Rutina Wesley Talks Tara’s Fate in the Season 5 Premiere

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TVLine has an exclusive interview with Rutina Wesley about her fate that was finally revealed after months of speculation.

TVLINE: How long have you known?
I’ve known since last season. Three quarters of the way through last season I found out.
TVLINE : What was your reaction?
I was initially terrified because I was being shot in the head. [Laughs] I was like, “Where is that going to lead?” But I was also excited because I was going to be able to create a whole new Tara in a way, and explore a whole new physicality.
TVLINE: Was there a part of you that was like, “Damn, now I have to wear those uncomfortable fangs and contact lenses!”
Yes. There was a point when Stephen [Moyer] came up to me in the makeup trailer and said, “Still enjoying being a vampire?” [Laughs] It is difficult. It’s a whole new routine you have to get used to. But it’s been so much fun.
TVLINE: What was it like the first time you saw yourself with the fangs in?
I took a bunch of goofy pictures in my trailer. I was looking at myself and like, “Oh my God!” It was very weird getting used to seeing my face with fangs popping out. The thing that’s hard is talking with them. We have this thing that if you can say Sookie Stackhouse then you’re good.
TVLINE: Can you say Sookie Stackhouse?
Yes. [Laughs] I can say it without slurring my S’s.
TVLINE: Last season Tara mellowed out a little bit, but this season — at least in the first four episodes — she’s angrier and more pissed off than ever!
It’s fun being feral, as they call it. [Laughs] She’s only been a vampire for a minute, and what transpires when she comes out of the grave is the most chaotic crazy thing; she doesn’t know what to do. And the most important thing is the relationship between her and Sookie and her and Lafayette and how all of that plays out.
TVLINE: Can she forgive them for turning her into the very thing she hates the most?
I don’t know. Only time will tell. I can say that the relationships will never be the same. It’s definitely a game-changer on many levels.
TVLINE: The best thing to come out of this, at least in my opinion, is that it bonded Tara with Pam for life. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship.
I think Kristin Bauer is a goddess. She’s been so much fun to work with, and so sweet to me. She’s been giving me [vampire] pointers. She’s the one person who I hadn’t worked with, so it’s been amazing to get the chance to work with her. Their relationship is going to be fun because they both say what they want. They’re both like, “Whatever.” It’s going to be interesting to see how that relationship grows — if it does grow.
TVLINE: What does this mean for Tara romantically?
I don’t know if she’s even thinking about romance right now. [Laughs] Love is the furthest thing from her mind.
TVLINE: Is she still into women?
She likes who she likes. And now that she’s a vampire, well, vampires like everybody — which I love. [Laughs] They love who they love. They’re like, “You look good to me right now. You’re B-negative? Cool. Get over here.” [Laughs]

Source:  TVLine


11 Responses to “Rutina Wesley Talks Tara’s Fate in the Season 5 Premiere”

  1. Salvador says:

    I wonder how her being a vampire will affect the relationship with her and her mother now.

    • Lividity says:

      Oh wow, I can’t wait to see that. I really hope we see Lettie Mae’s reaction. Adina Porter is an amazing actress. The more of her the better IMO.

  2. Salvador says:

    I agree

  3. Rina says:

    Great interview. Can’ wait to see Tara’s mom’s reaction too.

  4. g-money says:

    I loving tara as a vamp..i courious to see what relationship shes gonna have with pam knowing that she turn’d her.. whats crazy is eric and his sister having sex..uhhh.. but it makes u wonder were they like that b4 they was turn’d…and i would love to see who turn’d russel way back when..that could be a good storyline..and jason jess and hoyt is really my best friend i couldnt do it..but she is a vamp and she can just sayin.

    • Thumper says:

      They weren’t brother/sisters as humans, I think they mean that they are “vampire” brothers and sisters, which is what they mean by talking about Godric making them both.

    • Cindy says:

      Eric and Nora are “vampire siblings”, aka the “progeny” of Godric. His sister when he was a Viking human was murdered when she was an infant. We learned this two seasons ago in a flashback. ‘

  5. Kerri says:

    What contact lenses do they have to wear? I thought Alan ball had said in an interview that he didnt want his vamps wearing weird contacts like in twilight or other vampire movies?

  6. MBB says:

    it;s only been a minute, but i think i’m going to like tara as a vampire. glad to see her back.

  7. Leif says:

    I think Pam is going to end up being a great maker to Tara.

    Wait for it! =)

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