Spoilers: Casting Calls For Season 5, Ep. 3: “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

By Lividity on Jan 5 2012 | 9 Comments »

spoilers spoilers ep 3 whatever i am casting call Looks like episode 3 will be entitled, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” and there are several pretty predictable characters for season 5 being cast if you’re a book reader. Careful now, there are plot spoilers in here.


[LINDSEY] In her 20s, attractive in a small town kind of way, she’s fixing a flat tire in a narrow country road when a vampire comes upon her. 1 speech & 3 lines, 1 scene. Co-star.

[MOLLY] In her 20s, bubbly, with a retro Bettie Page/Suicide Girl vibe, “cute as a button if buttons had fangs,” she works for the Vampire Authority and outfits two prisoners with complicated deadly devices. Visible tattoos a plus. One-day guest star. Possible recurring.

[MISS JILL STEELER] In her 40s, an ex-teacher, recently divorced and back in town, “she used to be beautiful, now she looks like an attractive, pleasantly plump housewife.” Guest star. This role contains topless nudity.

debbiepelt 300x167 spoilers ep 3 whatever i am casting call [BARBARA PELT] In her 50s, a kindly, well-dressed woman, she is Debbie’s (Brit Morgan) mother who is anxiously searching for her missing daughter. She and her husband, Gordon, confront Alcide. Guest star.

[GORDON PELT] In his 50s, a kindly, well-dressed man, he is Debbie’s (Brit Morgan) father who is anxiously searching for his missing daughter. He doesn’t appreciate Alcide speaking ill of Debbie. Guest star.

[DOROTHY] Seen in flashback to 1905, this pretty young prostitute has been glamored and is being drained by two vampires when another vampire saves her. 1 line, 1 scene. This role requires nudity.

[TRACY] In her 20s to 30s, heavily made-up, hair-sprayed and spray-tanned, she owns a small town clothing store and talks trash about Jason to Jessica. One-day guest star.

[CLAUDE] Early 20s. Very attractive, omni-sexual guy (with and without a shirt) A mysterious young man who speaks with a British accent and catches Jessica’s attention and curiosity. Recurring. Must have a British accent.

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9 Responses to “Spoilers: Casting Calls For Season 5, Ep. 3: “Whatever I Am, You Made Me””

  1. Rina says:

    I thought Claude was already cast in S4. Can this be a different Claude? Why are the fairies British?

    • Lividity says:

      Maybe the guy that played him last year isn’t available. I’m thinking it’s only Claudine’s siblings that are British, not all fairies. Which would make sense if they had the same upbringing and life story.

    • eloradannen says:

      good question and this is what I am wondering. Someone on anoter site did some research on the names in TB and found out that Stackhouse is an English name. Could it be that they are going to establish a connection to the fairies and the Stackhouses that go back further than we know. Maybe some Stackhouse history or a flashback?? Thus why her fairy relatives have British accents??

      LOL, I know that is stretching it a bit, but they are so adamant that the British accent be there.

    • Mel says:

      the accent of course ;) you cant beat a good British accent, soo hot lol

  2. hdgcat says:

    Wow, so many things..

    -the Molly putting devices on “two vampires” makes me think that Eric and Bill will get caught by the authority and put on triall maybe? ack!

    -re British Claude, I guess it makes it more consistent if you have all the fae speak a specific way . We never got to see the other Claude without his “ugly fae face’ , so its going to be a minor thing

  3. Donnchaidh says:

    In the books the fairies are Irish.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have a strong hunch this Claude character may be a stripper in Alan Balls interpretation of Hooligans.

  5. Sabrina M says:

    Oh god just no Quinn please. I am such a sucker I want to see Sookie with Alcide. I hope season 5 doesn’t have a lot of useless side plots and is focussed on the main characters again like it used to be.

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