Stephen Moyer talks Evil Bill

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bloodybill stephen moyer season 5 ep 12 save yourself bill compton Stephen Moyer chatted to TVLine‘s Michael Ausiello about Bill’s jaw-dropping resurrection at the end of the season five finale, and what lunacy might occur in season six…


TVLINE | As billed, the finale featured a lot of blood.

Stephen Moyer: We didn’t skimp on the death. [Laughs] During the table read for the episode, we were all going, “Oh my f—ing God!” It was like every five seconds somebody exploded. And I know what that means to shoot an episode that has that many deaths in it. Every single time you have to replace the body with a bag of blood, which we call a ‘Goo Drop.’ The ‘Good Drop’ is something like 20 to 30 gallons of blood being smashed down on the floor. And they came up with an even better way of doing it where they jettison 15 gallons of blood into the air as 16 gallons of blood falls down onto that blood, so you get this splatter effect that goes out wide. But that takes the best part of two or three hours per hit. So when we all read that episode, we were going, “Okay, three hours, six hours, nine hours… that’s a day, that’s another day.”

TVLINE | How long did it take to shoot the episode?

Stephen Moyer: It was three very intense weeks. We’re very lucky on our show because we get to shoot like 20, 25-day episodes, which I don’t think anybody else on television gets to do.

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Denis O’Hare Exit Interview (Russell on #TrueBlood)

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512 Eric Russell russell edgington true blood characters denis ohare

Denis O’Hare chatted with Vulture about his True Blood character Russell Edgington. They talked about bringing his story line to a close, making out with Steve Newlin, and why it’s probably best he’s gone.

When did you first find out Russell was going to die?
I didn’t find out definitively for a while, but there was some controversy about how to do it. We always knew in the end it would be Eric, but the question was how. Given that Russell’s so powerful, how could Eric surprise him? So the plausible answer is that he was drunk on fairy blood lust, and he isn’t watching his back, and Eric takes advantage before he can respond. There’s a nice moment when Russell begins to glow, like, Oh, maybe the fairy blood has made him immune, maybe it’s not going to happen. And then the glow withdraws — oh no! [Laughs.]

And at that moment, he only has one thing to say: “Fuck.”
That was Alan Ball’s rewrite, and when I saw that, I thought, Oh my God, that’s perfect. I mean, what else is Russell going to say? I love that his attitude is more like, Ah, well, not a sense of resistance or a last flash of anger, pity, or pathos. I think you get that sense in Interview With the Vampire that vampires get bored after they stay alive a long time, and it’s hard to keep forming new attachments. When Russell lost Talbot [in season three], he also lost some of the meaning in his life, and that’s why he grabs on to Steve Newlin. He needs a reason to enjoy life, because at this point, the pursuit of power isn’t enough. He might as well die; who is there left to meet — Mitt Romney?

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Photo: Sookie & Rambo Jason #SaveYourself – plus a True Blood Season 6 Tease!

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512 Sookie Rambo Jason 620x412 sookie stackhouse season 6 season 5 ryan kwanten true blood cast jason stackhouse anna paquin

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Rambo Jason (Ryan Kwanten) – photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

From the True Blood Facebook page:

Psst! Watch the Season 5 finale with Interactive Features at or on your iPad to see a bonus scene teasing Season 6.

Live True Blood Chats with @unfoRETTAble, Alan Ball & Carrie Preston

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Rettta Alan Carrie 620x206 twitter season 5 ep 12 save yourself carrie preston true blood cast arlene fowler alan ball

Retta (her photo); Alan & Carrie ( Photo credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN)

To help ease the pain of the season 5 finale of True Blood tonight, we’ve got a some live chats happening to share with you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012:

If you follow @unfoRETTAble on Twitter, you know that she loves live-tweeting True Blood and loves her some Joe Manganiello! reports that she will be joining their live chat during the True Blood finale tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET. Who is she? She’s the actress Retta from Parks and Recreation (she plays Donna Meagle) and loves to live tweet her favorite shows.

Monday, August 27, 2012:

At 2:00 p.m. ET,  Alan Ball will be answering questions via HBO Connect. You can vote now for questions to ask him here.

At 3:00 p.m. ET, Carrie Preston will be doing a live chat with Extra. They will  host a live recap of the “True Blood” Season 5 finale via Spreecast. “True Blood” star Carrie Preston, aka sassy Merlotte’s waitress Arlene Fowler, will join in the chat and give insight into what went down on Sunday’s season closer. During the chat, Carrie will also review the entire season, and you’ll have the chance to suggest what you’d like to see happen next season! (source)

Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgård!

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Eric b day 36 620x387 eric northman birthday alexander skarsgard

Happy Birthday to Alexander Skarsgård who turns 36 today. We wish you all the best!

Thank you to Janna for making the lovely card.

Stephen Moyer Interview: Evil Bill and Slapping Deborah Ann Woll

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512 Bill 200x300 stephen moyer season 5 ep 11 sunset bill compton

photo credit: HBO/John P. Johnson

Stephen Moyer was interviewed by Michael Ausiello for TVLine. It’s a great interview, as always with both Stephen & Michael.

TVLINE | Are you having as much fun playing Evil Bill as it seems?
You’re saying he’s evil and I’d say he thinks he’s doing the right thing. But I suppose dictators always think they’re doing the right thing. [Laughs] He’s been lost and he’s found something to grab hold of that he thinks is the right way forward… When you play a character you have to ask yourself, “Can I make sense of what’s happening here? Is this authentic?” And if you can sort of find a through line of authenticity, then you can play that beat — which might come across to somebody else as evil. [But] there were a couple of things that were tough to play, and one of those was with Deborah Ann [Woll].
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The Barrens: Trailer, poster and DVD/cinema release details

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thebarrenscovers stephen moyer other projects

Stephen Moyer‘s channeling Jack Nicholson (with a British accent) in the newly-unleashed trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman’s horror movie The Barrens.  The movie is set to be released simultaneously in selected US theaters on September 28th and on DVD and blu-ray, on October 9th.  Blu-Ray cover art and a new poster have also been revealed.

If you’re keen to see The Barrens show in your hometown, then fans can request that it be shown in local cinemas via website Tug.