Photo: TV Guide’s First Look at Bill, Eric and Nora

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TV Guide columnist William Keck posted this exclusive photo of Nora, played by newcomer Lucy Griffiths, with Bill and Eric from the season five premiere. According to TV Guide, Nora is a part of the Vampire Authority and

“She’s an irreverent British lady who we think was turned during Elizabethan or Victorian times…It’s been years since she’s seen Eric, and she is very excited. She looks up to him, but they’ve had a fiery love/hate relationship in the way that brothers and sisters do.”

Griffiths also reveals more details about the photo: “It occurs just after I’ve met them, and it’s a reaction to being taken by surprise by some threatening characters.” Despite being eight episodes into filming the season, Griffiths said that there’s no “Bon Temps romance” for her character but she has her eye on Salome, an ancient vampire seductress, who will be played by Italian actress Valentina Cervi. Griffith’s described Nora and Salome’s relationship as: “They’re very close.”
Like always, waiting truly does suck!
source: TV Guide

Now updated with scan from May 7–20, 2012 (double) issue of TV Guide

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13 Responses to “Photo: TV Guide’s First Look at Bill, Eric and Nora”

  1. Marlene Emmett says:

    Now this is going to be really interesting???
    how long has it been since Eric & Nora have seen each other???

  2. Lucy fan says:

    Intesting ? that Lucy isn’t quite sure of the era that Nora was turned into a vampire either Elizabethan or victorian

    However looking forward to Lucy on TB she will be a great asset to trueblood season 5 hopefully continues onto season 6 if there is one

  3. Jessica says:

    This looks sooooo promising!

    Can’t wait! :)

  4. AM says:

    Sorry Lucy, but that lip lock we saw Eric put on Nora in that S5 promo clip tells me that Eric and Nora are more then just regular brothers and sisters.

    And not knowing if the era is Elizabethan or Victorian? You are British, shouldn’t you know those two eras are hundreds of years apart, LOL

  5. china says:

    They’re trying too hard to make him look young with that hair.

  6. Leif says:

    I just love how Eric looks so big and menacing behind the two smaller vamps. BAMF!

  7. AphroditeMF says:

    See how screwed up and burnt Bill and Eric’s clothes look? Looks like someone just tried to blow them up.

    I agree, re: Victorian vs. Elizabethan. Even my six year old knows the difference!

    Nora looks very cute though, and I’m glad to hear they have kept Lucy Griffiths’ British accent.

  8. Jody says:

    I’m excited to see the relationship between Eric & Nora. A bit nervous…but excited. So glad it’s on NEXT MONTH!!

    Thanks to agcooper for the larger pic!

  9. amc says:

    Here’s to hoping the information in the article is just to put us off the trail of a romance because as someone else said above that Nora/Eric liplock was hardly sibling-like. No longer than they showed, it was hotter than most of the liplock he had with Sookie. I would like to see a vamp on vamp romance that is is intense but maybe not twisting-heads-off intense, and lets face it, the Viking naked under any context is worth watching!!

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