Adina Porter’s In New Scripted HBO Drama

By Lividity on Sep 8 2011 | 4 Comments »
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Adina Porter PC: James Anthony

According to Gawker, HBO has announced that they’ve ordered Aaron Sorkin’s cable news drama More As This Story Develops (working title) and guess who’s in it – Adina Porter! Yeah, that’s right – Lettie Mae Thornton! And you know, I’m missing Tara’s minister marrying crazyass momma this year. Congrats Adina!

Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston & Emily Mortimer also star.


4 Responses to “Adina Porter’s In New Scripted HBO Drama”

  1. Acanthus says:

    I like this actress a lot. Memorable face, too. Shallow Time -I have loved every single dress I’ve ever seen her wear as recorded on these pages. Fashionista with a great sense of structural line. Always a cut above .

  2. thisoldbroad says:

    She is a really beautiful woman. All the TB alumni are great actors/actresses, I do hope Lettie May will pop in on TB from time to time.

  3. mbb says:

    good for her. congrats on the new show!
    she looks lovely.

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