Jim Parrack (Hoyt) Interview with TV Guide (Spoilers if you haven’t seen True Blood #510)

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So long, sweet Hoyt (photo credit: HBO)

Last night’s episode (#510, ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’) of True Blood was so emotional, especially the scenes with Hoyt, Jason and Jessica. Is Hoyt gone for good? TVGuide.com talked to Jim Parrack about leaving the show.

Is this really the end for Hoyt?
Jim Parrack:
I mean, the real honesty is that I don’t know. I know that [executive producer] Alan Ball told me that they didn’t want to kill him, that Hoyt’s going away because Hoyt’s had enough. But Alan was adamant that one of the reasons they wanted to do that was to leave him the option to have a return.

I think that if it did end this way and Hoyt never came back, it would be good storytelling because it’s just a complete journey from somebody who was utterly dependent upon other people, never stuck up for himself, or got to think for himself and then to fall in love and all the betrayal and hardships and him saying, “You know what, I’ve got to take care of myself.” I think it told a whole story.

Let’s talk about filming the glamouring scene, as well as the scene where Hoyt doesn’t remember Jason. How hard was that for not only you, but for Deborah and Ryan?
It was tough for all of us. Those were my two best friends on the show. When I found out, when Alan called me to tell me what was going to happen, I didn’t want to tell everybody right off. I pulled Ryan and Deborah aside and they both got emotional and I got emotional. The day that we shot the scene, which I haven’t seen it yet, it felt good. I think it was easy enough for all of us because there were parallels there. What was happening in the imaginary situation was us saying goodbye and the three of us were also saying goodbye.

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Was it hard for you to leave the set?
No. Alan and everybody did a wonderful thing on my last day. The directors said, “Let’s get one more take,” and Alan had come down and brought out a cake and said, “Thank you for these five years” and everybody was there. It was just beautiful.

It wasn’t the kind of thing where there were any hard feelings in any direction. I wasn’t upset when I heard I was going. I thought it was good storytelling, but there was a lot of feeling because we’d been very close and that part has had a lot to do with opening up some of the opportunities that I have now. It’s been a blessing, but no, it wasn’t hard to go. There’s just a lot of feeling.

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ause there were parallels there. What was happening in the imaginary situation was us saying goodbye and the three of us were also saying goodbye.

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9 Responses to “Jim Parrack (Hoyt) Interview with TV Guide (Spoilers if you haven’t seen True Blood #510)”

  1. jody says:

    I’m very thankful they didn’t kill Hoyt off the show. He was one of my favorite guys, and if I had to live in that world, Hoyt would have been the chosen guy for me.

    Such a heartbreaking scene. Well done all around. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

  2. BadThings says:

    You know–I love this show, but I was disappointed at how Hoyt left. I have no problem at all with him leaving to go to Alaska. In fact, that’s a great move for him. But I feel that Hoyt should have accepted that it wasn’t going to work with Jess and that his best friend still cares for him. For Hoyt to have Jess glamour them both away was a cop out. We all in our lives have to deal with sadness and relationships that don’t work. Hoyt’s friendship with Jason was a good solid one, until Jason and Jess connected. I would have been happier to see Hoyt walk in to Merlottes and tell Jess and Jason he cared for them both and although it hurt him immensely, he would always care for them and be there for either of them if needed. And then he could have said he was taking a job in Alaska to try something different and to help him move on with his life. It would have been just as sad, but at least Hoyt would have left accepting his friends and not just forgetting they ever existed in his life. Of course, that’s just my opinion…

    • Harpyie.Selena says:

      “I was disappointed at how Hoyt left…..”

      I guess a lot of people feel the same or similar, and you do have a point. But I’m not sure if we wouldn’t choose the easy way given the oportunity. I think for Hoyt it was especially hard to let it go, Jessica was his first love, Jason was his best friend, such betrayal hurts deeply and he has no experience on how to deal with it. So I get why the writers chose this option and didn’t just let him “get over it”, in fact, given the depth of his despair I would’ve wondered about such a turn.
      At least this way Jessica could do him a favour and both Jessica and Jason can rest assured Hoyt will move on, build a life for himself. And Jason will soon recover, when the next female willing to ** him turns up all his moping will be forgotten.

      • Greybirdk says:

        Yes. I would not have believed a suddenly mentally healthy Hoyt making this move with memories intact. He’s been through too much. This season we’ve seen him make all kinds of questionable choices based on whoever will make him feel like he belongs: his co-workers who want to mock local hero Jason for being a girlfriend f*er, dressing like a fangbanger to make Jessica pay attention (his pathetic low point, IMO), and joining a hate group. Anybody who’d feed his need. He NEEDS to forget in order to start over. And it made for a wonderful scene in Merlotte’s. Feel bad for him as an actor, but I won’t be surprised if he reappears next season, like maybe his disgusting mother gets drained and he comes back for the funeral. You never know.

    • hdgcat says:

      I see your point. But I also thinnk that a lot of us…if we had the option…might want to be glamoured into forgetting certain things.

      Actually, if you think about it…that would be great “dayjob” for a vampire!

      I realize that we are the sum of our experiences but some people get so poisoned by their past that they CAN’T move on and being able to forget would be a godsend.

      Hoyt was a great guy but he wasn’t perfect and took the easier way. I’m glad they didnt’ kill him.

      I got a little sad just reading his interview about everyone coming out and them serving a cake for him. *sniff*

  3. sabrina says:

    I think one of the reasons that Hoyt needed to be glamoured was so that he COULD get on with his life, not worry about all that shit he ha been through. For me, that scene pulled at the heart strings.

  4. waitin4afulmoon says:

    Ok. But do you know how many Vampires there are in Alaska?

  5. Jessica says:

    I watched the episode again and . . . I cried again. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t bother me so much that Hoyt was leaving to Alaska, but the fact that he will never know who Jasson was, his best friend. That scene in the car where Jasson is crying, was just breathtaking and heartbreaking.
    I liked Hoyut a lot and him and Jess where the cutest couple on TB. I’ll miss him.

    I believe that he’s the character who they mentioned will be ”killed”, in a way, at the end of the season.

  6. TVDIVA says:

    I though the glamouring scene and the scene were Jason wept in the squad car were emotional reminders of True Blood in earlier seasons. I would appreciate the writers giving us more emotional beats rather than crazy subplots. I thought this was a beautiful ending to Hoyt’s story in Bon Temps and a new journey beginning in Alaska. I am glad they did not kill him off so they can bring him back if they find the right story. My only concern is this means his momma Maxine is probably gone from the series, too.

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