Fangirls Speak Out: Ready for Quinn?

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JasonMomoa NorthShore fangirls speak out casting call books

Jason on the North Shore

For those of you that have read the books, the name John Quinn is very important (and anticipated). There has been no mention – yet – of John Quinn appearing on the show.  I wouldn’t think he would appear before Season 5 so this is premature – but a fun topic for fans of the Southern Vampire Series books.

In Dead As A Doornail, Charlaine first describes Quinn. “He was very tall…had big shoulders and arms roped with muscle. His head and arms were the brown of a Caucasian with a real tan.” If you haven’t read the books I don’t want to give away what is most special about him.

My friends and I would love to be around when (if?) they do the casting for Quinn. As my friend Nicole says, it is important that not only does he have the look, but that he says “Babe” as sexy as he sounds in her head when reading the books.

We thought it would be fun to come up with some candidates to play Quinn. My first choice is Jason Momoa (Nicole agreed, and she is picky). He does have a lot of hair, but does Quinn really need to be bald? Jason is 6’4″, 31 years old and Hawaiian. I first drooled over Jason when he played Frankie the bartender in the TV show North Shore in 2004. He’s also appeared in the TV shows Stargate: Atlantis and The Game. Jason will soon be starring as Conan in Conan the Barbarian, and you can watch him next Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on HBO in the Game of Thrones which airs right after True Blood. His character’s name is Khal Drogo.

What do you think? Any preferences of your own?

JasonMomoa smile GOT fangirls speak out casting call books

Jason in the Game of Thrones

Jason Momoa Conan fangirls speak out casting call books

Jason Momoa as Conan the Barbarian

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86 Responses to “Fangirls Speak Out: Ready for Quinn?”

  1. Bailey606 says:

    Hello gorgeous – tall & sexy – looks like a real BAMF. Stephen mentions Quinn in one of the videos when they were shooting last year’s pictures for EW. I hope he makes it on the show!

  2. Amemeno says:

    he will have a lot to live up 2

  3. amy says:

    timothy olyphant. he does the bald look well and is an awesome actor. and i think he and anna would be great together.

    but it depends on when quinn makes an appearance, cause he is busy with justified right now.

    • Kimberly says:

      Timothy isn’t he occupied with Justified?

      But you are right, he is awesome

    • EricsFangBanger07 says:

      Ok i love timothy, dont get me wrong and im not putting u down in anyway for this, but i do not picture him as Quinn. Hes too scrawny and he needs more….whats the word….mystic to him, iguess, considering Quinn’s ‘special’ abilities. I would have to go with jason over tim. sorry tim, still love ya though….

    • sara says:

      When I read the books, Timothy Olyphant was the guy i imagined Quinn as. Bald and sexy? CAN you imagine someone who’d be better than Tim? I think hes perfect, especially if youve seen him in Hitman. Hmmhmmhmm.. yumm.

  4. wildthingqueen says:

    Ooohhh, pretty. :D

  5. Linda says:

    Who ever they choose he has some VERY big shoes to fill!!!

  6. Linda says:

    And he absolutely has to be bald!!!!

  7. eloradannen says:

    I never really cared for the character of Quinn, but I have to say you picked some mighty fine candidates for his role. I might even reconsider my opinion of Quinn if they picked one of those!

  8. Patti says:

    he is hot but not my idea of Quinn…

  9. Liz79 says:

    As a steadfast, loyal and ardent member of Team Bill if they cast Jason I might have to give a tiny piece of my heart to him – because dude is gorgeous! Bill will always be my #1 but Quinn would jump ahead of Sam and Eric (both tiedfor #2).

  10. jewel says:

    I really hope Alan Ball doesn’t go with this story line. Thought it was pointless–boring and dumb. The books had started to really fall apart by the time this character showed up. IMO there were still some good plot points that could be used to come, but surely there better ways to include them.

  11. Greg says:

    I’m really not bothered about Quin, he’s a fairly uninteresting character and really he was just a filler romance for Sookie before she got with Eric.

  12. debi says:

    I thought TB might skip Quinn, but after reading about the cage fighting for S4, I am wondering where that might lead. Pit fighting vs cage fighting…is there a difference? At 6’4″ J. Momoa would give Alcide and Eric a run for their money and he looks like a tiger to me. Being Human did the cage fights too, so maybe just the thing that sups do.

    • hdgcat says:

      He definitely needs to be darkner skinned just for variation from all our whitey boys (not that there’s anything wrong with THAT!) . Bald or not , don’t care. I would picture him looking like one of those guys that does the ultimate fighting stuff. But he still needs to exude something that makes him stand out from the other men, otherwise there’s no point in having him on the show. I’m sure if AB decides to have him, he’ll be distinctive in his own right.

      He was probably the most “normal” relationship Sookie has had so far , in that he pursued her in a normal fashion , asked her out politely, showed her a good time, fought off attatckers for her on a first date. LOL! You iknow, NORMAL stuff. LOL!

      I also thought it was funny that she felt a little weird having sex while it was daylight. LOL! That made me laugh. I liked Quinn as a character , although the Babe thing made me nuts. He always struck me as a good stand up guy.

  13. Lydia says:

    If they do cast Quinn, I only have “The Rock” in mind. Dark, olive skinned and looks great bald….and in the books he is described ‘as big as a pro wrestler” and well, The Rock was and still dabbles in professional wrestling. Might be a fun casting. Just sayin’.

  14. Lydia says:

    If they do cast him, the only actor that came to my mind was Duane Johnson…also known as “The Rock”. In the books Sookie says he is a big as a pro wrestler and by golly The Rock was and still dabbles in pro wrestling. He’s got the dark/tan skin spoken about and also looks terrific bald. Not a huge stretch for him to play this role. Just a thought.

  15. Connie says:

    I think the Rock Dwayne Johnson would make a great Quinn. I think he has a charisma that would really translate well to Quinn. I hope they do bring Quinn into the story line, he would definitely give Eric and Alcide a run.

  16. Cindy says:

    I think Vin Disel would make an awesome Quin!! Thats wo i always pictured reading the books.

  17. lena says:

    i would love it see dominic purcell as quinn and jason is not that big as i remember Charlaine described him in the books

    • jleang says:

      absolutely freakin love the idea of dominic purcell as Quinn… loved him in Prison Break… this Jason guy is not at all how i pictured Quinn. Vin Diesel and The Rock are both hot, but i don’t think they would fit in well as Quinn… i like Quinn in the books, but I agree with writing the part for Alcide, because we mos def dont get enough of him…

  18. Char says:

    I thought Quinn was boring and not a good fit for Sookie at all, so I really couldn’t care less when and if he shows up, never mind if he’s bald.

    But I fell in lust with Jason Momoa after watching Stargate: Atlantis and would love to see him in the show in ANY role.

  19. KellySedai says:

    Either Vin Diesel or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson would be PERFECT for this role. They both have the look and the charisma. Quinn is a sexy character, and personally I wanted to slap Sookie for ending it the way she did with him…. GAH!!! I would still rather have Eric, yes, but Quinn was too good of a guy for her to treat him that way. :P

    • Ang says:

      I have to agree with you 100% about wanting to slap Sookie for how she treated Quinn. I really thought it was poor writing and it drove me CRAZY!!! I have been re-reading the series and I am not looking forward to getting to that part. I think The Rock and Vin Diesel are to old. Dominic Copper could be a good choice but he is a little shorter than Quinn is described in the books. It would be funny though if he did play Quinn since he was Marshell Allmen’s Dad on Prison Break. For some reason Jason Momoa seems to young to me but he has the right look.

  20. Anouk says:

    Duane Johnson aka The Rock, he’s hot!

  21. RightOn says:

    The Rock and Vin Diesel would have been good choices 10 years ago maybe. They are both too old for Quinn. Jason Momoa is exactly who I was think would be perfect!!!

  22. Heather says:

    Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) with a shaved head and violet contacts would be perfect!

  23. KC says:

    I think I’d rather they combined Alcide and Quinn for TB (too many suitors spoil the plot IMO) but in the books, Quinn was the only one who made Eric jealous and I’d like to see that.

  24. laputain says:

    No offense to the author of this article, but Quinn is a nonentity. Someone already said it, the books had descended to crapola by the time he turned up and he was boring, unattractive and a bit of a pussy. I really wonder what AB is gonna do after Team Eeeeeee get their Season 4. I think most of the plot will have to be original from here on in.

  25. Kim C says:

    Reading the books, I pictured him looking a bit like Vin Diesel.

    And YES I TOTALLY think he HAS to be bald!

  26. Anita says:

    Quinn will be a hard part to cast… some suggestions that Alan Ball will make it a woman, for precisely that reason. But in my head he’s not Vin Diesel, the Rock of the guy above. But, erm not sure if you’ve read sherrilyn kenyon’s dark hunter series but the pic above would be a perfect Savitar. The curiousity as to who is going to play Quinn is killing me… it better not be a woman!!

  27. Tiatia says:

    Vin Diesel is too old and too short and so is that Rock guy. I like the idea of Jason Momoa as Quinn (I’ve not read the books). Only some really tall and beautiful BLACK guy would be eveb a better choice.

  28. Brit says:

    Stephen Moyer 41 years old
    Anna paquin 28 years old
    Alexander skarsgard 34 years old
    joe manganiello 34 years old
    Dwayne Johnson 39 years old.
    Vin diesel 43 years old slightly older than the guy who plays bill, but seriously they are all playing younger characters than what they really are. Bill doesn’t look 30, sookie sort of looks 25, and well Eric and alcide are just fine the way they are ;).

    IF they do cast Quinn (I say SKIP), I hope they pick someone that can actually compare to Eric and alcides characters, why can’t she just have her little thing with alcide.

    I don’t think vin diesel could pull off that southern part. I highly doubt Jason momoa could do any better, it’s not all about looks, they need to fit the part, and I don’t see it. That’s just my opinion though. And I wouldnt discredit two men by calling them too old when one of the actors is just as old as they are.

  29. KC says:

    I can see since they’ve condensed the TV show how they might want to skip Quinn and I wouldn’t care *all* that much, but Quinn did make Eric a little jealous and I wouldn’t mind seeing that;)

  30. Jacqueline says:

    I think I am one of the very rare book fans that didn’t like Quinn and was annoyed by him. I kinda hope Alcide becomes the “quinn role” in the show, but that’s my personal preference. don’t hurt me. But I actually always pictured Vin Diesal as Quinn xD.

  31. chrisluvsbill says:

    I couldn’t read all the responses I have a headache that won’t quit. But there was some idiot on Facebook (sorry if you like the guy) who wanted to be Quinn when he was added to the show and wanted people to “like” HIM as a way of voting for him. I’d never seen this guy before in anything. And I tried to talk to this guy cuz Quinn in a figure that to me should be unique. If you read a few of the books he reminded me of the Mr. Clean Genie. In fact wearing that costume at one of the things he presided over. When I mentioned that to the guy he got all upset called me a few names and blocked me. I was amazed as I wasn’t rude or contrary just curious. I can’t for the life of me figure out who would be good. I liked Quinn until after he got hurt and then he got me angry with the mother stuff. But I still LOVE the character in the book, it’s a good one!!! Alan Ball isn’t the sort to dump a good character he could get a lot of play out of. Plus he’s a big part of the story. He may not stick as close to the books as I’d like but he does a pretty good job! The one change I’ve always aplauded was keeping Lala.. I’d hate it if we lost our LaLa!!!

    • Cujoe27 says:

      I don’t think they are going to do the mother stuff as Tommy and his mother has done the Mother lines. You know Tommy you have to do it because I can’t fight in the rings anymore. Same bit Quinn and his Mother did in the books having Quinn fight in the ring for his Mothers Debt. Same as Tommy! That made me think Quinn wouldn’t be added to the show. Hopefully they do.

  32. Jessesgirl says:

    This guy is certainly not my cup of tea not interested in the Schwarzenegger typed. If It is absolutely necessary to have a Quinn (I couldn’t stand it when he said babe) in the show my vote will always be Shamar Moore from Criminal Minds. I might even like the character if he played the part.

  33. Cujoe27 says:

    When I think of Quinn, I think of Vin Diesel!!! Huge Muscles, Bald, Sexy Voice and when he picked up his girlfriend in F&F I wanted to be her LOL!!!!

  34. Cujoe27 says:

    Justin Sampson, 23 Is another good pick! Southern boy from Georgia and very sexy bald!!!

  35. michelle rose says:

    yeah he is a good candidate i really dont want vin diesel to play the part even if thats where they would rather go with the role and thats who charlaine thought of as quinn i dont think it fits but yeah jason would be good lol p.s i thought the guy that played eggs wouldve actually fit too as quinn not sure if thats just me tho lol

  36. Danielle says:

    I like Jason Mamoa as an actor, I liked his character on Stargate. I think he would be good in the role, it be hard to not see him as “Ronan Dex” his character on Stargate, but I’d get used to it.

  37. Tiffany says:

    He was awesome in Game of Thrones. I haven’t read the book, so I only know the few requirements I’ve read here, but he is immediately who I thought of before coming to this link, so imagine my joy at this idea!

  38. Beta says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they skip Quim. Every time he shows up in the books I get annoyed. He is not an interesting character. I think Charlaine did well to take him out of Sookie’s life.

  39. Yvonne says:

    From all the talk of who should play Quinn, i have to say that i had always pictured Arnold Vosloo. He is bigger built and i could see him fit and match with Quinn character.

  40. selma says:

    the guy who plays jakson avery in grey’s anatomy JESSE WILLIAMS he wld b perfect for the role

  41. Maria says:

    He is very sexy and have seen Him in other shows I am still hunting for Quinn

  42. Rosebud says:

    I loved him in Game of Thrones and will go see Conan because of him! I hated that they killed him and Sean off so soon! This man would be a great Quinn!!!!!!!

  43. Rebecca says:

    gotta say… I LOVE HIM!

    But i DO THINK Quinn needs to be bald ><

    It's a must… if you've read the books, you do know that some scenes are MADE based on him being bald… it's a MUST

  44. nataka says:

    He is so fantastic, and no he doesnt have to be bald, give me a break! I would love to see him as any character on TB.

  45. Logical says:

    Yes, being bald is required. If the character is used, at all, it is one of a few reuirements. He MUST be tall, BALD, and, at the very least, somewhat muscular. Charlaine Harris went through great pains to describe Quinn, in the books. Maybe more so than any other character. Even his tan was described so thoroughly I thought he was sitting next to me, when I was reading about him. Oh, yeah, he has to be white, also. Anything less would be PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity), making the show too ridiculous to watch. Too many liberties have already been taken. The writers/producers/directors need to tie the story back to the books, at some point. Otherwise, it’s a pointless show. Just my humble opinion.

  46. Josette says:

    All I know is that he has to fit the profile , AND he dose not have to be bald but it would help a lot and the names that have been said could all be good picks they all show a great deal of what Quinn is like in the books .

  47. Cm says:

    Definitely need to cast Quinn. I am so looking forward to it. I am hoping char sine will bring him back in her books. I think the guy from game of thrones is a great pick. He so fits the role bc he is tall and huge he could just shave his head bald! He has to play it he would be awesome and he would be huge next to Skokie just as charlaine described in book!

  48. Iris says:

    First I was thinking of Vin Diesel, but now he’s to old and short, but JASON! OMG! He’s PERFECT!! he’s like 6″4/6″5 he has the muscles and he has that exotic look that I really imagine when Sookie speaks of him. And If there is one animal that fits Jason it’s a Tiger right ^^ As I love him with long hair, for Quinn he has to be bald!

  49. nicole howard says:

    JASON MOMOA all the way!!!

  50. Cindy Puzio says:

    Who ever they pick must have mind blowing chemistry with Anna! They must be as big physically as Joe M. & Alexander S. And have charisma in Spades! To get any woman’s mind off of Eric, the guy would have to be big, powerful, have great sense of humor, and traditional in the sense that he would do all the little things to woo her. Also, back to nature sunlight sex. : ) I definately would not rule out an older actor like ‘the rock’. Anna seems to be into older guys and to me an effective Were leader, I think he would have to be in his late 30s or 40s to still be strong enough to keep the pups in line, but been around long enough to know something. As Pam says Sookie must be with someone powerful. She has no choice if she wants to be safe and keep living. Also, don’t get me wrong, I am an Eric-shipper, but I love the idea of Eric seeing what he could of had if he made different choices and I also love Sookie getting a chance to really see that she does have other options besides vamps and there are other supes who could fill her very specific needs. And although I love me some Alicede, he is not powerful enough to go against Eric as a equal rival. Maybe, if he had been pack leader for a while… I say bring on Quinn in Season 5.

  51. EricsFangBanger07 says:

    Ok, i am a die hard Eric Northman woman, but i do like Quinn. And i LOVE the choice of Jason. I think he would be great.

  52. txophelia says:

    Yeah, I called this casting job a LONG time ago. If Alan Ball can’t get Vin Diesel, Jason Mamoa is the only one who can do this role. He’s hot, LARGE, masculine, sexy, cheeky, and comes across as extremely earnest and honest on screen. A No-bullsh*t kinda guy–like Quinn.

    PLEASE Alan Ball! Consider Jason Mamoa! He’s perfect to stand up to the grand Eric, and even looks like a damn tiger! LOL

  53. Pel says:

    Jason Momoa…Love if that were to happen! He would be a great choice to play Quinn. He is tall, beautiful and can act – perfect fit for this role. Hope they choose Jason!

  54. Cherie (Durst) DeSange says:

    I would hope to God that Alan Ball DOES NOT entertain the thought of bringing QUINN to the show . I am not a fan of the novels and QUINN was but just one of the many reasons why. What a horrible waste of time, paper and ink. Quinn, Mr. “Babe”, who reminds me of a used czar salesman would be a complete wasted storyline on the show. GROSS.

  55. George says:

    What about Ryan Reynolds? He seems like someone who can be both tough and funny. May fit the role pretty good. They can always make him look 2 inches taller if they had to.

  56. Lori says:

    Jason Momoa. *swoon* I can’t think of another male I would fantasize about more than Jason in the role of Quinn. Please TV gods. Please.

  57. Bonnie says:

    No way, apparently he’s really cocky and hard to work with as an actor. Plus, after the new Conan the Barbarian, I don’t respect him as an actor. Hopefully they’ll find someone professional, attractive, accurate, and genuine!

  58. peline says:

    Hello people! Some time ago that I imagine what actor might do Quinn’s paper in True Blood. I am agree partly with many of you … when I read Quinn’s description … immediately I imagined Vin Diesel’s body, but I do not like it for this paper. For my particular taste, I imagine LUKE GOSS as QUINN … and secondly it might agree with Jesse Williams. Thank you for generating this space to speak about this.

  59. amanda says:

    I’m all for Quinn being introduced to the storyline. I agree with the person who suggested Shamar Moore from Criminal Minds; he would be perfect. Vin Diesel is only about 5’6″, for all of you who are for him…they’d have to do some genius editing and camera tricks for that to look even somewhat okay.

    The only problem is that one of the main storylines with Quinn can’t be done. It happened in New Orleans, with the queen BEFORE Katrina. The show already takes place after Katrina and the queen is already dead. They already messed up the whole Alcide storyline…I don’t want to see them mess with Quinn’s as well. I would rather they just left him out than make him into someone other than the beautiful bald man we all fell in love with.

  60. Bonnie says:

    just thought of the best man for the job JOSH HOLLOWAY, pass it on! he’s gorgeous and has a great southern accent, anyone but Jason Momoa pleeeease

  61. Rina says:

    Jason Momoa would make an excellent Quinn. He fits the physical profile, he is a talented and hard-working actor, and he has great sex appeal and a tiger-like quality to him. He can certainly be believable as someone who can compete with Stephen, Alex, and Joe. If TB casts Quinn, Jason would be my first choice.

  62. vampinanotherlife says:

    I think Robert Ri’chard would be awesome as Quinn. Can you imagine those already beautiful eyes with a hint of purple?

  63. vampinanotherlife says:

    How about one of the hotties from Spartacus? I wouldn’t imagine that ANY of those guys would have a hard time looking steamy on set. I can’t see someone like Vin or Ryan Reynolds doing True Blood. I can only imagine how much they would cost. They obviously have great casters. I never really noticed much of any of the male actors before True Blood. They did a great job in choosing.

    See, now my wheels are churning. Spartacus made me think of 300. Gerard Butler was hot in that movie! Too bad he probably costs an arm and a leg too!

  64. suss says:

    no no,he wouldnt look good bald,i vote 4 vin diesel!

  65. Stephyb says:

    The best actor to play Quinn is Ben Barrington he plays a guy named olaf in ” the almighty johnsons” he’s 6ft 3 1/2 and the way he says ”babe” makes your insides go funny

  66. Sarah__08 says:

    What about Jason Statham?? I think he would be perfect! Shave the head, and tan a little and I think he would be perfect. And I would LOVE to see him with purple eyes :D

  67. Julie says:

    What about Wentworth Miller ? Although reading the books I saw Billy Zane but think he would be too old to play Quinn.

  68. Cue Balls Only says:

    All I know is the boy they pick better be muscular, bald-headed and fine. Don’t stray from the description of Quinn in the book or this viewer may just stray away herself!

  69. Tonya says:

    OMG, YESS Jason Momoa I lUV THIS MAN, I seen him in Conan movie, I SOO thought it was going to be cheezy, nooo I LOVED IT SOO MUCH, I never gave it back to my sister’s ex-boyfriend who let ne borrow it and I kept it and wouldnt give it back when she kivked him out, another story soo of topic, BUT YESS please let this man add more hottness to the show, I luu his acting, those eyes and facial expressions, WHO IS SO QUINN< HOPE UR READING THIS MR. Ball, we fans want Quinn and Jason Momoa!!!!!!!!

  70. Tonya says:

    Vin Disel, however u spell his name, NOOOOO he so not Quinn!!! OK, here are some choices: Tom Hardy, who played in the movie The Warrior, he is very hott and looks good bald, Jon Berthnal, from The Walking Dead Series, he looks very hott bald and shirtless, but so does Tom Hardy, and I’ll say it again Jason Momoa, who looks very hott no shirt, are listening to the fans Mr. Ball, we wanna see Quinn, ring him on the show!!!!!

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