Give-aways from Stephen Moyer for
the Battle of the Fang!

By True Blood News on Aug 20 2010 | 42 Comments »

Yes, you read it correctly – Stephen Moyer has donated some items for his fans and the Battle of the Fang! In addition to the winner’s custom-designed T-shirt – and that’ll be Stephen’s T-shirt – we’re giving away a couple of nice items and auctioning a couple more.

Here’s a nice photo of the items from Stephen for you to drool over.

Charity Items small stephen moyer charitable causes battle of the fang

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1 DVD Season 1 signed by the cast

1 DVD Season 2 signed by the cast

Stephen Moyer’s personal script of the Season 3 Finale signed by Stephen and the cast! This item will be auctioned on Ebay so all y’all have a chance to win it.

A Cock Sock! That’s right, you read it here. Our naughty Stephen Moyer gave us, his most wicked fans, this precious piece of memorabilia; the famous “sock of destiny” used for shooting the nude scenes on True Blood. Because of the intimate nature of this item, we’re reserving it for the most dedicated fans (and we know there’s a lot out there, huh?), so If you want to possess this interesting piece of fabric you’ll need to bid for it on Ebay. We’ll have more about that in a few days!

The DVD sets will be given away to randomly selected donors. We will get the items from Stephen in late September, after the season finale episode airs.

Remember, Team Bill/Stephen needs you in the Battle of the Fang! Please donate to GulfAid.

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42 Responses to “Give-aways from Stephen Moyer for
the Battle of the Fang!”

  1. Marta says:

    Wow, very interesting prizes here! Specially that cocksock xD
    Stephen is the best, I hope he wins the battle of the fang!

  2. Tess says:

    Am I naughty if I wonder if the sock has been used?

  3. TruBNewB says:

    ha! I love it! What would one actually DO with the cock sock of destiny?? Hang it on the wall? Make your significant other wear it? Oh, the possibilities are endless….

    • Sarah UK says:

      LOL TruBNewB …but good question . And how on earth do you begin to explain to the other half how and why you have suddenly gained a cocksock ?

      Great items and a wonderful gesture from Steve to donate them ….for that will make another donation to Team Bill !

  4. Tess says:

    You could use it as a skin for your cell phone…

  5. TruBNewB says:

    My random question of the day… is that Steve’s actual writing on the little tag attached to the sock?
    If so, he has lovely printing… and I guess that means he actually wrote out that little card that was delivered with the purple dress to Sookie? the writing looks very similar….

  6. Acanthus says:

    The boringness of me: I think the script is the prize pig of the collection. Gotta love the man’s keen sense of humour, though (and y’alls – loofah indeed!)

    • TruBNewB says:

      I actually feel the same about the script being the best prize. *contemplating bid amount*

      but it’s the sock – how can we not have a little fun with that :-)

  7. lizzie1701 says:

    I’ll be bidding, ladies! Cocksock, script or whatever! I want it all!!

    I remember for my 30th birthday my friends took me on a male stripper cruise and one stripper slided up and down on my beautiful pink sock! I never wore or washed that sock ever! So, I guess I will treasure that cocksock for sure!

  8. EroLuv says:

    ALEXANDER too is giving away TWO signed scripts with all his personal notes written on the sidelines!


    This is a “True Blood” site right?

  9. Wolfie says:

    Okay, this is too fun, but alas the donation will have to wait until payday next Friday. Good causes for both the guys, though, worthy in every respect. However, as I am solidly Team Bill (sorry Alexander!) guess where my $$ are going! Woo hoo!

    You gotta love the celebrities that put their money (and their mouths) where the need is.

    Wolfie in Overland Park, KS

  10. Acanthus says:

    Side note: Just tried to make a donation with my Australian Visa card. Card in perfect order, plenty of funds, and I’ve used it before to donate to gulf aid. Site now tells me I can’t use this card. Not for wnat of funds – it just stops me dead before I even get to verification of the donation amount. Any other Aussies ever experience this?

    • ZZ says:

      Acanthus, maybe it’s a Paypal temporary problem. Please try again in a few hours. Next update will be on tuesday!!
      thank you all! you are awesome!

      • Acanthus says:

        Okay. Thanks for advice, ZZ. If problem persists, I’ll put loot into Paypal,from credit card, then transfer via Paypal account if direct card transfer if problem persists.. Seems unnecessarily roundabout, but Australian Visa looks suspect? I mean, we\re mainstream . We even got electricity last week.

  11. BillohBill says:

    I have a great idea for the cocksock. I have the 2 Polly Pocket Bill and Sookie dolls that I used for my Graveyard Ass Cake last year. I can put them into the sock, so they can snuggle! LMAO!

  12. Sarah UK says:

    I have actually read an extract from a survival guide, written by a former army captain ,in the newspaper today which recommends using an unlubricated condom to keep mobile phones dry during a monsoon . Sure a cock sock would work just as well !!

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