Recap: Season 3 Episode 11- Fresh Blood

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Happily Never After, Bitches

This week on True Blood, Sookie is very, very done with this shit, Pam is packing vampire mace, the Talbot goo is probably starting to reek, Sam will hopefully stop being really fuckin’ rude ‘cos he got laid, Russell falls for Eric’s bullshit again, the return of fat ole Momma Fortenberry (yay!), and Bill wants to retire and grow vegetables … um, random.

pam yvetta recaps ep 11 fresh blood

Hell hath no fury like a stripper scorned!

Alas, the end is nigh. Two weeks from now this madness will be over, and I shall be bereft of snark opportunities and will return my attention to grown-up shit like spring cleaning and gardening (which I hate, so Bill is totally welcome to come around and help with that shit and like, shag me in the potato patch afters). I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a disgusting, snot nosed, hacking diseased hag laid up in bed with the ‘flu this week, but I cannot get excited about the last episode or particularly spazzed up about the season finale. I feel ‘meh’; that Zen state of fan geek indifference caused by a sensory overload of tits and ass, gore, inventive swearing, lying sneaky headfuckery, an annoying heroine who gets chomped and beaten up all the time, and not very exciting Supes. It wasn’t that the episode was a write off, because it had some fantastic bits (I love it when Bill and Eric fight, even if it’s for show … bring it, bitches!). It just had too much shit in there I didn’t find particularly compelling at this point in proceedings. Less Bon Temps domestic dramas, more vamp mayhem please. And what happened to the useless werewolves? I miss their hairy asses. Are they saving more crazy ole Debbie Pelt for next year?

One of the failings of the show is the frantic scramble to set up things for the next season (fairies, demons, witches, a love triangle or maybe square if Nice but Dull Alcide comes back), but in the process rushing through or neglecting key plots that have been going on THIS season. There’s no time to get the viewer interested in, or convinced by these new shiny things, so as a result, we end up grouchy and dissatisfied and skeptical. Perhaps if they extended the season by a couple of episodes this would work better? As a bonus, I could get more awesome for all my attention and devotion, like my much looked forward to Russell vs. America war, which never happened apart from a few retards with cans of Walmart spray paint and Steve Newlin on the telly. Not likely to happen either, since he and Eric are about to dun DUN … fry up in the sunlight. OMG no!! Worry not, minions of Eric, your fearless leader will live to plot another day. Can’t see them getting rid of his handsome ass, can we? I’m just hoping that Russell escapes unscathed. He could totally do public service announcements for Greenpeace as part of his vampire jail sentence. “Climate change exists! Donate now or be eaten, planet destroying humans!” I like.
fangoff recaps ep 11 fresh blood

Naturally, Pam has sneaky chica tricks up her sleeve ...

The show begins with our lovelorn, tragedy-prone William storming into Fangtasia to look for his runaway ex-girlfriend. Pam has a low tolerance for Bill at the best of times, and she fights dirty. A fun scrap ensues, and Bill gets maced in the face in his attempts to take her out and get to the basement. In said BDSM basement of gross, Sookie finds an unexpected ally in a miffed Yvetta, who no longer bats for Team Eric since being called a gold digging whore last week. After letting the Sook out and bitching about what a dick the Sheriff is, they dart upstairs to rescue Bill from an ass kicking. The silver mace is giving Pam the edge in proceedings and making Bill’s lovely peepers all effed up, so the stripper and the fairy intervene and chain the glamorous yet ruthless madam to the stripper pole. Yvetta takes umbrage at being called a dumb immigrant (“in my country, I was cardiologist!”) and makes sure Pam is as uncomfortable as possible while Bill and Sookie run the fuck away from the “mmm, let’s use Sookie as Russell bait” plot. In classy, gold digger fashion, she also rips off the bar till.

Over in Bon Temps, LaLa and Jesus are coming down from their lengthy and tedious trip through the lives of their freaky ancestors and Laffy is feeling more than shaken by it all. After hallucinating an orc/demon’s head in place of Jesus’s rather attractive noggin, he calls it a night and asks his gutted swain to bugger off so he can come down in peace. In Jason’s house, the Stackhouse Boy’s overloaded brain is trying to grapple with his girlfriend being not only a Meth skank from a violent hillbilly town full of sinister kinfolk, but also a giantass kitty cat that could give him a real good back scratching during sex. Unfortunately, he just can’t deal at the moment and stumbles off into the night looking for his missing sister. I can’t blame him for only being able to deal with one flaky chick at a time.

hoyt jess recaps ep 11 fresh blood

At least someone in this miseryguts town is happy ... yay!

In the Compton lounge, where sexy things have been known to happen, Hoyt and Jessica are having a bittersweet reunion moment on the red couch that has figured in soooo many middle aged female fantasies. She tries to tell him about her evil vampire bullshit, he doesn’t care and just loves her for what she is and feels all pumped and happy-horny because of her blood. Amazing me yet again with his unexpected sexiness, Hoyt then unzips his hoodie and offers himself for dinner, which Jessica gladly takes, crawling up his body and biting him with relish. They’re Bon Temps’ only hope for a functional relationship and consistently adorable, so I get a case of the awwwws.

But enough niceness, let’s go back to vamp bastardry, shall we? Ahh, there’s Russell, after killing the male hooker he’s taken his jar of Talbot on an outing to an art gallery, where Eric finds him to make the offer of Sookie’s magic daywalking blood in exchange for Russell not killing him. It will only last for a few minutes and ensure that the Big Bad Vamp is weak enough to kill, mmm cunning. This plan is rather hard on the Sook and definitely unchivalrous, but Eric’s options are limited.

While they’re discussing whether they’re even now they’ve killed each other’s families, Eric’s phone goes off (LOL, random girly ringtone) and it’s a grumpy Pam, reporting on escapee Bill and Sookie while Ginger unchains her from the pole. Eric then turns on the persuasive, oily charm, sweet talking Russell with sunshiny visions of walking in the daylight and scaring the shit out of an unsuspecting humanity. It’s a WMD that Russell simply cannot pass up, even though he’s highly skeptical and probably still fixin’ to kill Eric at some stage for offing Talbot. As he’s putting his trust in Eric again despite being severely burned before (and very likely to get burned later), Bill and Sookie are thinking they’ve gotten away and are squabbling again. As Sookie drives them optimistically back home to hide, Bill asks his woman why in fuck’s name does she trust Eric and not him after all the shitty stuff he’s done. Sookie mutters lame excuses about bullet sucking and the cheesy Godric death scene on the roof, but I sort of get it. Eric doesn’t try to be anything but a vampire, he doesn’t want to, and that honesty must be kind of appealing.

And she really loves Bill. It hurts way more to be lied to and messed around and put in dire peril by someone you love than some annoying yet extremely attractive and amusing bastard. Bill is still holding on to a million secret shames has hasn’t had time to think about letting go of, and because of this, their fragile vision of starting over and being given a shot at a normal, boring life together doesn’t stand a chance. Sad but hey, it makes for good drama apparently *pouts and sniffles * Anyhoo, back to Bon Temps, where Tara is in the graveyard crying over Eggs and drunk Sam is staggering into Merlotte’s to be hilariously and inappropriately rude to all and sundry. I laugh as he insults the customers and the waitresses, but I’m mad at him for dissing Terry B, my mouth gaping in horror at the “shell shocked motherfucker” put down. Arlene and Holly the Wiccan storm off to do their homemade abortion thingy in the woods, leaving their mean ole boss to fend for himself. Meanwhile across town, Jason is watching that little douchebag who’s about to break his football record at practice with his buddies. Little douche is obviously on V, which makes has-been Jason all indignant and disillusioned.

Not far away, the long absent Momma Fortenberry is having her huge ass hauled out of bed by a spurned and distraught Summer. I’m pleased to see the awful old trout, who had apparently given Summer orders to steal back her little boy from Jessica’s clutches and get him firmly back under Momma’s thumb. But Summer has over-egged the sweet li’l Southern gal pudding and has several freaking irritating traits, driving sweet Hoyt to actually hate someone, so epic fail on that one, Momma.

bigmomma recaps ep 11 fresh blood

Momma's evil ole plans for Hoyt domination are an epic fail.

Back at Merlotte’s, Andy B is minding his own business and watching Sam snarl at the customers and bang their plates down ungraciously when Tara moseys in to corner him about Eggs. She sits down and spits out all her ever-present rage and pain about her fucked up life over the last few weeks, telling him nobody cares about dullard Eggs but her (so very true), and she knows all about the Jason cover up. Andy starts to cry, saying he knows Eggs’ murdering spree was all Maryanne’s fault, and he doesn’t feel like a hero at all. Poor, poor Andy. Can the season end with everyone in Bon Temps having a holiday where they get to relax and talk through their trauma for two weeks, please? Everyone is soooo overburdened.

On the other side of the bar, Sam snaps at his little brother when he refuses to write down orders (methinks he’s illiterate though I don’t remember it being said outright) and tells him he’s fired. Tommy loses his cocky smart mouth and is genuinely upset, but Sam has totally had it with his shit. In fact, he’s had it with everyone’s shit. He orders everyone out of the bar lickety split so he can drink Jack D and hate on the world in peace, but Tara refuses to leave as she’s also totally rude and unpopular and can empathise with his mental anguish or something. Or maybe she just fancies some angry sex for old times’ sake?

Making their way to the nearest bolthole, Bill and Sookie are imagining a world where meanass vampires and sadistic writers leave them in peace to be boring and happy together. They could get married and be all domesticated and have a lot of pretty-to-watch sex, wouldn’t it be lovely? Sadly, Eric and Russell don’t agree, stopping the crappy yellow car in its tracks (but unfortunately not trashing it) in a scary ambush.

bewarehippytea recaps ep 11 fresh blood

Beware witches offering you hippy tea ...

The tasty Sook is on the menu again. I’m kinda tired of seeing our heroine and my once feminist icon constantly exploited. She needs to beat someone else up again for some freaking balance. While Jason confronts his successor on the football field and lectures him about the evils of drugs and not playing fair, Arlene is communing with the Mother Goddess in the woods and drinking some nasty hippy tea mixed with blood that will get rid of the serial killer’s baby medieval-style. I know they have to give Arlene and Jason stuff to do and they can’t always be involved in the main plots, but I’m really impatient with this stuff and so I shall skip over it shamelessly. Only to land upon more seemingly pointless detail at Lafayette’s, where he’s still tripping the light fantastic and seeing all his fetishes and icons talking to him.

Creepy but, um, what the hell is happening with Eric’s plan? I care not for the witches and mumbo jumbo that will probably feature heavily next season, nor do I need to be shown the fragile state of Jason’s ego for the zillionth time.

bill eric fight recaps ep 11 fresh blood

"Shhh ... he is a vampire king but can't hear our whispers!"

Blessed be, we’re back at Fangtasia, which has also been hit by enraged and ineffective vigilantes armed with spray paint. Russell is lecturing Sookie about how lame humans are and how the world will be so much better when he’s in charge. Our gal looks surprisingly unbothered about being in his clutches, almost like she trusts she’s gonna get out of this OK.

Eric tells Bill to starting hitting him so they can have a quick plotting session as the King escorts his exotic meal inside, and there’s a delicious scuffle and confab which lasts less than a minute when that tedious Bon Temps shit went on for 10. Why oh why? Don’t the writers understand that nothing makes crotchety and borderline psycho fangirls happier than Bill and Eric onscreen at once? Bastards.

Anyway, Eric lets Bill in on his daywalking plan, which he only signs up for as there’s no other way of getting shot of Russell at this point. Unfortunately, the Sook is clueless as always, so she’s about to get all angry and betrayed. If she hasn’t sworn off fucking vampires and their twisty ways for good by the end of the season she really IS a dumb country song bitch.

Over at Merlotte’s, some drunken commiseration about the unfairness of life is going on. Sam envies Tara her smart mouthed hostility as he’s fed up with being a nice guy. Tara reminds him that everyone hates her guts because of her smart mouth, and that can get pretty lonely. Since they’re both on everyone’s shit list at the moment, they decide it’s a really good idea to forget their troubles through some multiple orgasms. Sam’s drawled invitation to drop by his nasty ass trailer sounds pretty appealing actually, especially with those kind of mad sex position skills and scruffy cuteness. Tara and Sam work for me, they look hot and could both learn some important survival skills from each other, like when it’s appropriate to be rude n’ bitter. But nooooo, sexy Sam is going to lose his rag yet again when he awakes with a fresh hangover, because that little toad Tommy is busy ripping off the bar safe while they’re happily shagging!

Arlene is dreaming of fishing when Terry B shakes her awake, in a mad panic over the puddle of blood she’s lying in. She’s all whatever about her impending convenient miscarriage and Terry is devastated, and while I understand she doesn’t want a serial killer’s kid she’s still a total bitch features for putting uber fragile Terry though this crap. Meanwhile over at Jason’s, our boy has shuffled limply through the door after his nightly wanderings and ponderings over his out of control everything, ready to face his new girlfriend’s huge collection of baggage, bless him. He mans up and says he’s cool with the whole panther thing because no one in Bon Temps is what they’re supposed to be, and then the ungrateful wench just bleats about saving her trashy kinfolk from the drug raid Sheriff Andy was going to call in. Um, I think everyone had forgotten about that little plot point. So Jason’s going to give him his dreams of being a cop for this chick he’s known for five seconds? I know he’s a bit dim but … le sigh.

In Fangtasia, Bill is tied to a chair, Pam is lounging around perfecting her “I’m not worried sick” poker face, Sookie is bleating as usual and Eric is doing his best to persuade a suspicious Russell to try out this daywalking thing. For someone who’s about to be drained horribly (like she was a mere three days ago, people), Sookie just doesn’t look bothered enough for my liking. In fact apart from Denis O’Hare, the wooden acting really, really grates on me in this scene. After a quick trip to the hospital to see Arlene being told that her baby is holding on to life and she will just have to deal, we’re back. Sookie hates everyone, especially Bill, as he’s doing his icy, calculating bastard act as part of the grand plan. Russell is refusing to try this nifty trick unless Eric goes first, so the uber-reluctant Viking says his goodbyes to a weeping Pam and joins in on the bitey fun. I would give him the benefit of the doubt and say he really, really doesn’t want to do this to the Sook, but the whole thing makes me feel nauseous so I won’t. Sookie is frigging annoying lately, but she doesn’t deserve this shit. Personally I think this plan, excuse the pun, sucks. The writers could have come up with something else less victimish.

tbep12 recaps ep 11 fresh blood

"Did you bring the Blonde Sunscreen?"

The show ends with Eric wandering outside to meet the sun for the first time in a thousand years. The blood has worked, but not for long, and he prays in Swedish that Russell doesn’t notice him smoking away on the CCTV. Sookie is almost dead and an abandoned, dried out husk on the bar table. Russell is crying with joy at his dreams coming true, and then bounding outside to join Eric. While Pam watches proceedings and cries and Bill begs to be let out so he can make Sookie not dead again, Eric turns to Russell and smirks through his melting face, slapping silver handcuffs on him so they can meet the true death together.

I have NO idea what’s going to happen next, so don’t ask me. My brain hurts and I’m going to crawl back under the duvet with my cold and flu drugs and my cuddlesome hubby and forget about this unpleasantness for two weeks. See y’all for the finale, remember all vampires are bastards, avoid all spoilers, donate to GulfAid in the Battle of the Fang, and play nicely in the fan sandbox, ya hear?

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39 Responses to “Recap: Season 3 Episode 11- Fresh Blood”

  1. Boopsahoy says:

    Wonderful as usual CE! Not my favorite episode for sure. Bill is in hot water as usual and Eric will come out smelling like a rose. some how. I dont see how they will tie up all the loose ends next episode but I am willing to wait and see. Feel better!

  2. Ste2fi says:

    Waited the whole day for your recap, CE. Loved it as always and now please get well soon!

  3. Lividity says:

    The hell? Why couldn’t Bill & Eric do some more “struggling” out there in the carpark? That was my favorite part, although I do have to agree with you that Russell should have been able to hear them.

    I think I heard someone on another thread saying that maybe Pam would heal Sookie – an idea that I am very fond of, but I have to think that it will be Eric’s blood that heals her. I guess we’ll know soon enough!

    Thanks for the lovely cap CE, feel better.

  4. Aemac says:

    First of all CE, for all that I love you for your snarky recaps….GET IN LINE WOMAN! BILL’S DOING ME IN THE GARDEN FIRST! :-P

    LMAO Russell could totally rock a Public Service Announcement! And you’re right CE, what a perfect story line of vamp vs humans that the writers are prolly not going to use to the fullest due to wanting to use ridiculous plot lines from the books.

    And jason and Crystal…really? Drop this one now or make it a lot better ‘cuz it’s over the top silly.

    AB and company like to remind us how short the time line is, too bad they can’t remember that too. Jason giving up everything for a panther he’s known less than two weeks? Sookie trusting Eric when she’s never trusted Eric and they’ve spent a total of 3 hrs together when he wasn’t lying or using her? I think the writers are forcing ideas down our throat so we’ll except certain plot lines in season 4.

    Another frustrating episode, that’s two in a row now.

    Thanks for the best recap I’ve read yet on epi 11!!!

    • TeamSookie says:

      I think the timeline makes it ridiculous for most of these characters to give up everything, willing to die, wanting to commit suicide, when they have only known each other for a very short period of time. Who does these things after knowing each other a few weeks?

      Only realistic thing might be Jason saving Tara, he has known her most of his life. Russell going crazy because he lost the man he has been with for 700 years. I just have to try and put the timeline aside most of the time when watching the show and remember it’s just a supernatural show and just go with it or I’d hate just about every character.

  5. TeamSam says:

    I am not loving the direction Sam’s character has taken. From sacrificing himself for the good of the town in season 2 and taking a knife to the heart, to being a thief and murderer? NO, just NO.
    I can’t help but feel the writer’s were sick of Sam “Charring his ass” on the back burner for Sookie.
    Maybe this is AB’s way of evening out the suitor wars. All of them capable of killing, lying and having secrets *sigh*

    The B/S scene in the car where they were talking about starting over – felt so FAKE to me. From Sookie’s expressions to her body language. She loves Bill but she doesn’t trust him, and I feel like the lovey dovey honeymoon stage has LONG passed. Bill is still hiding secrets from Sookie.
    Wonder if there is such as thing as third grade NIGHT classes. Sheesh.

    Eric – reluctant and remorseful to bite Sookie. RE said “You first” and the audience was very clearly shown that Eric did not want it to go down this way. But regardless ,Sookie was going to be bitten and fed upon by RE anyway. There really was no other choice. The viking and his progeny clearly love each other deeply – very reminiscent of Godric/Eric, which btw, I didnt find the roof scene cheesy AT ALL.

    I thoroughly enjoy watching Bill and Eric doing scenes together. They have great onscreen chemistry and no one can tears their eyes away when they are mixing it up with each other. Bravo to that – my complaint?
    It doesn’t happen often or long enough.

    The secondary characters are holding absolutely no interest for me. Some scenes are funny sure – but they are not compelling or riveting – just tiresome. It’s during those scenes I skip to the kitchen to refill my wine.
    I miss the days when NOTHING could take me away from the TV for that 55 minutes.

    Great recap CE – hope you feel better soon.

  6. Danielle H says:

    I have to agree with everyone else who hates alot of the plotlines with characters like Jason and Lafayette. They are good actors and deserve much better material, and we deserve to not be bored to death for 30 mins of the episode. Sookie is the main character and they did NOT devote enough time to her this last one by any means. I hope the finale is decent, because the back half of this season has been pretty bad save a couple of shock factor moments. WRITES HEED US ! :)

  7. ruthieroux says:

    I, like CE, am at a total loss of how things will be in this final episode. Too much to wrap up! However, kudos to HBO for being stringent on spoilers/clues. this is a far cry from book which is totally fine, but HOW ARE THEY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING IN 54 MINUTES. and as evil as he is, i would really hate to lose Russell. He’s awesome! he should be nominated for EVERYTHING next year for this performance.


  8. Sarah UK says:

    Great recap CE and hope you feel better soon !

    Agree wholeheartedly about the Jason/ Crystal and Lafayette/ Jesus storylines going nowhere and taking up precious time from the real storylines of the vampire bastards . Have to confess i have indifferent feelings about this episode as so much didn’t really ring true – the Sookie / Bill car scene was sweet but not totally convincing , Sookie suddenly trusting Eric after everything he’s done just doesn’t make sense . Poor Sam is being pushed way too far to the dark side .

    Only things i did like were the Eric/ Bill fight scenes which were way too short , Jessica and Hoyt and Tara and Andy’s bar scene .

  9. Greg says:

    Yeah Eric’s ringtone was pretty funny.

    I think this season because the added characters from the next book like Crystal and Claudine it got a bit crowded on the show and so characters like Jason don’t really have much to do with the main plot which is a shame. I think it would of worked if they had extended the season to 14 episodes; though I guess with all these new characters out the way it should be a rather smooth S4 (well we hope)

  10. gattopardo says:

    brilliant as per usual CE. I don’t care if your immune system is getting being taken for a heavy-duty work out… you are still the best and your mighty powers of snark (zappy micro-wave fingers be damned) are as portentous as ever.

    this episode just felt all weird and uncomfortable to me, nothing fitting properly with anything else… alas the end is near…

  11. lake86 says:

    i hope that after this season bon temps takes a bit of a break and season 4 doesn’t start the next day. it’s needed!

  12. jay says:

    hope you get well soon CE..Thanks again!!!

  13. Kendra says:

    Great recap and get well soon CE!

    I actually enjoyed the episode and am pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Russell either. After all he is a very old vampire and the older you are the more powerful you are and are able to withstand the sun longer. I think whatever they do Russell will some how heal and come back with a vengence. I also think there is more to Jesus than meets the eye. I have a feeling he has a sister that practices in the “dark arts” and they drag Lafayett into some pretty heavy black magic that could quite easily tie into a major plot line for next season. I don’t know just a theory. If it follows the book at all I remeber a few witches and wiccans were dragged into that mess against their will.

    Loved the interaction between Bill/Eric/Pam throughout the episode, and was left wanting more as usual. Only because they are so entertaining. I like the cautious Sookie as she’s trying to keep herself alive and figure out what’s going on. As much as she feels hurt by Bill, I don’t think she trusts Eric either. I think she went to Eric for his explanation not because she trusts him but for answers. Bill is the one that is mistaking that for trust. Anyway I have a feeling the finale will end with a bang and the sound of hearts breaking across the globe as we have to wait through another long cold winter for season 4.

  14. TeamSookie says:

    Kendra-in S2 Godric said the older you are the faster you burn actually

  15. EroLuv says:

    Cheesy Godric scene on the roof?

    You are the only … um, “Critic” I have seen made that reference.

  16. J Whit says:

    as a genuine middle age southern woman (think Mrs Hoytenberry) I can promise you that my fantasy’s never involve anything remotely close to a Fainting Chaise. Maybe a pool table or the hot hood of a Thunderbird Convertible but never a fainting chaise.

    For the first time ever I found myself daydreaming and thinking of turning TB off without remembering what I was watching. I do that sometimes watching different shows, I will be paying attention and then the next thing I know I am in the kitchen putting away the dishes – and could care less whats going on in the show I had been watching. This genuinely frightened me and made me jump, much more than the show ever has.

    With the Scene of Arlene waking up with bloodied sheets …………….. I wept in frustration and shook my fist at the writers and screamed “Aw Hell No! Don’t go there!!!!!! I don’t want to know about Rene’s baby, don’t care about Rene’s baby and could care less about Holly.

    Bring Me more Jessica and Hoyt and of course I have a special place in my chubby little heart for Ms Hoytenberry.
    Jason and Crystal
    anything involving Jesus and Lafayette and his mother as long as it is not taking place in Lafayettes House while in a V stupor.

    For this episode, IMHO, the writers and director seem to get lost in their effort to squeeze every character in and heaven forbid, possibly having a laugh at the audience, let’s see how stupid we can make these characters and lets forbid any acting on set by AP who seems to have ‘left the building’ when it comes to showing any kind of interest in her surroundings, even a smirk would be better than nothing.

    Unitl two Weeks and my heart will Pine this Sunday and I will repent and ask forgiveness for my sinful thoughts of turning off TB

    • CitizenErased says:

      Thanks for your kick ass comment. Whatever floats your boat, but I’m (almost) middle aged and I daydream extensively about that red velvet couch. Hood of a car isn’t that comfy, and where I’m from is a tad chilly. Um yeah, nodding off during TB. Yes, I have strived to maintain my usual level of enthusiasm but I have been beyond effing frustrated with the last 2 episodes. Hapless hubby who has watched the show with me right from the start has almost given up entirely :( I can’t see how its possible to up their game in the finale…I’m a sad panda.

  17. ZZ says:

    What I got from this episode is that I’m not feeling the characters very much. Sookie doesn’t look like Sookie, Eric doesn’t look like Eric, Sam doesn’t look like Sam and what started like a very interesting character, Russell, has become a pathetic fool to me. And maybe here is where the writers wanted to take us? As Alan said, season 3 is about identity. Looks like no one is like we thought.

    I always have loved TB because even if it’s a fantasy show, the plots are well tied and make sense. I found some inconsistencies on the last episode that bothered me a bit. For example, Eric whispering to Bill… like if a 3,000 years old vampire next to them wouldn’t hear. Also, Yvetta rescuing Sookie? Didn’t buy it. Sookie telling to the person that loves about how she has feelings for another man because she saw Eric at the roof with Godric? The day after she was tricked to drink his blood against her will?

    I don’t know, but I get the feeling that they want to rush the things a little too much. I would prefer less things to happen so fast and instead, get more personal moments between the main characters.

    And I agree. Secondary storylines are becoming boring and it makes you feel like they are just filling the inbetweens.

    Loved Jessica and Hoyt though.

    Thank you CE for another great recap!

    • TeamSookie says:

      I think it’s just that we’re finally starting to see other sides to these characters. For me it makes more sense that Sam who was abandoned by his family at 15 years old and left on his own to live on the streets and fend for himself to have go down that route. Up until now we have only seen his good side, and you wonder how somebody who has been abandoned, and left on their own from a young age is so well rounded and such a good person who just wants to help. Something had to have happened for him to get to the point he is at in his life. Plus we did get a little back story last season on Sam and he knew Maryanne because he robbed her home. So we saw that he started stealing from the time his adoptive parents left him. So this season not that big of a surprise to see he continued on with that. At 15 if you are left on your own, how do you afford to live anywhere, buy yourself food and clothes and finish school.

      Before S3 started only 6 weeks on the show had passed so we didn’t know the characters too well, now we are seeing other sides to them so can seem a bit OOC at times but it’s more that we get to know the real them. Problem is that since there are so many stories going on at once they are not taking time to develop each story and they just throw out all these new things at us.

      • CitizenErased says:

        Some very good points there, TS. I always like reading your thoughtful posts. Yeah, we don’t know these people that well and maybe what we percieve as a personality transplant might just be stripping off layers to reveal more flaws and quirks. But the timeline is frigging ridiculous, its very hard to believe and get involved when everyone is in constant fight or flight or fuck mode all the time. Plus all the extra new overhyped people who promptly die a few episodes later. I do hope there’s a lull in the timeline between 3 and 4 and everyone gets a couple of weeks to think shit out, because it grates.

      • tina says:

        I completely agree with this.

        AB said this season was all about identity, and it has been.

        The characters (Bill, Sookie, Eric, Sam and Pam especially) have come out of their one-dimensional shell and we are seeing that what we “thought” we knew about them, is not necessarily their whole selves.

        I think we’ve seen alot of character development this season, and it’s important to make a distinction between characters developing, and characters acting completely OOC.

        Aside from Sookie – who has been downright bi-polar at times – I think we’ve seen most of the characters evolve, and round out. We didn’t have them pigeon holed as neatly as we thought.

        And that keeps things interesting.

    • Tincar says:

      Thanks CE!


      I think the point of the “identity” thing this year is to show that everyone has somehting inside them, hidden. We have seen the dark side of a lot of these characters and I for one, am loving Sam’s darkness. It has driven him to his breaking point, now, lets see what he does with it. He can either fall deeper or pick himself up.

      Eric, is extremely calculating and we are seeing a softer, yet revengeful side of him. I don’t think Eric has changed a bit, his character is just evolving. Here we have someone that has waited over 1000 years to revenge his family. It’s in the palm of his hands and all the emotion that he has suppressed for 1000 years is surfacing. You can see him struggling to push that emotion down but he can’t help but let some of it bubble up.

      I love that Russel’s cheese has slid completely off his cracker. If someone murdered the one I had been with for decades, the one that completed me, there would be nothing but void and I would do anything to fill the pain of that empty hole. So, Russel said fuckit, everyone is going to feel my pain and it will make me feel better. His mind has slipped and has been consumed by nothing but filling the hole left by the absence of his love.

      Jessica and Hoyt – Yes, more … more. But, if you think everyone isn’t acting like themselves, just wait. I foresee our lovable Hoyt growing a dark side after he has tasted a little bit of Jessica and he’s going to like it.

      Poor Yvetta. I would have rescued Sookie too if I was her. Here she thought she was going to get something out of this but quickly learned it was just a paycheck and hot dungeon sex. She’s pissed! Of course she would rescue Sookie because she wants Eric to pay.

      The one thing I totally agree on with everyone is, to many characters! What I fell in love with is getting lost inside secondary plot.

      This ——->( Eric whispering to Bill… like if a 3,000 years old vampire next to them wouldn’t hear.) I have to agree. I thought True Blood decided in a coin toss to changed the principles of their vampires.

      This is all just IMHO, of course. :)

  18. Irene says:

    This was a wonderful episode!! I have loved this season 3 the best, all the episodes have been awesome! So much “food” delivered this season to feed my sexual fantasies, oh my, what a season for fantasy material! I’m really interested in Sookie being a fairy -that is my favorite storyline, such fasinating stuff with more to come in season 4!

  19. nikka says:

    yes, I really hope the writers keep the plot tighter. Every episode this season had 15 minutes of storyline worth watching namely the vampire and werewolf scenes. The rest are boring, boring, boring. If I watched this on dvd I’d probably fast-forward all the other parts.

  20. TBObsessed says:

    Thanks for hauling yourself out of bed to write a recap for us, CE! You’ve had a rough winter! I wish we could send you a vial of V!

    I agree that the peripheral characters’ story lines are a little dull. They need to mix their stories up with the vampires a bit more.

    I laughed at Eric’s ringtone! It sounded like “Ain’t We Got Fun?” Not what I would have expected!

    So I guess they are going to revive Sookie and say, “Sorry you almost died – again! Wouldja run out and rescue Eric?” Makes me wonder if Pam is going to be the one to give Sookie blood. I doubt Bill would ask her to help Eric unless he needs Eric’s help to deal with Sophie Anne.

  21. latbfan says:

    CE, you did a great job recapping an episode that wasn’t all that great. Apparently there’s some kind of TB rule that demands the 11th episode be the worst of the season. I’m not quite sure why that is, although I suspect it has something to do with attempting to rein in the disparate threads (that are mostly insane) and trying to pull together for a cliff-hanger finale.

    TeamSookie made a wonderful point – less than 2 months have passed in Bon Temps, and so very much has happened. It’s a lot for them to cope with, and it’s a lot for the audience to cope with, and people haven’t had time to process all the assorted, traumatic events.


    Either way, a lovely effort. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • CitizenErased says:

      Its a trilogy of crap Episode 11′s for sure, but they usually put it together for the finale. I’m looking forward to doing my best and worst list and bidding a bittersweet adieu to all the madness.

  22. lizzie1701 says:

    I only saw this episode tonight, after I had read all the reviews. I found I could not enjoy it because I was waiting for all the bits I had read about. I was especially worried about the Bill and Sookie scenes. I really hope that Bill is released and can give Sookie his blood.

  23. dancing fae says:

    Wonderful review, as always CE ! your writing is BETTER than what i have seen the past two episodes. why are you not a writer for Alan Ball?

    let us start a petition: CitizenErased is the best writer for True Blood and LET HER WRITE ALL EPISODES.

    Great review, but I am not certain that with only one more episode left in this season that it is even POSSIBLE to end the story effectively. too many things going on are just a waste of our time this season.

    keeping my fingers crossed that the last, single, “45 to 50 minute episode” of season three does better than the last two episodes have.

    but as usual, you did a WONDERFUL JOB on the recap. it was more entertaining to me than the actual thing.

  24. JM says:

    I loved the end of this episode. Watching how 2 ancient vampires react to being in the sun for the first time in thousands of years was mesmerizing. Both Alex & Dennis played their parts perfectly. I also wanted to ask if anyone else noticed the way Eric tenderly stroked Sookie’s head as he fed. We already knew he didn’t want to feed from her. Well, not under these circumstances and it seemed like he was trying to comfort her without being to obvious.

    Loved Jessica & Hoyt’s scene. Kinda worried about Big Momma though and do you think Summer may turn into a “Fatal Attraction” type?

    HATE HATE HATE how Sam’s character has been dessimated. I understand getting drunk and being a dick to your customers. Hey, he’s the boss. If he doesn’t mind losing business, so be it. However, what he said to Terry totally crossed the line.

    Speaking of Terry, he’s now the nicest guy in Bon Temps and doesn’t deserve what Arlene is about to put him through trying to lose the baby he wants even if it isn’t his. I see potential for a Holly Terry Arlene triangle. That could be interesting if written right.

    Overall though, I feel let down by this season in that it feels like we’re just getting to the meat & potatos but it’s time for dessert. I really hope the writing is tightened up for season 4 with not so many characters involved in several unrelated plotlines. Just my two cents.

  25. Acanthus says:

    Please, someone send the summary first paragraph of CitizenE’s spot-on recap to Alan Ball. Says it all, doesn’t it? Right down to the gallant attempt at enthusiasm finally sinking into ennui. As if there weren’t enough sorrow in the world, True Blood is finally tedious.

    Okay, the episode wasn’t not boring across the board, but it was larded with more filler than a supermarket sausage, and there seems to agreement on that all round. Looking at the comments here, and elsewhere, the consensus is that the sub-plots are pointless and dull.

    My question is: Why? Surely AB and the writers aren’t oblivious to what is plainly seen and disliked by so many.

    I don’t much care if I get stoned to death for saying this , but I can only think that, with ratings through the roof, the TB producers pretty much have carte blanche, and they’re giving screen time to the secondary actors in the spirit of artistic and personal generosity. Nothing to do with much else as far as I can see.

    On a more positive note: What I liked.

    Best scene: Eric and Pam “You know I love you most when” moment. There”s text and subtext and more subtext there. Eric half-teasing, half-serious, Pam nods, going with the joke and the not-joke. Does all that cold heartlessness come from her, or is she trying to be what her maker wants? Little bit of everything, maybe. Only wish they had done that scene more intimately more obliquely, in Swedish.

    Maxwell Smart Snark award: “In my country I am cardiologist”. God, I love Yvetta. Glad she had a chance to stick it to the mean old Viking ;-)

    Most adorable odd couple: Eric and Bill. They need their own show, I think.

    I Dreamed a Dream moment: “I want to go to college.. No, I want to be a real estate agent!” Reach for the stars, Sook…

    Make coffee/ take a nap/check emails/make phone calls Scene: Holly, Jesus, Crystal – oh I just can’t decide. Demon Baby the winner in a crowded field.

    Best joke: Three vampires and a blonde walk into this bar…

  26. BillsNia says:

    Oh my effing god CE, I am at a loss for words. LOL
    Except to use the F word again.
    F*cking Brilliant is all I can come up with.

  27. Cranky says:

    Unfortunately…Sookie really was that “dumb country song bitch” when the show jumped the shark most decisively in episode seven.

  28. Cranky says:

    Wow…show jumps the shark in episode seven…and it takes 4 more episodes to get the point across?

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