Video: Spotlight on Chris Meloni

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Chris Meloni videos season 5 roman chris meloni casting call We’re getting closer and closer to summer Nesters! Soon HBO will be airing promos for Season 5 of True Blood, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us!

One of the new vamps this season is Roman [described as an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands. Not only that, but his character is the mastermind of the mainstream movement] – played by the awesome Chris Meloni. Some of you have told us that you haven’t seen the man in anything yet. He’s most popular for his role as Detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU. He also played Chris Keller on Oz. He’s been in several movies and has shown his dramatic side, but what we want to share with you is his comedy chops in the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer. He played Gene, the cook at a kid’s summer camp that has PTSD issues. (Would be a perfect friend for Terry Bellefleur, wouldn’t you say?) Check out the video below of two of his best scenes in the comedy that also starred just about everybody.

To see more of what Mr. Meloni has done in the past, check out his IMDb page here.

Carolyn Hennesy Lands Role As Texas Vampire

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carolynhennesy1 season 5 rosalyn harris ep 2 authority always wins season 5 casting call carolyn hennessy

Another casting call has been filled! General Hospital alumni, Carolyn Hennesy has nabbed the role of Rosalyn Harris.

Carolyn will portray Rosalyn, a Texas vampire with “hair high enough to interfere with air traffic.” Rosalyn is an Authority council member with a homespun wisdom-spouting mouth and a firm hand.

The character of Rosalyn will appear first in the second episode of True Blood season 5, “Authority Always Wins.” This is a recurring role.

Congratulations to Ms. Hennesy on the recurring role. Welcome to True Blood!

While we speculated last December that she’d play Rosalyn, IMDB has confirmed it.

Casting Calls for True Blood Season 5, Episode 7

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spoilers spoilers season 5 casting call Looks like there’s gonna be a wedding! OK, don’t get too excited…

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Season 5 Bad Guy Joe Bob Has His Eye On The Vamps

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spoilers spoilers season 5 casting call Kristin at E! is dishing out more Season 5 spoilers. They seem to love bringing on more baddies to the show. I say, bring ‘em on! If there wasn’t a high body count, it wouldn’t be True Blood, now would it?

Gail in Canton, Ohio: Love all the True Blood spoilers you’ve been giving us! Any more?
Vampires will have something else to fear besides werewolves, the sun and silver in the upcoming season of True Blood. This new dude is way, way worse. He’s…a redneck. And an anti-vampire one at that. This hunter will be a recurring character on T.B.‘s new season, so he’ll likely be raising all kinds of hell, like killing vamps and taking others prisoner. Want to hear the best part? His name is…wait for it…Joe Bob. You’re welcome.


Joe Bob’s casting call:

CAUCASIAN, EARLY 30s, White trash. An anti-vampire terrorist wearing an Obama mask to hide his identity, he shoots one vampire with a hunting rifle and takes his victim prisoner. Recurring.

Peter Mensa to play a Chancellor for the Authority on True Blood

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Peter Mensah spoilers season 5 casting call

True Blood is adding another character to the mix this season. Something tells me he’s going to give Bill & Eric some trouble…

Deadline is reporting that Peter Mensah has signed on for the fifth season of “True Blood” as Kibwe, a Chancellor for the Authority. The story notes that Kibwe hails from Africa and that he is working towards “mainstreaming” the Authority.

Mensah is currently best known as Oenomaus on “Spartacus: Vengeance” and the preceding season and prequel on Starz, Mensah has also appeared in several TV series, including “Star Trek: Enterprise,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “The Pretender,” “Witchblade,” “Relic Hunter” and “Highlander: The Raven.” Mensah has also appeared in the films “300,” “Hidalgo,” “Avatar” and “Tears of The Sun.”


Spoilers: Casting Calls for True Blood Episode 5 “Boot N’ Rally Ally” & Episode 6

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spoilers spoilers season 5 ep 5 boot n rally ally casting call We’ve got more casting scoop thanks to our friends at This is for episodes 5 & 6.

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New Vampire Cast on True Blood

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Christopher Heyerdahl spoilers season 5 dieter braun christopher heyerdahl casting call Deadline is reporting that Christopher Heyerdahl will be playing an ancient vampire on True Blood this season in a recurring role.

Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays an ancient vampire in the Twilight Saga movies, will now play one in another screen adaptation of a popular book series — this time on TV. Heyerdahl is joining HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood in a recurring role. He will portray Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys enhanced interrogation. That is familiar territory for Sanctuary alum Heyerdahl, who played the ancient Volturi vampire Marcus in three of the Twilight movies: New Moon, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and the upcoming Part 2 (photo on left). Additionally, he played a demon in an arc on the CW’s Supernatural. Heyerdahl, repped by Open Entertainment’s Lesa Kirk, currently co-stars on the AMC drama series Hell On Wheels playing Norwegian badass The Swede. The period Western was recently renewed for a second season.