Ryan Kwanten In “Don’t Fade Away”

By Aemac on Jan 16 2010 | 4 Comments »

Sextacular Ryan Kwanten stars alongside Mischa Barton, Beau Bridges and Ja Rule in the film “Don’t Fade Away”. Director Luke Kasdan’s drama concerns an engaged Manhattan couple who must tend to the needs of an ill family patriarch. Here’s the newly released trailer for the movie that’s set for a viewing audience this year.


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4 Responses to “Ryan Kwanten In “Don’t Fade Away””

  1. wiwa says:

    Aww, Ryan looks like he could be Beau’s kid. He looks and sounds good here.

  2. BillsNia says:

    That really looks wonderful Aem. I had not heard of it.
    We tend to think of Ryan as our sweet lovable bumbling Jason, but this shows Ryan can do and be so much more.
    Thanks for posting!

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