Ryan Kwanten Is Spoilery On The Hot30 Countdown

By Lividity on Mar 17 2011 | 40 Comments »

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Matty and Maude spoke with True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. They talked about his super fit physique, cock socks,  inebriated triathlons and took questions from the audience.

Ryan said that season 4 picks up 1 year after the end of True Blood season 3! Jason is a fully formed cop now.

Listen to the podcast. Ryan comes in at around 6:00.


40 Responses to “Ryan Kwanten Is Spoilery On The Hot30 Countdown”

  1. LucyLee says:

    So, that means Bill has already gone to Peru then? Wow!

    • Liz79 says:

      Yup, that’s exactly what it means. Explains the no sideburns as well.

      • Lividity says:

        Liz, you’re probably right, Bill goes abroad, gets new look – is totally different vampire maybe.

        A heartfelt sorry goes out to all those who’ll miss the sideburns (looking at you ZZ!). I just hoped we’d get a shot of him shaving them off – love watching men shave…

        • Liz79 says:

          Ohhhh, that would be a nice little treat. On a Bellefleur note – do you think Andy is going to become addicted to V? That makes me so sad. Maybe Jason will have more duties because of Andy’s problem?

          • Lividity says:

            I think CB sort of confirmed that at the PaleyFest. I’m sure CB will do a great job, so I guess I’m looking forward to it, as long as they don’t only use him for comic relief I’m good.

            Also, I think they’ll have to show what happens with QSA/Bill first, then do the time warp? Or maybe just skip to future and do that battle with flashbacks? Geez, they could do anything here…

          • Liz79 says:

            I definitely think CB is going to have a great time and do a great job playing that out. I’m hoping to see him on the receiving end of one of Terry’s hugs. I also hope they don’t play it just for jokes. Poor Andy has already had a drinking problem.

            I’m inclined to think they are going to show the fight and then do a “one year later” thing. But who knows. This is really exciting and I think they’ve positioned the season really well if this is the way they are going.

        • hdgcat says:

          I wonder if we’ll get to see a scene similar to Tara cutting her hair as a rebirth. Maybe Bill will do the same thing…shave his sideburns and try to create a new direction for himself?

  2. Liz79 says:

    I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! This probably means that Bill has gone off to Peru and comes back with his new look. Sookie enjoys her spa fae vacation, Eric has plenty of time to get someone MAJORLY pissed off, Tara has gotten to her “good” place, and Hoyt and Jessica have had time to play house.

    This is brilliant. Love it!

    • hdgcat says:

      Bill only went to Peru because of his database, which doesn’t appear to be the case on the show. Unless, they’re going to bring that in as a “new” plotline. can he learn computers and build a database inside a year?

      This is a great spoiler and it’ll allow the writers to do all sorts of things. *rubs hands*

      • Liz79 says:

        True. But as a none book reader I was told countless times that it was inevitable that Bill would take a smaller role in the show because in the books he was absent for a bit. IF, and that’s a big if, the writers wanted to incorporate some kind of journey for Bill this would be a good way to do it. Of course they could choose not to but I really like the idea of the characters having a year’s worth of progress and experience and seeing them then. You can learn and experience a lot in a year. It will be fascinating to watch.

  3. Sanna says:

    How do you guys know he whave gone to Peru?? That’s the books. Alan Ball might skip that all together

    • Lividity says:

      Very true Sanna – we’re just speculating.

      • Liz79 says:

        Yeah, totally Sanna. We don’t know BUT it could be a good way to give Bill a clean slate and follow a major book plot (or so I’m told) without taking him out of the action. I’d prefer he stayed in Bon Temps but IF the writers wanted to deal with the Peru storyline this is a good way to do it.

    • Leif says:

      The Peru s/l was about the data base in the books.
      So unless Bill creates a data base on TB there is no reason for him to go. Many joked about it, but never believed he would actually go.
      Eric cut his hair in season 2 , so Bill can certainly trim is sideburns.
      If Bill is to be in a higher position politically in season 4 then the time jump also makes this storyline more believable.
      Will Bill become more political because Eric is incapacitated with amnesia? Or simply because he has an interest?

      Jason a fully formed cop? LOLOL!
      I miss season one and two Jason, but if he is a fully formed cop and Andy is still Sheriff then I think we can count on some great comedic relief from this fantastic duo! Conscience off – dick on! LOL!

      It will be interesting to see where Jessica and Hoyt are at in their relationship one year later.
      I wonder if that clip of them (and Pam) at Fangtasia was already one year later?

      Mississippi & Louisiana both need new monarchs. The Authority needs a new Magister. The AVL must be doing some heavy PR since Russell went ballistic on TV.

      AE was but a few short days….So will Eric reclaim his Sheriff title when the curse is broken or will he try and achieve more power? His age and strength certainly can make this happen, but does he want it?
      So much to speculate about. I love it.

  4. Leif says:

    Oh, this is good news!!!
    Many of us called the time jump. Just like AB did in SFU.

    I was a bit concerned with going RIGHT from the season 3 finale to the AE storyline….So this time jump is wonderful news! *squeeee*

    Sookie will have had some time to heal, get over Bill, get over her anger, understand herself better, gain some independence and move forward in her life.

    One year later…..her house is repaired, her heart is repaired, and she finds AE! :D


    • Liz79 says:

      OR Alcide ;).

      • Leif says:

        or…BOTH! :D

        Whatever…I’m just thrilled at this news.


        • Liz79 says:

          Me too! I can’t wait to see where Bill is now. This is going to be a great season for Mr. Compton.

        • Lene says:

          Me too! For the very simple reason that I’ve seen enought of broken spirited and abused TB Sookie Stackhouse to last me several lifetimes. Tara, bless her heart, spoke the truth when she said that Sookie was turning into a character from a bad country western song!

          Some quality time with her fay kin, six months or so, should do wonders in terms of restoring her light.

    • Galiana says:

      YES!!!! This amazing news! I was hoping for a time jump, for Sookie’s sake – but I didn’t think we’d get a year. Let the speculations begin!!

      Great thoughts Leif. I don’t see how Peru would tie into True Blood either, but it’s fun to joke about it. I don’t care about Bill’s sideburns, but I’m so glad Sookie’s had a nice long break from him.

      I really hope her house is back in order – that drove me nuts. I’m really excited about Andy’s S/L this year, which surprises me. I can only imagine what’s been going on with Jason & Hotshot. LOL!!

      I just hope they keep the storylines moving along this year, Jason & Sam’s just dragged last season and it’s a shame because they are such great characters.

  5. Godric Is My Co-Pilot says:

    The link doesn’t work. I would like to hear the interview. Thank you.

  6. jody says:

    Good interview – love to hear Ryan’s native Aussie accent.

    Thrilled that they are going to jump ahead a year. I was wondering how they would show Arlene’s kids if they do every season as just a month or two.

    And Andy can finally get rid of the cast on his arm! And I’m hoping Sookie’s house will be clean. (I really hope that Eric has something to do with the cleanup!)

  7. Vickie says:

    I hope it just three month past, one year is too long.

  8. Mela81 says:

    I’m pretty sure time doesn’t run the same way in fairyland as in the normal world. Remember Bill being away for hours when it felt like instants? I speculate everyone has moved on apart from Sookie. Which makes sense, her being the main character and us more or less following her.

    • hdgcat says:

      Sooooo, if it’s a year for everyone else, then it’ll be maybe a few weeks or a month for Sookie?

      that would make sense, it’s long enough for her to chill out and adjust , but not so long that you feel like she’s had some other life away from everyone. I wonder what everyone will be thinking about her being gone? What will be the explanation ? Or will everyone think she’s dead since no one saw her poof out?

      • Leif says:

        I wouldn’t doubt it if the likes of Sam, Laffy, Jason and Tara, think Bill had something to do with Sookie being gone. I mean he did drain her, so the thought that he had something to do with it, isnt that far gone.

  9. Lividity says:

    This makes sense now of the video from Paley where Todd Lowe was saying that we get to see the baby in season 4 and Carrie Preston sort of shut him down. I think this is one of the best spoilers ever. They can do so much with this. Tara can come back from wherever, a new person and we’ll believe it because it won’t be like she was gone one week or something. Yay writers!

    • Acanthus says:

      Just what I was thinking. This fast-forward is such a great device to quickly move EVERYONE’S story (that’s a lot of stories) out of the tricky and tiresome and epsiode–consuming onscreen resolution of all the unrelated plot strands .

      Now AB can tidy up all these stray hairs in selected flashbacks, or dialogue or whatever, and get straight to work weaving the characters and plots together again. (I still say an alpaca would be an eloquent addition. Maybe Bill goes Australia. We have many suitable koalas and wombats for hire.)

      Yes, this is the BEST spoiler so far. Not even a spoiler, more a door opening to terrific possibilities ahead in June

  10. Amy says:

    I love this! Hopefully Sookie comes back with a brain in her head and more independent and with tons of humor like in the books. Hopefully she screams less as well. Even if she is in fairyland for only 3 months, that gives her some time to get over all the bad stuff that has happened to her including her crazy ex and start fresh! Hopefully I can start liking her again. And that goes for Jason as well. He was my favorite character before hotshot ruined him. I think he is going to have the most interesting storyline this season.

    I am curious about Sam and Tommy and how they are going to resolve that cliffhanger before the flashforward to a year! An Owl vs Falcon faceoff! When does this happen?!!

  11. LyraQ says:

    This is all so exciting! Could it be that Sookie will still be in fairyland at the beginning of the season? Stephen did say at Paleyfest that this season does NOT start in Bon Temps but somewhere else.
    Why isn’t it June yet?

  12. crystal brown says:

    This is an intersting thery about bill in peru, I kind of think we may be right, he trims his burns( which makes me sad, still like erics long hair) goes to peru as he is so upset over the end of sookies and bills relationship. not shure about the data base, but rember jessica’s little blog posts on the computer, so they do have a computer in the house and her human parents where veary strict and issalated her, and it will explane arlene and terrys baby as we do get to see it, as in season 3 she was not even showing yet, it whould have been odd to see her with a baby in the first epesoide and they can not have her pregnent for like 3 seasons. I think the baby may have something like downsydrom, or autism or something. I am not convinced it wil be some odd monster with like 2 heads and green or something.

  13. crystal brown says:

    also if they do bring in bills data base that whould explain what he does for a living. Knaybee we will see the prevous year in like the mini sodes they did last year. that whould be interesting, like one for each major character or something. ;)

    • Lynn says:

      We already know how Bill earns his living, he has worked as a procurer for the Queen for 35 years. I know it was said he was mainstreaming but no one believed that. Season 3 answered the question of what he did for a living when RE asked him how long he worked for the Queen and what he did, although Bill saw he was a procurer in past tense but it was clear in the finale that he had never stopped his line of work as a procurer. I don’t know how it could have been made any more clear really.

  14. Roswellover says:

    This is good news. Can wait to see what characters (except for eric) were doing during that one year. No wonder Bill gets a new look. Can’t wait to see Bill’s storyline for this upcoming season.

  15. crystal says:

    do you think that this may be a way for them to skip the books dead as a doornail, definintey dead, dead and gone, as we have 13 books, and the show may not last for 13 seasons? the longest seasons shows on hbo get are 5 or 8. just a thought

    • Amy says:

      I think next season may be the last. At the most, we are going to have 7 seasons ( When actor contracts end). So yes AB may start combining books as he has already done. I am thinking he will combine characters as well , Alcide and Quinn will be one. I am guessing next season will start exploring that relationship. I am hoping they do book 7, that was one of the best books in the series.

  16. wayne martin says:

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