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By Jess on Jan 8 2012 | 19 Comments »

Season 4 ended with many jaw-dropping moments, but one of the biggest surprises would have to be the return of Fellowship of the Sun leader and notorious vamp-hater Steve Newlin…with added fangs! The Reverend’s reappearance in Bon Temps and the reasons behind it have raised many questions, so let’s take a stab at some of them.

412 SteveNewlinW 300x223 take a stab steve newlin characters season 5 Is he really a vampire?

Reverend Steve made his return to True Blood after an absence of nearly two seasons when he showed up at Jason Stackhouse’s door as the world’s most unlikely trick or treater, greeting a stunned Jason by popping fang. But has Steve really, ahem, grown a pair? Or are his retractable chompers part of a Halloween costume? I think it would certainly be more interesting if he has now taken on a ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ mentality towards the creatures he once wanted to eradicate, and is now using his new abilities to hunt down old enemies. But it’s also a possibility that we are being swerved, and Steve simply wanted to spook Jason a little before the true reason for his return is revealed.

If he is a vampire, who turned him?

This is probably the most interesting question to me, and one that has many possibilities. Steve’s anti-vampire Fellowship of the Sun church was based in Dallas, and he angered many of the city’s vampfolk when he orchestrated the bombing of Godric’s house that left many dead. So the vampires of Texas certainly have reason enough to capture the Rev and teach him the ultimate lesson by turning him into the very thing he despises. Another possibility is that Steve went to them willingly, wanting to be turned for some reason. Along with these two scenarios, will we then see the return of one of the Dallas vamps (maybe Godric’s underling Isabel?) or even a new vampire character from Texas?

Also possible is that another returning character, Russell Edgington, has been very busy indeed in the short time has been free and is setting whatever new plans he has in motion by turning Steve. Or it could be…absolutely anybody else! Somebody we already know, such as Nan Flanagan (one last grand PR move before her demise) or Pam, Eric or Bill (unlikely, but you never know). Or maybe one of the new vampire characters already announced to appear, or maybe even a complete random who we will never see!

What is his status with the Fellowship of the Sun?

From seeing their picketing at Fangtasia early in Season 4, we know the Fellowship is still very much active and still less than keen on anyone of the fanged persuasion. But what is Steve’s current place in the organization? Is he still the head honcho, or has he been replaced by someone even more extreme? And if he has been missing and away from the Church, just how are his ‘followers’ going to take the news if he is really a vamp now? I hope we haven’t seen the last of the Fellowship, their redneckery and closed-mindedness is such a great parody of religious extremism.

What does he want with Jason?

The Reverend and Jason have had an interesting history to say the least. Jason did end up sleeping with Steve’s wife and shooting him the head with a paintball, but before that Jason was Steve’s favourite Light of Day recruit and the Rev was very fond of him to say the least (I’m convinced Steve did have a boner for Jason the whole time. He enjoyed seeing him shirtless way too much, and did you see where he was looking when he showed up the door?!) So what exactly does he plan to do with Jason now? Kill him? Recruit him again? Seduce him?

FjQRtmczpq8dvgm3rWr3gH3Io1 400 take a stab steve newlin characters season 5 But perhaps most importantly…where the hell is Sarah?!

Sarah Newlin, I heart you. Still one of my fave characters ever (the golfcart scene: EPIC.) Please come back to grill ribs in a sexual fashion, whip out your pudding, and have sex in a church.


Praise his light! So who’s excited for the return of the Reverend?

19 Responses to “Take A Stab: Reverend Steve Newlin”

  1. AphroditeMF says:

    I LOVED the Fellowship story in season 2! I’m really looking forward to Steve’s return. My feeling is that he will take advantage of his new vampire abilities and cause damage to the reputation of vampires. He probably thinks it was God’s will that he was turned or something! If I had to guess, I’d say Nan was the one who turned him.

    I can’t wait to see Bill and Eric’s reaction to finding out he is one of them!

    I agree, he DEFINITELY had a boner for Jason! He’s probably gone to see Jason to try and recruit him – which will be harder than ever now Jason is in love with a vampire.

  2. eloradannen says:

    well, I am hoping Steve isn’t a vamp and that he is playing a Halloween trick on Jason. I liked him as the preacher and think the story needs a character like that for conflict. What would the FOTS do without their leader?? lol

  3. Jody says:

    EXCELLENT Stab Jess!
    I am so thrilled to see Rev. Steve Newlin back on the show this season. I honestly never liked his character until that Post Mortem he did in Season 3, and now I absolutely love him. His part in the Season 4 finale was the most shocking to me, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for Jason.

    Also – I’m a huge fan of Michael McMillian – his co-written True Blood comics are my favorite and he is HILARIOUS on his own Twitter account @McMillzz. Check him out if you haven’t already!

  4. bushpiglet says:

    I’m thinking its possibly Eric in revenge mode. Grief stricken and all angsty after Godrics suicide. After all the Rev was a major factor in Godric finally deciding to end it all.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Something interesting… The Tainted Love arc of True Blood comics (written by Michael McMillian) is set after season three, and Steve Newlin is still a human, and then goes missing at the end of issue 6. The Fellowship of the Sun website states that he went missing in January, and season four was set in October, so presumably he’d been a vampire for ten months when he showed up at Jason’s.

  5. Jayden says:

    Allan Ball and Michael McMillian have both confirmed that Steve Newlin really is a vampire. There was never supposed to be any doubt over wether or not fangs are geniune, which they clearly are. One of the members of the Authority, Rosalyn Harris is from Texas. Maybe she is his maker, or at least is responsible for having him turned.

  6. Charlayne says:

    I think that someone in Dallas turned him, trying to teach him a lesson. But what did he learn?

    One thing I can see is dear Steve-O thinking that he can use the “I’m one of you” to get inside information and still have his organization killing the “bad vamps” he decides to target. He’s not so much convinced of what he preaches, he’s after power and control, like so many of the bad preacher-types. He proved that in the 2nd season. Being a vampire can work into that, he can have his cake and drink it too. Kill off the vampires he hates the most, the ones who ruined his plans back then (Bill, Eric, and throw Sookie in there too), turn Jason so he has a good minion, and raise a vampire army to help him work both sides of the street. He keeps the “Preacher Steve” side going, thus fleecing the sheep of his flock and he has them “fighting” the evil of the vampires, sending them after those he has in his vampire army, who know what is happening, where and when, and are prepared to win the fights, keeping the organization needed to help get rid of the vampires. And he grows richer with both.

    Ok, that’s my conspiracy theory.

    • Harpyie.Selena says:

      Is Newlin really intelligent enough for that? And who would be so self-loathing to turn him?
      Since Allan Ball has a preference for unexpected twists and turns it’s likely one of the new vampires is his maker. Maybe Nora? Could cause some confusion between her and her brother…..and since she’s a double agent……
      Anyhow, I would love to see how his holy light shines upon Newlin in season 5.

  7. Gracie says:

    I think it was Russell who turned Steve newlin after what he did in season 3 it could’ve been his plan all along before Eric and bill ruin it!

  8. Sabrina M says:

    I don’t think it could have been Russell – he just only got out of the concrete, and the background news playing on one of the season 4 scenes mentions that he has been missing for 6 months. No idea who turned him, but looking forward to finding out!

  9. Lydia says:

    I think that Steve will use his newly turned status to his advantage. He can still run the FOTS and be their living (well, undead) poster boy “Look at what they did to me” and perhaps even generate a larger following and with that, increased donations. I wonder what Sarah is doing as well? I would guess that she would not stay with him after this, but then again, you never know?

    • hdgcat says:

      It’s also possible that the fots doesn’t know he’s a vampire and he’s only contacting them by stealth , saying “I can’t come out into the open cuz the vampires will kill me” keep the faith my people blah blah…tyype of thing…

      Can’t wait to find out what happened with Sarah. I’m still convinced her sister wasn’t killed but became a vampire. They could have been twin sisters and the actress could play both roles! That would be cool. I thought she was awesome and its easy to see how she almost got the Sookie Stackhouse role.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Again, I don’t know if the comics are entirely canon, but Sarah is shown as having divorced Steve, and moved on, now making solo appearances on the talk show circuit.

  10. waitin4afulmoon says:

    On a side note regarding Sarah Newlin… Did anyone else see her in the new Showtime series House Of Lies? She was freaking hysterical in a business dinner scene. I won’t ruin it for anyone who loves this actress and hasn’t seen the show, but I didn’t realize that she had such great comedic timing until I watched her in the Showtime series tonight. Hysterically, laugh out loud, funny.

  11. Lividity says:

    Lovely stab Jess! I particularly like the idea that Nan made him. After all, she’s the one that new him the best and has the biggest connection to him and even to his father. I do hope we’ll see Louisiana hotsauce again this year as well.

    I’ve recorded House of Lies, so now I can’t wait to see Anna Camp, I didn’t know she was in it.

  12. Mela81 says:

    Ok, maybe too obvious but wouldn’t it make sense if Steve had been turned by Salome? I mean, obviously he would trust someone from the bible right?

  13. Laffyneric says:

    Ooh I am liking The idea of Steve as a vamp,should be interesting.

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