Stephen Moyer talks Evil Bill

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bloodybill stephen moyer season 5 ep 12 save yourself bill compton Stephen Moyer chatted to TVLine‘s Michael Ausiello about Bill’s jaw-dropping resurrection at the end of the season five finale, and what lunacy might occur in season six…


TVLINE | As billed, the finale featured a lot of blood.

Stephen Moyer: We didn’t skimp on the death. [Laughs] During the table read for the episode, we were all going, “Oh my f—ing God!” It was like every five seconds somebody exploded. And I know what that means to shoot an episode that has that many deaths in it. Every single time you have to replace the body with a bag of blood, which we call a ‘Goo Drop.’ The ‘Good Drop’ is something like 20 to 30 gallons of blood being smashed down on the floor. And they came up with an even better way of doing it where they jettison 15 gallons of blood into the air as 16 gallons of blood falls down onto that blood, so you get this splatter effect that goes out wide. But that takes the best part of two or three hours per hit. So when we all read that episode, we were going, “Okay, three hours, six hours, nine hours… that’s a day, that’s another day.”

TVLINE | How long did it take to shoot the episode?

Stephen Moyer: It was three very intense weeks. We’re very lucky on our show because we get to shoot like 20, 25-day episodes, which I don’t think anybody else on television gets to do.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the final scene — what was the makeup process like?

Stephen Moyer: It’s a long process, but ultimately not something we haven’t done before. Sitting in a chair having your body painted is something I’ve done quite a few times on the show. You spend three or four hours in the chair and then you come out looking like somebody else. One of the most interesting parts of the shot was actually during the transformation before the final moment. There’s a lot of tiny little tubes that you have all over your body and then they pump blood through the tubes, and that’s the cross moment where Bill as we know him [turns] into what he becomes. And that was amazing.

TVLINE | What does he become? And is Bill really dead?

Stephen Moyer: I don’t think so. Certainly, when I read it I went through a moment of, “Oh my f—ing God – Jesus!” And certainly a couple of people — Alex [Skarsgard] being one of them — called me going, “Have you read it yet?!” It’s pretty out there… One of the things I wanted to do was show fear in Bill’s eyes. Show that he’s absolutely clear that what he’s doing is the right thing until it starts to happen, and then we see the vulnerability in him of, “F–k, what have I done?” And that was something I hope comes across. We [wanted] to freakin’ terrify the audience.

TVLINE | This obviously sets Bill up to be an even bigger villain next season.

Stephen Moyer: I think you’re right. I haven’t seen anything for next season so I have no idea, but yes. [Laughs] I think it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill.

TVLINE | So it’s within the realm of possibility that he could do to Sookie what he did to Jessica — only worse. How do you feel about that?

Stephen Moyer: If that’s dramatically compelling and fun and great to watch, then so be it. That’s awesome.

TVLINE | With that cliffhanger, Alan Ball is setting up a killer Season 6 for you — but now he’s leaving the show. Any concern there?

Stephen Moyer: We had some inkling [he was planning to leave] around Season 4. We weren’t even sure he was going to do Season 5, so we were very excited to have him for another season. But we did know this was coming. He’s just extraordinary. He’s this wonderful, complex, funny puppet master; we all adore him. Do we want to see him go? No way. But Mark Hudis, who is taking over, is an excellent writer. He came in during Season 4. He understands the characters, he has great wit. I had the great pleasure of directing his episode this season — Episode 8 — so I worked very closely with him. He has a fantastic take on what our show is. And Alan would’ve never given his baby over to someone he didn’t trust.

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120 Responses to “Stephen Moyer talks Evil Bill”

  1. Linda says:

    Stephen did a fantastic job in this episode and did indeed show the fear in Bill’s eyes at the last minute.

    Even he has no clue where they are going with Bill so I don’t feel so alone. I don’t sense his usual enthusiasm when he talks about what this Bill might do, but think he is too nice to publicly say that he thinks it sucks. I know he will do a great job with whatever crap the writers throw at him next year.

    I will try to think positive. Maybe he will be walking around naked for all of next season.

    • hdgcat says:

      Yeah, Stephen sounds a little scared doesn’t he? He didn’t see this coming either. Poor guy.

      He’s got a wife getting larger by the day and his wonderful vampire character has been turned into a bloody ,nasty monster thing.

      • Linda says:

        Agreed Hgcat. I’m sure he had a moment of thinking they were writing him out when he’s going to have 2 more mouths to feed. Sounds like they pulled the rug out from under him.

        • Logic says:

          No way!! I think his role is going to be monumental to the rest of the story…. Just because he’s a “villan” now doesnt mean thats it… They would never write him off the show!!

      • Zoe says:

        Are you guys seriously thinking that Stephen and Anna have to worry about their financial situation if he is jobless? They each make at least 200,000/episode and should be set for retirement after one season. If they choose to spend it all, and not save, they are as stupid as any other actor who wastes what they have when they have it.

        • hdgcat says:

          i was joking about the stress he’d be under with the babies coming and Anna being all hugely preggy and all that.

          But the $$ they make is not as much as you think. Actors dont get the entire amount, their agents get s cut, their managers get a cut, then they’re taxed at the top rate (since they’re not American, I’m not sure how that works) , then they own a home in one of the most expensive areas of the USA so they property taxes, overhead(travel expenses) are a lot, then they have accountants, tax guys,lawyers, Stephen has child support for his son in England, his daughter here, not to mention everyday servants…you don’t think they clean that house themselvs do you? Or do the landscaping? LOL!

          I’ve gotten the impression that they live very modestly compared to a lot of other actors on their pay level, because you never know where your career is going and if that $$ may have to last a long time.

          movie’s is where the $$ is which is why all of these actors have been busy doing them during the hiatus, even when the movie didn’t sound that interesting. Two movie paychecks can easily equal the entire season of TB.

  2. st says:

    I know this may sound crazy after the last episode, but a part of me still thinks that Bill wont stay evil for the duration of the series. If he does, he has to die. I don’t think they are going to kill off Bill–plus, they already used “OMG BILLS DEAD!” in the last episode. I personally would love to see him be evil for the beginning-middle of next season but then old Bill shows his face complete with new powers, sabre tooth fangs, and mammoth strength lol. I want him to take out Warlow. Either way, good or evil, I think Bill just got 100000 times more interesting. There’s so many things that they can do with him now.

    • Logic says:

      Yep I agree!

    • sabrina says:


      No one has really questioned the scene between Bill and Salome when she actually consumes the blood.
      It seems like Bill is almost giving Salome one last chance to redeem herself and stop her narcisistic views of her being chosen before he lets her go ahead and drink the fake Lilith blood.

      Why all the lead-up?

      • Danni says:

        I honestly felt it was just all apart of his act, I don’t think he was trying to give her any real chance since I think he was 100% sure she would drink it. She wanted to be the chosen one that bad. He definitely went all out!

        • amyishot4bill says:

          Ya I agree. He didn’t want her to have any idea that he would have done something to that blood, so by him saying those things in a way he was making her more confident. And it worked :)

  3. Danni says:

    His fear came through loud and clear to me, those awful gurgling sounds and his “Oh god!” just before he exploded. It really turned my stomach, not because of the visuals, but just the thought of what the character was thinking and feeling. Of course he probably assumed that he’d just become more powerful somehow, but obviously not lose himself completely and I think that he might have sensed of felt that too, that not only was he coming apart physically, but mentally.

    I know that the Bill we’ve come to know isn’t gone forever, AB said so himself, unless the writers decide to change that of course. I think I can deal with this shocker a bit more knowing that Bill isn’t gone forever. I know he wasn’t the best or perfect character, but as I said before, I always felt that no matter how far he fell, even with help he could rise back up. I think what makes it harder is that his humanity was so important and he was arguably the most human of all vamps on the show but that became his weakness ultimately, even as he was quoting bible verses and saying hateful things, that wasn’t the vampire side, that was all human. And that’s another reason we see that fear in his eyes and voice before he’s reduced to a puddle.

    • st says:

      I agree @Danni. That part where he starts screaming OMG was intense and soo sad to watch–especially when Sookie watches. I think it was great though. Next season is going to be so good with this new development.

    • mb says:

      My heart was beating so fast when Bill drank that blood. And what happened after, well, Stephens acting brought it all to life, in death, then life again.
      I never saw that coming. Alan ball went out with a bang.

      • purpleprince says:

        I can never get enough of Stephen’s acting. His facial expression alone bring that extra something special to Bill. Often times he can say so much without even saying a word.

  4. John says:

    Well, Bill will be all mighty.

    It’s possible he does help indirectly (as in killing Warlo if he’s too strong for Eric).

    But what’s sure is that, Bill is going to be immortal.

    I totally expect a scene where he gets staked, and just doesn’t die.

    Note that Lilith is not around anymore, so she has been defeated somehow.

    Maybe the only way to “defeat” Bill, would be to turn him human ?

    The vampire who always tried to be human, and gave it up to become a vampire God, would finally be turned into a human, how ironic.

    • st says:

      I would love to see Bill get a stake in his chest, only to see him pull it out and throw it on the ground lol
      It’d be cool if Bill could walk in the sun too, but that’s kind of a stretch. I just want to see what he is capable of as the strongest vampire to ever exist.

    • Linda says:

      Bill turning human would be a fitting ending for the character I think. I like that idea.

      • st says:

        Me too. How do you think it could happen?

        • John says:

          Well, maybe Sookie can try to go back to the Fairy land, maybe joined by Eric (who would have drunk some of her blood, the way Bill did), and find a true elder that could set them on a quest to get whatever would drain Bill’s vampiric essence and turn him Human.

          Or maybe they’re just gonna try to kill him, and the fact that it turns him human would be a season cliffhanger.

          • st says:

            Sounds cool. Sookie’s reaction to this super Bill is going to be very interesting. Maybe this whole thing has something to do with the fairy elder this year telling sookie that there is a reason that she sluts her self out for vampires and all that stuff about her destiny being determined already? Unless that was just all about Warlow….

        • hdgcat says:

          The Lilith bible was adamant that fae were an “abomination” , almost like she didn’t want the vampires to have ANYTHING TO do with the fae. There has to be a reason for that. Maybe because of a link between fae/vampires that has been speculated on on these boards?

          Maybe Godric was right and the vampires are just “wrong” and shouldn’t be there. Maybe they were created by a fae gone bad , like the fallen angel becoming the leader of hell ……

          Remember Antonia saying that the vampires were trapped and couldn’t go on to the spiriti world , which is like a hell. Maybe all the vampires , everywhere have to die in order for them to reach the next level and have peace .

    • ccoppe says:

      I like the way you think!

  5. Biilswoman says:

    A great tribute to Stephen for GREAT acting!!!!!!
    It’s the only positive in all this shity story. Stephen was amazing!

  6. John says:

    I think what I hated the most about Bill’s story, is that ….

    Fucking Eric was acting JUST THE SAME before Godric saved him. Just like Nora.

    They were drugged and brainwashed. That’s nothing like free will.

    The way Bill acted, it’s a perverted Bill. The last episode tried to make us believe that Bill really felt this way, maybe a part of him does (which would be more interesting), but we can never know the truth. Never.

    But Stephen Moyer made it fun to watch, he took everything with a much lighter vibe, it was a blast to watch. lines like “do you think I’m an idiot” to Jessica, or the whole Salome betrayal scene, those were really amazing. Only thanks to Stephen.

    It would be interesting if the new Bill has actually free will. Weither he decides to be bad or not.

    • st says:

      I KNOW. Bill didn’t have a maker like Godric to come and tell him that everything was wrong. Bill’s maker was a huge abusive bitch. Honestly if Lorena would’ve showed up it would’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened.

      • John says:

        Would have ended up just like this.

        And before Eric fans come here saying “no but Eric confronted Bill and gave him the choice”, well, so did he with NORA, who ignored him and was still a psycho bitch until she, herself, saw Godric.

        So without any supernatural intervention, it’s safe to say they couldn’t “snap out of it”. So I don’t even see how Bill is blamed here. (especially since he’s younger, thus the blood has more effect)

        It’s still Bill, but he’s been forced into believing in the wrong things. And the reason Eric didn’t think it was Bill’s fault is because he knew the blood was creating this behaviour, just like it did for him briefly, and indeniably for Nora.

        Only fangirls can be so blind as to say, like I’ve seen on so many websites “OMG I KNEW HE WAS EVIL ALL ALONG” or “WHY COULDNT HE DIE” or “WAH ERIC IS SO THE HERO HOPE HE KILLS BILL” “BILL IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE HE NEVER CARED FOR SOOKIE” “HE WAS ADDICTED TO POWER”.


        • st says:

          lololol I like Eric too but I totally agree with you 100%. People see what they want to see

        • hdgcat says:

          It’s aggravating , I agree.

          Not to mention, Bill “being evil all along” , it’s like they missed 90% of what the writing is about , which is how good people can be turned bad through fear. I loved Bill’s speech at the end about how afraid he is …we’ve never heard this before …the closest we’ve seen him come to admitting this is when he tried ot kick Jessica out and said ” I’m NO GOOD for you” .

          The fear and self loathing was palpable , tragic and very sad.

          I think that’s a major reason Eric went back to try and save him. He knew that he could have ended up the same way if it wasn’t for the love of his Maker.

          • eloradannen says:

            hdgcat…I think that is unfair to say people have missed 90% of what the writing means just because they don’t agree with you assessment of a character. Let me assure that I watch and listen to every word that is said and then I watch it again. I don’t feel like I miss much.

            But as you probably know, I have never looked a Bill as the romantic, southern gentlemen hero seeking his humanity. I have always said Bill Compton is not what he claims to be. And I think the fans who have always seen that have a right to express their opinions on this. That is half the fun of TB trying to figure out what is going on. And it really hurts no one.

            It is a fictional character after all.

            • hdgcat says:

              I’m talking about people saying for the past 5 years that Bill was/is/and always will be totally evil and everything good he’s ever done wasn’t real, was fake, was an illusion,etc. There are plenty of posters like that.

              And YES I do think they’re missing the story.

          • sabrina says:

            hdgcat –
            That scene between Bill and Jessica is probably my favorite of season 3.
            Such a great actor.

        • Alicia says:

          I disagree with you. Eric’s attitude from the very beginning of those religious shenanigans was “this religious bs”, “Lillith can blow me”, etc. whereas Bill left himself open to the possibility that there can be more out there when it comes to the vampire god. Remember, he was familiar with a vampire bible? Plus, Bill was ALWAYS very conflicted about his existence (not only in the last episode), and like said he was sick and tired of feeling guilty and apologetic about who he is. Therefore, it would make sense that he would fall more susceptible to the Sanguinistas ideology. I, like Pam, could never buy into religiuos zealotry on the part of Eric, even though he often dispalyed the attitude that vampires are superior and humans are merely food.
          And they weren’t high anymore when they decided which path to follow. Bill wasn’t forced to believe. He chose to believe it based on some investigating on his own (when he force-fed Eric Lilith’s blood, and watched what happened). Also, perhaps Godric made Eric snap out of it while he was high on Lillith’s blood, but can anyone reasonably believe that Eric would buy into any religion?

          • John says:


            Doesn’t change the fact the blood drugged them and brainwashed them, your precious Eric was still slaughtering innocents, like the others.

            And in case we had any doubt, NORA made it clear : no Godric ghost saving = Crazyness.

            So Eric was just as vulnerable to Lilith’s blood than Bill and Nora. Deal with it.

            • Katrina says:

              Eric (and everybody else) was TOTALLY as vulnerable to the blood as Bill was. But Eric was not vulnerable to the cult … er, religion.

              Nora was vulnerable to the religion too, and she was a believer before she took the blood. The impression I got was that Nora’s religious fervor fed, fed on, and transformed her natural ambition in a curious way: now the power she sought would be in Lilith’s name; it would be meaningful and blessed. Belief in Lilith turned her personal striving into something bigger. We also learned, critically, that Nora had long ago lost touch with Godric, She felt he had “abandoned” her. Maker-less, she had entered into an emotional relationship with Salome, old and wise, head Sanguinista and Lilith worshipper. Then, after taking another dose of hallucinogenic Lilith blood, Nora saw the she was worshipping brutally kill her father. And the sight horrified her. I think, in her altered state and in the presence of her brother, whose blood she shares, Nora saw that the path she was on, with Salome and following Lilith, meant a permanent and irrevocable break from her family, her past, all she had been. Eric’s presence was a sort of emotional lifeboat, a way to reconnect to Godric, and a reminder of Nora’s other life, before the Authority, before the movement, before the cult. Here was something ELSE to hold onto. Here was another life she could live, another path she could take.

              So Nora reflected on her revelation and made a choice. The writers underscored this by having Nora go first to Salome’s room and then go to Eric’s. She saved herself.

          • sabrina says:

            This is not a team post, but…

            I don’t believe Eric ever bought into the Lilith cult.
            Yes, he got high on the blood like the others. Just like Russell, and its pretty obvious that HE didn’t buy into it either.
            Bill found meaning to life when he accepted Lilith and her power over them. Has he always been a “good” or “sneaky” character? I don’t thnk so. I think he changed in order to survive. Remember he was turned against his will and his words at the end of the episode really make it understandable why he would actually need something to believe in.

            Eric at this point is probably beyond believing in any sort of religion.
            As for the laughtering all the humans – I am pretty damned sure he and Godric and Nora did about the same stuff for centuries. Eric was never a mainstreamer, didn’t rely on trublood and so was used to killing humans for meals.

        • ccoppe says:

          I’m with you.

          If you saw AB’s farewell video he mentions the fans and how their intensity sometimes scared him in the beginning. I think it probably still scares him. That’s probably part of the reason why he doesn’t want to run the show anymore.

          An intensely DEVOTED (very loving or loyal) fangirl is different than an intensely RABID (raging, uncontrollable) fangirl that calls fictional characters names — foul or otherwise — and can’t or won’t distinguish between characters and the actors who play them.

          Rabid fangirls get on my last nerve.

      • mb says:

        You said it. If it wasnt for godric breaking the spell, Eric wouldve fought for the blood vial too. Still Bill would have outsmarted him. haha.

        • hdgcat says:

          I honestly think that’s why Eric went back for him. He thought Sookie might be able to do for Bill what Godric had done for him. He thought there was still a chance …

          Watch Eric’s expression during Bill’s tirade…once he starts parroting the vamp bible, Eric’s expression changes to one of *sh*t* it’s too late.

      • TBObsessed says:

        Funny, I think that right before he changed he said he was quoting from the “Book of Vicissitudes!”

        a. A change or variation.
        b. The quality of being changeable; mutability.
        2. One of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one’s life, activities, or surroundings. Often used in the plural. See Synonyms at difficulty.

    • Denise says:

      Interesting…whether the new Bill will have free will…very interesting concept. I think this Lilith character has been many vampires over the years…I think she manifests herself as a new vampire every couple hundred years…like a continuous rebirth. Bill will scoop up his “goo” and return it to the sacred vial.

  7. mb says:

    Stephen deserves an award for all his acting on this show, but boy, this finale was the icing on that cake.

    Liked reading the comments here. The possibilities for Bills story are huge. This could be epic if done right.

    Waiting for next season and more Bill is going to be tough. <3

  8. Jody says:

    I’m so glad they have these awesome interviews lately. I was very curious to know what they thought reading the script and shooting that final scene. I’m still shocked by that scene – I never would have thought they would have done it in regards to Stephen.

  9. Leif says:

    “The world is but a spring to slake thy holy thirst” – said Bill before he guzzled the blood.

    Perhaps Billith will the the Ultimate Sanguinista Supremacist now.

    Look out world, he’ll eat you before he eats your children.

    • Biilswoman says:

      I hope Eric wii go

      • st says:

        The thing is….I feel like Eric wouldn’t even stand a chance if he tried to get at Bill. That’s why the opening scene of next year is such a question mark.

        • hdgcat says:

          I loved that Eric was like ” f*ck this ” and just ran! LOL!

          You know it’s some scary sh*t when a 1000 yr old Viking vampire runs for his life! LOL!

          One of the smartest things we’ve ever seen Eric do , IMO.

          Now, how is he going to get out cuz you have to do the blood thingy with the elevator!

          • Logic says:

            I wondered how they were going to get out too, but Nora already hacked into the system so they should be able to get out… Eric ran after Sookie but I hope he just grabs her and tries to fly the hell out of there. I mean Bill must certainly be Hell Fast now…
            I’m an Eric fan but I dont sit here hating Bill. It would be nice if everyone had the same respect…
            They are all fictional characters after all…

          • sabrina says:

            hdgcat – I know – the look of “fuck this” on Eric’s face, pure terror and not even picking up Sookie to get her out quickly all point to his pure fear.

            Lilith was a sort of spirit and now Bill is some sort of supervampire…I am sticking to my guns that I have been blathering about for a while. If anyone’s blood can turn Sookie, it’s Bill’s and I say Sook will be turned in the end.

            Its gonna be a hard 9 months to go through!

            • Afropunkchic says:

              “pure terror and not even picking up Sookie to get her out quickly all point to his pure fear.”

              How do you know this, and I’m quite sure Eric is not going to just vamp-speed past Sookie to get out of dodge. Please…….

              • ccoppe says:

                Let me hazard a guess at this:

                Eric’s first instinct was telling Sookie “Run!” Only after Eric said that to her did he vamp-zoom his ass out of there, too. So, Sook was — even if momentarily — doing the biped breakaway. I’m assuming we’ll see Eric scoop her up 9 months from now.

              • hdgcat says:

                My comment on Eric running was how well it emphasize what scary sh*t this was..if ERIC is running , you better friggin run too! LOL!

                Eric won’t leave Sookie there. He’ll scoop her up on the way to the elevator…..

                Now, what’s going to happen with all those poor people in the cells?

              • sabrina says:

                um…I was being tongue in cheek about Eric letting Sookie run – of course he will grab her on his way past. SHeesh

      • eloradannen says:

        Now Biilswoman, my friend, surely you appreciate all that Eric tried to do to save Bill this season. It’s not his fault Bill wouldn’t listen..;)

        • John says:

          It’s also not Bill’s fault if he didn’t listen. (As hinted with Eric, and confirmed undeniably with Nora)

          • mb says:

            Will it be remembered that Bill tried to go to Sookie in the first episode, when he felt her fear, and Eric did his best to stop him with hurtful words, and then said “F&%k Sookie”. It didnt stop Bill, he still tried to go to her. Bill didnt listen to Eric then either.
            Very hypocritical of Eric to run to Sookie when he felt her fear in the finale and Bill wasnt around.
            Sookie saw Eric run to the rescue but will she ever know that Bill tried to do the same? Guess not AGAIN.
            A master manipulation once again by Eric dont you think?

            • eloradannen says:

              well, you seem not to remember that it was not Eric who stopped Bill from getting to Sookie, it was the Authority that netted him when he went out the door.

              And what is hypocritical is implying that Eric took advantage to save Sookie when Bill couldn’t. I guess you forgot that Eric planned an escape and planned to take Bill with him. It was Bill’s betrayal that caused Eric to get tortured and silvered and kept them trapped in that building.

              So yes, it was Bill who chose to stay where he was. And it was Eric who didn’t drink the kool-aid and had enough sense to get out of there and sensed Sookie’s fear and saved her.

              So not a manipulation at all. Bill chose his own path. And he also made no attempt to get out when he knew Russell was on the loose looking for fairies. That tells me Bill was not concerned about Sookie at all.

              • Biilswoman says:

                El, my friend, …..Eric can thank his maker Godric who said some wise words. So it was not the Eric who is so wise. Sorry, Bill has no wise maker that could help him …..

              • eloradannen says:

                Biilswoman, my friend, I know Bill didn’t have anyone to help him like Godric. But Eric tried.

                And the previous poster said that Eric manipulated it so he could save Sookie when Bill couldn’t.

                But we know that Eric tried to get Bill to go with him the first time. So it was not manipulation. Eric saw his chance and went. We can’t blame Eric because Bill wouldn’t go can we? We can agree Bill was under the influence and not thinking right, but we can’t blame Eric for either.

              • mb says:

                It was Bill who questioned the wisdom in drinking the “koolaid” to begin with, and Eric who assured Bill it was harmless.
                Bill didn’t choose this path. Once the koolaid was drunk, Bill was lost, but not at anytime before that. Eric admitted to Bill that Bill is more of a mainstreamer than he could ever be. That was truth and its ridiculous to think it can change overnight as it seemed to do without a strong mind altering influence.

                When Eric was mind altered last season, Bill eventually protected Eric, saved him, and gave Sookie what he thought would make her happy. Eric too.

                Eric sincerely wanted to help Bill. He knows how much he owes Bill for his generosity during his amnesia
                Eric and Nora were lucky Godric saved them and broke the Lillith blood tie.

                Bill never seems to have such luck. His own maker was no better than Lillith.

              • eloradannen says:

       point being that Eric manipulated nothing in his escape and saving of Sookie. He took his chance and got out. Sookie’s fear led him to her. Eric did what he could to talk Bill out of what he was doing. He tried to save him and nothing worked.

                When they first drank the blood, it was Eric who said vampire blood won’t hurt them. Seeing Godric only reminded him of what he believed in the first place. Because he never did believe in all of the Lilith/authority crap. He fought against it and recognized it for what it was. Bill didn’t. He let himself be seduced down the road toward more power. That is the reason Salome picked him. She knew she could turn him her way and not Eric. Eric was too strong.

                As far as Eric owing Bill anything…NO. He doesn’t, Bill has tried to kill Eric more times than I can count.

              • st says:

                I think it is safe to say that Bill was pretty generous when it came to Amnesia Eric last season. Bill could’ve ended him in a heart beat because he was king, yet he didn’t. That’s why Eric even felt the way he did towards Bill this season.
                Yes, Bill has tried to kill Eric in the past. But did I understand why he wanted to? Yes. Eric knew about Sookie’s blood and Bill didn’t want to chance it. Not to mention Eric left Bill and Sookie to die in Russell Edgington’s big ass mansion just before that. Eric ALSO tried to kill/harm Bill in the past. I feel like people forget that Eric was sending his guys after Bill just before Bill got kidnapped by Russell–and Eric was super pissed about the fact that the job wasn’t done.
                ALSO, I wouldn’t be shocked if Eric and Bill both at some point or another tasted a child. They are frigging vampires that have been around forever. BOTH Eric and Bill have done shitty things. And I love both characters anyway.

    • mb says:

      to leif,
      Nice of you to quote Bill. Please continue, Bill is worthy of quoting no matter what. You must really like his character to want to talk so much about him.

      And as to Bills “eating children”, guess he should take a page out of Erics book. I wonder if he would find them “delicato” as Eric has.

      Eric ate children all on his own, no need to be under any influence or spell.

      • AphroditeMF says:

        “Nice of you to quote Bill. Please continue, Bill is worthy of quoting no matter what. You must really like his character to want to talk so much about him.”

        This made me laugh until tea came out of my nose. *High Fives MB*

  10. J2J says:

    ST, I think you’re on track. Have been reviewing lots of posts. There’s a reference to a “cluviel dor” from the books, which I have not read. This may be where your answer is. If so – pretty cool and I look forward to seeing what sookie does if the writers put this into play.

    • st says:

      Yeah I haven’t read the books at all and I don’t plan on doing so…but i looked up what you just told me….OMG if they decide to use that for what just happened to Bill. WOW.

      • Biilswoman says:

        How do you know that “cluviel dor” will be used in TB???

        • cr says:

          If they do use it they’ll have to introduce it very quickly, at least in the books she’d had it for awhile.

          If they use it in TB it’ll be too much deus ex machina for me, it’d be a cop out.

          • eloradannen says:

            I hope they don’t do that and agree it would be a cop out. And I don’t know if an item that came from the fae could be used to save a vampire or demon ..or whatever Bill is now.

            • J2J says:

              you’re right – you don’t know. unfortunately none of us do. TV Line has released another interview with Allan Ball that has a couple of items of interest. I believe that Sookie will be the key.

              And Season 6 is only going to be 10 episodes.

              IMO there should be several more characters to introduced, in particular Niall who plays a big role in Sookie findings answers regarding her fae lineage.

              • J2J says:

                The interview is posted on the TV Guide website, and not TV Line as I mentioned earlier.

              • eloradannen says:

                You are right, I am just thinking out loud here. But I am taking into consideration about what the Vamps at the Authority said about fairies being an abomination. So I am wondering the reaction of anything fae when it regards Billith.

                I read the tvguidie interview. AB more or less left everything up in the air.

    • ErikaJ says:

      OMG. I totally forgot about the cluviel for thingamajob! I know a lot of you believe that whatever happened to bill is irreversible, but spoiler! There’s a thing in the book that grants Sookie one wish. I bet this is used to bring Bill’s humanity back! What else could be that powerful to save him? I do think his real body has truly and utterly died. There’s no going back without this wishing thong. I love it!

    • hdgcat says:

      OH! That ‘s a nice spec hon!

      I think it’s going to be something related to the fae that will save Bill, IF they save Bill. (crosses fingers)

  11. J2J says:

    Sorry, forgot to put the “spoiler” note on my message. I’m new at this. Guess I’m looking for ANY way to keep Bill going. Truly, I love all TB characters and never miss an episode on the first run, but if Bill goes I’m done! I don’t plan on reading the books either. after the season finale I was looking for ANYthing that keeps Bill going and I lucked upon this. This may never show up, or show up in a different form that the writers may come up with but for now it gives me hope and helps me sleep at night!

  12. Jennb says:

    I really think they are setting it up where Warlow is after Sookie and Bill will be all big and bad and somehow this evil strength is going to help him against Warlow and then the old Bill will shine through.

    • Denise says:

      I think along the same lines…I believe that the four fae babies that Andy sired will come into play. Andy was told that he was bound to see “at least half” of them grow up…could there be some other contract made to “save” Sookie from her demise? I think they’ll find some way of saving Bill and he will find his humanity once more-but we won’t see this until the following season…did you see the teaser at the end of the show on HBO GO? Jason mentions Worilow to Nora and she turns and says something like, “You know Worilow? (or what do you know about Worilow?) – I forget exactly. The last episode was definitely the best and was the redeeming part of seaso 5. There were some good moments, don’t get me wrong.

      • VoniVodka says:

        That’s what I’m thinking. Andy’s babies are gonna be a huge part of next season. Why else would they have this “Light Pact” storyline for 2 season now? I bet they’re toddlers in a few days.

        I don’t see how anything can make Bill turn around now. He had visions of his daughter dying, and still fed on an innocent girl. Even Sookie’s tears meant nothing. There won’t be anything that can bring him back. I wonder what zapping him with the Fairy light would do?

        Sidenote: Sometimes I feel like Godric was close friends with Jesus or something. He is always saving the day. And I never saw any other vampires come back as ghosts after the True Death. Just a thought…Ughh…this is gonna be a long ass 9 months!

      • AphroditeMF says:

        I wonder if Andy’s quads will come into play with regard to Bill? They are his great-great-great-great-great-granddaughters after all!

        I always thought it was significant that Bill did not drink from Portia when she offered him her blood… Perhaps drinking from a descendent has some sort of effect on vampires?

        Something else I wonder about was that Russell believed that Sookie could resurrect a vampire from their remains.

        Like a lot of fans, I think that the end game in all this is that Bill will become human. And if that happens after a spell of having vampire god super-powers, then the impact on the character will be even greater. And let’s not forget that Sookie’s telepathy prevents her from dating humans!

        Is anyone reminded of Angel in Buffy The Vampire Slayer by all this? Angel lost his soul and became evil, then died and was reborn, and later found a way to be human, only to give it up and go back to being a vampire.

        Other fans have compared “Billith” to Locke/the Man in Black, in Lost, but I don’t think that’s a good analogy. Locke’s form was taken by the MIB, and none of his personality remained, but it’s been confirmed that Bill’s memories still remain, so he is not simply Lilith in Bill-form.

        • hdgcat says:

          This is a BIG leap, but if Bill became human again and realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, not to mention he could never be with Sookie agian….and then he became vampire AGAIN….this would solve the Bill as morose tormented vampire issue because he would have become a vampire by CHOICE.

        • isabella05 says:

          I completely forgot about Angel!! you make some excellent points. wow.
          I too think Bill will go through a process and come back around to either being what he was before a vampire or something much else….perhaps human again?? Sookie will hold the key to bringing him back to something…..

        • eloradannen says:

          True, they are his g,g,g,g,g granddaughters, but how is that going to work if he thinks fae are an abomination?

          There is so much to be worked out here as to why the fae are an abomination according the the Vampire Bible.

  13. jg6864 says:

    What a great episode! SO did not see THAT coming! Maybe we will see less of Bill next season which will allow SM to direct more episodes? The one he did this year was one of the best in the season. At any rate, can’t wait until next year….

    • hdgcat says:

      They could do that…have Bill minimally in an eppy or two so he can concentrate of directing. He had sucha good time doing it and everyone raved about what a natural he was.

  14. st says:

    I was just thinking about it some more…I am so curious to see how Bill sounds now. Do u think it will be altered in anyway?

    • hdgcat says:

      I’ve got the impressoin that they haven’t worked all that out yet. LOL!

      IT really depends on what ..he is ….He’s NOT Lilith per se cuz both Eric and Sookie could see him…so that means he ‘s something else.

      Stephen is so good at manipulating his voice , that they might just have him do something instead of using a sound guy.

      • st says:

        I’m at school so after the episode aired my mom called me and started screaming into the phone about what happened and how Bill is just going to be weirdly screeching all the time from now on ahhaa

        I was like no mom….they are not going to take stephen moyer’s voice away as an actor and literally have him say nothing lol

  15. Liza says:

    I just want to Thank Stephen Moyer for an Amazing portrayal! My Goodness that man can act, and I could literally feel his fear after he drank that blood like “Oh Fuck what I do?” And to top it off his southern old style accent is impeccable! Way to Go Stephen and Great Interview, and now you also have an exciting couple of months coming with your beautiful wife Anna!

    Kudos to Alan and Co. for a Great Season!

  16. Rita says:

    Bill what big fangs you have…

  17. hdgcat says:

    Oh cr*p! just thought of something. The babies will probably be on set at least some of the time , at least in the beginning, in the trailer etc…..Stephen will still be ooey gooey guy for at least the first eppy.

    Poor babies!

    Mommy is pretty.

    Daddy is RED. LOL!

  18. Blue Acid Skittles says:

    OMG the first words out my mouth was “bill done lost his damn mind” lmao

  19. Danni says:

    It’s probably unlikely, but I like to throw what ifs out there…

    All this time everyone is thinking that Warlow is evil… but what if Sookie and Jason’s parents weren’t angels and actually did something to cause Warlow to kill them? Maybe that’s why they appear so hateful to Jason? That’s if he’s not completely hallucinating of course, and that they are just a projection of his inner thoughts and fears.

    Perhaps Warlow saves Sookie from Billith? I’m not trying to say that Bill will remain evil or anything, in fact, I do hope there is a way to bring him back that isn’t a lame cop out like a wish. Though I guess it wasn’t too hard for him to become Billith, why not make it “easy” to return to being a vamp or human?

    It’s probably unlikely that Warlow isn’t evil, but the show does try to keep us on our toes and think we have it figured out or at least think we’re on the right track.

    I’m wondering if they (Sookie and Eric) think they can really outrun Billith. If he’s anything like Lillith, I imagine he can just teleport or he’s just so fast it appears that way. I’m guessing he will try to kill Sookie at least at first due to the whole “abomination” bit and maybe Warlow will intervene? Not that that would mean he’s good, but just not wanting anyone or thing to take what he’s proclaimed his.

    Also, while watching hulu last night there was the TB ad with Jessica dancing in the blood rain and it made me sad. I’m still wondering if she felt him die and be reborn? Is he still consider her maker? Is the bond still there? Can he still command her to do things? I hope he doesn’t kill her :( I guess this is just assuming that he’s going to be even more gone than before his rebirth. Also, when I say evil regarding Bill, I’m not one that was like “OMG he’s been evil all along… I KNEW IT!” though I did wonder at times if it was an act or not. I think that’s the great thing that there’s no 100% certainty. There are arguments for both sides I think, and I feel that’s what makes him a deep and cool character. I think that I’ve come to appreciate the character A LOT more after this finale and I’m finding it hard to relate to people that are saying it was stupid or awful or even the end of Bill.

    • hdgcat says:

      You’re right. We don’t know anything about Warlowe yet. Just that he killed the Stackhouse parents. But we don’t know if it was happenstance (he just happened to be on a bridge in the middle of amajjor storm?) or deliberate .

      And why would Claudine be there at that point, but not other times? Claudine told Bill they’ve been protecting Sookie all along.

      • isabella05 says:

        I agree there is something up with the fae, and the Stackhouses…..they aren’t what they seem……..vamps may not be the “evil” in all sense of the word…………. soo many questions…hopefully to be answered in season 6.

  20. KC says:

    “Can he still command her to do things?”

    I don’t believe Bill can command Jessica “as her maker” because he released her a couple of seasons ago.

    • Biilswoman says:

      He didn´t realise her because SHE didn`t accepti it. You must accept it to be ralise.

      • KC says:

        Nope, I think we’ve been shown that the child doesn’t have to agree. Jessica’s released and so is Pam. Their decisions are their own. Just like Lorena released Bill when he threatened to kill himself. Lorena couldn’t make Bill do anything after that…

    • Danni says:

      Huh, I obviously forgot about that…when did it happen?

  21. st says:

    I think it would be a crazy twist if Warlow was someone that was in Eric’s “family”. I don’t know, based off the fact that Nora knows who he is, and that over the seasons Eric has been kind of adamantly and differently possessive over Sookie than Bill has. Idk I keep thinking of the scene where he buys Sookie’s house and is standing in front of her stating that she is his in a scary kind of way. Just speculation.

  22. isabella05 says:

    So I do wonder what happens to Jessica then?? will Eric “adopt” her…..

    • eloradannen says:

      I think that is the best thing that could happen to Jessica at this time. I don’t think because of the blood they could really be family with Jessica. But I do think they would offer her protection.

      But something that has gotton me a little worried is that they are all still in the building. So we still don’t know who might die in their attempt to escape and who will survive.

      I imagine Billith will be after them all if he finds them.

      • Highbrew says:

        They’ll probably all escape while he’s in the shower. Lot of goo to wash off.

        • purpleprince says:

          Highbrew, I for one hope he jumps in the shower pronto. I never thought I’d say this but I look forward to Bill having some clothes on.

          • eloradannen says:

            well here’s hoping Bill takes a shower then. It would be pretty bad to think they were all safe for 9 months and then have someone get killed in the first 5 minutes of season 6.

  23. Katrina says:

    Episode 3 was just rebroadcast — the one w/Salome’s consecutive seductions of Bill and Eric. To each, she says, “There are always choices.”

    I disagree completely with the idea that Bill is a victim who had no choice in the path that he took. To me, that’s critically undervaluing the complex character TB has drawn over the past four seasons. Although I don’t admire Bill-the-person, I empathize with him, even pity him a bit. I feel I understand him pretty well. He chose this cult, and in his final speech to Sookie and Eric, he tells us why: It gives him what he needs.

    There is no question that a small drop of Lilith blood has an immediate, mind-blowing power, but on what are people basing the conclusion that it results in long-term mind control?

    As I see it, the vamps took the blood in a way that other “questing” types take LSD or peyote—to expand consciousness and open channels to the spiritual realm. To summon revelation, to achieve transcendence, to touch the sacred, to learn The Truth. The blood’s immediate effect was that euphoric killing-spree, pure unrestricted bloodlust. Think of that behavior as the Revelation of Lilith: “THIS is pure vampire nature, pure vampire power. This is what YOU (Bill, Eric, others) can do; this is how you can live: powerful, happy, guilt-free.”

    BUT the show also indicated quite clearly that the Blood Trip wears off, and that after a certain point, the trippers sober up, regain control, regain the power of choice. From that point, they use their free will to decide what they will do next: Accept the Revelation as truth and continue down the path of this religion, or reject it as being “high as f*cking kites”?

    Eric sobers up in the middle of the first kill-fest—brought back to his senses by GhostGodric. (Of course, this leaves us to deal with the mystery of what GhostGodric. MY argument, which I know others have made, is that GhostGodric, whatever he “really” is, functions as Eric’s conscience. He did so during the finale of S3 and during Amnesia Eric’s nightmare in S4. When Eric argues with GhostGodric, he argues with himself.) Anyway, Sober Eric rejects “the revelation of Lilith,” for all the reasons GhostGodric articulates. He makes his choice based on who he is—someone finds religion to be a crock, is content with his vampire nature, and is grounded in secure emotional relationship. He’s a pragmatist who is interested in staying alive, keeping his human-based business running, and looking out for the select few he cares about. He is not interested in politics or acquiring additional power.

    Don’t forget that Russell, too, choses to reject Lilith. He thinks it’s all nonsense, and being in favor of all-out human slaughter anyway, he doesn’t need religion as an excuse or a justification. Baby vamp Steve Newlin, too, sobers up just fine. The Revelation may have led Nora to more fervent belief in Lillith—the way that having a vision of the Virgin Mary might turn me, a Catholic, into a SUPER-Catholic—but the blood didn’t brainswash Nora or turned her into a Lilith-worshipping Sanguinista; she was one already.

    “There are always choices.” Bill drank the blood, and he drank the kool-aid, but those were different things. His choice to embrace religious fundamentalism was conscious and deliberate, and it makes all kinds of tragic sense, reflecting who Bill is (oops — was), his past circumstances, the terrible parenting he received, his anger and lostness and lonlieness, his desire to be chosen and redeemed and forgiven. It’s what he wants and needs. It’s the way for him to (finale title alert!) Save Himself. It was in NO WAY a betrayal of the character but was, rather, a smart, logical extension of the character in a show that all too often gives smarts and logic a pass.

    • st says:

      I agree with your assessment of what transpired in regard to Bill. I still feel really bad for him. HIs life has been a mess. He’s been victimized by Lorena, his human family died and his wife ended up being terrified of what he was, and he fought in the civil war which was a hell hole and a half etc. He also thought that mainstreaming and infiltrating the vampire monarchies was the right thing to do, but in the end all it got him was a hole in his heart from Sookie and people like Eric and Pam ragging on him and calling him a wimp for mainstreaming. BTW, looking back I think it’s mad funny that other vampires used to make fun of Bill for mainstreaming and respecting humans. NOW LOOK AT HIM BITCHES. Bill is literally the most interesting character on the entire show for me.

    • Mahima says:

      That doesn’t surprise me one bit Anna.As Ashley said, whteher or not Lorena released Bill in the show is NOT a matter of opinion. It is fact, and a fact that the writers went to pains to make clear. Season 2, 30 s flashback Lorena says to Bill:“As your maker, I release you.” S2, Ep 8 – Godric’s house.Sookie: “Bill, is this your maker?”Bill: “She released me years ago, she no longer has any hold over me.” I find it hilarious that suddenly those maligned books are being trotted out all over the place to support arguments that Bill was compelled to have hate sex with Lorena on the show. He was NOT compelled, and that is simply fact. It’s not opinion, nor a matter of interpretation . Bill had a choice in what he did, as he almost always does. 0 likes

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