Jessica Tuck: “I’m much more the Nan Everyone
Loves to Hate”

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247587 10150208251808563 69144888562 6814005 6767999 n 0 season 4 nan flanagan jessica tuck Jessica Tuck doesn’t know much about Nan’s backstory, her age, or her power level inside the vampire hierarchy. But surely she knows that she’ll be an important character in Season 4, now that she has the epic duty of gaining back the human trust. We already unveiled one of the major speculations regarding her relation with Bill Compton, who will be a road companion in the AVL’s post Russell Edgintong era. We are all intrigued by Nan’s real agenda and her true persona. How will she interact with the rest of the Vampires? She gives some tidbits to E!online.

On her relationship with Bill, Eric and Pam:
“You will definitely in season four find out how she is worked into everything. But I would be slapped on the hand if I revealed the tiny specifics that I do know.”

Does Nan consider Bill, Eric and Pam to be reliable allies or is their relationship more adversarial?
I think for Nan it’s—what’s that expression?—”her way or the highway.” I think she likes to have things go her way. I don’t know that she’s necessarily very flexible. When the vampires do what she wants them to do she’s very happy and when someone strays from the plan, she’s less than happy about that. At times she feels like she’s working with these vampires, and sometimes she feels likes she’s working against them.

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2 Responses to “Jessica Tuck: “I’m much more the Nan Everyone
Loves to Hate””

  1. Marlene Emmett says:

    I feel that whenever I’ve seen Nan that she’s always felt that she is better than the Vampires she
    has been sent to oversee. She comes off as being really snotty and very selfrighteous.
    She needs to be taken down a peg or two.
    She should be fired for not takingEric Northman’s advice and arresting Russell Edgington.
    she was warned of what kind of a dangerous Vampire he was and how crazy he was.
    I would like to know what kind of a relatioship she has with both Eric Northman and
    William Thomas Compton?? I think there is much more to her than we really know?

  2. MarioSilva says:

    I would love to see her character come out as the Phytoness. A vampire above vampires living among them without their knowledge, being a front line field chief Marshall!

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