Alexander Skarsgård takes Kate home

By ZZ on May 16 2010 | 50 Comments »

Alexander Skarsgard  and Kate Bosworth are enjoying holidays in Sweden. Alex was born and raised in Stockholm and there is where his parents live. If you were yet wondering if they are a couple… well, I think facts speak for themselves!

There was a time limit on the photos ladies. To read more about and see pics, go to People.

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50 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgård takes Kate home”

  1. Irene says:

    AWESOME pictures of Alex and his girlfriend!!

  2. Aemac says:

    About time Alex acted like he knew her.

    • nothoney says:

      I mean, really. ‘Bout time he came out. ;-)

      • cr says:

        Yep, can they finally admit they’re more than friends? That charade was getting a little … annoying.

        • hannah says:

          But probably THEY knew they were dating all along ;), they just didnt feel the whole world had to be involved with their relationship ya know. Dont blame them a bit.

    • TB Lvr says:

      Its none of anyones damn business if their a ‘couple” or not. Just because they show PDA does not mean they’re a ‘couple”. Who knows? They could just be friends with benefits.

      If I were to be worrying about anyone it would be why after two years Anna is still refusing to marry or even set the wedding date with Stephen.

      I’m sick of how this site always slams Alex.

      Just sayin

      • cr says:

        They’ve only been engaged for year.

      • THEY ARE/THEIR omg so complicated! says:

        you meant THEY ARE a “couple”, right?

      • Lividity says:

        I’m curious what part of this post can be taken as slamming Alex. I’m thinking you’re reading something that isn’t there. Just sayin’.

      • ZZ says:

        Again, I don’t see any slamming in Alex’s post and don’t understand why you are being so picky.
        SM and Anna Paquin can marry whenever they like, of course, that’s none of our business.
        If you call them a couple or friends with benefits I don’t care, we are not the bloody NY Times, so who cares what we say. Some people should chill a bit and be more positive. This is just for fun.

        • Liz says:

          I agree it is just for fun. Wny so serious? Like anything said on here will have any impact anywhere.

          Personally I have my cat to worry about. :)

      • CitizenErased says:

        Sigh. Not you again. There’s any number of fun websites you could be frequenting, and yet you keep coming back here to throw unfounded accusations around. Please go away.

      • konfettii says:

        I don’t think the site slams Alex TBlvr.
        Yes, this is a Bill-centric website, no secret, but I think the admins here do a great job of making sure they post on all things True Blood related with as much fairness as you can find anywhere.

        The ladies here are Stephen/Bill fans, and we all should be thrilled and thankful they love him so passionately, because if they didn’t they would never have put their heads and money and time together to create such a fantastic True Blood fansite.

        That being said, sometimes the hate faires pop in to sprinkle nastiness in the comment sections about certain characters or actors, but that’s not he same thing as The Site.

      • drea says:

        “anna is still refusing to marry stephen” ?!?!? what the..? sounds like someone is making accusations they know nothing about.

        @Aemac, i echo the same sentiment. i’m glad there’s some pics of them looking couple-like.

      • CM says:

        Um, I was engaged to my husband 3 years before we set a date. And then another year before we actually got married. It’s no big deal that they haven’t taken the plunge yet. They’ll do it on their time, and when they feel it’s right.

        As far as Alex and Kate? It’s obvious they are together. Why can’t you just admit that and be happy for them? They make a cute couple.

      • hannah says:

        IA I just dont get why people care about what’s really their own business? Alex could love, f* , court, be a pal to someone how much he likes it’s none of my business. I get the impression he wants to keep those things private and I respect that 100%. He doesnt need to go out with a public note everytime he feels something and we should respect his privacy and intimate sphere ( as so with other celebrities) and the need to have a normal life.

  3. ZZ says:

    I think they make a nice couple

  4. Kitty says:

    I think they are cute as well, fangirls need to get over it. Good for them!

  5. konfettii says:

    He ‘s probably more relaxed now that he’s home.
    He looks pretty taken. Wow, the pickins’ on the single TB men are starting to get scare!
    Good for him though. Kate is a pretty girl.

  6. cr says:

    I’m just jealous because they’re in Stockholm, enjoying the beginning of those wondferful Swedish summers.

    I really, really need to win the lottery so I can go back.

  7. tigereyes says:

    They probably just wanted to take their time and not have all the rag mags and paps in their faces.

    @TB Lvr “I’m sick of how this site always slams Alex.” You have got to be kidding, if anyone get slammed, it’s Stephen. Stephen and Anna made it official after a year or and have only been engaged for year or something.

  8. ZZ says:

    People outside US don’t get married so often. Probably the proposal was meant in a romantic way, they are not stressing about that and I like it. They are together, what more can they ask for?

  9. BigLebowski says:

    I dont think SM and AP should rush into anything. How many actors and actressess have met on set, fallen for each other only to find out they have nothing in common? Too many to count.
    SM has 2 children, a steady job and a fine fiance.
    I think him and Anna are just FINE the way they are now, happy and in love. Signing on the dotted line isn’t going to change anything. They are committed and that’s what counts.

    Nice to see AS and KB. They make what appears to be a nice couple. Kate doesn’t seem bothered by all the press at all, and often seems to be looking directly at the camera.

    I am the only male poster at this site? That wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. heh.

    • lizzie1701 says:

      Welcome Big!!! I don’t think we get many males posting, so you may be the Rooster in the Hen House!

  10. hannah says:

    THey look cute to me! That’s just so aww where she’s sitting in his knee. *jealous but poised, that’s a biig ..knee* Nice to see them out and about!
    I dont get the KAte hate, I dont judge people from this far a distance. Its not her fault the paps are obsessed with her, they are just feeding of her and its a made-up world, people dont get that she is a real person. I think they make a cute ” couple against the odds, me and you against the world” -couple. She is the misunderstood media-queen and he’s the star that likes her for who she is despite all that crap. They seem to have a good time and it’s so sweet how they are fidgeting each other in public. :D OR like when Kate was kissing Alex’s hands, which he had fondling a beer. :P

    • cr says:

      I don’t hate Kate, don’t know much about her. I’ve never seen any of her work. She doesn’t seem to engage in any Lindsay Lohan-type behavior, so that’s a good thing.

  11. crystal says:

    It is cute to see another member of true blood in a relationship, I also like seeing other cast members and their partners together. It is nice to see different couples then just anna and stephen( they are my personal favorite) Anna and steven where both doing other stuff when true blood was not shooting. Naybee we will see them get married this summer.

  12. cr says:

    I wonder if this means he’s done with his filming for S3.

  13. Emily says:

    hate her so much she does nothing but go out and get photographed by the papparrazzo but he does look happy and thats all that matters i’m glad he found someone to share time with him & atleast hes not slutting it up in LA

  14. Melissa says:

    I hate that skinny bitch!!! (just kidding)… they look very cute and I totally agree with Aem… finally he acts like he actually knows her… she’s always all over him and he barely gives her the time of day, but obviously he’s giving her a lot more than that!!!

    P.S.: seriously… I hate her!!!

  15. jay says:

    seems like kates gotta lotta haters – i dont mean any1 here, i just mean in general….you gotta admit the girl is just naturally gorgeous, she must be striking in person….the eyes are sooooo unusual!!!!
    good on alex…..go 4 gold! lol

  16. Feflower says:

    Go alex! M W A H!!! !! hey! “he looks happy’! :) “who cares wot people’ think?! “they obviously don’t!!! “as they were holding hands/cuddling etc!!! “Hope they are happy’ i wish them all the “best’ :) :)

  17. lizzie1701 says:

    I liked Kate in Superman – thought she was pretty, though skinny. Good luck to them both!

  18. Tbg says:

    I love how his shirts always are a little non-fitting because of his measurements. ;) like really broad shoulders and small waist plus long torso, probably he has to buy XXL but he should so have his own personal tailor (P.T) to take that waist in a bit. Fund raise aynone?

  19. Lauren Pickford says:

    Damn… someone give that girl a cheesburger! She is ugly skinny and needs to put on some weight! What happened to her since blue crush she was amazing in that movie! He needs a cute girl not that!

  20. They are seriously cute together! Lucky girl!

  21. Cranky says:

    Lucky Kate!

  22. Kristy P. says:

    I think it’s going to be getting very awkward in Anna & Stephen’s relationship because of all of Anna’s romantic scenes with the hotties of True Blood. Maybe Anna is a stronger willed person, but I would be extremely tempted if I had make-out scenes with Alexander Skarsgard and the actor playing Alcide! (sigh) (daydreaming)

    • lizzie1701 says:

      Stephen is a real hottie and other than a few scenes with Alex and Joe, she goes home every night to Stephen and that is what matters in the long run. Stephen has the whole package that no girl can deny!

    • Alejandra says:

      I agree! If I were Anna I would be extremely tempted by my True Blood co-stars. Not to mention all the male fans she must have. Stephen is handsome but he’s an older man and it’s just not the same as having a young rugged 25 year old. Anna afterall is still very young, she’s not even 30! But Stephen is almost 40 and he doesn’t look young. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna is stalling their marriage because she’s having second thoughts about Stephen.

      • Lividity says:

        You are making assumptions based on your own world. We do not take bashing of the real life actors here lightly. One more comment like this and you’ll be banned. Also, it’s obvious you’re way young. You have no idea why men are usually more useful than boys.

  23. karina says:

    I dont think Alex and K.B make a cute couple ,he is so tall and she is so tiny,and so skinny with that thin hair,and she has one eye brown and the other one blue which could seem atractive for some people not for me.
    She is not talented at all,and she loves too much paparazzis flashes,but maybe she really loves Alex (I hope that) and nothing else matters.Alex is so awesome.

  24. Becky says:

    Alex and Kate seem a bit weird together. They don’t seem like a solid genuine couple. She seems very preoccupied with being relevant and famous, but she’s not very memorable in her acting roles and she’s not all that good. Most people don’t even remember her role in the Superman movie just a few years ago, and she played Louis Lane which is supposed to be an important role in the film. And then of course there are the rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) was having an affair with Kate. But who knows if that’s true? I used to think Alex was all about privacy and that he was genuine but a lot of people are now saying he’s very much like Kate. Anna and Stephen seem a lot more genuine together but either way I think it’s very difficult for two actors in Hollywood to make it work. It’s usually more likely to work out when one is famous and the other isn’t. I wish both couples the best.

  25. New Alex & Kate VIDEO says:

    Look at the Youtube video “Kate Bonesworth and Alexander Skarsgard” by rosellini10. She is an Alex fan that pretty much sums up in a respectful way what we all are thinking.

  26. karina says:

    Por supuesto, todos piensan así a esa chica, ella es tan divertido, he reír mucho con la esperanza de Alex video.I se centra más en su carrera que en Kate Bonesworth

  27. EmmaG says:

    If I was a vampire, this news that my lover has betrayed me is like a stake through the heart…..

    Sadly, he’s not my lover nor am I vampire.

    I’m just a (worryingly) obsessed 36 yr old mother of 4, and a wife to one.

    Life sucks sometimes….


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