Abri Van Straten’s New CD, “Sunlight and Shadows” Available Now

By Lividity on Aug 31 2010 | 5 Comments »
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Kristin and her husband, Abri van Straten

As you probably know, the talented & beautiful, (and an artist for Nice Stakes!) Kristen Bauer Van Straten is married to a handsome and talented musician, Abri Van Straten. (OK, seriously I am not lying about the serious creativeness & prettiness all around). Right now, if you purchase Abri’s CD on Amazon, you’ll also get (for a limited time y’all – ’cause they cain’t do this forever) your CD autographed by Abri & an autographed photo of Kristin.

Help them to help IFAW.

From Kristin Bauer’s website:

Abri’s (SUNLIGHT AND SHADOWS) is back from the press and it is so beautiful – inside and out!

For a limited time, starting September 1, we are including an autographed photo from me and Abri will also autograph the CD.

Not sure how long we can keep this up, but we will try as proceeds go to IFAW to help whales and also the African Elephant. (We are off to S Africa and will be working with IFAW Africa to see how we can help).

To buy the CD with autographs, after September 1, go to AMAZON.

Much Love,

And thanks for helping us help IFAW!

(And you’ll LOVE this music – includes a song for whales and a song for me! “Monet”)

5 Responses to “Abri Van Straten’s New CD, “Sunlight and Shadows” Available Now”

  1. NotHoney says:

    Done! Can’t wait to hear the music.

  2. julie says:

    got my cd in the mail today, along w/ a picture of “Pam” autographed to me. Just wish they would have put cardboard and/or “do not bend” on it!my picture had a big crease in it! :(

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