Fangirls Speak Out: True Blood Comics – When the hell?!

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I’m a big comic book geek, especially when it comes to vampire comics.  So when it was announced that IDW, the publishers behind the Spike and Angel series, were going to be releasing a series of True Blood comics, I had a massive nerd-gasm.  Fourteen issues in, and this week saw the news that IDW will be making the True Blood comic series an ongoing monthly release from spring 2012.  While this comes as welcome news, I can’t help but feel a degree of trepidation. 
trueblood comics 1024x528 michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

True Blood Comic issues 1-12

On paper, the True Blood comics sound like they couldn’t possibly fail to live up to awesomeness of the show that inspired them.  The first six-issue arc, All Together Now, has a storyline conceived by head honcho Alan Ball and fellow True Blood staff writers Kate Barnow and Elisabeth Finch.  The script is co-written by David Tischman, of the excellent Bite Club comics on Vertigo (like True Blood meets The Sopranos!), and illustrated by David Messina, who did a superb job on the Spike and Angel comics.  The second arc, Tainted Love, mixed things up a bit by bringing in Michael McMillian, known to fans as the guy who plays vampire-hating preacher Steve Newlin in the show, to co-write the script.  He’s no newcomer to the comic world – check out him and Zachary Quinto’s comic Lucid, a crazy mix of Arthurian legend and secret agents!  Also new to the team was writer Marc Andreyko, currently helming the Let the Right One In prequel comics, and illustrator Joe Corroney, a celebrated Star Wars artist for LucasArts, who’s also worked on the Spike and Angel comics.  Right now we’re mid-way through the third arc, The French Quarter, and the original team are back, with a story that follows on from the cliffhanger in issue six. 
sookiesexyvampdream michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

Comic Sookie also has numerous three-way fantasies.

The depictions of characters can’t be faulted, the dialogue crackles with lewdness and hilarity that makes it sound like it could have come straight out of the show, and the tone is the perfect blend of sexy and freaky.  All Together Now features an ancient swamp monster  that traps everyone in Merlotte’s and feeds off of their shame.  Tainted Love is about a contaminated batch of TruBlood that sends vampires bat-shit crazy, and The French Quarter is about Sookie, Eric and Bill travelling to New Orleans to investigate a series of vampire slayings.  All fun stuff and highly entertaining.

jasonwisdom 271x300 michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

The wisdom of Jason Stackhouse

So what’s my beef?  Here’s the thing – at no point is it explained when ANY of these shenanigans are supposed to take place in relation to the show!  Sookie and Bill are all loved up in the first story, Eric has short hair, and Jessica is living with Bill, so this has to be in the same timeframe as season two, but we the eagle-eyed viewers can’t help but think “hold your horses, how did they all find the time to fight the swamp demon thingy in between all the orgies, cannibalism, and road trip to Dallas?”  The same thing goes for Tainted Love – Sookie and Bill have split up, Jessica and Hoyt are together, and Jessica specifically refers to the scene towards the end of season three in which Bill teaches her some vampire ninja skills.  It’s as if the events of this arc take place during the year that passes between seasons three and four, except Sookie isn’t in fairyland, and Tara isn’t a lesbian cagefighter. 

pamsnark michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

Comic Pam's snark is intact.

Of course, it’s highly possible that Michael McMillian and Marc Andreyko weren’t aware that Sookie was going to take an extended vacation away from Bon Temps, but the show has made things incredibly difficult for the poor comic book writers, you see!  Near enough every episode of True Blood ends with a cliffhanger, which immediately leads into the next episode, aside from the “two weeks later” at the end of season one, and the aforementioned year that Sookie vanishes for at the start of season four.
civilwarbill michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

I demand more 19th Century Bill!

Comparing this situation to that of another famous vampire TV show being adapted to comic form, I’m a big fan of the Buffyverse comics and graphic novels.  There are literally HUNDREDS of the things – many of them set within the seven seasons that the show ran for, and the four seasons that spin-off Angel ran for, which is possible since the “monster of the week” structure means that events in the comics can occur in between episodes of the show.  As well as that, the Buffy/Angel/Spike/Faith comics feature many events that take place prior to the start of the show – something that works particularly well when it comes to vampire characters that are centuries old.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the immortal!  And that’s where the True Blood comics have been most successful so far.  It’s difficult for the reader to fully engage with the events in the comics that supposedly take place in the present timeframe of the show, thus making it less credible that the comics are part of the True Blood “canon”, and reducing them to fan fiction with incredibly high quality and production values (or perhaps an exercise in multiverse storytelling).  But the flashback sequences in the comics are much easier to relate to as having a feasible connection to the characters from the show, and giving insight into their motivations.  For example, we learn through the comics how Bill was manipulated by Lorena in his first year as a vampire, how Jessica’s relationship with her ultra-strict parents led to her being kidnapped by vampires and taken to Bill’s trial, and how Lafayette’s crazy mother reacted to the discovery that he was gay.  More interesting still is the sequence in which we see Eric in Inquisition-era Spain – tying the comic series nicely to the events of season four.  
Bearing this in mind, I think that the writers behind the comics should play to their strengths and focus more on flashback material, as opposed to attempting the impossible task of setting events around what takes place in the show.  Of course, the alternative route would be to do what the Game of Thrones comics do, which is to ignore the show completely and present a verbatim graphic re-telling of the novels on which the TV adaptation is based.  Imagine!  Sookie and Tara doing a slutty dance to Love is a Battlefield, Queen Sophie-Anne losing her legs, Eric wearing pink PVC!  However, since True Blood has become soooo far removed from the source material, I reckon that would alienate a large proportion of the TV audience.  I’m also guessing that most of the Southern Vampire Mysteries hardcore fans aren’t really comic book readers.  Still, since Charlaine Harris has recently become involved in the comic world, it’s not a far-fetched idea. 
nakedericflashback michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

Naked Eric battles the Spanish Inquisition

But I can’t help but remember with fondness the one-shot of Spike and Drusilla causing mayhem at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, and think of how much better the True Blood comics would be if the writers would just bite the bullet and accept that it’s essential for them to move away from attempting to write an ensemble piece in the same style as the show.  Characters need to be separated into their own storylines, perhaps with each comic containing two plots that develop simultaneously, in different time periods – think the first arc of Stephen King’s American Vampire comics.  One storyline could take place in Bon Temps, and the other could concern any of the vampire characters doing… well, pretty much anything!  How about Lorena and Bill in the Wild West?  Or Eric and Godric hanging out with Shakespeare in Tudor London?  Or Pam going to Woodstock?  Hell, what about Franklin actually being Jack the Ripper?!  This new approach, and a continuing dialogue with the show’s creators to ensure continuity between the two mediums, will ensure that the comics become an essential part of the True Blood universe that could even outlive the show.  After all, despite Buffy’s series finale coming at the end of season seven, the comics have continued the mythology, and are currently on season nine.  While actors eventually get too old to play immortals, their illustrated counterparts never age!

You can buy True Blood Vol. 1: All Together Now Comic Book Collection (Hardcover) at HBO Store by clicking the image below:

 michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books  michael mcmillian fangirls speak out comic books

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13 Responses to “Fangirls Speak Out: True Blood Comics – When the hell?!”

  1. Jody says:

    I have all of the True Blood comics and I enjoy them very much. I still like the show much more then the comics, but I enjoy getting the new comic every month. I have to say the ones that Michael McMillian co-wrote are my favorites. The comic books help ease the pain of the 9-month wait for new True Blood episodes.

  2. Acanthus says:

    Hmmm…That drawing…I dunno…

    To me, Sookie looks less like Anna Paquin, and more like Sara Jessica Parker. Eric looks oddly like Billy Graham. The raccoons-and-cookies analogy sounds authentically ewww-Sook, though ;-)))

    Quibblequibblequibble. Oh look, glad, though, that these comics are getting you through the long post-season

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Haha! My husband thinks comic Sookie is hotter than show Sookie.

      Most of the illustrations are actually quite true to how they look in the show.

  3. eloradannen says:

    I know a lot of people who think that these comics are canon. That they are full of hints as to what is going to happen on TB since people from TB are involved. I haven’t read any myself but I have read where some of the stories are analized. So that makes them interesting to me, but so far I haven’t started reading them.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Where is this discussion? I’d be really interested to read it! I’d say the flashbacks could be considered canon, but I can’t see how the present-day stuff could be.

      There are some little hints I’ve noticed that relate to events in the show, such as Eric telling Sookie that Bill is hiding stuff from her, and the monster hinting that something supernatural was responsible for killing Sookie and Jason’s parents.

      Great screenname, by the way, I’m a big fan of Willow!

      • eloradannen says:

        AphroditeMF LOL you are the first one to recognize that my name is from Willow! I was beginning to think no one else ever watched that movie!

        As far as the comic book discussion, I read that on the Ancient Pythoness site.

  4. ZZ says:

    I wasn’t planning reading the comic books, but after your post I’ll give them a try. I guess one need to take them as a different entity from the show, like parallel worlds.

  5. Leif says:

    I have them all.

    I enjoyed them, and I agree with Jody – I liked the ones MM co-wrote the best as well.

    • AphroditeMF says:

      Yeah, they need to get him back! The quality of the plot, dialogue and illustrations in Tainted Love was vastly superior.

  6. Tee says:

    I was thinking about reading the comics. I went to Barnes and Noble today to look at them. The $24 price tag was a shocker. Now that the series will be ongoing, I hope they lower the price.

    • anonymous says:

      there are 6 issues in that 24$ hardcover book with extra photos the digital download is cheaper and you get the 6 issues together..very nice you go through them very fast also if you have a flat screen desktop the digitals are soo sweeter i have a 41″ lcd and they look amazing the character practically jump off the screen lol

  7. fbforbill says:

    I look forward to comics someday. I can not afford them right now bt would love to get one for my daughter.

  8. bebe says:

    i love the comics i didnt think i would like them(i sorta procrastinated a bit to buy them at first women my age dont buy comics ) but now I am like the nerds in the movies waiting for my next comic fix. i cant wait for the next issue of TFQ to come out and am already wanting to know what exact date the new ongoing releases start.

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