S4 Encore Presentation – 408 (‘Spellbound’) on Tonight!

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Bill is the king of glamouring

Tonight’s encore presentation of True Blood is episode 8 of Season 4, ‘Spellbound’. (Time: 10:00 p.m. ET, place: HBO). It was written by Alan Ball and directed by Daniel Minahan. ‘Spellbound’ was one of the episodes that HBO submitted for Emmy consideration.

To refresh your memory, here is the link to Jess’s awesome recap and also a video of the preview.

True Blood Recap – Ep 408 “Spellbound”

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'You just saved my life...and that tight cop shirt is sexy.'

Sing it together everyone! ‘I put a spell on yooouuu…’ Actually, just watch the video, and then marvel at the fact that certain bits of this weeks uber-witchy ep ‘Spellbound’ were even more bizarre than that batshit performance by Screamin’ Jay.

Since last week ended with a very busy cliffhanger indeed, we kick off with a bit of a rewind, and one in sloooowww moooootion to boot. The crystal chandelier is swaying ever so dangerously, the magic of the ‘Resurrection’ spell is still heavy in the air, Jessica has once again reached the door, she’s opened it to a flood of gloriously bright sunlight, and…out of said light bursts Jason Stackhouse. He wraps her up in the stylish zebra rug and kicks the doors shut, saving the motherfuckin’ day. Yeah! Jason, you are a real life, honest to Jesus hero. Since the spell is still in effect and all Jess is thinking is ‘sunsunsunsunsunsun’, she’s not too appreciative of this and is perhaps thinking of replacing the dead zebra rug with a dead Jason one. Luckily for him (and Bill’s cleaning staff) Antonia and the Wiccan Circle of Doom must have decided that they’ve spellogised enough to make all the vamps into charcoal piles and the spell is broken. Under her own faculties again and realising who she’s about to chomp into, Jess goes from savage to thankful before you can say ‘Hoyt’ and kisses Jason. He hesitates for the briefest of moments before returning it and then some, as they make out on the floor of the entrance foyer while Bill breaks down in tears back in the holding cell fearing that the worst has occurred. Heres a tip for your next near death experience Jess: try to ignore the tight police shirted hunk just long enough to tell your devastated maker that you haven’t burnt to a crisp, mmkay?

Jason’s chivalry continues as he carries her back to the silver prison, looking a little splotchy faced and weak but otherwise fine. She’s probably more guilty than anything else as Bucky is lying dead in a pool of blood after she head-clonked him last week. She feels awful even as Bill tries to assure her that is was Antonia’s fault and not hers, and Jason sets to re-silvering her in case the spell is only temporarily broken. He comforts her by insisting she think happy thoughts of summer barbecuing, before realising that’s probably not the best thing to say to someone who’s just been barbecued and changes the calming images to moonlight and Tru Blood as Bill rolls his eyes. Jason and Bill are always great together. In the one scene per season they get. We find out that the gunshot we heard was Jason shooting the front door guard in the shoulder (smart move, Stackhouse!) and he and Bill agree to keep all injuries and deaths on the down low.

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The Smiling Assassin

Jessica clearly has a lot to reflect on after her brush with sunlight and heads home to Hoyt to hash out their relationship issues. She admits to him and to herself that there’s a hunger inside her she just can’t control, and that playing happy domestic couple just doesn’t do it for her. Hoyt doesn’t react to well to this, to say the least. He’s instantly on his knees in a weeping, snivelling mess, apologising for everything and begging her to love him because he can’t live without her. Wow Hoyt, I know you love the girl but I really wasn’t expecting a reaction this…pathetic? He’s practically hyperventilating as he repeats that he’ll just die without her, and Jess just gets so exasperated at this that she yells ‘Then die!’ and smashes his head against a shelf. Whoa! Ok, so my reaction was ‘This is totes a dream, no way would she kill him’ which then changed to ‘She’s a baby vamp, she has serious impulse control issues and that little display showed a complete and utter lack of balls. Holy shit, she just killed him.’ You got me, AB, for about three seconds I was good and got! Of course any illusion of reality was gone as soon as she got into a car with Jason and his only reaction to her being covered in blood was that she looked sexy and should bite and fuck him at the same time. Still, it’s a bit brutal that in Jess’s subconscious Hoyt is an unwashed, singlet wearing, pride-less crybaby and she would run off with his best friend at the drop of a hat.


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Alexander Skarsgård On The Infamous Shower Scene

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Someone not happy with my erotic viking dream..? All is possible!

Despite the criticism that the remake of the infamous shower scene has caused among some of die-hard book fans, Alexander thinks this is one of his favorite scenes, as he told to HBO in a recent interview:

“I loved it. It was so beautiful, they tried to recreate a winter landscape up in northern Sweden, and they did an amazing job. It was really special. It was a lot of fun shooting – and quite complicated with wind machines going and fake snow everywhere. It was very technical and kinda tough, but it really was very special. They spent weeks building it, and we spent a day or two shooting it. I’m excited to see it because being there on the day it looked so good. I hope fans like it.”


Ratings: Spellbound Casts A Spell On Viewers

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True Blood led Sunday primetime (broadcast & cable) with a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, up two-tenths versus last week and close to its series high 3.2 adults 18-49 rating. Last Sunday’s episode, “Spellbound” attracted 5.3 million viewers according to TV By The Numbers.


Video: Inside the Episode of “Spellbound” (408)

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So, what did you think of tonight’s episode entitled “Spellbound”?

Lots of stuff happening – I have to say when Jessica smashed in Hoyt’s head and told him to die, I sat there with my mouth opened for a long time – you got me Alan Ball, you got me!

Ep. 44 – Inside the Episode


Ep. 44 – Recap

Video: New Clips of This Sunday’s True Blood Episode (408)

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This week’s previews for episode 44 “Spellbound” are here! In the following videos, Bill uses the art of glamouring to do damage control in the media after recent events put vampires back into the spotlight, Antonia (now residing in Marnie’s body) lets Tara in her on the diabolical plan, and Alcide and Debbie’s new packmaster issues a decree to stay out of the witch-vampire conflict. Enjoy!

Ep. 44 Clip – Bill Issues a Statement

Ep. 44 Clip – Antonia Reveals Her Plan to Tara

Ep. 44 Clip – Marcus Adresses His Pack

Video: Previews for Episode 408 ‘Spellbound’

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On the Next True Blood1 videos and promos season 4 ep 08 spellbound

Watch the previews for next weeks episode of True Blood entitled “Spellbound”.