Take a Stab: Bill & Eric – BFFs?

By AphroditeMF on Dec 5 2011 | 84 Comments »
It’s a long cold wait until our next fix of True Blood, so until then let’s ponder what hijinks our favourite denizens of Bon Temps might get up to in season five… First up for us to muse over are Bill and Eric.
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I'm a Bill/Eric shipper now!

Season four concluded with bitter rivals Bill and Eric looking like they were on the verge of embarking on an epic bromance.  Bill had accepted Eric’s fling with Sookie and hadn’t executed him when he had the chance, and Eric had sworn allegiance to his king.  Then they formed an undead tag-team and took out that interfering bitch Nan and her SWAT team.  Now this crime has left them in a bit of a pickle, because the Authority and American Vampire League want them executed for their handling of the Wiccan-gate crisis (even though it was Nan’s fault for not taking the threat seriously enough in the first place), and now with Nan’s death are going to be even more pissed at them.  Or will they?  Nan was a traitor after all, so maybe the Authority will be more forgiving? And perhaps they will take in to consideration the fact that Bill managed to save all the vampires in Louisiana (except poor Beulah Carter) from a fiery true death?  And there’s always the chance that they will see what a handsome pair our boys are and think the world would be a far sexier place with them in it.

norasalome 300x204 take a stab season 5 eric northman bill compton

Nora and Salome: will these lucky ladies get Bill and Eric in the sack?

According to recent casting calls, we will finally get to meet this elusive Authority early on in season five, so it looks like Bill and Eric will have to take a little road trip together to go and confront them.  Any guesses what sort of punishment will be in store for them, or will they charm the socks off of their bosses and get away scot free, high-fiving each other as they ride on out?  There’s also the introduction of Eric’s vampire sister to take into account – how will she come into play, and what will her allegiance be?  And let’s not forget the ancient vampire Salome, a potential villain for season five.  No word yet on if she’s a member of the Authority, the AVL, or the vampire monarchy.  But with two hot female vampires being introduced, and Bill and Eric having BOTH been rejected by Sookie (I know, WTF?  Right?!  That girl has too many options! I would work out a timeshare deal!), maybe these two new gals will be the love interests for them in season five?  Or are there some other ladies in Bon Temps that could be in line for some fangy lovin’?  Honestly, I hope they work their way through the entire female cast so we get to see lots of naked Bill and Eric – there was a serious lack of male nudity last season!!

bromance 300x150 take a stab season 5 eric northman bill compton

True Blood's Cutest Couple!

So, will Bill and Eric remain buddies, or will they double cross each other?  Will they continue to fight over Sookie, or will they realise they are both way too hot for her and find solace in each other’s arms?  Who will be the new face of vampires in the media now that Nan is no more?  Will Bill and Eric still be King and Sheriff, or will they face a demotion and a severe slap on the wrist for their witch-killing shenanigans?  Let us know your theories, people!

84 Responses to “Take a Stab: Bill & Eric – BFFs?”

  1. Isabella05 says:

    I love this!! and I love Bill and Eric working together…..Alex and Steve have awesome chemistry…..and they play off each other so well. I’m over Sookie so I’m ready to see what situations our fav vamps get themselves into…..and bring on the new hot ladies!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Well I’ll always be a hard core “Sookie and Eric” fan as far as the love stories go. But then again that’s basically the “bookie” in me talking. I am very loyal to my first love as far as coupling goes, and though it looks bad for them in the books I’ll still be a fan. -shrugs-. So I’ll be very loyal to that ship as far as the loosely based upon show goes :P. However during her time without Bill, and or Eric in the novels, She had a few other options such as Quinn. So since they have already told us that Sookie will be single this season. I figured hey the men should have their “Quinns” too. So Eric, and Bill go check out the ladies of Fangtasia over a glass of true blood. I’d love to see you BFFs. Why? because it’s about damn time. They fought over Sookie in the novels, but they had some fantastic working together moments. They were the best frenemies and I want to see more of that in the loosely loosely loosely based upon show :P

  3. Leif says:

    Thankfully most of the LA vamps were spared from Martonia’s spell by chaining themselves in silver. That was a decent plan.

    Blackburn, Kitch, the black vamp (forgot his name) and Luis – all Sheriffs in LA – did however meet the true death while under Bill’s watch.
    Blackburn was stabbed by Nan, Bill staked the Black Vamp and threw Kitch into the sunwall, and Luis died by impaling himself on Bill’s stake.
    I know that they were under Martonia’s influence – but the state of LA has to now be run pretty thin in regards to power at the moment – so maybe a takeover by another state could be in the works?

    Eric and Bill may be left with no choice but to work together to save their own skins from a possible new regime and/or backlash from the Authority.
    With the different factions within the Authority – it may impossible to know who to fully trust – except each other. And with KRE due to return mid-season (and having an agenda with both Eric and Bill) things could get really interesting.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      The fate of Kirsch, Blackburn and Duprez wasn’t Bill’s fault – Nan wouldn’t let him cancel the Festival of Tolerance, despite him being adamant that it was a dumbass idea to go ahead with it.

      • Leif says:

        Yeah, I wasn’t looking to lay blame, just pointing out that the state must be run pretty thin without the Sheriffs in their prospective areas, which I thought I made clear when I said “so maybe a takeover by another state could be in the works?”

        • AphroditeMF says:

          My apologies, I misunderstood.

          I agree, I think that the Authority will marry Bill to a vampire queen (Salome?) of a neighbouring state in order to keep him in check. This would tie in with the books.

          Maybe Pam will be promoted to a Sheriff?

  4. ews45 says:

    I think it would be interesting to see them work together but they will never be BFFs…..frenemies probably I would like to see Bill with Eric’s sister Nora…..that would be interesting …she seems ilike a woman that would fit with bill…Eric is still in love with sookie….so he wouldn’t be looking for someone but he might get with Salome for a quick hookup to try to get over her……I feel like bill has moved on more so than Eric has. Hopefully they can find a way to keep bill as king….he was a good king…..Eric should stay as sherrif of area 5.

    • Isabella05 says:

      Bill hasn’t moved on at all…if anything he is more in love with Sookie than ever….he has shown that. Eric would move on faster i think…at least that is the impression I got.

      i do think Sookie will get with Alcide this upcoming season…………….

      • Leif says:

        Bill knew Sookie was back – then he slept with Katie Pelham.
        Then he slept with Portia Bellefluer.

        I would call that moving on *shrugs*

        It is normal to move on when a relationship ends, even if he still cares about Sookie.

      • ews45 says:

        Eric is in love for the first time in his 1000 year old life…..so I don’t know where you get he is gonna move on quickly from…..bill has been screwing other women on the show…..at least 2 that they have shown but I am Sure its been more than those two in the last year and a half…weird logic on your part. They will work together because they have to…but they will be back to sniping at each other…..particularly if Eric and sookie every became a couple on this show. Yes sookie and alcide will hookup this season but it will be short….this show is called True blood not true were.

      • Mazza says:

        Sookie has made Eric feel things he hasn’t felt in centries, things he never thought possible for him to feel again….he’s not just going to shrug his shoulders & move on. He never gave up on having her when everyone else thought she was dead & gone…and he won’t give up on having her now, especially now he knows she loves him too. He’s nothing if not cocky, arrogant, self assured and very very persistant….
        Eric always gets what Eric wants….

        • ews45 says:

          I really don’t think Eric has ever felt anything like this before because most of his life he has been a womanizer…..never really cared about a woman as far as a partner is concerned. He seems to me like he never thought about ever as a human or vampire.. just being with someone because you like being around them and that’s what be feels about sookie…that some new stuff he never figured was for him. Eric is use to getting what he wants…..

          Bill’s situation has been different because he had been married with children and loves having a relationship with a partner

        • tricia says:

          I’m with you. I don’t feel Eric will give up easily. He might have to lick his wounds for a bit, but I’m feeling like he will fight for Sookie… one way or another. He’s not the innocent lost little boy anymore… he’s Eric Northman… in love! But then again, I don’t think Bill is going to give up on her very easily either. If he can make Eric look bad in any light, I think he will. He’s pretty self serving and arrogant himself as King. I hope Eric cuts him back down to size! *hands in the air* Sorry… lol

  5. jessie says:

    I don’t think there was a lack of nudity. The season lacked substance and it seems that this one will be the same. I’m not liking the bromance, it’s hard to swallow. It should be every vampire for himself. AB should stop messing with eric. He made him look like a total idiot this past season and he’s at it again. Eric deserves better. If this is suppose to be different from the books, than sookie shouldn’t have slept with eric. Also, the whole “three-some” thing was wack. It was never going to work anyways, so why did they bring it on the table? So, I have to disagree with most of you. These story lines just keep getting boring and so typical. I’m not drinking the AB kool-aid.

  6. Marlene Emmett says:

    If William Thomas Compton & Eric Northman have been friends that thriendship has been taxed over
    a women that both of them loved in the past and now their friendship is being tested again.
    This time over Bon Temp’s Telepath Sookie Stackhouse.
    Who really deserves Sookie and who is really in LOVE with her?
    And who is spying for The Authority ?
    Which Vampire has been asked by Sookie’s Grandfather, Prince Naill Brigent to protect Sookie?
    And which Vampire’s destiny is linked to Sookie’s own ?

    • NannyVamp says:

      AB, please give us Niall! He will help all the fae stuff make sense, and give Sookie a little fairy family to hang on to. I’m still holding out hope that it was Claudette and not Claudine that Eric drained. Wishful thinking, I know.

  7. eloradannen says:

    I can’t imagine anything I would like to see less. Bill and Eric will never be BFFs and for AB to change their character is not a good thing. And before anyone jumps, I am not not talking about changes in storylines and plots, I am talking about characters. I am hoping this is an exaggeration and they will not be BFFs, because they are BETTER as rivals. I am not drinking the AB kool-aid either. Change is not always better.

    • jessie says:

      I agree. I’m not on board with all these sudden changes in their character. It’s getting annoying and unrealistic.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      I can’t help but wonder though, if Eric and Bill were friends in the past. In season two, when Bill meets Eric in the mall, Bill looks genuinely pleased to see him, as though he’s forgotten momentarily that he’s pissed off about his interest in Sookie.

      • eloradannen says:

        You are right, there are some times when they actually seem to be like friends….I guess birds of a feather unless it comes to Sookie. I am not saying that I don’t like Bill and Eric interacting at all. I just think they are more entertaining when they are snarking at each other and trying to get the best of each other. That is why I don’t want them to be BFFs..lol.

  8. Liz86000 says:

    I do love to see those two work together….

    BUT I don’t want Bill with anyone else than Sookie… I know, I know, it probably won’t happen for a long time, but a girl can dream, right? As much as I love to see Stephen’s bum cheeks, it was difficult to see him screwing those two girls last season.

    Eric can f*ck whoever he wants. Go for it man!

  9. Billslover says:

    I think a potential hook-up between these two would be hilarious. As actors they have great chemistry together and I think they would jump at the chance to have an ‘adventure’ together. As Eric and Bill I don’t think they will be BFF’s, I think it will be more of a snarky ‘bromance’ with them having to work together, rather than wanting to, knowing Steve and Alex that will be very funny to watch. I for one hope it is a storyline for this coming season, I’m so over Sookie I’ve had more than enough of that storyline.

    • hdgcat says:

      That’s how I see them taking it ..more snarky “sh*t we have to work together cuz everyone else is trying to kill us ” type of thing. And even though they don’t like each other, there is a comfort level there a certain amount of trust stemming from knowing each other really well. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t know.

      Stephen and Alex have fantastic chemistry , I can’t wait. And I’m glad we’re finally getting MORE vampire intrigue, this show has needed it since the beginning! It’s why I tune in.

      Let Sookie run off with the smelly Werewolf.

      • konfettii says:

        Right on, Cat! These boys are great together. Sookie manages to cut off their respective manhoods to a point that becomes infuriating. I really hope we see the Bill-Eric show next season.

        • amyishot4bill says:

          Totally agree!! I forgot how much the whole Bill vs Eric thing annoyed me….and here I visit this site after a while and it is still going on. I think they interact great together and think both characters are pretty awesome in their own way. Sure I prefer Bill but I am not going to list 500 reasons why I like him better. They are both in love with the Sook, yes. At this point she doesn’t want anything to do with them (she is getting SMART!) lol…but we know she won’t be able to stay away. Anywho, just had to give my 2 cents. The more I see Eric and Bill onscreen the better the show. I will leave it at that LOL

  10. Rhonda says:

    King Bill having slept with other women AFTER Sookie broke up with him and while she was gone for a year [our time] to Fairyland, does not mean he loves her any less. Sex and love are two different things. Vampires are immortal beings who need blood and sex. Bill should not be expected to imitate the life of a monk because things haven’t worked out with Sookie. To think otherwise is just immature.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Hell, I don’t think just has to apply to vampires alone. Nothing wrong with a human losing the love of their life and still wanting to get laid!

      I think that Eric and Bill are both in love with Sookie, but I also think that her rejection won’t prevent them from seeking out pussy.

    • Leif says:

      Yo Rho, nobody said Bill sleeping with others makes him care any less for Sookie or that it’s expected he become a monk. o.O

      Just that he had moved on…forward…whatever – AFTER Sookie returned.

      Who knows how many he had during that year she was away? I dont think it matters, at least it doesn’t to me. Bill thought she was dead, and even if he didn’t they were broken up and are both free to shag whom they please.

      Just like Sookie moved on – but still loves Bill.
      Just like Jessica moved on- but still loves Hoyt.

      “It’s normal to move on when a relationship ends, even if he still cares about Sookie.”

      I think that applies to everyone; humans and supes included, and I dont think my post suggested otherwise. :)

  11. purpleprince says:

    As long as there is more vampire action involving Bill and Eric and alot less thrown in storylines to keep other characters in the loop I am fine whether they are friends or enemies. If the season was longer I wouldn’t mind all the other storylines but with 12 episodes they always try and jam too many other stories in.

    • jessie says:

      exactly. It’s like they’re flipping a coin in order to decide what to throw in because they ran out of ideas. What’s next, an alien invasion?

  12. Kerri says:

    I like the fact that AB is changing things about the characters, in my opinion if you change it up it lets the viewers know how versatile each of the actors are, and shows how great they are and how passionate they are about their job. I may sound rude, but if you don’t like what AB is doping then don’t watch the show. The show is just based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, it is not verbatim of the books. I love the show and all the actors.

    • Jenn says:

      I agree with Kerri. If it weren’t for Alan Ball…True Blood would not exist!! I love both the books and the show….I appreciate their differences and look forward to each new book and new season of True Blood…Just my opinion…. :)

  13. Linds says:

    More Pam!

    • hdgcat says:

      I think you’re going to get your wish! AB siad this season would involve “vampire origins’ and he also said we’d get to see how Eric Turned Pam.

      So you should be happy camper, along with a bunch of us! right ladies?

      • AphroditeMF says:

        Yeah it looks like this will be in episode two, from the casting calls. Whoop! Been looking forward to seeing Pam get turned for ages.

        Stephen Moyer said in a recent interview that he wanted a flashback to when Bill and Eric first met. I hope they include that too!

        • hdgcat says:

          Here here! They could have them meet while Bill is still stuck with psycho Lorena…it was obvious that Eric/Lorena seemed to have a history too.

          So many possibilities! *sigh*

  14. helen says:

    What I really want is more Eric’s no matter what but just guessing next season Eric & Bill’d try to escape the autorities together but I think they’ll get trapped …I’d want they make Sookie chooose one of them and he’d be Eric cause I like Eric in love and we know he only could love Sookie. I don’t buy a werewolf/Sookie’s affair its weird to me…I think Sookie is more on Eric than she thinks :)

    • eloradannen says:

      you see I like that Eric loves Sookie and I believe he really does. And I think Sookie loves Eric more than she even realizes now. But I am not sure they will be together. It will a long, hard process if they are. I don’t think Sookie fully understands at this point what true love really is. So I guess her moving on to other guys might help in that process. I am not looking forward to her being with Alcide. That guy has too much baggage and there will be things about him that Sookie will not be able to accept. But, it will be a learning process for the Sook.

      They have made the process more difficult to me. They had Eric remember everything and Sookie forgave Bill. And she has said she loves both of them. So now we are to believe that she moving on to someone else. Whatever…just make it interesting.

    • Biilswoman says:

      Nothing can be compared to Bill’s love for Sookie and how much Sookiell loves Bill. . Poor Eric had to live without his brain in order to get closer to Sookie .. Sookie can never love Eric as much as she loves Bill. Eric must first learn what it is to love someone not only himself .. it may take … 100 years?..lol…

      • ews45 says:

        I think sookie has out grown bill..yes bill does truly love her….but he lied constantly to her about his duties for queen sophie -anne and she loves bill like she should love her first ……but I really don’t believe she wants a relationship with him right now or maybe never. Eric we know he is selfish and arrogant but like with Pam he seems to love deeply for someoneone he cares about so we will see if he is capable of putting someone else’s needs in front of his own. Sookie doesnt trust that the connection she made with Eric was the real Eric …so that’s I believe is what is holding her back from attempting to get with him.

        This getting with Alcide is her trying to see if there is something not as drama filled as Eric/bill, something new but its temporary because its not the same deep emotions so I predict by the end of this season 5 she will really choose one of these vamps to be in a relationship with….

        • Biilswoman says:

          Bill was a double agent. How in the name of the Lord, how could he tell Sookie that he is sent by Ann Sofie with the fact of a secret organisatin of vampires who are trying to make the world a little better? Eric has lied to her and-abuse her for their selfish goals so many times that she can not even count it. Have you heard her say that??? So why would she choose Eric? In addition, Bill can play piano and dance …. lol … how can a girl deselect this guy?::))))))

          • ews45 says:

            Bill is a perfect politician a liar and a cheat…..I like him but he is what he is you wanna make into something else that’s on you….you can dream…lol

            • Biilswoman says:

              He is a vampire at first….

              • Biilswoman says:

                just like Eric, manipulative , selfish liar and a cheat..
                But in the first place are those vampires. Both of them . With their disadvantage and advantages.

              • helen says:

                Well, I think there are many external interest too…Stephen is still a main character cause he’s there from the beginning but in the other hand Alexander is the hottest man in the world :) and a leading actor by himself but for the story I think is more interesting to see a strong dangerous and bad vampire as Eric fall in love but beeing himself a letting be herself Sookie

      • eloradannen says:

        who can say who loves the most? If I had to guess right now, it would be Eric that she loves judging by what we were shown. What is telling is that she stood up to Bill for Eric’s sake and that really wasn’t the first time. In the hated matchy-matchy bathrobe scene, she told Eric that a part of her always wanted him. She didn’t start thinking of Bill again until after he gave her his blood. That is very telling also. While I think Bill is her first love, I think Eric will be her true love. She just doesn’t realize it yet.

      • patty says:

        I am afraid you will be in for some disappointment. Brace yourself.

        • eloradannen says:

          lol….I don’t think so, because no matter what happens or who she is with, Eric will always be in her head and heart. There is no forgetting him now.

          • Biilswoman says:

            Just like Bill.
            Eric will be one of many.
            But Bill will always have a special place …

          • If all things were equal Eric should have a much more permanent impression on Sookie because he is 1000 years old, much more powerful than Bill because of age and bonded to Sookie in a way that Bill never was. He gave Sookie blood from his hand and said “We will be one” Surely in AB’s interpretation of TB that line is meaningful.in In the books Eric says he has not given anyone his blood since he turned Pam. In addition Eric Northman gets what he wants and he wants Sookie. We know that TB is loose in terms of the Harris books but even Ball in the words of Bill says “Eric is a master manipulator and will do anything to make you His” Sookie and Eric are not through. They may not be together in S5 but they are not over.

  15. Biilswoman says:

    I think it could be quite interesting to see they work together. Power redistribution. . How do they do it? Instructive for Eric to not only decide, but to take orders and for Bill to be able to determine not only do what others get him to do .. like Eric did with him. Bill had nothing to say.
    I’m open to everything.
    But nothing intimate.
    There goes my limit.

  16. Irina says:

    I would love to see how Bill and Eric met and how Eric met and turned Pam. I’m looking forward to Bill and Eric setting aside their differences and working together to survive the fallout from killing Nan. I realize that neither of them will most be with Sookie in S5, but I hope that they will tempt her and remind her of what she’s missing like they do in the books. I’m OK with sexy flashbacks. I don’t know about Sookie getting with Alcide. She killed Debbie Pelt, and he will figure it out and be upset about it. Plus I have a feeling that Alcide will drag Sookie into werewolf politics, and that will not turn well. I haven’t heard any news about casting for fairies, so we’ll see how much fairy action we’ll get. I hope AB gives S5 more substance and tight, coherent, and intertwining storylines. I probably hope for too much, but that’s my nature, unfortunately.

  17. sabrina says:

    One comment about season 4 and the lack of sex…not only was there little, but there were no fang dropping scenes( besides Bill and Portia). I thought it was automatic – I get that Sookie told Eric no feeding, but fangs please…and I was really surprised when Jess didn;t drop fang in her Halowe’en sex with Jason. Harrumph.

    • Rina says:

      Yes, I thought it was very strange and a violation of vampire mythology for vamps to be sexually aroused and having sex without at least dropping fang. Maybe with Bill, it had been so long since he had real human blood, he couldn’t control himself around Sookie. TB seems to be re-writing vamp mythology every season.

      • eloradannen says:

        Are we talking real vamp mythology or TB/Twilight mythology, because I didn’t think having sex, fangs or not was in the real vampire mythology?

        • eloradannen says:

          and I should have added that I think the reason didn’t drink from Sookie until he was invited was to show that Eric didn’t want Sookie for her blood….and to dispel the myth that other vampires would have no control over themselves around Sookie….something Bill told her as an excuse to get rid of Eric and Pam.

          • Irina says:

            I am talking about vampire mythology on TB not in general. And even if Eric didn’t bite Sookie, he still should have dropped fang. He did in the cubby just standing next to her. And both Bill and Jessica explained that fang-dropping is a sign of sexual arousal as well as hunger. (Eric does bite Sookie during sex in the book–just i a different way than Bill.) I get that it was important for Eric to show Sookie that he could control himself with her. It’s just a little weird after watching Bill and Jessica’s previous reactions.

        • sabrina says:

          More TB (I haven’t read/seen twilight – I refuse). Bill and Jess especially seemed to get all fangy during sex. There were also not a lot of the good old neck feeding scenes this last season – from a distanc eor a weird angle, but off a bit. I have to admit, season 4 felt a little hollow for me in a lot of ways and maybe I am just annoyed. Looking at a redeeming season 5!

          • tricia says:

            I was doing fine until we got the Sookie Dream Threesome. I figured right then that I was not going to like what was coming. And I was right. I hated the whole “I love you both” scenes. To me it was just unbelievable that Eric would turn into a carbon copy of Bill. Alex did a great job with what he had to work with… but what he had to work with was so out of character for Eric to be silly. I feel quite sure that it would have taken Eric some time to adjust and accept the turn of events. The way he reacted after telling Sookie that he loved her was Eric. That sarcastic rebuttal scene was classic Eric for me! The last one standing in look-alike robes mooning over Sook was just too much for the Eric fan that I am. I hope Alan gets it together this 5th S. and shows us the Real Eric again! I’m ready for S5, and hoping for the best…

            • sabrina says:

              Totally agree about how well Alex played the part – the Sookie and him scene was awesome and the way he automatically became Eric againwhen Pam came in (even the way he hugged her) was redeeming.

            • bea says:

              yeah, I agree, the love triangle was just SO badly handled. The whole thing felt completely “off” from start to finish. And as good as Alex is, he just couldn’t save some of that horrible dialogue and poor character development. Same thing for Sookie. I also have a huge problem with the way Pam was written through the whole season.

              IDK, I still want to enjoy the show and I hope next year will be better…

            • Rina says:

              I think Sookie’s threesome dream says more about Sookie and how confused she is than about Eric. I mean it’s not really Eric in her dream–just a manifestation of her feelings.

              With regards to the break-up scene in the finale, it makes sense if you consider that Eric’s time with Sookie was a life-changing experience for him. He got in touch with his humanity and his emotions, and he was genuinely happy and in love. That had to change him and how he reacts to Sookie. Also there is no point in hiding his feelings from Bill or Pam anymore. They all saw his most inner him. It takes Eric longer to get to this point in the books because he doesn’t remember his time with Sookie. But when he does and claims Sookie in Book 9, he ends up doing it on her terms. I mean he basically considers her his wife, but she doesn’t live with him, doesn’t accept financial help from him, and doesn’t listen to him. And she gives him an ultimatum that their relationship will continue but only if she doesn’t decide that the blood-bond is all they have. Sookie is really hard on a man’s ego, so Eric chooses his happiness over his ego. It makes sense if his 1,000 year old existence was cold, empty, and meaningless (even Godric said so by renouncing his existence).

    • patty says:

      Eric did drop fang while having sex with Sookie. I saw them very clearly when she was on top of him on her couch. Also when they were on her bed and he was behind her. You can clearly see his fangs. I have seen those scenes a million times. Also, yes you are correct, the show wanted to make a point that Eric is not interested in Sookie for just her blood (like Bill is, he is in TOTAL blood lust with Sookie. I dont remember a sex scene with Bill without the blood). Remember in She’s Not There, Eric specifically told Sookie that he cared for her not just her blood. He has certainly proven that, dont you agree?

      • Biilswoman says:

        Sex between Bill and Sookie was sex between mature partners. In vampir sexact included blood drinking. (In the book, Eric has been drinking the Sookie countless times. )
        Sookie has offered her neck to Bill the first time they had sex. She has not done This to Eric. Maybe she did not trust him anyway ..

        • bea says:

          In the books, Sookie and Eric also have sex without any biting at times. So does jessica on the show, both with Hoyt and with Jason. So I wouldn’t say blood drinking is necessary to the sex act or inseparable from it, quite the contrary…

        • patty says:

          I am sure one of the reasons that Sookie didnt offer her neck to Eric was because she was unsure of his control yes. He had just drained Claudine, for all she knew he could not control himself. Once, she established her trust in him (after she fed him for healing purposes in the cubby) she still did not offer her neck to him during the Narnia sex. It is clear that it is not about blood between Eric and Sookie in TB. Now, once they realize ( well once Sookie realizes that she cannot resist being without Eric) she may offer herself to him. It is also sobvious that TB painted a clear picture of Bill as very blood lusty. Please note, I am talking about TB character here not SVM books. The character are so different on TB than they are in the books that you really cannot compare it. In TB they have showed the contrast of the relationships between E/S and B/S. It is obvious that Bill was addicted to Sookie’s blood, from the very beginning, hek she was addicted to the drug named Bill Compton. She would never admit it but when it comes down to it that is what it was “an addiction”.

          • Mazza says:

            I agree Patty, TB has changed the characters & story so much from the books that you can’t compare them anymore. TB is AB’s fanfic….and it needs to be viewed that way. It has to be enjoyed as a completely separate story & set of characters….to do otherwise will just fustrate the hell out of any SVM fan. To quote Charlaine Harris “I’m ok with the changes Alan Ball has made, because I know the real story”…..

          • Irina says:

            I think what Sookie needed from Amnesia Eric was some tender loving care, and since he was so innocent, gentle, and eager to please, he was able to provide that. TB portrayed their relationship as healing for Sookie and rediscovering her ability to love. But obviously Sookie doesn’t entirely trust the complete Eric, since just like week, he was acting like a tool with his ownership and protection claims.

            Since Sookie had been able to read people’s thoughts and emotions directly from their brains all her life, she never learned how to read people based on their vocal intonation, facial expressions, and body language like normal human beings do. With vampires, she had to take their words at face value, and then learned that Bill and Eric both kept the truth from her. It shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s trying to protect herself.

            I do agree that character development for Sookie and Eric this season had been poor and rushed, and the love triangle had been tiresome. I think the writers had been as bored and tired of it as we were, but that’s no excuse for shoddy writing.

          • eloradannen says:

            I agree, they made it very clear that it was not about the blood between Sookie and Eric. As Eric told her at the beginning of the season…If it was about the blood for him, he could have already had it and she couldn’t have stopped it. And he was right, he is a very powerful vampire and could have just taken her anytime he wanted. But he wanted her to come to him willingly.

            I don’t read much into the issue that Sookie doesn’t offer her neck all the time. I think she had to learn to trust Eric in that way. She has had a boyfriend constantly feeding off her and this boyfriend has told her that he was the only vampire that could control himself with her. So while she has trusted Eric with alot of things, she has had to learn to trust Eric about the blood. I think it was significant that she did offer her blood to heal Eric.

      • Irina says:

        Really? I guess I wasn’t looking at Alex’s mouth lol.

      • purpleprince says:

        Patty –
        Let me help you out on a sex scene between B/S without blood that I can remember. S2 ep 5. It wasn’t a long detailed sex scene just Sookie seducing Bill then they cut to her waking to go get her free continental breakfast with no fang marks. Maybe because it wasn’t one of their long drawn out hot sex scenes they didn’t show him feeding or maybe he doesn’t feed everytime. who knows? As far as I can remember Sookie has always offered her neck to Bill during sex.

        In an answer to Bill only having bloodlust for Sookie I can see where you would think Bill is all bloodlusty considering he ran out in the sun to attempt to save Sookie from Renee. He did that out of bloodlust not love I guess.

        Also Eric may have told Sookie he cared for her not just her blood, however Bill has also said the same numerous times. He also swore off drinking from her if that is what she wanted. Remember Eric also basically told Sookie he owned her house she was his.

        Both vampires have done/said the wrong thing at some point. It’s part of the show and the mystery that is who will Sookie pick. Personally I am Bill fan, but I don’t mind Eric. Both characters are there to stir the love plot. My guess is at the end of the series she picks neither. And if that is the case my fingers are crossed for Sam.

  18. howztriks says:

    I’m already going thru withdrawal-watched last show of S-4 AGAIN las nite. Summer 2012? Just gonna have to watch reruns ’till then- spend my winter under the covers watching the sexy-start w/S-1, ep.1! Yeah! But anyways, here’s my psychic go @ S-5- Eric & Bill remain ‘frenemies’ Bill does Nora. (4 awhile) Bill & Eric both remain King & sheriff & the Authority are cool w/things until ‘someone’ tries to take over their territory-bill & Eric come together for this but at end WILL be enemies again. Tara becomes vamp probably-interesting tho’ if its wolf instead-that would create some great stories-her & sookie vying for Alcide- but Sookie WILL go back to vamps-eventually- the rest I will fill ya’all in as it is revealed to me- mwahahahah

  19. Dana says:

    Bill’s affairs when Sookie was away were never serious. He will always love Sookie, who he said changed him forever. I hope Bill can get get involved with someone who appreciates him., although this didn’t happen in the books. Sookie is all about Sookie and likes everyone to be after her. She and Eric (or the two actors) had zero chemistry together, and I actually had to turn it off. It was overdone and phony.

    • Irina says:

      I think we are all subconsciously influenced by the knowledge that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are married, and Alex thinks of Anna as a kid sister. I wish he would stop saying this. I wish he never said it in the first place because it does make Alex and Anna’s love scenes as weird for us to watch as it is for them to perform. I think Alex and Anna did the best they could, but I too felt the scenes were a little too awkward and polite. Maybe this was intentional since it was Amnesia Eric and traumatized Sookie. Alex did warn us before the start of S4 that the sex in S4 is pretty innocent. I hope Eric and Sookie will get their chemistry back in S5. I also agree that Bill and Eric seem to be more interesting when they are not with Sookie. It’s a very strange way to write Sookie’s story, but that’s Alan Ball for you.

  20. patty says:

    Dana, I am sorry you feel that way. I think the opposite. E/S-A/A have good chemistry. The love scenes were touching and tender, I believe it was purposely done this way to prove a point. The point being their deep love and connection, their respect for one another, their trust for one another. The lack of blood is very telling in those love scenes. Yes, I believe post AE will be a little more aggressive whilst making love with Sookie. AE was a little held back. AS may think (or says he does) of Anna as a little sister however SHE IS NOT, i would not be surprised if there was some true attraction between the two. My two cents..

    • eloradannen says:

      I agree that it was done deliberately to contrast her relationship with Eric against her relationship with Bill. It was very sweet and tender…well maybe with the exception of a couple scenes that were kinda frisky..lol. But for myself, I did not expect sexual acrobats. It was enough that they were together and loving and tender with each other. And for Eric to admit his love and for Sookie to say she had always wanted him…and that she loved him. We not only got to see the Eric underneath, I suspect we got to see the real Sookie underneath also. So I think there was a lot to like there.

      As far as Alex and Anna. I thought they acted beautifully against each other. Some of the best acting I have seen on the show.

  21. tori says:

    I also think Alex and Anna don’t have any chemistry at all,don’t see where anyone thinks so,her and Bill are forever soulmates no matter what the books say. She even told Eric even though she loves him she loves Bill also and can’t picture her life without him in it so she’ll never be all Erics. Anna and Stephen have the real chemistry ever since the 1st time I saw them,you can see it in every scene. I’m getting pretty sick of all the men falling for her it gets pretty ridiculous but the story is based on her so ole well. I like both Alex and Stephen and wish Alex and Pam would finally get together,she’s a real woman and loves him totally and isn’t hot and cold like Sookie. Just can’t get enough of True Blood:)

  22. Rina says:

    I hope to see Bill and Eric in a hot tub in S5. Hot, hot, hot!!!

  23. best music says:

    That was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked to submit it my comment didn’t appear. Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic website. Thanks. ))

  24. cynthia jd says:

    Eric is powerful. I want to see powerful and crafty Eric. I want more Eric and Sookie .because 1000 years to wait for true love is too long Bill is a good king but that puts Eric in the subordinate position. Eric is a Viking King and should not remain subordinate. Interested in the disposition of Eric/Sookie house. He still does not have to ask Sookie’s permission to enter and she can not rescind her invite to keep him out.Eric said that he lived there. Will Ab burn it down?

  25. ubiteme2 says:

    Waiting sucks!

  26. Delo says:

    I like the triangle. Maybe there should be a trist. E/S and B/S. they can work it out together. Lol.

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