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Interview with Mariana Klaveno:
“I have a feeling that Lorena is pissed off!”

By CitizenErased on Nov 6 2009 | 41 Comments »

Along with loving mostly everything about True Blood (especially Bellefleurs), us ladies at The Nest are unashamed Bill devotees. So it was with some trepidation that we sat down with our silver pens to think of some super fantastic questions to ask Mariana Klaveno, aka Lorena, the founding member of Team Bill and downright scary vampire wench from HELL. Realising that the question ‘why are you such a bitch?’ was rather unfair, since Mariana is in fact a) an innocent actress and b) actually very nice, we managed to think of a few zingers, and were delighted with the answers. I think this is my favourite interview we’ve ever done, and ooh look, an exclusive from the lady herself:

Lorena is definitely coming back and I have a feeling she’s pissed off!

mariana klaveno season 3 mariana klaveno lorena exclusive interviews

Ms Klaveno- not scary at all, honest.

Awesome, I’m totally looking forward to it. Read and enjoy this juicy interview y’all, and leave Mariana a comment to tell her what a bloody good job she’s been doing with her mad villain acting skills!

TB-N: You grew up in rural Washington. Did you live on a farm and do you get to go home often these days?

MK: I did live on a farm. I’ve known some people to exaggerate that statement a bit but I can honestly state it as a fact. I didn’t live near one or visit one a few times; I lived on our family’s wheat & barley farm until I left for college at eighteen.

I don’t get home as often as I’d like, but I try to visit at least twice a year. My parents usually make a few trips to Los Angeles every year as well, so I get to see them more often than I do the farm.

TB-N: Did you dream of being an actress when you were a kid or was it something you kind of got into gradually?

MK: I absolutely dreamed of it as a kid and I really have no practical reason as to why. No one in my family is even remotely involved in acting. They are all immensely talented in their own careers and interests, my parents included, but I am the only performer in the bunch.  I was actually quite secretive about it. Growing up where I did, I didn’t know anyone who went on to pursue acting professionally. Our school didn’t even have a drama class. It seemed like such an unrealistic thing that aside from my close friends, I was too terrified to voice to anyone how serious my interest was until I was a senior in high school. Luckily, I’ve received nothing but constant support over the years from everyone back home.

TB-N: When did your acting career start to take off and what was it like working on so many different TV shows?

MK: I guess I started working more steadily after my guest star on the short-lived FOX show called Standoff. It was a very flashy kind of part—not as flashy as Lorena—but I did get some attention from it and I think it helped lead to a few television movies and other guest star parts.  On a side note, my boyfriend on Standoff was played by Jim Parrack. He is such a great guy and I love that we wound up working on the same show again. As far as working on different TV shows, I look at it as part of my training. No class can simulate the experience of working on a set. You really have to learn as you go. I feel like I’m still doing that. I was given wonderful examples in my first few jobs of how and how not to conduct yourself on a set and I try to always remember those lessons.

TB-N: Were you always interested in vampires and the supernatural or are you more into different genres?

MK: I would say yes and yes. I do enjoy vampire mythology.  I read the latest annotated version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula last winter and I was fascinated by it. It’s kind of a long and heavy read but I recommend it for those interested in context and history. I was also a very loyal Buffy fan. I thought it was such a clever and well-executed show. However, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite genre. I love too many genres to ever list a favorite. I always get frustrated when people ask me what my favorite movie is. I have too many favorites.

TB-N: Tell us about your audition for True Blood. What made you decide to try out for the show? Was the show already being shown when you auditioned?

lorena fangs season 3 mariana klaveno lorena exclusive interviews

Lorena in persuasive mode

MK: The show hadn’t started airing yet, but I was aware of it and knew that it was Alan Ball’s new show. That was reason enough for me. I was extremely nervous during the audition process because I instinctively knew it was going to be an amazing part.  I worked on the audition with a friend of mine and he encouraged me to make some bold choices. I also wanted to look as innocent as possible. Some of the other girls at the audition were dressed in black with dark red lipstick, but I thought it would be more effective if you didn’t see the villain coming.  After the second audition though, I was convinced that I didn’t get it. The actress who went in right after me kept getting laughs.  I’m not really sure how to make that first scene funny, but she had the entire room cracking up. So I left thinking, “Oh well.  Would’ve been fun.” Fortunately, I got the good news a few hours later. That was a great day.

TB-N: When you shot the flashback sequences for Season 1 did you know you would be back as a more significant character in Season 2?

MK: I knew there was a good chance I’d be coming back but I had no idea it would be so significant in Season 2. Since Lorena doesn’t appear until the third book I thought I might have to wait until Season 3. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the storyline in Season 2. The flashback scenes are incredibly fun to do. I’m hoping we get to do more of them.

TB-N: Sadistic, selfish, vengeful…does your character Lorena have any redeeming qualities?

MK: Stylish, witty, loyal, cultured…stylish.

TB-N: Lorena is one of those characters we love to hate. Do you enjoy the role of villain?

MK: I do enjoy playing the villain. As much as my dad would prefer me to play a good character, I seem to only get cast as the bad ones. I can’t say that I know why, exactly.  They’re much more fun I think.  I hope that doesn’t make me seem evil in real life. (I promise I’m not!) I like to think of it as “playing my shadow.” I get to explore my opposite self in an artistic and satisfying way. That way she doesn’t come out in a fit of road rage.

mariana klaveno2 season 3 mariana klaveno lorena exclusive interviews TB-N: There isn’t a lot of detail about Lorena’s character in the books, she’s just plain evil. Did you read the books before you started on the show and what do you think you and the scriptwriters have brought to her character?

MK: I did read several of the books before I really got started and I enjoyed them very much. However, I love how Alan and the writers have taken the world of the books and expanded on them. I hope that we’ve brought a depth to her, a reason for her “evil” nature. I of course have a much more loving relationship with Lorena.  I don’t think she’s evil for the sake of evil. I think she’s driven by love, by her deep longing for love, and the pain of being denied reciprocation.  She’s broken. To me, that’s infinitely more interesting than a woman who is just plain evil.

TB-N: Alan Ball’s Lorena portrays Lorena as a lonely woman in love, condemned to walk alone for the rest of eternity without any hope of having the man she loves back. How do you think Lorena has spent the last 70 years without Bill?

MK: I’m really hesitant to answer that question for fear of being completely wrong if the writers decide to depict that period later on. To be completely honest, I haven’t concretely answered that question for myself.  It’s one of the challenges of working on a television show, I’ve discovered. You don’t know what that next script holds for your character or what new information you’ll be given, so you have to remain facile to a degree. Your great and creative ideas may need to get thrown out the window if the writers go in a completely different direction. Luckily we have incredible writers on this show so we’re all in excellent hands. I do, of course, have some ideas of what Lorena was up to during that time. I’m sure she had many failed attempts at finding a substitute for Bill. She traveled quite a bit, I think. Maybe she took some classes at a night school.

TB-N: Do you get recognized much when you are out and about? Are you worried that men might be too scared to ask you out?

MK: I’ve discovered that I get recognized when I do my hair and put make-up on. I don’t think people associate a glamorous vampire with a girl wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a ponytail, and a plain face. Everyone who has come up to me has been really lovely. People are such fans of the show and it feels great to be a part of that. As far as men, I’m not really sure. I have a boyfriend so I don’t have to worry about that. I kind of like that idea, though.  Maybe it will keep me safer walking around out there.

lorena greendress season 3 mariana klaveno lorena exclusive interviews

Mariana Klaveno as Lorena in "Release Me"

TB-N: Lorena has some gorgeous clothes. Do you have any input into your wardrobe and what was your favorite outfit?

MK: I’m so glad you asked that so I have the opportunity to gush. Audrey Fisher, our costume designer, is amazing and I was such a lucky girl this past season.  It is a collaborative process but an easy one since we tend to agree on everything. My favorite has to be the exquisite green dress. Although I couldn’t really sit down for fifteen hours since it wrinkled so easily, I loved wearing that dress. They built it especially for me, which is why it fit so perfectly.  It also took two people to help get me into it. Of course I didn’t bring a camera to set that day so I didn’t get any pictures for myself.

TB-N: We have to ask, what is it like to work with Stephen Moyer? Do you have some laughs to break up all the intense scenes you have to shoot together?

MK: Working with Stephen is sheer fun. He has my favorite sense of humor in a person: wicked. There are a lot of laughs breaking up those vampy scenes. We’re also big music lovers.  We spent much of the downtime comparing and/or sharing our indie rock collections with each other. Another thing worth mentioning about Stephen is that he is the most technically skilled actor I’ve ever worked with. He knows so much about lighting, lenses, angles and precisely how to set up every single shot. It’s really impressive and I try to learn as much as I can from him.

TB-N: Us ladies know how irresistible Bill is, but really, why can’t Lorena get the message and leave him alone? What is it about him that she seems to need?

Working with Stephen is sheer fun. He has my favorite sense of humor in a person: wicked.

MK: I think, as is the case in many ill-fated relationships, what attracts Lorena to Bill is the very thing that keeps them apart. In my opinion, it’s his conscience and essential “goodness” that she’s attracted to.  In the Civil War flashback I refer to Bill as an “honorable man.”

I think it speaks to something in Lorena’s human past that drives her need for Bill.  She’d clearly been searching for a companion and no one was deemed worthy enough until Bill came along. But loving his humanity and honor is what makes her a tragic character and why I love her all the more. Bill’s good qualities prevent him from returning Lorena’s feelings. Even as a vampire he strives to maintain his humanity as much as he can, which is why he wants nothing to do with her.

TB-N: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Do you think Lorena will be back causing havoc in Season 3?

MK: Oh, I hope so. Lorena is definitely coming back and I have a feeling she’s pissed off.

TB-N: Lorena is one of the many formidable women in the show. Is it a deliberate act of the writers to make True Blood a show about strong women, crazy or not? Does it make you proud as we think it’s awesome!

Lorena is definitely coming back and I have a feeling she’s pissed off!

MK: I can’t speak for the writers but I think it is deliberate. I think Alan and the writers are incredible at creating female characters that are not only strong but also complex. We get to kick ass but also show vulnerability. It’s great writing and an actor’s dream. As a woman, it definitely makes me proud.

TB-N: Our favorite part of season 2 was when Lorena got whacked with the plasma TV. Did you enjoy filming that sequence? Did you have to reshoot it several times or was it a one-take? What other favorite scenes do you have?

lorena sookie season 3 mariana klaveno lorena exclusive interviews

Bill having a hard time

MK: I did enjoy filming that scene. I had my mom, dad, and brother on set that day watching us film so it was particularly fun. We shot it in different pieces and I think we did do multiple takes on each piece. It was actually a really cool special effect, but I won’t even try to explain how it was done. I’m completely ignorant when it comes to those things so I apologize that I can only say it was “cool.”

One of my favorite scenes was the confrontation with Sookie in episode 208.  Alexander Woo wrote that episode and he gave me some particularly awesome lines. I really enjoyed playing Lorena’s arc in that scene. I got to strut in and then sheepishly walk out in shame. Again—an actor’s dream. It was the first time I got to work with Anna and we had a great time being bitchy to each other. It took hours and hours to film that scene and she had me cracking up nearly the whole time. I adore her and hope that we have more to do together next season. I also loved working with Allan Hyde. I thought he played that character beautifully.
TB-N: You have just finished a new film- No God, No Master. Could you tell us a little about it? What other projects have you been working on this summer?

MK: No God No Master is a crime drama set in New York in 1919. It’s the story of a government agent, played by David Strathairn, who is trying to solve the case of a number of anarchist bombings going off around the city.  The script is based on real historical events that took place and I found the story fascinating. I play a very mysterious woman whom David’s character can’t quite put his finger on. He knows I’m associated with the anarchist group to some extent but no one is quite sure where my loyalties lie. It was a great departure from Lorena. She chain-smokes and has a Russian accent and I loved the period costumes. The real joy came from working with David Strathairn, though. I’ve looked up to him as an actor for years and it was truly a dream to act opposite him.

TB-N: Did you steal Bill?

MK: I honestly don’t know. But we go back to work in a few weeks so I’ll find out very soon. I wouldn’t want to spoil it, though. That wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Thanks TrueBlood ES for the caps

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41 Responses to “Interview with Mariana Klaveno:
“I have a feeling that Lorena is pissed off!””

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    • billsbaby says:

      I loved this interview. MK is a beautiful, talented actress and she is great as Lorena. Personally, I would love to see more Bill/Lorena scenes….with less blood, of course.
      I’m glad she likes working with Stephen…….but honestly, what woman wouldn’t?
      Thanks for the lovely interview and I look forward to seeing more of Lorena on True Blood!

  2. terry says:

    Great interview,you all did an awesome job, MK adds so much to TB,thanks again

  3. Bunny says:

    Great Interview!!!! Hope Lorena does indeed come back in Season 3.

    Congrats Mariana for such a great portrayal, you’re a phenomenal actress, you must be so proud!

  4. JJQ says:

    Great interview CE! Maria has brought us a character we love to hate. She’s done an outstanding job with her character and looks absolutely stunning on screen as well as off. She sounds like a very down to earth kind of woman. Thanks for the lovely read! Maybe more interviews with The Nest in the future??

  5. MarleneEmmett says:

    We know that you’re a woman who’s pissed off~you were watching when William Thomas Compton was
    twirling Sookie Stackhouse around the floor of the Restruant~you were in the balcony.
    Not only that William’s rejected you once again~did you have help in his Vampnapping? Maybe from Eric~~~
    You feel that Eric “owes you for what happened in Dallas”~How long are you going to keep William?

  6. ZZ says:

    Loved this interview. Mariana, you made such a hated character to be one of the highlights on True Blood. I would never have thought that I would say I’m happy to know, that Lorena will be back.

  7. Lividity says:

    You know, after this interview I actually like Lorena’s character better. It’s obvious that Mariana is having a blast portraying her. Also, wow, really gorgeous headshots.

    Thanks for getting this out here so fast CE, hee on the Bellefleurs!

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  9. NanaVamp says:

    Excellent interview CE.
    Lorena is someone I love to hate and Mariana has her pegged. I really do want to see Lorena and Sookie go at it again…it’s more interesting to me than the lover’s triangle storyline.

    When Godric thru you out, and Bill gave his final ultimatium to you , your blood tears broke my heart. Now, Mariana that is GREAT ACTING as far as I was concerned. Before, I wanted Lorena to be chopped up in little pieces!!!!

    One other thing….so happy to hear that your an old farm girl from rural Washington. I’m in Central Washington and am hoping that you will be in the area promoting True Blood.
    Hugs to you Mariana

  10. tbluv says:

    Great interview!

  11. latbfan says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful interview! Lorena has stolen the show since she appeared in “Sparks Fly Out,” and we never get to hear from the amazing actor herself. I’m so relieved to hear that she finds Lorena as compelling as I do, not just a simple villian, but a tragic figure motivated (like everyone else) by love. Dark, wisted, and unrequited, but love all the same.


  12. rc says:

    I just love this interview, great job Team..

  13. Aemac says:

    This is my favourite interview that TB-N has done. Marianna is great and now I’m actually looking forward to season 3. Thanks for that Marianna.

  14. wiwa says:

    Thanks, great interview. I love watching Lorena, Mariana does a fabulous job. And as much as I wish she’d leave my Bill alone, I really felt sorry for her too. When she said about Eric ” he wants the girl, William…” I could tell that although she wanted Bill back for herself, in her own way she also didn’t to see Bill hurt.

  15. Sarah says:

    Fantastic interview! I love Mariana, she’s a brilliant actress and stunningly beautiful! I hope to see more of her in the future!

  16. CitizenErased says:

    My hubby and pets can attest to how much I hate Lorena from the amount I swear at the television when she’s on. She brings out my latent momma bear instincts. I’m scared shitless of her and uber protective of Bill, but I also feel a great deal of pity for her. All of that adds up to some damn fine acting and I was stoked to discover Mariana was such a cool person and totally had her character sussed out and sees her they way I do. I’d like to thank her again for giving us a fucking fantastic interview and can’t wait to see her causing havoc in the next season.

  17. shocknawe says:

    What a great interview!

    And where DO they find these actors – it’s like all the most interesting people, with amazing talent are gathered together to do True Blood. Even the villians are cool.

  18. Kara says:

    One of the absolute highlights of Season 2 in True Blood was the return of Lorena. Mariana, you are an amazing actress. I almost find myself rooting for you, even though you’re so evil. Loved every scene with you in it and especially the fun dynamics between you and Sookie fighting over Bill. Bit of Bad news though, Bill is Mine so mover B*ch. Looking forward to many more Lorena moments.

    • ak says:

      Kara…I couldn’t agree more w/ what you said. Mariana is a BRILLIANT actress. I haven’t been fond of all the changes that AB and crew have made…however getting more of Lorena has been a HUGE bonus. I have found myself rooting for her…as evil as she is…why?….good script…GREAT acting. I hope she doesn’t leave us too soon….

  19. Kara says:

    Forgot to mention: CitizenErased, fantastic interview. Just loved it.

  20. Glad to hear that my “New Annotated Dracula” was helpful to the making of this terrific show!

    Les Klinger

  21. billcisofrme says:

    thank you for this excellent interview. I am looking forward to seeing Mariana portraying Lorena in season three of True Blood. I wish her all the best she is a fabulous actress. Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned!

  22. Mary Garcia says:

    Very good interview ! I , too, loved the costumes Lorena wore in season 2, and I hope she’s in season 3 in more beautiful garb. I appreciated the discussion about how broken and sad Lorena is, not just evil. This is one of many times I’ve heard fellow actors and directors talk about SM’s amazing kowledge about the technical aspects of filming, such as lighting, camera angles, etc. It just makes me appreciate him more.

  23. konfetti says:

    LOved the interview, brilliant job. She’s an ansolutely grogeous woman, and seems very good hearted. Too funny she has no idea what’s coming in season 3, and I love that she wouldn’t spill it even if she did! She’s clearly having a very good time wth TB, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again (sory of…you know ha!)

  24. fedupwith/teams says:

    Loved the interview just as much as I loved the green dress you wore perfectly. I can’t wait to see the Lorena back on True Blood, i believe she will be more in charge for the moment to make up from the humiliation she suffer.

  25. Great interview…she seems a lot different from her character, which is definately a good thing

  26. jane says:


  27. Lizzie says:

    Well done CE! Mariana, you are a fabulous actress and I really enjoyed your scenes. I guess by you coming back to season 3 means you may have had something to do with Bill’s kidnapping, so will look forward to see how it unravels!

  28. Antonio says:

    I really Don’t see Lorena as Evil just misguided. She chose Bill because of his “kind nature” and his sense of Honor. I think perhaps when she made him she was looking for a deep meaningful love relationship~~Perhaps Something she lost or struggled to find in her own human life before being turned?
    Once she did love Bill and when godric banished her she cried tears of blood and said desperately “Bill I love you!” I know she departed angry but I believe somewhere deep inside of her she still loves him.
    If Lorena still carries a torch for Bill It would hardly seem likely that She would abduct him but then we dont know! I dont think that she is All bad She may be deeply troubled about losing Bill. She loved him he rejected her wanted nothing more to do with her that had to hurt! Shes like Any other scorned female i guess. But 10x worse since she is a vampire! LOL

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  30. jay says:

    I always had an impression of lorena exactly how Mariana described it. I have never thought lorena is evil, you can tell she genuinely loves bill. The flashback when bill threatens to stake himself unless lorena releases him, and when bill says to lorena in dallas that ‘you are dead to me’. Those scenes really broke my heart and I felt so sorry for lorena. The scenes actually made out bill to be really cold. What a great actress, to make me feel so torn about whether I like her or I hate her. One of the best performances of the season. I hope they keep lorena on longer, she is such a great, complex and interesting character in the show. The more complex female ‘sookies enemies’ characters in the show the better. Can you imagine lorena and Debbie Pelt teaming forces against sookie…Ohh god!
    Mariana your awesome!!

  31. Alicia says:

    I know!!! Thank god for Junie Lowry-Johnson, one hell of a casting director! I told my hubby she is the only casting director’s name I will remember and recognize from this point on. And hats off to the writer/actor combos… Every villain has all these layers that make you love/hate them. I even felt that way for Maryann who I viewed as an angry child with psychic powers–someone who failed to understand how destructive her powers were–even viewed them in a romantic way–how can you show someone that sociopathic that they are wrong–and not even feel sorry for them fro their inability to comprehend it.

    And Lorena–such a gorgeous thing–but I understood Bill–he closed that chapter in his life and couldn’t show her any kindness lest it misguide her. Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind–as she walked away you can tell that Bill did feel a bit bad for having to do what he had to in regards to her.

    Damn–I just LOVE this show–so much complexity and no cookie cutter good guys or bad guys–dare I say something to sink ones teeth into???

    Ack! LOL….

  32. Mariah says:

    I love her character. The scene where she is keeping Bill from saving Sookie made me agitated, but that’s when you know the character is played well! I love how her character taps into your emotions and makes you want to hate her for everything. I agree with Mariana on Lorena being a tortured soul. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see in a flashback exactly how Lorena ended up that way. Maybe we’ll get to see the husband who widowed her or some of her family history? Or maybe what happened in the 70 years of not seeing Bill? I would really enjoy seeing more Sookie and Bill scenes with Lorena.

  33. ButchieYost says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Lorena. She’s honestly my favorite character on the show, and one of the best acted. I secretly hope they kill off Sookie and focus more on the vampire culture.

    Mariana, I am in love with you.

  34. Bear says:

    It only took 30s watching TB to fall in love with Mariana. She’s like top 3 most beatufull in the world !!

  35. Samson Darkfire says:

    I absolutely love to watch Lorena on True Blood. The last episode was very.. rough and shocking. I felt really bad for her. The character is cruel at times, and bloodthirsty. At other times you can see her pain.
    Wonderful acting by Mariana Klaveno. She is a very beautiful woman and is also down to Earth in person it seems. I wish her all the best, and I would really enjoy watching her character win for once. Perhaps a little love for Lorena would temper her cruelty.

  36. TDC says:

    what an amazing woman…Jaw droppingly beautiful, funny, interesting, highly intelligent, groovy, talented…wow!!
    I hope they don’t lose her on True Blood, someone told me in the books she dies.
    If they can keep Laffayette on the show (who dided in thye books), then they shold keep Lorena.

    AWESOME interview!!!!

  37. Dinis says:

    It’s a really cool and sexy looking vampire(Those lips and those dark eyes are “rrr”)…If I was Bill I would dump Sookie rigth away hehehe…It’s a great choice of casting for that role…I love Lorena’s…And I crack the sh*t out laugthing and those bloody scenes with Bill…and the sex scenes are really out of this world, its totally “Sadomaso” and I like that…I wish I was a vampire. Best of lucks for you Mariana.

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