Update! Remake of The Big Valley Plans Louisiana Shooting Location

By NotHoney on Aug 8 2010 | 21 Comments »

We have another update on the shooting of The Big Valley” starring Stephen Moyer. Filming has been postponed to the week of August 23. @LouisianaFilmTV tweeted: “The Big Valley is on hold until week of Aug. 23rd. Shooting now scheduled for Sept. 13 to Oct. 15. Making this fall in BR even nuttier.”

Sam Neill joins the cast of “The Big Valley,” according to the film’s Facebook page. Neill’s role will be Charles Crocker. Neill, has worked before with Stephen Moyer on the mini-series “Ice,” to be released this year. You can follow “The Big Valley” on Twitter for more updates: @BigValleyMovie

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I’m sorta giddy about this remake and it’s all because of Stephen Moyer in a cowboy hat! You know it’s gonna be good! Here’s some news from Beck/Smith Hollywood:

It’s ironic: the big-screen “The Big Valley” is all about the Southern Pacific Railroad tussling with ranchers in Calfornia’s San Joaquin Valley in the old west – but the picture’s being made in Baton Rouge, LA. Chalk it up to Louisiana’s inviting incentives for movie shooting – and California’s lack of same.

Jessica Lange is taking over the Barbara Stanwyk role of ranch matriarch Victoria Barkley in the feature, due to begin production next month. Lee Majors (who played Heath in the 1960s TV series) is also aboard, along with Bruce Dern, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Nicholson (as Audra), “True Blood’s” Stephen Moyer (as Jarrod), Jason Alan Smith (as Nick) and Travis Fimmel, the Aussie who starred alongside the late Patrick Swayze in “The Beast” (as Heath).


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21 Responses to “Update! Remake of The Big Valley Plans Louisiana Shooting Location”

  1. sassylassie1018 says:

    Wasnt Travis Frimmel the bad guy in “Restraint”?

  2. lizzie1701 says:

    It all sounds good to me! Vampire Bill with cowboy hat and spurs! Wowee!

    • BillsNia says:

      Whoo hooo Lizzie….More Stephen!! Rockin spome tight jeans, boots and a cowboy hat!! He also is already an expert horseman, so it will be awesome. And we know he has the southern accent down!
      He is in great company with such fine seasoned actors.
      Cant wait!

      • BillsNia says:

        BTW, I forgot to add, I loved the chemistry between Stephen and Travis in “Restraint”. Terific thriller, Stephen was phenomenal.
        Great to see they are working together again.

  3. mybabybill says:

    love westerns; love stephen. and yeah, he’ll look great in western wear.

  4. Crazy4Bill says:

    I too am looking forward to this one. Lorraine Nicholson is Jack’s daughter. I can’t believe she is already 20. It sounds like a great cast. Steve will be great as Jarrod Barkley. He might wear more suits than jeans, but should still have a cowboy hat. Oh goody!

  5. Acanthus says:

    Acanthus Buzzkill here. I’m not so sure about this project. It’s terrific that Stephen Moyer is in the casting loop to land the second lead role. British actors aren’t shy about calling ‘work’ exactly that – jobs that pay for things (see also Lord Oliver and Robbie Coltrane ;-)) )

    I have this feeling, though, that the movie will be slammed. Me, I’d like to see SM return to his own accent, in films that have a chance of critical interest, or at the least have an ensemble of very, very good actors . This one isn’t it.

    • NotHoney says:

      Yer not killin’ my buzz. If this movie is true to the series in some ways, and a good actioner, it’ll please its target audience, which is probably people in my age group or younger who remember watching the series or reruns. I think it sounds like great fun and it has a decent cast. So, it’s not Oscar material, so what? Most of those movies are deadly dull.

      Why do you think Stephen’s the second lead? He’s listed first in the cast list on IMDB. In the series, Jarrod Barkley was head of the family. Seems a lead role to me.

      • Acanthus says:

        Re second lead assumption: Victoria Barkely was the central figure in Big Valley, as I recall (loved the slightly obsequious credit: MISS Barbara Stanwyck). In this incarnation of the Barkely family, Jessica Lange is the big name, central character. How the movie will play VB’s character, who knows? But to me that role is the first lead.

        Re Oscars: Couldn’t agree with you more. Don’t care . (Gladiator? Best Picture? That one, and a million more laughs among Academy picks)).

        On the other hand: Would like to see Stephen Moyer in a Golden Globes contender. Critical success + good box office = great vehicle for rising talent like Moyer.

        Skarsgard is currently doing really creative work in small-market Swedish films. Both AS and SM come form this magnificent Anglo-European tradition of film making that stresses acting, not action. So yeah, I would like to see SM in something fresh and creative. Nothing dull-but-worthy about it.

        • Acanthus says:

          In any case, Pax, NH. On further consideration, I know that Alan Rickman made his international amrk with Die Hard and Robin Hood, and that bankroll and marquee cachet gave him the freedom to do the indie work he relished. So…. Viva The Big Valley!

  6. Crazy4Bill says:

    Speaking of Alan Rickman, I loved his film “Truly, Madly, Deeply” which is to me the best movie ever made about a woman who loses the man she loves when he dies suddenly. It sure beats “Ghost,” although I like it as well. Yes, Alan Rickman certainly got some name recognition from doing “Die Hard,” and “Robin Hood” (Robin Hood was a total piece of dreck, I know it’s a bad film when I am rooting for the bad guy, i.e. Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham), in the US Rickman has never really played a romantic lead part. Glad that Anthony Minghella cast him in TMD, and that Ang Lee did the same in “Sense and Sensibility.”
    Which brings me back to Steve. I would also love him to do a film with a great director, script and cast. I’d like to see him show his real acting chops, which he does do so well on True Blood. Guess he has to pay the bills, and I like the reference to Olivier. Didn’t he do some kick-ass Polaroid commercials back in the 70s?

    • Acanthus says:

      Crazy4Bill, you have read my mind. TMD was exactly the film I was thinking of here.

      A little aside to my fellow Rickman fans:

      When AR reprised his West End role as Valmont in the Broadway production of Liaisons Dangereuses , one critic wrote:

      “By the time the curtain went down, every woman in the audience wanted to sleep with Alan Rickman, and most of the men did, too.”

      I suspect that, at the end of some TB episodes, the same applies to Skarsgard and Moyer ;-))

  7. Becky says:

    My friend Richard Jackson got a part in the remake of Big Valley Richard was the chicken farmer in the movie No country for old men. Congrats Richard I’m happy for you.

  8. Cybersurfer says:

    Lee Majors – who’s playing his original characters father in this remake – just told Hollywood 411 that Susan Sarandon will be playing opposite him – not Jessica Lange. Wonder whats up with that?

  9. credit says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely think this site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!

  10. Marie says:

    Has this movie been made yet? I’m dying to know!! If so, where can I watch it?

  11. Will says:

    After the movie is released (or just before) would be a great time to release all the remaining seasons (2nd half of season 2 and full seasons 3 and 4) of the original Television series….Hey Fox there’s a lot of Big valley fans that would like to see this…how about it.

  12. Carol says:

    I’m STILL waiting for this movie … hoping it didn’t get canned before it was started!

  13. Linda says:

    I am so thrilled about this movie! Big Valley was (and is) my favorite show ever. How wonderful that Lee Majors will be involved in this movie.

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