Jessica Tuck Lands New TV Roles

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jessicatuck other projects nan flanagan jessica tuck Jessica Tuck is one busy bee these days. In addition to landing a recurring role on the Fox pilot Prodigy Bully, Jessica is slated to star in an upcoming episode of A&E’s Breakout Kings. Tuck will play a mother whose daughter gets caught up in a Romeo and Juliet-type situation with her convicted felon boyfriend. Look for her episode to air tomorrow, on April 15. And you can also watch her on “Grimm”!

Breakout Kings airs Sundays at 10 PM EST on A&E.

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Rest in Peace, Nan Flanagan (and Guards)

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nan rest in peace nan flanagan

Nan will be certainly missed by True Blood fans

To quote Eric, “What a bitch!” Nan was the politico we loved to hate. Her penchant for screaming at underlings and getting eaten out while on conference calls was in such opposition to her calm and cool television persona. Over 800 years old, Nan wielded considerable power as a member of the Authority and spokesperson for the American Vampire League. She smoothed over various PR problems in the United States, as well as crowned and assassinated monarchs, including working for two decades to bring Bill to power. After the disaster with the Wiccans in Shreveport, Nan was fired (although she attempted to spin it as though she quit). She came to Bill’s residence with guards, determined to either kill Bill and Eric or convince them to join her in a plot with other vampire factions to overthrow the Authority. She threatened to “out” Sookie’s fae lineage, making her a target for vampires everywhere. With just enough time for Bill to declare “We are not fucking puppy dogs,” Eric beheaded her guards and Bill staked her, making them more victims who died for committing Crimes Against Sookie. Rest in Peace, Nan and her guards.

Jessica Tuck to guest star on Castle

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JTuck Castle 300110828092323 nan flanagan jessica tuck

Image via TVLine

Looks like the American Vampire League’s spokeswoman is taking her shenanigans to ABC’s “Castle.” According to TVLine, Jessica Tuck will “play a wealthy museum benefactor who becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.” The site also notes Tuck’s and Nathan Fillion’s daytime connection – they both appeared on soap opera One Life to Live – although they were not on the show at the same time.


Video: New Clips of This Sunday’s True Blood Episode (409)

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After last week’s preview didn’t give us much, we have three new sneak peeks into episode 45 “Let’s Get Out of Here”! In the videos, Jessica vents to an unsympathetic Nan about her love life, Hoyt finds some visitors in his house, and Shreveport packmaster Marcus comes to Merlotte’s looking for Sam.

Ep. 45 – Preview

Ep. 45 Clip – Marcus Pays a Visit to Merlotte’s

Ep. 45 Clip – Hoyt Gets a Visitor

Ep. 45 Clip – Jessica Unloads to Nan

Photos: New Season 4 Pics

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S4 AndyJason todd lowe true blood cast terry bellefleur stephen moyer spoilers sookie stackhouse season 4 ryan kwanten true blood cast pam debeaufort nelsan ellis nan flanagan marnie luna lauren bowles lafayette reynolds true blood characters kristin bauer kevin alejandro true blood cast jim parrack jesus velasquez jessica tuck jason stackhouse janina gavankar hoyt fortenberry holly cleary fiona shaw eric northman chris bauer carrie preston true blood cast bill compton arlene fowler anna paquin andy bellefleur alexander skarsgard

Bon Temps' Dynamic Duo Andy & Jason - PC: HBO

HBO has released more True Blood Season 4 photos.

Check out the gallery and tell us what you think!

Jessica Tuck: “I’m much more the Nan Everyone
Loves to Hate”

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247587 10150208251808563 69144888562 6814005 6767999 n 0 season 4 nan flanagan jessica tuck Jessica Tuck doesn’t know much about Nan’s backstory, her age, or her power level inside the vampire hierarchy. But surely she knows that she’ll be an important character in Season 4, now that she has the epic duty of gaining back the human trust. We already unveiled one of the major speculations regarding her relation with Bill Compton, who will be a road companion in the AVL’s post Russell Edgintong era. We are all intrigued by Nan’s real agenda and her true persona. How will she interact with the rest of the Vampires? She gives some tidbits to E!online.

On her relationship with Bill, Eric and Pam:
“You will definitely in season four find out how she is worked into everything. But I would be slapped on the hand if I revealed the tiny specifics that I do know.”

Does Nan consider Bill, Eric and Pam to be reliable allies or is their relationship more adversarial?
I think for Nan it’s—what’s that expression?—”her way or the highway.” I think she likes to have things go her way. I don’t know that she’s necessarily very flexible. When the vampires do what she wants them to do she’s very happy and when someone strays from the plan, she’s less than happy about that. At times she feels like she’s working with these vampires, and sometimes she feels likes she’s working against them.

Read the whole interview at E!

Even More True Blood Season 4 Promo Pics

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247964 10150208251513563 69144888562 6813991 7691946 n tara thornton spoilers sookie stackhouse season 4 sam merlotte pam debeaufort nan flanagan luna lafayette reynolds true blood characters jesus velasquez jessica hoyt fortenberry eric northman bill compton andy bellefleur 249446 10150208251458563 69144888562 6813988 7465662 n tara thornton spoilers sookie stackhouse season 4 sam merlotte pam debeaufort nan flanagan luna lafayette reynolds true blood characters jesus velasquez jessica hoyt fortenberry eric northman bill compton andy bellefleur

HBO, really… you shouldn’t have! Today, HBO released 22 more promotional photos from season 4!

What have we here? Jessica & Hoyt looking happy, Andy seems pissed off at Sam, Pam curled her hair, Eric’s all smirky and Bill is perplexed. Enjoy!