Alan Ball Answers More True Blood S5 Finale Questions

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TB Alan Ball 199x300 season 6 season 5 ep 12 save yourself alan ball Alan Ball talked to the good folks at TV Guide about the Season 5 finale of True Blood. Bad news True Blood fans, next season will only have 10 episodes!

TV Guide Magazine: Are you satisfied with where you’re leaving the characters of Bon Temps as you hand your showrunning duties over to Mark Hudis?
Alan Ball: I am. I was very happy with this season. The last thing you want to do with a show that lives as long as this one is to repeat yourself. I don’t think we did. I really liked seeing a secular vampire government being taken over by crazy fundamentalists. I’m not saying that there are parallels in our own human world. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Much of last year, and particularly the finale, really severed the connection to Charlaine Harris’ books.
Ball: It’s something organic that happens. You can’t just transcribe the books. That said, there’s some stuff in the later books that I think later seasons of the show will address. But we did go on our own little path this year.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s answer some burning questions left by the finale. First, what the heck is Bill or “Bilith” as some call him? An evil god? A demon?
Ball: We don’t know! Honestly, we didn’t know what Lilith was. Just because the fundamentalists called her “God,” that doesn’t mean she was. On our show, there’s room for all kinds of supernatural creatures. We do know that Bill had some kind of major transformation into a deeper supernatural being. The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. That’s certainly something that the writers are talking about for next year.

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TV Guide Magazine: Is Bill still planning to use humans as a food source?
Ball: That will be his story in Season 6. Is he going to come up with his own master plan? What kind of battle will the humans wage against him?

TV Guide Magazine: Bill’s been such a monster. Can he really come back?
Ball: My own belief is that people can come back from anything. It doesn’t mean that it won’t come at a huge cost. But I’m interested in a Bill who is really evil. Because after almost five seasons of a Bill who was “I hate that I’m a vampire, I’m so nice,” it was time to make him really go dark and  see what that does to everybody else.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Sookie fight to rescue Bill?
Ball: It could be that or it could also be that Sookie is trying to save herself from him.

TV Guide Magazine: Season 5 had a lot more gore than lust. Lots of fans missed the Bill, Sookie and Eric triangle. Will we see that again?
Ball: I don’t think that that central triangle has gone away. Anna [Paquin] was like ‘I’ve played three seasons of falling in love with people.” I agreed and found her something different to do. But right now we don’t know how Sookie feels about vampires. The fairy elder said, “There’s a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet.” That’s going to be very interesting to find out why.

TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents and “owns” Sookie? Jason’s off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.

TV Guide Magazine: Does all that leave the door open for non-bloodsucker love for Sookie?
Ball: Even though it looks like Alcide and Sookie may have cooled things off, I’m not so sure that he’s totally dropped the torch that he carries for her.

TV Guide Magazine: Who and what are the apparitions that Jason sees as his vampire-hating parents who are urging him kill all fangers?
Ball: When he was thrown across the field and hit his head, it shook something loose in his subconscious, which is using his parents as a way to communicate his more violent and vengeful impulses.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Jason be a danger to all the undead in town?
Ball: He might be! In the extra scene on HBO GO when he’s in the elevator with [his vampire allies] he’s tempted to kill them right there like his “father” tells him.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Sam’s love, fellow shape shifter Luna, dead after shifting into vampire Steve Newlin’s body?
Ball: I can’t tell you that! But Newlin isn’t dead. We love him.

TV Guide Magazine: How did Eric manage to kill the much older and strong Russell Edgington?
Ball: Russell was so crazed with fairy blood lust that he wasn’t paying attention. That’s how Eric could stake him.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it always going to be Eric who killed Russell?
Ball: There was a moment at some point when we were pitching that somebody else would kill Russell, but it just really felt that it should belong to Eric, because Russell killed his mortal family.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Andy Bellefleur really going to raise four little half-fairy babies next season?
Ball: It’s definitely going to complicate things for him. But they may go to live with the fairies where it’s safer for them. Also, who knows how quickly they age!

TV Guide Magazine: After that sizzling kiss, are Tara and Pam now Bon Temps hot new couple?
Ball: Yeah. [Laughs] We wanted that to happen from the very beginning of the season, but we wanted to really, really, really take our time with it.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Anna be back full time right away after the birth of her twins in November?
Ball:  She is. We’re moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a series ending in mind yet?
Ball: We talked about one in the writers’ room this season. We definitely have some ideas.

TV Guide Magazine: Even if you’re not running the show, will you come back for the series finale?
Ball: I will. I just needed to take some time off just to recharge my batteries.

TV Guide Magazine: Any last thoughts for your fans?
Ball: It’s still True Blood. People tend to say, “Alan writes everything,” but it’s always been a big collaboration. I am personally very excited to see where the show’s going to go and I hope fans feel the same way.

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58 Responses to “Alan Ball Answers More True Blood S5 Finale Questions”

  1. zz says:

    I’m not really excited about the direction that the show is taking. Characters that were beautiful built in the past are being destroyed or acting completely opposite as one would expect. That breaks the consistency I like to see in a show. I don’t like Eric acting like a puppy; I don’t like Bill acting like an evil soul; I don’t like Jason being a white-trash hater. That, in my opinion, makes the characters not reliable, and when you wonder where all the people you used to love did go, then you wonder why are you staying. When a show needs to turn everything created in the last years upside down, maybe it’s time to think in an elegant euthanasia, just like The Sopranos did. I’ve said. ANd really??? the AVL storyline, really disappointing and simple.

    • amyishot4bill says:

      I am with you zz. Most people watch this show because they love certain things about the characters. TB aka AB tend to mess with fans a little more then I like. I want the show to be interesting and new and fresh, but when main characters transform completely into different people, that is hard to swallow. And I think they do need to hurry up some story lines. I mean this show isn’t going to go on forever, and I feel like soooo much more could be accomplished…..

    • Sookieeleana says:

      I agree completely about Jason, I can do without him going back to that! (we all know he’ll come round again). I’m not sure I agree about Bill and Eric though. (and it would be boring if we all agreed). I didn’t sense that Bill is suddenly evil. I think Bill fought hard to maintain his “good” self but ultimately was defeated by a stronger force (Lilith). This being TB that is not to say that Bill is gone for good, and somehow he could well come back. I think the writers made such a huge decision because they really didn’t know where to go with Bill anymore (and the books aren’t much help with him as he’s nothing more than a supporting bore) and they saw this as the best way to keep Bill relevant and give Stephen Moyer something juicy to do. I don’t think Eric is acting like a puppy either. He kept a cool head (with a little help from Godric or his conscience), remained strong against the other vamps that he didn’t agree with, finally revenged his family’s deaths, and led the gang into the authority to rescue Bill, Pam & Jess. He certainly didn’t act like a puppy in being obedient and aiming to please. He was more like an adult german-shepherd for me – incredibly loyal but with a lot of bite!

      • zz says:

        No, I was referring to Season 4 when I said Eric acted like a puppy, an not only with the amnesia, but after.
        I’ve liked Eric in Season 5.

        • Sookieeleana says:

          Sorry I misunderstood. Yes, Season 4 Eric was not so good. That story-line didn’t work half as well as it did in the books.
          TB can be a very frustrating show to watch. I guess the real time to judge it will be when it’s all over completely. I think Alan Ball once said that the show should be judged when it’s over and we can watch it back to back in it’s entirety. We’ll have to wait and see what the grand plan was in the end or whether there actually ever was one?

    • EdTBFan says:

      I think its amusing that even after we find out that vampires killed his parents, and he’s seem them try to kill both his sister and himself as well as murder others- well all that’s no reason to see them as killer. He’s just a white trash hater. The problem with the analogy is that vampires aren’t a minority like being black or gay. They are killers. Its what they do. There is a very real reason to have a problem with what they do. No matter how cute they seem. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the show. It means I seem them for what they are. That’s what makes it interesting. I don’t any of these characters are acting out of type. I do think fans want the show to either be like the book or some moonie eyes love story in which killers aren’t killers, but that is kind of boring. I personally lik the direction They are finally making Bill interest, and Jason something other than a man-whore.

  2. Carol Walker says:

    We’re going to miss you Alan. Thanks for the utterly addictive show.

  3. jody says:

    I’m bummed that there will only be 10 episodes. I certainly understand why they cut down this year, but I wish True Blood was on longer, not shorter.

    • eloradannen says:

      I could accept it if they give us a full 60 minute show, cut out the annoying side stories that go nowhere and give us a really tight storyline.

      But I really want more of TB also. I thought this season was pretty good, but I do think they dragged the story out too long.

      • SylJon says:

        I agree you eloradannen, the storyline could have been a bit tighter. I felt the whole vampire bible vs human bible was way out of control, but was still riveting enough that I made sure I was sitting in front of the tv every Sunday night at 9p. I will say that I love how the season finale left such a cliffhanger ending – what is bill now? Is he even more powerful now that he’s …different? What is Andy going to do with all of those babies and how long will they be babies, etc… It reminded me of the 1st and 2nd season finales where it was almost impossible to wait a whole year to see the new season!

    • hdgcat says:

      That’s the primary thing I’m irritated about..the shorter season…especially since they’ve set up something that’s pretty epic in scope and I’m doubting their ability to accomplish it.

      I seem to recall seeing a blip from the now head guy that there WILL be less storylines next year, which is a good thing.

      • ccoppe says:

        I think fewer story lines is a very good sign. Since TB is essentially HBO’s flagship series, the “economics” AB spoke of could be increased episode production budgets. That would allow the new EP to do something sweeping with this Evil Bill/Warlow story arc.

    • Mel says:

      I secound that… more not less would be way better

  4. vicki sanders says:

    It seemed to have flown by this season… next season will go super fast! I don’t like the characters changed either and I hope next season will be better

  5. AM says:


    from your lips to the writer’s ears. Why do writers of tv shows think they have to destroy characters to make them more interesting? I never understood why this happens, but it does happen all the time in tv land. I think the writers get bored and want to change things up, but when you go overboard you really upset the fans, and that is not good for any tv show.

    I will stick with TB but if they don’t redeem Bill in some way, they will have jumped the shark and destroyed the core of the show, IMO.

    • EdTBFan says:

      Because that’s what writing and story telling is. Characters sitting still where nothing ever change isn’t story telling. I mean- you just deconstructed the most basic definition of all writing. Name on story where the character doesn’t go through a journey of being destroyed that’s interesting. All the great stories have characters in which who they are is on the line.

  6. Leif says:

    Great interview, thank you.

    Looking forward to Season 6, and of course more delicious VIKING.

    • Raayven says:

      I agree. More Viking. Way more. Can’t wait for the next season. Honestly I hope they make more Viking, and less Bill, but that’s just my opinion and lack of interest at what Bill as a character’s done to himself.

  7. sabrina says:

    10 episodes.
    Sounds like season 6 will be the TB swan song.
    And boy, does THAT suck.

  8. sabrina says:


    To quote the man himself:
    Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum.

    I suggested when Warlow first popped up that he may be Bill.
    I think he might be.

    1. We know that Bill was sent to look for telepaths for Sophie Ann
    2. In Bill’s infamous file on Sookie, he had newpaper clippings. Even way back in the olden days of the 80s, newspapers were on microfiche. So Bill would have had to be in the area to read and collect articles from a small town newspaper.
    3. Killing Sookie’s parents would have meant that she would have had to live with her Gran and since her Gran still lived in the old family house, chances are that Sookie would stay in the sameplace.
    4. The faerie elder said there was a reason she fell for vamps all the time. Maybe she “felt” Bill around for years and when he finally showed up at Merlotte’s she was somehow comforted by him. ertainly seemed that way – she was really ballsy trying to save him from the Ratts.

    This is all conjecture.

    Or it couldd have just been a chance encounter that led Bill to feed on Sookie’s parents since he was in the area and having smelled Sookie’s blood, he may have mentioned it to his boss, Sophie Ann, who would have then sent him to keep an eye on her.

    All of this could also explain his extreme guilt even though he left the old Blood, Fuck and Giggle times he had with Lorena about 70 years in the past – plenty of time to get over it.

    • Leif says:

      When Maurella read the scroll she said it was signed by M.Warow and John Stackhouse – in fairy blood.

      That was in 1702, Maurella said, IIRC.

      Bill wasn’t even born as a human yet, let alone turned vampire.

      However, this being TB who knows for sure.

      • Leif says:

        *Warlow* or htf you spell it.

      • hdgcat says:

        In order for Bill to be Warlow, there would have to something going on with Bill’s identity in general…like hte Bill Compton we’ve been seeing is NOT Bill Compton. IMO, that would be way overthe top confusing especially given all the crazy stuff they’re expecting us to follow now.

        We know a number of vampires who are old enough, but it still doesn’t make sense why a vampire would kill the parents, sniff the bandaid, then NOT track the child down for a fun feed. Why wait?

        I think Warlow is going to turn out to have been banished to another realm all this time, or something …..

        • eloradannen says:

          well I have always said that Bill Compton is not who he says he is. So I have had him on my list of suspects…among others. One thing I have noticed with Bill this year is that he seems to be slipping in and out of his southern accent. I noticed it once with Sam and once with Eric. So there’s that.

          But you are right, in order for him to be the right fit, he would have to be much older than he claims age wise. If I remember correctly, you suggested that maybe something happened during the war and the real Bill Compton died and someone took his identity.

          But then the backstory of how Lorena turned him would then all have to be lies. So…will TB go there, well its inprobable but not totally impossible. It is TB after all.

          There is also Russell’s statement in season 3 that Bill had been Lorena’s drug of choice for centuries.
          It would also explain why Eric said in the brothel scene that he was very strong for someone his age.

          So something to think about. I go back and forth on this myself.

          • st says:

            I honestly think Warlow has something to do with Eric or his vampire family. It would be another crazy twist but I could see it happening on TB. The whole Nora knowing who Warlow is and Eric buying Sookie’s house seriously gets me thinking, but it could just be that Warlow was a notorious and well known vampire/?.

            I really don’t think that it could be Bill just because–as other people have said–Bill wasn’t even alive as a human in the 1700s. I’ve always thought that the fact that Bill is stronger for his age was intriguing however. Also when Russell said that Bill had been Lorena’s drug of choice for centuries, I always just thought he was rounding up from 175 or however old Bill was lol. It was kind of a weird thing to say though.

            Who was Lorena’s maker? I know he was a dude. Is he dead lol? Maybe he’s Warlow and his bloodline is in Bill so that is why Bill and Sookie couldn’t stay off one another. I’m just grasping at straws trying to go through all the vampires we met and those that we kind of sort of didn’t lol

            • eloradannen says:

              When I said that I had other people on my list, well one of those names was But honestly I cannot get anything to connect to Eric far. I connected Bill because his homeplace is in the area and it is possible that he was around and it was just a chance occurance but you still then have the age thing to resolve.

              I don’t think it is enough that Nora knows Warlow to connect Eric. That she knows who Warlow is simply means to me that he is a vampire, because Nora didn’t know about the fae.

              As some have pointed out, they ran around asking the fae about Warlow, but no one ever thought to ask any of the vampires if they knew Warlow.

              So who knows….lol. I do get the feeling it is someone we know or there would have been no reason to hide his face.

              • nymerias says:

                I believe the reason Nora knows about WARLOW is because she has made a vampire database, to me that is something the Authority would want to know, where all the vampires are and who their makers are. I bet she knows a lot about all the vampires for the most part. Pam did not know about Nora but Nora knew all about her and I do not think that information came from Eric.

                If Nora knew about Warlow and is actually knowing and having something to do with him then she would have known about the faires but she did not. Also, Nora is not as old as Eric or Godric or Russell. Godric was older than WARLOW in fact. This is something we will not know until the new season starts. I don’t think there are any blood ties between Warlow, Godric, Eric and Nora.

            • nymerias says:

              I don’t think Bill was anyone other than who he said he was. With that being said, I believe that Bill Compton is no more. Once you are goo, you are goo. The question we should be asking ourselves is who or what replaced Bill. My theory is that the blood in the vial was never Lilith’s but Warlow’s and once Bill drank it all down, Warlow consumed him. I believe Warlow was a warlock turned vampire and then met the true death. Being a warlock and all, he found a way to preserve himself through his blood should be ever die. Remember Russell wanted to find a way to accomplish this with Talbot’s goo. This is why Sookie could only see him in apparition form. He needed a body and now he has one. Warlock’s have a lot of power that make anyone think they are seeing things like Lilith because they believed. I believe this is why Ball said we might have seen him already and was keeping mum.

              • eloradannen says:

                well that could be, it certainly makes as much sense as any other theory out there. But what makes you make the jump from it being Lilith’s blood to it being Warlow’s blood?

                There were some lines from Roman that made me think that he didn’t believe it was Lilith’s blood, but I can’t remember exactly the line right now. Guess I have to rewatch.

              • st says:

                If Warlow had anything to do with Eric and his family, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Eric would know about him. I also don’t think it matters that Nora didn’t know about the fairies but knew about Warlow. IF somehow Warlow is connected to Eric and Nora’s bloodline, he could’ve just kept the fairy aspect a secret. Also the fact that Pam seemingly doesn’t know who Warlow is doesn’t really make a difference to me with regard to IF Warlow is somehow connected to Eric because Eric never even told Pam about Nora’s existence–it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Pam had no clue about Warlow.

                OR maybe Warlow is a completely knew vampire slash whatever he is and Alan Ball is just doing what a good showrunner does by not giving anything away and keeping the audience intrigued.

                I also don’t think Bill is fully inhabited by a new being now. It’s already been stated that Bill is still there with his memories and whatnot. I would kinda be ticked off if it turned out that Bill was somehow Warlow now….I just feel like it would be too much to dump on his character for next season. I’d much rather see Bill go head to head with Warlow, whether he fight Warlow for control of Sookie or just to save her would be interesting indeed.

          • isabella05 says:

            I think we have seen Bill’s bad side….as we have seen Eric’s. Bill may very well be the one to take down this Warlow to get back to his humanity……they like to take the characters full circle…..

            I also think Warlow is half fae or something like that….

          • ccoppe says:

            As much as I love TB, if they “go there”, somebody call the Fonz! The writers will have totally jumped the shark a la “Lost”. I will a “former” viewer at that point.

    • amyishot4bill says:

      I suppose anything is possible….but I dunno. I do have a feeling that maybe Warlow and Lilith may be connected….but I don’t know. That would be the extent of Bill being involved that I could see. Bill acted like he didn’t even really know what Sookie was at the beginning, I suppose it could have been an act but if he was Warlow he would already have known….

  9. Gigi says:

    OK, Anna Paquin is going to have TWO BABIES!!!! She needs time to adjust to her new life and enjoy her sons/ daughters. The 10 episodes think is to let a woman be able to be a mother. So the point is that there’re not goint to be more screen time, neither more episodes… they’ll film less time for Anna. Let’s be a bit more supportive!!! Is not like it was cancelled LOL

  10. rebecca says:

    Thanks for putting out this interview. I try not to be too negative, but…I think AB ran out of ideas for what to do with this show. I’m not sure why they can’t fill 60 minutes with interesting and tight storylines that we care about. What was the point of the Dragon? Or of Jason meeting his teacher? Or Even Lafayette looking for Jesus body? Did he find the body? Other shows have no difficulty creating well crafted hour long episodes that have 22 or more in a season. I shake my head at why TB can’t do that. They aren’t spending tons of money on special affects, or sets, or wardrobe.

    I’m very bummed that there will only be 10 episodes next season. I agree that Anna needs time to adjust to her life, but she is a professional, and she is being paid to do a job. The writers can have her not be in the first few episodes. I think it is more that HBO is cutting their budget and their time. AB is leaving, they are cutting the episodes…..

    Warlow could be Godric or it could be Eric. I don’t think it is Bill. How could it be, he isn’t old enough.

    Anyway, thanks for all the articles and having such a wonderful site!

  11. teejay says:

    This season was most dissappointing there was no continuity either in the season or withprevious seasons. There were characters brought in and killed off for no apparent reason. I have been an avid follower for five years, I have the theme tune as my ring tone and my screen saver on my lap top and phone is each seasons theme. Normally by now I would be waiting with baited breath for the next season jumping on every morsel the websites show but htis year I just don’t care that its ended.

  12. Laffyneric says:

    10 episodes means lower budget. The bosses at HBO have to save $$$ to bank roll GoT of course.

  13. Carrie says:

    So…I had a thought about the Warlow sitch. It’s totally far fetched but it is just an idea. Okay so, what if Warlow is the male counterpart of Lilith? But he is somewhere banished or stuck in another realm, which could explain why he only appeared to Sookie as the air monster in her bathroom. He cannot actually claim her because he needs to find a host body. What if when Bill drank Lilith’s blood, he somehow was transformed into Warlow, becoming the host body? Who knows, its all speculation at this point. I can’t wait to find out!

  14. ksebold says:

    There are some cliff-hangers that need to be dealt with. First, Bill and Lorena had discussed her maker when she was torturing him in the King’s outbuilding. Could this be Warlow? Which would explain how Bill learned about Sookie!! Second, what is the true nature of Bill and Eric’s relationship? They have something between them in their past that AB has yet to address. Like everyone else, I wish he would keep the side characters as supporting actors and quit making them so prominent (sorry supporting actors your great but) and spend them time fully exploring and developing the vamp/sookie storyline. I will never give-up on this show and I dread that the end is near-DID ANYONE SEE THE HUFFPOST PIECE THAT MENTIONED NEXT YEAR BEING THE LAST??? I did and I really hope not! Too much story left to tell. Go TEAM ERIC!!

  15. AmaZen says:

    I wish True Blood would drop the whole fairy angle or bring it in line with the books. I really hate what they’ve done with it – their fairies are a BAD caricature of the powerful creatures Harris created. Their costumes are silly, they seem to have no reason for existing other than to bother Sookie, and that scene with Maurella’s babies was completely stupid. It was completely impossible to suspend disbelief for that one, however willing one might be. Better TB not do fairies at all than do them so extremely badly!!

    • eloradannen says:

      I agree that AB has not done the fairies the justice that Charlaine did. Charlaine’s fairies were powerful, beautiful creatures who lived among humans and had the own businesses. As they are portrayed on TB…well, as you said bad caricatures of themselves. I have to wonder how they will be able to deal with the coming war or will they forever be stuck in the fairy club?

      I do think that Maurella’s birthing scene was to point out that fairies give birth to children and leave them with humans. And that goes back to the circumstances of Sookie’s birth, again on a table in the kitchen, no hospital, no blood type. I am thinking maybe Sookie’s parents are not really her parents.

  16. KeeKee says:

    If Bill isn’t Bill, it would make season six much better than if Bill has turned into a super vamp. It would explain how he was able to just forget all about Sookie. If Bill was switched, would Eric not be able to tell? I can’t stand the idea that TB will be ending soon. There are 13 books to take material from. Come on all the die hard fans such as myself deserve more. I wonder if they will take what is printed in book 13 and use it to end the series?

  17. nymerias says:

    @ well that could be, it certainly makes as much sense as any other theory out there. But what makes you make the jump from it being Lilith’s blood to it being Warlow’s blood?

    eloradannen, I should have clarified what I meant, sorry. I did not mean to make it seem like it was ever Lilith’s blood. I mean that it was never her blood, but always Warlow’s blood. Even Roman did not seem to know whose blood it was in the vial. Everyone believed it was Lilith’s blood so that is what they saw when they drank it.

    • eloradannen says:

      Yes, I remember when Roman mentioned something that made me think that he was saying he was pretending it was Lilith’s blood.

      So you are saying that Warlow needed Bill’s body to return to the living world again. That is an interesting theory. So Bill would be Warlow then. It’s certainly possible. It’s TB.

      • nymerias says:

        Yes that is what I am saying. A former warlock would know how to bring themselves back should they ever die. Then he was turned vampire and he still wants his fairy. Warlow needed a body, I don’t think he cared which one he got seeing as they would be no more anyway. Everyone thought they were the chosen one that was to ‘drink all the blood’.

        • Raayven says:

          I have to agree with your theory. It does sound possible. At first I just thought it was because there portrayal of “Lilith” Didn’t care what blood was spilt, like a war god. She just wants death. But You’re right. Re-watching, It’s true, The question of if the blood was even Lilith’s was brought up.

          Though I do think it’d be kind of anti-climactic if it turned out that Bill was now Warlow, Simply because of the fact that with how Bill’s been acting of late, I could see that removing any care Sookie once had over him.

          It’d be an interesting twist though.

  18. lalaloony says:

    Andy and his half fae daughters are Bill’s descendants, I wonder if that will come into play next season?

  19. Logic says:

    10 EPISODES??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I feel its going to be the End of TB :(

  20. EdTBFan says:

    I think, personally, the principle problem with the writing as I have said is that they need to tie stories together. I also think they need to make creatures who are as powerful as the vampires. By making the vampires so all powerful it creates a lopsided story. That’s why I hoping the 1000 year old fairy was as powerful as the vampires. Instead, she’s dead within seconds. It just doesn’t make much sense that a character who can do what they described can so easily be taken down. Even her trying to banish Russell didn’t make much sense in that “why didn’t it work” comes to mind. Its just hanging concept that goes no where. Unlike others, I have no problem with deviating from the books, vampires not being so nice, etc. I just wish more would be done. I mean- bring back the witches, do something so that vampires aren’t so all powerful and give them a real challenge. RIght now, the Billith story has the potential to have a really powerful creature, but he needs to have real challenges too rather than just another vampire unceremoniously staking him or something like Russell.

  21. Stylo says:

    Anyone remember that part where Sookie was “reading” Warlow’s thoughts in that séance-like scene at the bridge? The other fairies where quite shocked, they said it cannot be that she can read a vampire. May have been the vampire blood she took every once and a while, but I rather think that Warlow may be a fairy turned vampire. How about that?

  22. Danni says:

    Here’s a crazy (stupid? lol) theory… maybe Warlow is a fairy/vamp hybrid and is Sookie’s true father. Perhaps he never knew about her then found out the fairies gave her to humans to keep her from him and once he found out went looking for her and killed her “parents”….though that doesn’t explain the whole “you are mine” and the fairy blood contract… Ugh, nm…this just sounds stupid lol I’d be really upset if that turned out to be true… lol

    I think it’s an interesting theory that maybe Warlow’s blood was in the vial and now he’s using Bill to come back into this world for Sookie. But I’m just wondering what his plans for Sookie are… I mean, she’s got to be pretty important to him, obviously. I can’t imagine he’s going to make a deal with the fairies and wait just to kill her. Argh. I don’t know, I’m so confused lol

  23. ceegeexo says:

    This season sucked (useless storylines) because they clearly had to work around Anna being pregnant. Who cares about bill/lilith/warlow… Eric should save the day regardless of who it was and sookie and him can live happily ever after :)

  24. Marlena says:

    I love this show, I thought it was getting to be a little much with all the different “supes” and storylines going everywhere, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. That said, I just caught up with season 5, and I don’t understand why the writers made Andy and Jason spend SO much time questioning the “Obamas” trying to find out where Hoyt was, when Jessica obviously wanted to know and it would have taken all of 5 second to get the answer from the one they caught if they’d just asked her to glamour him. If you have vampire friends, why would you interrogate someone for hours? Especially if your best friend’s, and the vampire’s ex-boyfriend’s, life was on the line?

  25. Loving Lafffy says:

    I wonder if I’m the only person that thinks that Lafayette and his storyline are getting ignored and left behind? First they get rid of the ONE person he had in his life that he could immediate count on and that loved him unconditionally and wanted to take care of him. Now, they’ve reduced him to just serving drinks and fries and the occasional “house psychic reading” by the end of season 5. He is a POPULAR character, and it’s like they don’t want to know that. Why????

    Until I know that Lafayette is getting some kind of decent story line (hopefully with a way to bring back Jesus–he could be “resurrected” wink), then I really don’t care about watching this series, to be honest. I like every one and the show is nice, but I don’t like anyone (not even Eric) enough to watch without something meaningful for Lafayette.

  26. Do you never see the last episode in season 5? Nora is chasing Sookie. Don’ t that strange? Around her is one thousand fairies, real fairy not half like Sookie. why she chasing her? Maybe the director has some mistakes or these are clues.

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