Playboy asks 20Q to Stephen Moyer

By ZZ on Jun 17 2010 | 7 Comments »

sm playboy stephen moyer publications As you may probably know already, Stephen Moyer is featured in July’s issue of Playboy, officially out tomorrow. Playboy just published part of the interview on their website.

I’ve never been in a relationship before in which, literally within the first three days, all the cards were laid out…It wasn’t something that was kept from me. I condone what she has done 100 percent, and it’s her business to talk about it, not mine. It doesn’t change anything. I’m proud of who she is,” says True Blood actor Stephen Moyer in Playboy’s July 20Q when commenting on his fiancé and co-star Anna Paquin’s recently announced bisexuality.

On his thoughts about True Blood vs. Twilight: “That’s like comparing Monterey Jack and Roquefort. If my eight-year-old daughter comes to me when she’s 13 and says, ‘Dad, what would you rather I got into, Twilight or Black Sabbath?’ I’d be stuck between the two but would probably pull for Twilight. I love Black Sabbath, but that can wait until my daughter turns 16. The Twilight movies fill a niche. In her Twilight novels Stephenie Meyer has chosen a similar vampire framework to tell a story about burgeoning sexuality. What’s interesting about our show is that sexuality has already burgeoned. I wish Twilight the best of luck, but I’m very happy to be doing True Blood.”

On losing his virginity: “I was quite young when I started doing all right, below legal age and with somebody I knew very well. It happened outdoors and was very naughty and unexpected. In my little village some girls reached maturity at a young age, and there was a lot of ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ stuff happening, lots of looking and a little bit of touching too, from a very young age.”

Ok! sure you wanna read more huh? go here for the rest of the interview!


7 Responses to “Playboy asks 20Q to Stephen Moyer”

  1. billsbaby says:

    Interesting reading. Stephen is so great in interviews…I’d love to see and hear him answering those questions, particularly that one question!! I adore this man!!

  2. Cranky says:

    I wish they’d pass a law to stop this unnecessary, invasive and abusive paparazzi “business”! I feel so sorry for the children of celebrities. They end up having no family life.

    Besides…Stephen picking up dog poop would make a bigger statement then going out for pizza with his kids!

  3. lizzie1701 says:

    This interview was great! I loved what he had to say about Anna. They are both so grounded and being famous has not gone to their heads. Well done!

  4. Melissa says:

    He gives the best interviews, doesn’t he?! very smart on the paps thing too… “I know they’re doing their job so I let then take the picture and bla bla bla…” he knows better than giving the paps more reasons to stalk him and Anna since that’s what you’ll get by insulting a fucking paparazzi, more cameras on your face and in the most annoying way possible!

    P.S.: So it is true Essex boys use briefs to keep their ankles warm… and they start very early too! Interesting… lol

  5. CitizenErased says:

    Ooh, fabulous snippets. My magazine supplier will unfortunately have an semi- embarrassing trip to the bookstore on my behalf *imagines respectable latbfan buying Playboy, sniggers*

  6. Aemac says:

    I picked up a copy today and weird enough I wasn’t embarrassed at all, of course there wasn’t anybody in line but me. : )

  7. Micheal says:

    I think Stephen Moyer, and Anna Paquin is Doing an outstanding job on all 3 series of True Blood. I so much enjoy spending my Sundays watching the show. And all my friends too. lol I have gotten all my friends into the show and they Love it like I do. Really, it gets us closer together and we have what we call “True Blood” Sunday parties. Even tho we feel so bad on Monday for work. But we have a blast.. I would like to take this time to say Thank you for makeing this happen to True Blood, and all the Actors, Producers, agents, and anyone else that i’m not saying. And most of all, All of us Fans for supporting this. Thanks sincerly; Micheal “AKA” SandStorm!

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