Encore Presentation of True Blood 409 ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’

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409 Lafayette Mavis Jesus videos and promos season 4 ep 09 lets get out of here

Mavis & her babee ghost, Lafeyette & Jesus

Tonight at 10:00 on HBO: the encore presentation of ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’. The episode was written by Brian Buckner and directed by Romeo Tirone.

I know a lot of you hated the 3-way dream that appears in this ep, but we hope you watch it again and just appreciate what it is. Those three (Anna, Stephen & Alex) look goooooood. What’s not to like?

You can read Jess’s awesome recap here.

Preview of 409:

Details on Season 4 True Blood DVD/Blu-Ray

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Bluray Pam stephen moyer season 4 sam trammell true blood cast fiona shaw ep 10 burning down the house ep 09 lets get out of here ep 06 i wish i was the moon ep 04 untitled ep 03 if you love me why am i dyin ep 02 you smell like dinner dvdblu ray deborah ann woll anna paquin alexander skarsgard alan ball

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this information for months. We finally get to know the details on the episode commentaries on the Season 4 DVD/Blu-rays thanks to blu-raydefinition.com.

Typically, HBO has loaded this set up with select episode commentaries from the cast and crew, a great in-episode enhanced viewing mode that takes you deeper into the series, and couple of HD featurettes that a are well worth sitting through.

The supplements:

  • Enhanced Viewing – This in-episode viewing mode allows you to watch True Blood with pop-up trivia, picture-in-picture character point-of-view commentaries and break-away flashback scenes from previous seasons’ episodes.
  • Inside the Episodes (1.78:1; 1080p/24)
  • Commentary on Episode 2 “You Smell Like Dinner” by Stephen Moyer (Bill), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), and Brian Buckner (writer, co-executive producer)
  • Commentary on Episode 3 “If you Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” by Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Alan Ball (creator and executive producer)
  • Commentary on Episode 4 “I’m Alive and on Fire” by Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) and Michael Lehmann (director)
  • Commentary on Episode 6 “I Wish I Was the Moon” by Raelle Tucker (writer, co-executive producer) and Gregg Fienberg (executive producer)
  • Commentary on Episode 9 “Let’s Get Out of Here” by Sam Trammell (Sam) and Romeo Tirone (director)
  • Commentary on Episode 10 “Burning Down the House” by Fiona Shaw (Marnie) Nancy Oliver (writer, co-executive producer), and Lesli Linka Glatter (director)
  • True Blood: The Final Touches (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:28:25) – A roundtable discussion with the True Blood post-production staff wherein they discuss much of their visual/special effects work.
  • True Blood Lines – This interactive feature lets you explore the different character types in the world of True Blood (ex. Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, Werepanthers, etc.) and the interconnection between each type in the ongoing storyline.
  • DVD — Two double-sided DVDs of the entire series
  • Digital Copy — Downloadable Digital Copy for Mac/PC, iPod/iPad/iPhone and Windows Media-Compatible devices


True Blood Recap – Ep 409 “Let’s Get Out Of Here”

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true blood 409 lets get out of here.02 season 4 recaps ep 09 lets get out of here

Don't make me force feed you!

Out of the cemetery and into the frying pan…

After emerging from the fog with the wounded damsel like a chivalrous hero of ye olde days, Alcide runs towards Sookie’s house to probably call an ambulance or something normal like that. But c’mon, normal is not allowed here, and sorry Alcide, but you are just running too damn slow. Somebody vamp speeds up, snatches Sookie right out of his arms, and bowls him over in the process. It’s Bill, who’s fought off the silver-wielding witches and is now apologising, telling Alcide to shut the fuck up (love it when he cusses) and trying to get the unconscious Sook to drink his blood. Which she can’t do because she’s, um, unconscious. What a pickle.

Bill must have some creative ways to administer vamp-style first aid though, because when we next see Sook she’s awake and healed. Did he just let it gush into her mouth and make her swallow it? Was there some IV equipment handy in the medicine cabinet? Either that or she did just wake up and they didn’t think that was important enough to show. I’m just gonna go with that, because my theories of exactly how he got that blood in her are becoming outlandish and just a bit creepy. Because this is Sookie ‘Danger is my middle name’ Stackhouse and brushes with death are now the equivalent of say, a paper cut or a bumped shin, the first thing she says is not ‘WTF just happened?’ or ‘I appear to have a bloody hole in my shirt’, but ‘Where’s Eric?’ Bill’s all like ‘My minions is on it’, Alcide is like ‘Youse are batshit and I is outta here’, then Sook is like ‘Awkward…silence. And oh, thanks for the blood!’ Like her friendly neighbour had just loaned her a cup of sugar or something. Oh, those two. So Sookie was shot, perilously close to death and restored to full health in the space of about 30 seconds of screen time. Wow, that is like, the tiniest of tiny blips in the grand scheme of things! Honestly, you’d think they did all that just to get more of Bill’s blood in her!

true blood 409 lets get out of here.32 1 season 4 recaps ep 09 lets get out of here

I knew I should have silvered you over your mouth.

Instead of a well-deserved rest after an eventful night, Bill instead goes home to be stuck in the slumber party from hell as he’s playing host to Jessica (distraught from her breakup and getting kicked out of two houses) and NanFlan (spending the day at Hotel Compton before the Tolerance Festival tomorrow). Jess is a blubbering mess, Flanagananigans is in her usual fine form, and they’re all once again under silver just in case. It’s no wonder the King’s in a bit of a temper and in no mood to absorb Nan’s supreme bitchiness in silence. She thinks this whole witchy shitstorm is all his fault and can’t believe he’s lost Eric again. ‘You actually make me long for Sophie-Anne’ she says. Heh, only because those two probably had some good times together, if you catch my drift. Bill can’t believe her main priority is still putting on a show for CNN et cetera when Eric may be under Antonia’s spell, and slams her lack of accountability. The effort was valiant but the festival is going ahead, now with added instructions for the miffed King to be in a ‘festive and tolerant fucking mood.’ God, I want to slap that woman. But I probably wouldn’t be able to stop laughing long enough. Read More »

True Blood Sets A New High

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"I love both of you... and oh hey, we made a new ratings record!"

According to TV By The Numbers, True Blood set a new high with 5.526 million viewers, besting the former record of 5.44 million (Season 3 finale). We hope this augurs many more years of True Blood and, of course, more records to come in the future.

Watch “Inside the Episode” and Discuss True Blood Episode 409

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409 EricSookieBill videos season 4 ep 09 lets get out of here

Sookie has an interesting dream involving both Eric & Bill

So what did you think of tonight’s episode of True Blood, entitled “Let’s Get Out of Here”.

The episode was written by Brian Buckner.

Loved Sam turning into a bunny so Emma could pet him!

Watch HBO’s “Inside the Episode” and let us know your thoughts.

Ep. 45 – Inside the Episode

Spoilers For “Let’s Get Out of Here”: Bill & Sookie

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More Spoilers! Enter at your own risk!

spoilers2 spoilers sookie stackhouse ep 09 lets get out of here bill compton

Read More »

Video: New Clips of This Sunday’s True Blood Episode (409)

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After last week’s preview didn’t give us much, we have three new sneak peeks into episode 45 “Let’s Get Out of Here”! In the videos, Jessica vents to an unsympathetic Nan about her love life, Hoyt finds some visitors in his house, and Shreveport packmaster Marcus comes to Merlotte’s looking for Sam.

Ep. 45 – Preview

Ep. 45 Clip – Marcus Pays a Visit to Merlotte’s

Ep. 45 Clip – Hoyt Gets a Visitor

Ep. 45 Clip – Jessica Unloads to Nan