Stephen Moyer On The Battle of the Fang and Other Charitable Causes

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Steve and Alex wearing the BOF t-shirts

Stephen Moyer was recently interviewed by Bullett Magazine in their spring issue. He opened up about many things and specially about his involvement in charitable causes. Thanks to and Sally for the transcript.

As you may remember, The Battle of the Fang was a fundraiser organized by and True Blood News that successfully raised about $70,000 last summer thanks to fan donations. Not only Alex and Stephen demonstrated their good sports and kind heart, but what the True Blood fandom can accomplish when the passion is directed towards worthy causes.

You and Anna have been auctioning off autographed scripts for charity. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

One of the nice things I hadn’t considered until the show became successful is one’s ability to help out causes that you’re interested in. If we can get Alan to sign a script, if we can get some of the other cast to sign a script, we can auction it off and it can raise quite a lot of money.

I heard about a terrible story from a neighbor of mine last year. They’re called the Darnell family, and the father had died, and then eight months later the mother was hit by a car and she and her eight years old daughter was killed, leaving four kids orphaned with no money. SO we started trying to raise money for them by auctioning off scripts, pictures…anything.

Alex does it for various charities. Alex and I were approached about this idea for Battle of the Fang — we raised $70,000 dollars. People got completely absorbed in it and ultimately, it really wasn’t about the victory — apart from the fact that I won — but it wasn’t about that. We both raised a very similar amount, right up to the wire – I think I raised about $35,000 and he got $34,950. It’s unbelievable. We chose causes that we cared about, and at the time the gulf had exploded and the oil was washing to the shore in Louisiana. Because  it was Louisiana, I chose that as my charity because of the show, because we filmed down there.

steve anna darnell script stephen moyer darnell family charitable causes battle of the fang alexander skarsgard

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer with the script they donated for the Darnell Family

To give back?

Yeah, It was a really amazing thing. We lost  one of our crew members about two weeks ago, Jesse. He had an aurenism and he died whilst riding his motorbike, which he was passionate about, but he’s left thress kids behind. So in fact, today at the table read, we’re all signing the script and we’re having our photographs taken with it -which we’ve never done- and that, hopefully, is going to raise some money for Jesse’s family.

What do you feel is the most overlooked issue right now?

That’s a good one. My dog is looking at me expectantly. It’s like he’s waiting for the answer to the question as well.

You should ask him.

He probably thinks it’s shortage of tennis balls or something like that. Social isssues – there are a couple of things. It ranges from foreign policy to global oil crisis to global warming. For me, that’s huge stuff. SOmething I drone on and on about which just bores people senseless is the plastic vorrtex in the Pacific. The fact that we’ve just got oceans of sea life eating our discarded plastic really upsets me.

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  1. Kat says:

    I donated several times at the Battle of the Fang, to both sides. Because yes, I’m a weird person and I really love the two vamps! The Battle was good fun to follow (I used to check counters every day) and the guys in the tees… that was priceless!

  2. jewel says:

    lovely, kind and sweet

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