S5 Trueblood Still: Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)

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Finally! We get a Season 5 still of Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). I was starting to wonder about that boy!

Thanks again to imhereforsookie! for the photo from HBO.

True Blood S4 Encore: ‘Me and the Devil’ (405) on Tonight

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HBO will re-air the 5th episode of Season 5 of True Blood tonight at 10:00 PM ET. ‘Me and the Devil’  was written by Mark Hudis and directed by Daniel Minahan.

If you want to refresh your memory, you can watch the previews to the episode or read Jess’s great recap.

True Blood Recap – Ep 405 “Me And The Devil”

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Hallelujahs! The Mickenses have kicked the bucket

Sorry if this week’s recap isn’t as detailed as it should be, I’ve got a couple of hours to knock this out before I catch a 15-hour flight home! Bye bye USA summer, hello Melbourne winter! Yay! Not.

The Mickenses have kicked the bucket! Who needs a preamble when something this amazing kicks off the episode, amirite?  Lil’ Tommy had alls he could take and could take no mores, and after his scummy scuzzbag of a daddy chokes the crap out of him and plans to get him back in the dogfighting ring, Tommy uses the magic of shifter speed healing to turn the tables on Joe-Lee and promptly wallop him to death with a stick. Oooh, not a good way to go. And it reminded me of the baseball bat scene in Inglourious Basterds, so I was cringing just a bit even while doing a happy dance on the inside. He then offs mama as well, ‘accidently’, as in ‘who the hell else could have been behind me, but I was angry and crazy and these people are so vile they could pull off a hostile takeover of hell, and the viewers want them both DEAD, dammit!’ Yes we do, Tommy Mickens, yes we do.

Obviously Tommy has nobody else to turn to for help, so off he goes to big bro Sam so that he can totally flip his shit. And get help hiding the bodies, cos as a rule, bodies are always disposed of in teams. Of course they are pulled over en route to the Bon Temp river (which by this point should probably be called the Corpse Hole) by the now constantly in a state of paranoia Andy. He opens up the back of the van, but instead of finding two very dead Mickens he finds one very alive, very large, very snappy alligator. So Tommy indeed does have a brain, and still has the ability to shift! He didn’t do this before, why? Pfft, who cares, having mom and pop Mickens dead makes up for this little oversight, and maybe he couldn’t shift due to being choked at the time. The whole thing was pretty awesome anyway, and was made even better by Andy’s priceless facial expression and some inventive cursing that used Jesus’ name in a less than holy way. Tommy actually does pull the whole ten commandments deal when he and Sam are throwing the bodies in the river. Dude, the real God won’t be pissed at you for killing such raging assholes, and the God of TV is fucking rejoicing that they are FINALLY gone. Good riddance, Captain (Filthy) Underpants and Mommy Bitchface, don’t float back up when that gator shits you out.

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Eric innocently tells Sookie that "he had a bad dream."

From characters we hate to a character we love, Ghost Godric is back! I heart you, Allan Hyde. He’s in Eric’s dream, but now he’s less Vampire Jesus and more Really Bad Influence, as he’s convincing dream Eric that he’s a soulless killer who’s incapable of love and urging him to drain Sookie so that they can walk in the sun together. Well, if you say so, adorable little Scandinavian maker. Eric wakes up in his designer cubby just as they sink the fangs in, and in a genius move they repeat the scene as it unfolded in the dream, much like the without zombies/with zombies scenes in Shaun of the Dead.  He wanders into Sook’s room and the way he says ‘I had a bad dream’ would probably melt anybody enough to allow you to lay your head in their lap while they stroke your hair. The two have a bit of a bonding scene in bed (not that kind…yet) and now Sook is really starting to soften toward this new sweet, gentle Eric. Oh yeah, she wants him.


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True Blood Ratings Are Up to a Season High

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Click on the picture to go see the "Inside True Blood" blog pertaining to this episode

True Blood’s ratings are up – thanks to you, faithful Truebies!

According to Reuters, True Blood had a high for this season, with 6.6 million total viewers tuning in between the episode’s 9 p.m. airing (which grabbed 5.3 million total viewers) and its 11 p.m. re-broadcast (which scooped up an additional 1.3 million viewers).

I know not everyone was tuning in to see Eric & Sookie kiss, but the Inside True Blood blog sure noticed the traffic on Twitter and reviews relating to it. Or maybe they were watching to learn a thing or two about gators and getting an evil spirit out of their house? Whatever the reason, True Blood has something for everyone!

Blackburn: A Vampire With History

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blackburn eric northman ep 05 i hate you i love you blackburn bill compton aaron perilo DaemonsTV interviewed Aaron Perilo, who portrays one of the newest vampires on True Blood – the sheriff, Blackburn, who we met during last night’s episode in the sheriff meeting. The cool thing about this guy is that he’s old… how old? Well, we’re not sure yet, but I’m sure we will find out shortly. Oh yeah, he’s also got some history with Eric & Bill, which is always swell for us fans, because that means we’ll learn a bit more about our two favorite vamps!

Talk a little bit about your character. Blackburn.

Aaron Perilo: Blackburn is a very old vampire. He’s known Bill and Eric for a while. I’m brought in on a special assignment.

So, he’s very old vampire, a friend of Bill and Eric -

Aaron Perilo: Yes, a very old vampire. I’m brought in for a special assignment, and I am very quick to get bloody. I like to get in trouble at the drop of a hat.

Would you say that Blackburn is a good or bad vampire?

Aaron Perilo: Well, that’s very relative, I guess. He’s actually a little bit of both. I know that’s very vague, but you’ll understand once you see it.

Read the entire interview at the source

Video: Inside the Episode 405 “Me and the Devil”

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Alcide 405 videos season 4 ep 05 i hate you i love you

Something tells me Alcide will be getting lots of trick-or-treaters this Halloween

So, what did you think of tonight’s episode, “Me and the Devil”? New characters introduced, humor, scary, deaths, and as always, the sexy. Take a look inside the episode:


Videos: New Clips of This Sunday’s True Blood Episode (405)

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Watch a Clip from Ep. 41 Eric Receives a Visit From His Past and other True Blood videos online on HBO.com  videos pam debeaufort jessica hoyt fortenberry godric eric northman ep 05 i hate you i love you bill compton

Godric, I'm happy to see you but what-what-what are you doing?

It’s that time of the week, folks! HBO gives us our three sneak peek clips of episode 41 titled “Me and The Devil.” The videos give us a glimpse into the return of Eric’s maker, the unstable state of Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship, and a pissed off Pam inquiring to King Bill to act on the Bon Temps witch problem. If you are trying to stay completely spoiler-free, don’t click play!


Ep. 41 Clip – Eric Receives a Visit From His Past

Ep. 41 Clip – Pam Demands Action

Ep. 41 Clip – Jessica and Hoyt’s Strained Relationship