Don Swayze plays “Gus” in 4 episodes of True Blood S3

By Lividity on Feb 10 2010 | 13 Comments »
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Don Swayze

After many rumors and speculation it is confirmed by his agency that Don Swayze, younger brother of Patrick Swayze is scheduled to be in four episodes of the upcoming third season of True Blood.

Don will portray Gus.  OK. Who’s Gus?

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13 Responses to “Don Swayze plays “Gus” in 4 episodes of True Blood S3”

  1. Lucylee says:

    I didn’t even know Patrick had a brother. I don’t remember Gus in the books.

    • BillsNumberOneFan says:

      I didn’t know he had a brother either. That’s what I get for being obsessed with only one family member. ;)

  2. Aemac says:

    I could be totally wrong here. Back when Patrick Swayze died, there was something about his brother Don playing a werewolf. Was it a werewolf in Coots gang or was I just assuming that?

  3. mybabybill says:

    Gus the DANCING biker gang werewolf. ok!!

  4. zeleska says:

    i thought gus was one of the weres that kidnapped sookie and quin the weretiger, the one she stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver ? ?

  5. Robert says:

    Don Swayze is playing Gus the Werewolf. He is part of the new werewolf biker gang. He is recurring in many episodes.

  6. amy says:

    Yay! I kinda love Swayze, R.I.P, since the Dirty Dancing days. :) they look very alike. I’m really liking the Werewolf MC gang. I have this great vision of McKenzie and Eric snuggling, one can hope. :/ lol

  7. GracieBKR says:

    I wondered is ‘Gus’ could be a (pardon the pun) re-vamp of ‘Bubba’.
    Would be good to have a Bubba character in the series (although not true to his identity in the book, for obvious reasons), i always liked Bubba.

  8. rhoda says:

    i am and will always be a swayze fan.i felll in love with patrick when i was 13 years old.i first saw in in the mini sereis north and south,ive kept up with him ever sad i never got to meet him.but yes patrick has two brothers.don swayze is next to patrick.the youngest brother is shawn swayze.who is a truck driver.i wish don would come out and do more movies like patrick did.don is a great actor also.

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