus there is no such thing as too many vamps on TB ……the vamps are the most interesting part of TB but we will see what they come up with

  29. Robin B. says:

    She’s dead. And I’m fine with that. I didn’t care for her since day 1.

  30. Lacey V says:

    I’m starting to think in another direction with this, of course everything with the tv show and books don’t line up, so with Sookie being a fairy and her powers seem to steam from her emotions maybe she could heal her some how? Or maybe another fairy? No one has even thought of that.

    • mbb says:

      of course this is possible, but i wouldnt want to see tara hanging in the balance waitin’ on sookie and her transitory powers. if you want to get something done, bring in the vamps.

  31. SG says:

    I just hope is no Zombie I think it will kind mess up the show I like the way it is already all the Supernaturals we need it sounds more like Bill and Erick will come around and help Tara kind tried to saved them at the end .

  32. Rina says:

    I think Bill or Eric will give Tara some vampire blood and heal her. Vamp blood can heal anything as long as the human is not dead.

  33. Jose says:

    In further regards to the title “Turn, Turn, Turn” , considering that many of the episode titles are based on song lyrics (which is usually played at some point in the episode, usually the end), I would not doubt that this is an allusion to the byrd’s song. However, there is such a thing as “wordplay” which I’m sure the writers of True Blood are adept enough to handle, so I would write off Tara being turned at all. “Burning Down the House” was a pretty literal clue considering the events of the episode. Just saying…

  34. Jose says:

    Pardon, I would NOT write off Tara being turned. It is def. a possibility

  35. Anthony says:

    Oh man, I really hope that the writers do not make Tara into a ghost. I’d rather see her become a bad ass vampire. Besides, I don’t think Eric is going to be living under Sookie’s house anymore. Tara could always use that vacant room under the ground of Sookie’s house and on top of that, Tara and Jessica could become friends now, just as Jessica helps her come to terms of being a vampire.

  36. robin says:

    Tara should be written off.A lot of tv series have written off some of their main charaters,so why not true blood. i think th tara charater has no further use in true blood..so if she is still on. then i go withl La La healing her. he did heal Jesue snake bite . he can call on that spirt to heal her.

    • patty says:

      Jesus’s uncle (Tio Luca/Healer) healed Jesus from the snake bite. Lala was the vessel which he used, hence Medium.

  37. KnitWit says:

    I was hoping that the writers would bury Tara next to Eggs and move on with the other more interesting story lines (IMHO).

    If they are bringing her back as a vampire, I hope that Pam makes her. Pam is one of my favorite characters. Turning and raising Tara would give Pam’s character something interesting to do while Eric and Bill are busy with vampire politics and Russel (another favorite character). Pam and Lafayette could have some more fun scenes arguing about Tara. Jessica could even baby-vampire-sit.

    I am looking forward to the Tara character going into the sun cursing her maker.

  38. Katherine says:

    I think Russel Edgington is going to show up on Sookie’s doorstep. He drank her blood before at Fangtasia, so he’d be able to know where she is and what she’s feeling; at least, his appearance would make things much more interesting. Regardless, Eric and Bill can’t be too far away. Either way, I don’t think Tara is going to die.

  39. Jose says:

    I think that Tara will not dead.
    I think that as Sookie wants to save Tara so much, she will use a kind of ‘fairy power’ or something like that. Or maybe a vampire will come and will save Tara without turning her into vampire, just giving her to drink vampire blood. Well, the only think that I expect for season 5 is Tara alive, and Russell Edgington more bad that ever! (Also, Russell Edgington could save Tara, who knows it…)

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  41. janet lynn says:

    I think that Pam is going to save her by turning her into a Vamp ~ Now she will have Sookie and Tara in her debt.~

  42. anna says:

    In the S5 promo Sookie & Lafayette are digging a big hole. Episode 5.02: Tara resurfaces in Bon Temps.

    My guess is Eric has to make Tara to save her in E1, and in E2 she resurfaces as a vamp. Then she & Pam will be vamp-sisters (going along with Eric’s vamp-sister Nora plot). Time for some sibling rivalry!

  43. bos says:

    Ok I think we can all agree that the show is more of a spin off of the books considering that Jason is a bitten were Russel was supposed to be goodlooking, the vamp queen was supposed tobe rich hadley is a vamp and Franklin was an older vamp. Not to mention Talbot was still human and Tara’s not a broke bitch. That being sed I don’t think we can use the book as a decent reference in any sense. As for Tara. She’s one of my favs. I hope she turned by Pam and there becomes a lezbo love thing going on (yeah longshot I know). Most likely they will intro a new vamp for an originality twist

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